4 Cool Car Accessories You Can Use To Market Your Company

5 Exciting Accessories to Stamp Your Business Logo OnWhen thinking of automobile accessories that you can use to market your company, you must consider view potential and subliminal penetration ability. In other words, you want to choose the accessories that your potential customers will see the most as well as the accessories that speak to their minds the loudest. The following are four cool car accessories you can use to market your company:


4. Visor Clips


Visor clips are small devices that prospective patrons can attach to the visors in their car. They can use such clips to hang their glasses or other items of importance. A person who uses a visor clip with the company logo on it will view the company logo every time he or she reaches for the glasses. A clip with a neon or bright color will make an impression on the person’s eyes and mind, to do business with your company.


3. Car Chargers


Small nugget car chargers also make a great promotional item for your company. Almost all drivers use smartphones, which need constant charging. Every time a prospective customer goes to connect his or her cell phone to your branded charger, that person will think of your company as the source of energy for the device. Such could prompt future business dealings.


2. License Plate Frames


License plate frames work well as promotional items, because they go wherever your customer’s automobile goes. Every person who looks at your prospective customer’s car will see your company’s information on it. Therefore, you are reaching a broader spectrum of potential customers by selecting license plate frames as a way to market your company.


1. Key Rings


Key rings are the number one cool car accessory you can use to market your company. The average consumer keeps the same key ring for approximately five years. In fact, the only reason a person will switch key rings is if he or she loses the entire set of keys. Therefore, by choosing to view keyrings as a marketing option, you are making a smart choice. Each person you hand one of your branded keyrings will serve as a personal promoter everywhere he or she goes. Additionally, that individual will constantly be reminded to give your company a call the next time he or she needs nay type of services.


By selecting one or all of these amazing and cost effective marketing items, you could grow your business quickly without hurting your company’s finances. Bestowing these products upon your customers will also increase consumer loyalty.

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