5 Tools All Drivers Should Know How To Use

Jacking up Scion Xb. Removing flat front tire. Putting on donut. Heading to GoodYear to get a set of new tires.
Being stuck on the side of the highway can be a frustrating experience. The inconvenience is bad enough, but this situation can also create a dangerous scenario if the vehicle is stopped in close proximity to the main traffic flow. Malfunctions which are as simple as a flat tire can create an issue. There are a few devices available that make good auto repair tools in an emergency and any licensed driver should be knowledgeable of how to use these tools.

It’s a great idea to be equipped with the right tools while you are driving. Small issues like maintaining proper tire pressure are very important when you consider that most rollover accidents are caused by your tires hitting something in the road or going up on a curb. One new safety feature called stability control technology lessens the likelihood of a vehicle flipping while traveling on a flat surface. However some drivers may not use the technology correctly and can over correct causing the vehicle to flip over.

The website of car accident attorney Raleigh based Auger & Auger states that “…while accidents involving a rollover account for only 3% of auto accidents, one-third of all traffic accident fatalities arise from a collision in which a vehicle has rolled…When a vehicle flips, there is a high likelihood of being ejected from the vehicle. In the event a victim survives a rollover accident, they are often left with life-changing medical or financial circumstances. Prolonged medical treatment and rehabilitation are not uncommon, nor is the loss of the ability to work, following a rollover accident.”

A vehicle equipped with newer safety features and the right tools will keep you safe on the road and limit the seriousness of any injuries that may occur. Here are some examples of handy items to have when caught in a bad transportation predicament.

1.Good Tire Tool

No driver should be caught without a tire tool, and hopefully it is a four-way lug wrench. Everyone should be familiar with this emergency item. Using a four-way jack gives the tire changer better leverage to turn the lug in most cases. An angled bar will work with some vehicles, but bigger vehicles will surely need a tool with sufficient torque capacity. Simple tire gauges are also good to have handy. They are easy to use and enable you to measure your tire pressure before it becomes completely flat.

2.Strong Car Jack

A sufficient tire jack should always be in the vehicle. Scissor jacks will work in many situations, but the stability of the vehicle while it is in the air is crucial for proper repair and safety purposes. Bumper jacks are better in many situations, but an unstable bumper jack can easily be problematic. The most effective car jack is an appropriate hydraulic jack, but make sure it will elevate high enough and is strong enough to support the vehicle.

3.Socket Set

This is a tool that most people know how to use from working on other items. Socket sets can be crucial when anything needs a security adjustment. Many times a vehicle malfunction can be fixed simply with a standard tool set. It is important to get familiar with the locking mechanism on the swivel-end of the stem.

4. Jumper Cables

Electrical technology may not be a strong suit, but drivers should be familiar with the basics of jumping a vehicle battery. Just having the cables on hand can help greatly, as many people are knowledgeable in the jump-start process. Knowing what should be done may be the only resort in some cases.

5. Powered Tire Pump

There are many economical tire inflation devices available at any automotive store that can restore a slow leaking tire to its proper inflation level. These air suppliers can be very handy, but can also be dangerous with over-inflation. Review the process of using the cigarette lighter as an auxiliary power source and attaching the cord to the tire valve while making sure all connections are stable.

 Many newer vehicle models come with equipment that is suggested to make vehicle operation knowledge unnecessary, such as stability control systems. These systems are found on many commercial vehicles already, but there are also cases where the technology creates more problems than it is designed to prevent. These systems are based on automatic action concerning braking and engine throttles. The devices can practically take the vehicle out of driver control. Anyone who is a victim of an accident involving stability control systems should retain a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in processing legal claims when the at-fault driver is operating a vehicle with ineffective stability control systems.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who spends a lot of time on the road. She has discovered that keeping the car maintained and being prepared with the proper tools has saved from being stranded on the road. She was able to use online searches like car accident attorney Raleigh and car safety features to research this article.

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