6 Ways To Improve Your Driving At Night

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly relish the idea of driving my car at night. Many of Britain’s roads are in a somewhat questionable state, and with many unlit motorways and suburban roads thanks to council funding cuts, you have to be more aware of your surroundings than you normally are during the day.

Not only do you have to worry about cars and pedestrians randomly heading towards you or crossing your path, but wildlife will also roam around at night scavenging for food. If I have the choice, I would always complete my journeys during daylight hours as this gives me a better chance of spotting people or ‘things’ before it’s too late!

Anyway, going back to night driving, unless you have a brand new BMW with all sorts of funky assisted driving features, then you should check out these 7 simple ways that you can improve your night driving and not have such a stressful time when you’re commuting on the roads.


1. Check the condition of your headlights

The first thing you should be doing to improve your night driving is to check the condition of your headlights. By this, I mean you should ensure that your headlight bulbs are working satisfactorily and angled correctly. You should be doing this as part of your weekly car checks!

2. Invest in brighter headlight bulbs

Assuming that your headlight lenses are in good condition, and your bulbs are correctly aligned, you should consider buying some brighter headlight bulbs such as Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs. These types of bulbs are fully road-legal and are often at least 100% brighter than the standard OE bulbs presently in your car.

3. Check the condition of your wiper blades

Given that we live on an island where it rains for a large part of the year, the wipers on our cars will be used quite often. You should check the condition of your wiper blades each week, and if cleaning them using a rag and some vinegar doesn’t stop any smearing, for example, then you will need to buy some new replacements.

4. Clean your windscreen

So many people have trouble seeing out of their windscreens, and this mainly due to the fact that the owners of those cars never clean them! OK so they might have their car’s exterior washed every once in a while, but they hardly ever clean the interior side of the windscreen.

5. If you need glasses to drive, wear them

Some folks have to wear glasses when they are driving, but not all of them bother to wear them when they are driving – giving the excuse “I don’t like wearing glasses”. If you’ve been prescribed them, then it’s for a very good reason!

6. Angle your mirrors

A common complaint by people who drive at night is the fact that the glare in their mirrors by motorists behind them adversely affects their driving and makes them lose focus. The answer to this problem is very simple: just angle your mirrors downward slightly!

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