All you Need to Know about Applying for an Accident Claim

Claiming compensation for a personal injury is the right of anyone that has been injured sometime in the last three years through no fault of their own, providing their injuries warranted medical attention. If you find yourself in this situation you might want to apply now to make a personal injury claim, but before you do, here are a few facts about making a claim and the law firm to chose for assistance. 

·Approximately only half of innocent victims make personal injury claims because they think it will be too costly, too stressful or take too long.  These are common misconceptions.

· The length of time your claim takes depends on if the case had to go to court or not.  Most claims are settled before they reach that stage, some claimants receiving their compensation in just a few weeks.

·Making a claim is time consuming and complicated for the inexperienced, but for specialist injury claim lawyers it is all they do every day, and they will keep the stress away from the victim.

· The costs should not be a consideration as handling a claim would never be refused on financial grounds.  The no win no fee arrangement means that personal injury compensation is accessible to everyone as no money is needed to start the claim, or if the claim is unsuccessful.

· Before you contact a law firm, you need to have gathered your evidence together.  Such things as the details of the guilty party, medical reports, police reports if they were involved, details of any witnesses and anything else you think might strengthen your claim.  Photos of the scene can be an advantage, and most mobiles phones have a camera facility. Drawing a rough sketch of how you recall the accident happening, while it is still fresh in your mind, is never a bad idea.

·Making sure the law firm you choose has the experience and expertise needed for a successful claim has to be the right thing to do.  One that acts with integrity, reliability, dependability and accountability will always put your needs before anything else and they will provide the highest level of customer service available.

· A freephone helpline that never closes can be much more useful than victims realise until they are in the situation of making a personal injury claim. Then they will appreciate having access to information whenever they need it.

·  Being able to speak to sympathetic and friendly advisors can make the whole process so much easier.  If someone talks through all the details of your accident and injuries, as well as your present circumstances, it often helps to put things into perspective for you, and can help you be a bit less traumatised by the incident you experienced.

A good quality law firm will do all of the above and much more so that they know their claimants are being looked after throughout the claim process.  After all, if they have no victims seeking their help, they have no job to go to every day. 

Having all of this ready before they contact their choice of legal representation can only help to speed up the process of making their personal injury claim. 

Contact a good quality law firm: 

There are many companies in the personal injury claim industry, but they are not all law firms and they do not all act with integrity, reliability, dependability and accountability.  These are four attributes that ensure the needs of the claimant are put first and ensures they receive the highest quality customer service. 

The law firm the victim chooses should be readily available to answer any questions they may have and to provide as much information as possible about making a personal injury compensation claim.  At this stage, the victim may still change their mind about making the claim, so they should not feel obligated or pressurised to continue with the process. 

Financing your claim: 

In 1998, the Law Society withdrew legal aid for personal injury claims, which meant the situation reverted to the pre-legal aid days where only the rich could afford the litigation costs of making a claim.  The 1999 Finance Act introduced the conditional fee agreement to the industry.  Better known as no win no fee, it was already in use in some other civil cases. 

No win no fee means exactly what it says, no money is needed upfront to start work on the claim, and no money is needed if the claim is unsuccessful. This is how the majority of personal injury claims have been financed since April 2000 when its use became official, as it is the only way that the option of claiming compensation is accessible to everyone, no matter what their financial circumstances are. 

What happens now: 

Now all the victim has to do is concentrate on their recovery and leave the rest to their personal injury solicitor.  They will get progress reports about their claim, but otherwise they just have to wait for their compensation to arrive. 

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