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Top 5 Hybrid cars of 2014

No one ever imagined that we would have hybrid vehicles operating this year, but top car manufactures have ensured that this has come to pass. We can now witness an amazing technology whereby a vehicle uses two power sources in order to move. These automotives incorporates two combined engines, one operating on electric power while the other using an internal combustion engine. Let us now look at top 5 hybrid cars of 2014 that has left everyone buzzing.

 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

This is a fast moving machine with a sport touch that makes it worth considering for any spirited driver out there. It incorporates a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor that provides it with ample power when in motion. Test drivers agree that this automotive has nimble handling, drives at an amazing speed and has precise steering. Other notable features include:

• Seamless shifts

• Has the ability to out the fuel line and automatically unlock doors in case of a collision

• Du zone automatic climate control

• 6-speaker audio system with touch screen display

 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

This vehicle offers an impressive list of standard features such as high-quality interior and decent acceleration. It also incorporates a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor with 6-speed automatic transmission. It is able to transition seamlessly between the gas and electric power. Other important features in this automotive include:

• High-quality interior cabin materials

• Well placed and intuitive interior controls

• Heated front seats

• Dual-zone automatic climate control

• Bluetooth

• Satellite radio

2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

This vehicle will surely be uploaded not only for its comfort but also its capability to offer great fuel economy. Also with a 4-cylinder engine and an eclectic motor, the Toyota Avalon offers an adequate acceleration. It rides smooth and offers a touch of class and elegance. It also incorporates features such as

• Supportive and comfortable front and back seats

• Huge trunk space

• Easy to use climate controls

• Rear-view camera

• Audio system with a 6.1 inch touch-screen display

• Bluetooth phone and audio streaming

• Satellite radio

2014 Honda Accord hybrid

Honda Accord offers extraordinary fuel economy, upscale interior and a strong and impressive performance. It has a 4-cylinder engine and also incorporates an electric motor that provides it with ample power. It comes with a seamless start-stop feature and a flawless transition between gas and electric power. Other notable features are:

• Plenty of passenger space

• Bluetooth

• Rear-view camera

• An 8-inch infotainment screen

• Honda-link smartphone app integration

• 7 speaker premium audio system

• Satellite radio

2014 Ford Fusion hybrid

This is a great midsize hybrid vehicle that offers exceptional fuel economy and a quiet powertrain. It has an electric motor and 4-cylinder gas engine that provides it with plenty of power when in motion. It has an undetectable power transmission and 8 standard airbags. Other features include:

• Post-crash alarm system

• Inflatable rear seatbelts

• 6-speaker CD audio system with a Ford’s voice-controlled sync

• Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity

• Rear-view camera

• Adaptive cruise control

• Satellite radio

This year will see the debut of various hybrid automotives that will blow away every driver. These top 5 hybrid cars offers impressive features that perhaps we never imagined could be incorporated in a vehicle. They come with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine for high power and performance. If you want to become a competent driver who understands every aspect of driving, all you need to do is get book driving test and become among top drivers out there.

The Importance of High Quality Car Parts

There is great need to procure high quality car parts. By replacing old and broken car parts with genuine spares, you will not only enhance the life of the car, but also will get the optimum performance from the car. You will take care of the safety aspect as well, so that you will drive the car in a safe condition and this will take care of the safety of others as well as yourself. By installing genuine spare parts you can ward off inconvenient and costly breakdowns.

Why should you select quality spare parts?

When your car is under the warranty period, it is very much important that you should use the products that are suggested by the manufacturer. You should not opt for sub-standard parts. Even though you might get spares at a lower price from other channels, you should not subscribe to such services. For example, if you own a fiat 500, it’s easy and cheap enough for you to purchase Fiat Parts through reputed online stores rather than sourcing cheap knock-off parts.

All kinds of parts are available through online retailers. The car spare parts will be listed under various categories. The most commonly replaced parts are filters, pumps, valves, cables, discs and spark plugs and these items will need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. While some parts are to be replaced after reaching certain milestones (in terms of kilometers or miles), there are other kinds of parts which should be replaced after a certain period of time (a few months or years).

The spare parts will be listed on the website based on the make and model of the car. By clicking on the appropriate link that pertains to the Fiat car model, you will access relevant information. You can also enter the name of the spare part in the text box so that you will get information immediately. Thus, it is possible to procure Fiat car spare parts and accessories without wasting your time and effort.

How to purchase high quality car parts?

In order to purchase high quality car parts, you should locate the part on the website. You can order a spare part of the oldest Fiat Panda right through to the new Fiat Punto online. This means that you don’t have to take the time out of your day visiting a physical store, you can order your parts from the comfort of your home.

You can order every single part including cooling parts, locks, gaskets, water pumps and air filters. When you order high quality car parts which are exactly designed to meet the mechanical requirements of your car, you will have the most fulfilling experience on the road. You will not compromise with the performance and the car part will serve you well to ensure that your engine runs in good health. There will not be any need to replace the part before the stipulated period of time; therefore you will get good value for your money.

After ordering you can often expect the order to be with you within a few days, depending on the delivery option you chose. The delivery rates vary with the location of the customer and also the sooner you want to receive your part, the more you will have to pay for delivery. The delivery charges will be minimized if you are located in the UK. It’s also a good idea to go through the delivery and returns information to check whether your order will be insured and also understand what you’ll need to do if there is any problem with your order.

Lotus Elise S Club Racer

The Lotus Elise S Club Racer is a mixture of the two most exciting Elises for sale, the stripped-back Club Racer and the Supercharged S. In numerous ways it is the automobile we’ve all been waiting for. The original, characteristically suctioned Club Racer guarantees a considerable measure, yet, misses the mark regarding delivering to the extent that we’d trusted. Their amiable 1.6-liter engines are sweet, yet, not man enough to force an excessively tall set of apparatuses with any conviction. Applying the Club Racer ethos to the altogether more powerful Elise S ought to finally address the guarantee.

Specialized highlights?

Straight out of the crate the £35,600 S Club Racer weighs 15kg less than that of a Standard S. Track day enthusiasts can further reduce the weight on the car by removing the stereo, floor mats or even the roof (Hard top). These are included in the Comfort pack which additionally costs you £600. Further weight savings can be made by spending on things like a 12v lightweight battery, carbon air box and a sports exhaust. This particular description and infatuation together regarding weight shows that the Club Racer is specially designed for the track. The 1.8-litre supercharged four-cylinder motor possesses a max power of 217 hp at 6800 rpm and max torque of 184 Ibft at 4600rpm, numbers much like mk6 VW. This means 0-60 within 4.2 secs, along with a top velocity of 145mph, numbers significantly improved on the Elise S CR. The car also guzzles up less fuel in comparison to previous Elise models at 10.3 litres for 100km.

What’s the kick out of a chance to drive?

The supercharged 1.8-liter Toyota engine conveys a splendid mix of low and mid-range torque combined with an insatiable voracity for revs. It sounds great too; with only enough superchargers, it whines to sound like it means business. In many ways it is the automobile we’ve many recently been anticipating, because the unique, obviously aspirated Club Racer pledges a good deal, yet is categorized in short supply of delivering up to we’d hoped.

As the Lotus Elise has advanced, it has gained firmer suspension and more extensive tires. In the S, this makes for a more commanding feel, with genuine hold and clench hand tight body control. There’s still the trademark flexibility for which Lotus are rightly commended, and the steering is always chattering endlessly, informing you of the most unpretentious surface changes and chambers, yet stopping short of bombarding you with unwanted kickback., but since there’s so much to think the auto does not avoid you from the work it is doing.

Parity clever the S Club Racer is unfalteringly unbiased and past any normal rate you are liable to convey into a corner out and about. It is an amazing sensation to investigate its potential, just to find it has all the more available for later. This truly is a car that captivates all your senses.

Performance design is usually matched up beautifully and aerodynamically. This particular extraordinary Elise S is significant by its fluidic dynamics. It generates a lot more down force compared to standard backed clamshell. The incredibly lightweight, stiff chassis and finely tuned engine, allied to Lotus DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) and grippy Yokohama tyres, provide absolute handling precision.

How can it hope to measure up?

The particular half a dozen thousand $ dilemma is would you notice the Club Racer’s weight savings? Seriously that is tough to answer. I am particular in the event where you venture out of a general Elise S and into an Elise S Club Racer with all the weight saving choices (and erase alternatives) then you most likely would.

As the Elise sits in the centre ground between outright track cars and more extravagant roadsters, adversaries range from an Audi TT(£42,983.33), 306bhp BMW Z4(£39,470), 310bhp Ariel Atom(£38,000), 180bhp Caterham 7 Supersport R(£27,995) or a 237bhp Mazda MX-5(£20,000) depending on your usage. Most of these will serve up wealthier thrills, however, none will feel as cordial as an Elise, as it can also be driven as any normal car. Anyone intending to take a Lotus Elise S club racer on a theory driving test UK will undeniably fall in love with its perfection and distinction.

Mobility Scheme- Driving Without Worrying!

Driving has always been one of the most empowering and amazing experiences for people across the planet. Some people, however, are hindered by a disability that affects their ability to control a vehicle.

But with technological development, specialised cars have been manufactured for those individuals.

Apart from that the Mobility Scheme has even enabled disabled drivers to lease cars in exchange of their mobility allowances funded by the Government. The same norm is applicable in Essex and there are even dealers giving options to choose from a wide variety of cars.

Deciding the car

Now that you have decided to go for the mobility scheme, it is important to decide the car that’s right for you. It becomes essential to take into regard each and every aspect before you go for the lease, for instance, how often do you need a car, how far do you travel, do you need to carry a wheelchair and so on.

Other than these, you may need to take into account the number of people in your family and how many of them would be traveling with you on regular basis. If you live in a big city, a small car can meet your needs, but if you have a big family, you need to have a larger one. Moreover, you also have to think about the height, space, seat positioning and many other factors because your car would be very different from the regular ones.

Finding the dealer

There are a larger number of dealers of Mobility in Essex. So, after you have decided the type of car you want, look for the right dealer. It would be better for you to opt for a local dealer and discuss your requirement with the Mobility Scheme specialist. Most of the customers prefer to go for lease over buying as it includes car insurance, servicing as well as maintenance facilities. Test drives are mandatory and also look for any other facilities that can make your journey comfortable. If you have any confusion regarding the scheme, clear your queries and drive without worrying.

Using the scheme

The scheme is applicable to those who receive-

  • Higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Mobility Supplement for War Pensioners
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • It is even applicable for parent or care taker of a child over three years of age

Even if you are unable to drive, you can still apply for the scheme and nominate two friends and family member for driving the car. But they need to have a clean license, without convictions or disqualifications for the last five years and have to live within five miles of your residence. There are restrictions on provisional driving licenses and only one driver below the age of 21 is allowed, who needs to stay at your address.

The scheme is intended to keep individuals on the move and overcome all the obstacles that they face on road. At the end of the lease, you need to pay only for the damages, whereas small wear and tear can be ignored.

It is not a prerequisite for the person always to be in the car; as per the clause, the one who is driving should be the nominated individual in the scheme. If you are eligible, get the car of your choice and drive away. Check:

Finding Audi Used Car Suppliers

Are you on the lookout for used Audi cars? This premier car brand is known to make luxury cars that are afforded by the rich and wealthy. Indeed, these cars are signs of opulence and wealth in communities and societies across the world. There are some brand that has a uniform recognition factor and association with certain traits. Audi is a brand that stands for prestige, wealth, affluence and good taste. Staid affluence and not the quirky kind are associated with such cars. However, not everyone can afford an Audi.

Leasing Of Car Businesses

For certain businesses the Audis become a requirement. For instance, leasing of cars, those who are in the business of leasing cars need to have different vehicles available for the clients. Customers seek vehicles as per their choice of style, the kind of transport they are looking for and vehicles of a specific kind. While some want sedan style cars, others look for elite brands when they wish to hire cars. Most people wish to travel in style and convenience when they seek leased car services. Among the luxury cars that are sought after by many, the brugt a6 is one of them. You can browse online at many such Audi dealer sites.

Factors To Consider

If you are on the lookout for used Audi cars for your leased car service, you need to find a reliable supplier. Such a supplier needs to provide used Audis that are in good condition. When there are dealings in the secondary market, there are risks involved. The car conditions need to be inspected, the parts and components need to be checked and its running condition. The upholstery needs to be replaced and ensured that the cars look as good as new. For such reasons, getting used Audi cars from car dealers needs comprehensive review of the secondary car market. You need to find out the dealers who stock up on high value cars.

There are dealers who would specialize in Audis and other high value vehicles. They would have certain terms and conditions. At the same time, you need to find their reputation in the market. The lease terms and conditions may make a difference in your startup costs. Again, maintenance requirements would differ among used vehicles. Here is one such reliable dealer to consider For the Danish market, you will find well maintained Audi A6 for hire with this reputed dealer.

4 Car Accessories That Makes Car Travelling More Exciting and Stylish

Indian automobile industry has grown a lot in the past 10 years. The private car segment in terms of production, sales and export has grown the fastest.  With favorable policies to increase the production in the markets, exports have shoot by 22% during the same period of time.

In India car accessories is a latest concept which has grown popularity in recent times with growing usage of high end cars.

Today the car market is divided into internal and outdoor car accessories. Interior car accessories are most popular among youths of India. Although small cars are ideal choice of Indian consumers, the tendency of with high-tech accessories in cars is rising quickly. Organized players are also growing their service offerings by opening more branded stores and making their products more easily available to large audience.

International players are also prevailing in the Indian market with proliferation of some unique designs and advance technology in the market which leads to overall increase in market growth.

Today you will find a lot of useful accessories which are not only essential but most useful for you daily commuting. We have put across some common problems which we face every day during our daily travel to our offices or for your business trip.

Problem 1:  No Space to Put Bottles or dishes in the car

Try this Car Multifunctional Tray/ Car Restaurant table/ Car Drink Holder.  Well this is Multifunctional Tray is used as a table or Drink Holder during the travelling. This is a very useful tray which can used to place drinks, foods, and any small things you want. You can even fold the tray after using it.

It holds cups, bottles or cans and your meal at the same time.  It’s very Easy to use and multifunctional.


Problem 2: I am feeling like Sitting in Hot Cooker after I take a seat on my Parked Car.

Try This: This small fan will keep your car cool even on the hottest days. It keeps a nontoxic,   cool environment when you return on your car.

You can place this Auto cool vent on top of glass of the window, then close and lock the car. Its solar panel uses sunlight – not the car’s electrical wiring or batteries – to power the built-in fan.


Problem 3: Usually my thing got slipped from my dashboard

Try This: This small Slip Car Dashboard Magic Mat Pad can hold most of your small gadgets such as cell phones, CD/DVD etc.  It’s even Hold things in place when driving in the curve region, bumps or unexpected stop, etc


Problem 4: Need something which can hold my expensive Mobile.

Try This: Universal car mobile holder allows mounting you cell phone, PDA, Mp3 Player, GPS navigation unit. Conveniently mounts to windshield via suction cup or clips on to the A/c vent. It’s safe and cushion face grip arms grasp strongly. Your device can be mounted on the holder either horizontally or vertically.


So hope you like these car accessories if you have some better ideas for the above mentioned problem feel free to comment here.

Bio: This post is written Rahul Soni of

Why travel by motorcycle in Vietnam?

Whether in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, here everyone moves on two wheels. Traveling on a motorcycle in Vietnam, it is above all get the rhythm of Vietnamese life and there is no better way to capture the reality of a country to follow his tempo.

If you are in love with the bike and it is a perfect means of transport that you can choose as soon as you want to explore many off beaten track itinerairies in northern Vietnam. Before going in adventure, check out what kind of bikes are used for these tours .You can choose for you a rustique and famous way to travel in Vietnamese road when using Minsk , but also new japanese solid and trustable ones


minsk motorcycle

For lovers of retro –style- motorcycles , this Belarusian 2-stroke motorcycle inspired by a German model of the Second World War , is an icon of Vietnam. The country was a major importer in the 90s .

Simple mechanical , without battery, rugged , beautiful 125cc is still quite unpredictable , it will surely make you a few short stops for minor repairs and daily maintenance is required. Comfortable Suspensions , well-padded right saddle , you will not feel the miles unfold whether on the road or trail. Former queen of ultra popular mountains, it can blend in with the rural landscape. But her figure is increasingly rare because the locals prefer it the new, more reliable and less expensive from China factories

If the majority of garages in the country still know how to do with broken part, the repair parts are also less frequent and it is prudent to go with the alternative . Either way, your also an expert in mechanical guide will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the beautiful . Ride a Minsk is already an adventure!

Japanese 250cc dirtbike Moto

Motorcycles for the big guys! The suspensions are high to fly over the potholes and also to travel with another tourist on the same motorcycle confortably.

These bikes are ideal for the course with a lot of track, but be careful, don’t try to make enduro because in Vietnam there are not a lot of New dirt bikes and those you can rent are usually quite old ( 2000 – 2005) , just nice leisurely strolls see a little technical for something different and think outside the box!
However, the reliability of Honda engines is confirmed and the materials are solid.Goodbye to blue smoke that your friend behind you finally breathe the fresh air of the countryside and mountains. No fear also grill the clutch when starting going up hill road as Minsk

The 250cc dirtbike Moto eliminates much of the hassle and takes full advantage of discoveries and chance of meeting. Easy to ride over bad road du to large and solid tires, the bike is very confortable , and make you feel at home anywhere in the city, on the road or difficult trail.It allows you to calmly face any situation!

You can go any where with moto but the North of Vietnam , Hightland in center are the best place. Take your time, ride your bike in a few days, through various typical landscapes of North Vietnam, lowland rice, the high mountains through the hills tea plantations, and in contact with several ethnic cultures, including sleeping in their houses. This is a real adventure, a real encounter with the people, with all the freedom that a motorcycle traveling on the roads and most beautiful trails and more enjoyable than any kind of tour. If you want to organise this special tour, don’t forget to contact a vietnam travel agency for more informations about moto rental , travel insurance, moto guide and others technical requirements during the tour


Owning a car is a huge investment. Many people would prefer to buy a used car because it’s cheaper, pay less for insurance than a new car. You can find and compare the used car at franchised dealers, non-franchised garage, actions, private ads or online.
It is not obvious that a second hand car is always in best conditions. Therefore, there are few things you need to know and check before making a decision to buy that used car. There are:

1. Tyres
Tyre is the best indicator of worn out suspension, suspension bushing, tire rod and misalignment. This can be indicated by uneven wearing out of the tyre at the edges. When you steer the wheel, they should bend at the required angle without making excessive bending that cause wear and tear.

2. Exhaust
Exhaust gas can be observed so that you can judge the condition of the engine. Exhaust gas has colours that indicate the condition of the engine that is black, blue and white smoke. Black smoke is an indication of incomplete combustion due to insufficient air, excessive fuel or worn out nozzle. Blue smoke is an indicator of combustion of the oil lubricant. White smoke may appear when the engine is too cold but it should disappear immediately after the engine become hot. If the white smoke persist when engine is hot, it indicate that the engine has worn out valves thus there is low compression or the water is leaking to the combustion chamber.

3. Oil
Every vehicle has a dipstick for checking the oil level and quality. Although the modern cars has an oil quality sensor that indicate to the driver that the oil should be changed soon. These prevent the excessive wear and tear of the engine. Search for such a car to prevent unexpected engine breakdown. Otherwise, it is a bit tricky to judge the oil lubricant condition by your sight. Avoid buying cars with sludge oil because it shows that they are poorly maintained.

4. Bodywork
A car which has been repainted and has dented or signs of panel biting is an indicator of crashed car. It’s very easy to know a car that had accident due variation in paint and dent on the body.

5. Identity
It is important to confirm the car identity from the DVLA contact number. The number should be the same with the number on the engine.

There are things you should not do when buying a car. There are:-

1.) Do not buy a used car from a dealer during special sales event because they are sold by contracted specialist who is trained to convince customer till they buy what the dealer has.

2.) If the car you are buying is very reliable, do not buy for extended warrant as it will cost more money.

3.) You should only drive the car home after the financial paper work is complete.

Most of the used car identification information can be found on the DVLA contact number. It will help you in verification of the car so that you don’t fall into problems.