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Extra features you can get in the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger, one of the strongest and sturdiest-built vehicles ever seen in the mid-sized truck range has been on the roads for nearly 3 decades in a row, with various modifications and new features added almost every year. Though the old model has now been phased out from the Ford’s brochures, it is still alive in the memories of every driver, every road and every terrain it had been driven on. Today with this article, I am going to tell you about all the extra features you could get in the all-new Ranger.

Although the old Ford Ranger was touted as the best off-road vehicle and was tagged as the ‘go anywhere’ truck, the new T6 has been designed with a lot more sex appeal and plenty of legroom. It has 17” phone-dial alloy wheels that appear to be craving to go in the muddy terrains in a bid to relive those all-terrain memories. Despite the innovation in the design, the Ranger is still very sturdy and manly. It looks humongous when on the road and makes other sedans and hatchbacks look like mere ants. It is the tallest design in its class and for that, attracts just one negative point – parking. It is almost impossible to find a parking space for this giant at normal parking places.
Given the sturdiness of the Ranger and the billing of sheer muscle value it carries, its interiors are surprisingly modern with pebble grey plastic that carries a fantastic finishing. The interior is full with storage options on the rear, including utility bins. It also has the biggest in class rear legroom and the seats can be declined to open up an enormous boot space to transport almost anything.

The Ford Ranger is also a great truck to drive with perfect handling on any road with its responsive steering wheel and ABS equipped braking system. The manual XLT now comes with the Ford’s Bluetooth Hands-Free Connectivity system, though the sound quality of the speakers is a bit disappointing when compared to most other vehicles from the Ford family that carry a sound system which is soothing to the ears. So, this one according to me is a real party pooper. But when you have a truck like that which produces a wheezy engine sound when crossed over 4000 RPM, who really needs a sound system to get the party going. Huh? Still not as bad as I may make it sound like, it also has a nice nod to hold the MP3 player and conveniently located auxiliary/USB ports along with two 12V outlets. The oversized extra-large side view mirrors are a blessing in disguise as they are a great help while reverse parking.

The extra power pumped out by the variety of Duratorq engines that Ford has used in the Ford Ranger (as I read in a recent Danish “kraftfuld Ford ranger” article) means that you can easily transport a load of up to 1,340 kg or tow anything up to a massive weight of 3,500 kg as well. Whatever more is said about the truck is not enough for words can’t do justice to the International Pickup award of 2013.
Do you like or hate the Ranger? Have you ever driven it? Tell us its best and worst features according to you.

Review of the New Golf by VW

Today, we will take a look at the new golf launched by Volkswagen. This vehicle is the latest entrant in the golf series by Volkswagen. Today, we will take an in-depth look at this vehicle and give you our thoughts on the same. During this review, we will cover the performance as well as the features of the car.

Our aim is to provide you with a well-rounded view.

Let us start with how the new golf performs. This series comes with turbocharged engines. Volkswagen offers a number of choices when it comes to engines. You can choose from a 1.2-liter petrol engine that gives you a choice between 84 hp and 103 hp. The other option is a 1.4-liter petrol engine that offers either 120 hp or 138 hp. As a matter of fact the choice does not end here. The 1.6-liter diesel range offers 133 hp and the 2-liter engine offers 148 hp.

This vehicle maintains the amazing reliability of its predecessors. Both the steering and the suspension are extremely solid. This makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable. You never lose control of the vehicle. In addition to that we can also say that the car is extremely quiet. You will not hear the gears shifting or the suspension working hard. The ride maintains its smoothness, irrespective of the engines used. We did not feel any change when switching from the petrol model to the diesel model.

The new golf does not skimp on any safety features. The features included are:

- An anti-locking brake system for all four wheels;

- Airbags for the head both in the front and rear seats;

- An immobilizer system for the engine;

- An anchor for a child seat;

- Disc brakes in the front and the back;

- Traction and Stability control;

- Daytime running lights

These are only some of the features included in the vehicle. The care can seat five passengers. It has two versions – two doors and four doors. The floor of the vehicle can be adjusted to accommodate your luggage. The vehicle can easily seat driver and passenger who are six feet tall.

The standard features included in the vehicle are as follows:

- A cruise control system;

- An air-conditioning system;

- A driver’s seat which adjusts to your height;

- Adjustable armrest and lumbar;

- A navigation computer;

- Sound system with eight speakers, a CD player and an audio jack;

- Fifteen in wheels;

- A keyless entry system;

- Heated mirrors;

- Adjustable steering wheels

The luxury features in the new golf are as follows:

- Heated front seats;

- A Bluetooth interface;

- Option to plug in an iPod or a USB media player;

- Touch screen audio interface;

- Seventeen in wheels;

- Fog lights;

- Ambient cabin lighting system;

- Sunroof;

- LED running lights;

- Premium audio system;

Overall, the new golf from Volkswagen (I read very interesting things about it at the danish Volkswagen ny billig golf website) lives up to its expectations. What do you think? Take it out for a test drive and tell us how you feel about it.