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5 Classic Cars That Still Deliver an Unparalleled Driving Experience

5 Classic Cars That Still Deliver an Unparalleled Driving Experience picClassic cars never go out of style, and the memories of them never leave you if you ever owned one. You probably remember the excitement when the car first came out and you got to see the size of the engine and the contour of the body. If so, it’s likely that you recall the following car models that offer some of the best driving experiences around, even when compared to newer cars.


1955 Chevy Belair

This 2-door hardtop with the 283 engine is a good-looking car with a nice ride. In fact, it earned top marks for handling from Motor Trend Magazine in 1955. Additionally, replacing the two-barrel carburetor with a four-barrel carburetor gives the Belair extra power for a more exciting ride that’s well worth the upgrade.


1957 Ford Fairlane

A 2-door coupe with a quiet ride, the ’57 Fairlane is not only fun to drive, but also gets good gas mileage. Many owners of these cars convert the 3-speed shifter on the column to a 3-speed on the floor. Many of the classics that had the shifter on the steering column would wear out, and the shifter would get stuck in a certain gear, so the floor shift is an easy fix with good returns. With the rear-end gears this car had from the factory, you could beat a Corvette off the line, and that impressive response is still just as exciting today.


1966 GTO

A 2-door hardtop with a 389 engine and a three deuce carburetor, the ’66 GTO is still one of the most exciting and fun cars you can ever drive due to the excellent power and handleing. Add the four-on-the-floor shifter and it feels like you’re flying when those two barrels start to open up one after another.


1968 Dodge Charger

With its 312 or 383 engine, the ’68 Charger was one of the best rides of that year. This car is a blast to drive and takes the corners like a much smaller car. Even the 312 cubic engines provide enough power to fulfill the race-car driver’s fantasy needs. Not only is this car fun to drive, it’s also quite an eye-catcher!


1971 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Coupe

The four-on-the-floor on the 396 is not only fast, but also one of the best-looking cars ever made. The car handles like a dream, but pay attention when driving because this car’s power can get away from you if you aren’t careful!


The great thing about classic cars is that they are not only exciting cars to drive, but can also increase in value each year you have one. You’re talking about cars ranging anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars, and that’s why you should let a good Boston car insurance company look at your classic and protect your investment. You can often receive excellent antique and classic car rates on these vehicles. If your looking for a beautiful car that also provides the thrill of a great ride, check out these 5 classics that are sure to please!

A Little Maintenance: 5 Signs Your Vehicle Is Ready For A Tune-Up

It’s common for people to go a year or two without bringing their car in for maintenance. These optimists don’t see obvious problems with their cars, so they leave them alone hoping that everything is good. This type of thinking can lead to expensive repairs; letting small problems slide can lead to big problems down the road.

If you aren’t proactive about tuning your car up, you really need to keep a close eye on it. If you notice any of the following signs, then get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible:

Hard To Start

Older cars often have trouble starting up instantly; this is one of the most commonly reported car troubles. If your car isn’t starting up on your first try, you may need to replace a starting sensor or choke mechanism. When you get a tune-up, your technician can trace where the problem is coming from; if it’s not physical, they can figure out what electronic components are giving you trouble.


When your engine is exceeding a normal load, you will hear it knocking. This can be caused by bad gas or engine troubles; it’s best to bring your car to a mechanic if you ever hear this sound. If you ignore it, you may end up permanently damaging your engine.

Power Loss

As cars get older, they start to lose a bit of their pep; if you notice that your car has substantial power loss when you are driving it, you need to get it checked out. Oftentimes, an old fuel filter can cause this problem; a mechanic can quickly fix this problem before it ruins your engine.

Squeaky Brakes

Your brakes are the most important safety feature your car has; if your brakes are squeaking and grinding, they may be going bad. The experts at Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler agree that a person’s brakes are vital to their safety; if you notice any funny sounds, they agree that you should immediately have an expert look at them. Remember, brakes are designed to make noise when they are going bad; don’t take squeaking, grinding and whistling lightly.

Poor Gas Mileage

If your car is getting bad gas mileage, then it definitely needs a tune-up. When your car isn’t running efficiently, it uses more gas; a quick tune-up can get your car running normally.

When it comes to cars, it is important to keep them properly maintained. Always be vigilant when driving; if you notice any funny symptoms, then it might be time to get your car checked out by a professional. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to automobiles.

A Guide To Helping Your Almost 16 Year Old Get On The Road

Before your child gets behind the wheel, parents can start teaching while they drive. It is possible to get your child involved in the process. Ask questions such as, “why do I stay this far behind the car in front of me?” Ask them what traffic problems they see ahead or behind them. Talk about road signs that you see. At 16, drivers can get their Learner’s (L license).

Keep A Sense of Humor

Often our perception of driving is different than it would be if we taught drivers education on a daily basis. Sometimes even the best drivers find it hard to teach their own teens. It helps to review the British Columbia driving manual. It also helps to remember that parents don’t know everything about driving. This helps parents keep a sense of perspective.

Just The Basics

Teens need to learn basic skills before hitting the road. It may be tempting to push, but it is more helpful to give the teen time on non-threatening roads. First, use an empty parking lot to develop the basics. According to North Shore Driving School Ltd., a company offering driving lessons in Vancouver, your teen should learn how to stop and how to accelerate. As they work on these two skills, they can practice driving slowly around the parking lot until they get a grasp on how the car works.

Neighborhood Driving

Once the student drivers have mastered basic skills, they should work on smoother, more accurate acceleration in an uncrowded neighborhood. A quiet neighborhood should allow a young driver to practice with limited traffic danger. Parents can help their young drivers learn to make smoother stop and more accurate turns.

Real-Life Challenges

When the driver has gained confidence, it’s time to add speed. A well-marked, quiet highway can help timid drivers overcome fear of other cars. It can help drivers learn to maintain acceleration more naturally. At this point, consider which busy boulevards your child needs to learn to navigate. Take these slowly with minimal traffic. By taking boulevards at quieter times, the young driver can gain enough confidence to deal with many cars and distractions at busier times. Once they’ve gained enough skills, young drivers should practice driving at night.

Maintenance Level

Once they reach competence level, let them drive regularly for practice. After a year, they can get a Novice license. After another year, they can become fully licensed.

Basic Car Maintenance: Five Things That Many Drivers Forget To Check

Basic Car Maintenance Five Things That Many Drivers Forget To Check

Cars need to be serviced regularly to maintain optimal performance. Most drivers know they need to change their oil, but there are other things that need to be checked on a vehicle. Here are five things most drivers regularly forget to check on their vehicle.

Check Windshield Wipers

For numerous drivers, the windshield wipers are frequently ignored until the first overwhelming rainfall or snowfall. Dirty windshield wipers hinder visibility. Impaired visibility leads to hazardous driving conditions, and dangerous driving conditions cause car accidents. Drivers should make sure their windshield wipers are appropriate for the season. Windshield wipers should be changed at least twice a year.

Check Windshield Washer Fluid

Every driver wants a clean windshield. However, most drivers neglect to check their windshield washer fluid. Driving without windshield washer fluid is a hazard. Bugs fly on car windows and leave stains on windows. You cannot clean your windows without washer fluid. You should carry an extra container of washer fluid in your vehicle and periodically check the level to ensure clear visibility while driving.

Check Tire Pressure

Your vehicle upholds steady contact with the street through its tires. Having too little or too much air in your tires can cause unreasonable wear on your tires, diminish traction and cause unsafe driving conditions. Many careless drivers do not regularly check their tires. Tire pressure should be checked frequently, some even suggest that it should be checked every time the driver stops for gas. Having the correct tire pressure will save on fuel and improve driving performance.

Check the Gas Cap

Some drivers neglect to check the gas cap after they have pumped fuel into their vehicles. Double checking the gas cap will improve vehicle performance. It will also prevent dirt from entering the gas tank.

Check the Tire Tread

The majority of drivers neglect to check the tread on their tires. Bald tires can cause the vehicle to lose control. If the tread is low it is best to fix the problem soon. Brakes are often checked during routine car maintenance, but tire issues can cause problems with the brakes. Professionals that offer tire repair in Calgary like Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler can help you figure out what option is best for solving your tire or brake issues. Drivers should check their tires and brakes at least once a week.

In terms of vehicle upkeep, drivers need to understand a well maintained vehicle can increase the longevity of the car and improve vehicle performance. A properly maintained car can also keep drivers safe on the road in all weather conditions.

How To Upgrade Your Favorite Car The Easy Way

Other than having new parts and a smoother driving experience, new cars come with many advanced technological elements that are not present in cars that were made five or six years ago. However, not everyone has the money to be able to buy a new car, whether it be outright or through a leasing option.

For many, upgrading their favorite car is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds – the comfort of still having their favorite vehicle and the advanced upgrades present in many modern cars. Here is a look at some easy ways to upgrade your favorite car.

Lift Kits

Add lift kits to raise the back end of your truck. These are usually simple blocks that fit in between the leaf and axle springs. Add spacers in the coil springs to raise the front. This combination will give your truck a more menacing and aggressive appearance.

Chrome Accessories

Add chrome accessories, such as bumpers, trim packages, grill guards, and running boards. They will add a level of quality and shine to your car. If you have a truck, adding a Tonneau cover to the back area will give it a sleeker look.

Replace Exhaust System

While the default exhaust system in most cars works reasonably well, it is unlikely to pump air as efficiently as a newer model. Adding an exhaust system can improve a car’s fuel consumption and power.

Regular Part Replacement/Repair

In addition to getting fancy new items installed in your car, you will need to get other parts regularly updated and properly maintained. For example, getting new tires is an underrated yet easy way to give your car a much needed boost. Instead of feeling as though you are pushing the car every step of the way, your vehicle will glide on the road with new tires.

Car and truck parts in Langley are available through a variety of means. It is possible to get them from authorized car dealers, repair centers such as 99 Truck parts, or online through major retailers.

Buy Used Parts to Save Money

If you are looking to get these car repairs done on a budget, you might want to consider buying used auto parts. Most used auto parts work just as well as a new part, and have not been used for more than a few months in another vehicle. Some will cost two/three times less than a newer part. For those who want to get multiple car upgrades done at once, buying used parts is the way to go.

What To Do If Your Car Has These Five Signs Of Major Problems

It can be frustrating when your car shows signs of major damage, especially when you take care of your car and do routine maintenance. There is always a possibility of your car having significant problems, and here are some things you can do if you find yourself in that situation:

Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on, it indicates a problem in the car. Sometimes the problem is very simple and can wait to be fixed, but other times it is serious, and the car shouldn’t be driven until it is taken care of. If you’re like most people, you might keep driving around in your car for weeks or even months without paying attention to that light. Take the car to an auto mechanic for a diagnostic testing immediately. A diagnostic test will show you exactly what is wrong with your car and will help you determine what needs to be done next to get it fixed.

Not Turning Over

You expect your engine to start as soon as you turn over the key, but that doesn’t always happen. Older cars might take a little longer to get going, but you shouldn’t experience that problem with a newer vehicle. This is often a sign of damaged spark plugs. Replacing the old spark plugs in your car should fix the problem before it causes more damage.

Engine Surges

Engine surging occurs when your car struggles to maintain a set speed and then suddenly surges. It might feel like you just pressed the gas pedal to the floor. This often indicates a problem with your fuel pump. A new fuel pump will keep the engine from surging, and a new fuel pump will also reduce any sluggishness in the engine.

Leaking Fluids

If you notice a green-colored liquid under your car when it is moved, this is a problem that can be fixed easily. This liquid is coolant that regulates temperature and keeps your engine from getting too warm. Without cooling, you risk your engine overheating. You’ll need to either replace the coolant tank in your car or the hoses attached to that tank to fix the problem.

Steering Issues

Steering problems can indicate a minor or major problem. You might just need some power steering fluid, but if your car pulls severely to one side, it often indicates a problem with your alignment or uneven tire wear. Try fixing the problem by refilling the steering fluid receptacle in your car. If that doesn’t solve the problem, rotating your tires or getting a wheel alignment will fix the problem, suggests professionals at Premier Mazda Dealer.

Taking care of your car can extend the life of that vehicle and keep it running in perfect condition. In addition to routine maintenance, make sure that you keep an eye out for these potential problems and look at ways that you can solve those problems yourself. If you car continues to have multiple problems, it may be time to look into getting a safer, more reliable car.

5 Additional Purchases that Must be Considered When Buying a New Car

Buying a new vehicle is something can be extremely exciting, but it is easy to get carried away with this large purchase. You may think that you can afford a nice, and more expensive, car, but in most cases you will not have considered everything else that you will need to purchase when getting a car. Here is a quick look at 5 additional purchases that you will need to consider when getting a new vehicle



It is a known fact that you will need insurance if you want to drive your vehicle, but many people don’t know that different cars will often come with different insurance rates. For example, if you decide to purchase a mini-van for your family, you more than likely will get a much lower insurance rate than if you were to buy a flashy sports car.


Everyone knows that they will eventually need to get maintenance for their vehicle, but few consider the different maintenance costs that are associated with varying vehicles. Some cars that are extremely popular and that are made by a known company will often require little maintenance and it will be easy to find a repair shop. Rarer and more expensive vehicles might not always come with good warranties and repairs will more than likely be pretty expensive because of the complicated systems that these vehicles use.


When you are purchasing a vehicle, you are also purchasing all of the fuel that this car will consume for years to come. This has pushed many people to purchase hybrid or electric vehicles, but these people often do not take into consideration the cost of electricity that is required for these cars. While electricity is cheaper than gas, it is still an expense that needs to be taken into consideration.


Leaving your car out in the open can cause the paint and outer structure to get damaged. This means that you more than likely will need to purchase a garage for your home in order to properly protect your new car. Cheap garages can be purchased that are separated from your home, but that still provide the protection that you want and need.

Resell Value

While this is not technically a purchase that you are going to need to make, it is something that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a vehicle. You can save money by purchasing a cheap vehicle, but when you need to sell the car later on you more than likely will get a much lower price than if you got a car that comes from a reputable manufacturer and that is a trusted model.

Foul Weather Trucks: Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Old man winter is settling in, bringing the bitter cold, and mounting snows for the duration of the season. When you head out, bundled up to your eyebrows, you want to know that your truck is going to get you anywhere. Your vehicle should be your first priority in winter. Pay close attention to five, foul weather trucks that can handle the snow or any kind of weather.

Foul Weather Trucks Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Nothing Runs Like a Chevy

The Chevy Silverado is built to plow through those high snow drifts, and whether you opt for the 1500 or 2500HD, you’ll have a powerhouse. Features include coil-over-shock suspension, high lateral-rate body mounts, and impressive rear axles that are up to snuff. Choose a V8 or V6 engine to get the job done. Check out Rocky Ridge Chevy Trucks for sale to find the right ride.


Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ford

Ford lovers agree that nothing runs like a F-150. This full-size beast has an advantage over cars thanks to four-wheel drive, and enough weight to hold steady. You’re less likely to see America’s top seller slipping and sliding with an excellent payload. You can opt for a V6 or V8 and choose your preference in transmission to weather any storm.


You Know It’s Ram Tough

Head to the Dodge dealer when you’re looking for something to tough out icy roads and whiteout conditions. With a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain, and the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500, you get to choose how much muscle you need when the weather outside is frightful. Look under the hood at a V6 or a Hemi V8 and have confidence on the road.


Plow Through with a Toyota

Toyota offers you the Tacoma and the Tundra, two respectable vehicles that will ride out winter’s storms. You’ll be backed by a V6 in the Tacoma or a V8 in the Tundra. It’s tire pressure monitor system and Star Safety system are more advantages to keep you safe when the elements are against you.


Finish the Journey in a Hummer

You won’t find a new hummer, but there are plenty of the used variety. These vehicles are like a tank, built to endure anything, and will take on snow without a problem.


As you gear up for the blast of icy air and heaps of white stuff, choose wisely when it comes to a vehicle. Make sure you invest in the ride that is all about performance.

How to Find the Right Driving School for You to Succeed

Choosing the right driving school is one of the most important decisions a new driver can make. The right driving school can offer safe driving techniques that not only protect new drivers but protect other motorists. These invaluable lessons offered by a driving school can save lives, and new drivers may also use this time to satisfy their state’s requirements for in-car instruction time. Making the correct driving school choice could be the difference between safety and injury.

Locating the Best Driving School

Why is choosing a driving school important? There are a lot of reasons, but the primary concern is that a prospective driver learn driving techniques that are easy to implement. For drivers concerned with their safety behind the wheel, a driving school offers a safe and relaxed environment to learn and hone these invaluable driving skills. If you are looking for a driving school in Santa Monica, there are a lot of options available. Websites such as give detailed information, but it’s important to consider the following factors before making a final decision.

What to Look For In Driving School Instructors

Driving School is devoted to helping new drivers practice safety in an environment conducive to learning. Being a new driver can be nerve-racking for some, and it’s important that those teaching you safety are as passionate about protecting you as you are about getting on the road. Driving schools want you to succeed and become the safest driver possible. Make sure you look for schools that make it their mission to provide the best service to their learners.

Long-term Benefits of Choosing the Right School

As a new driver, one of the most important things to learn is safety on the road. In an age of cell phones and other distractions, the decision to choose a driving school could be one of the most important choices a new driver makes. Driving schools are passionate about this, and model their lessons around communication and a relaxed learning environment. A new driver may be nervous, but driving instructors make the process easier with clear communication and a devoted attitude to making you the safest driver possible.

Value in Making the Right Choice

In California, six hours of training is required in order to take your driver’s test. For most new drivers, this isn’t enough to fully learn and grasp the required skills to be a safe driver. Most driving schools offer several different packages and choices so that you can make sure you are getting the most for your money.


Being safe behind the wheel is the most important aspect of driving. If you’re a new driver seeking the freedom of the driver’s license, driving schools not only offer comprehensive, one-on-one instruction, but these invaluable lessons are affordable for everyone.

Six Safety Tips Everybody Should Know About Their Vehicle

Regardless of your car make and model, make sure that you drive effectively. Follow a few, important safety tips. Know how to drive properly and keep your car well-conditioned. Recognize the dangers of driving and then reduce the risks of accidents.

Buy Car Parts in Good Condition

From your car’s brakes to the airbag, all of the car parts must run properly. The driver and mechanic are responsible for ensuring the good condition of the car. Also, do not buy the wrong car parts. Know the make and model of every product. Overall, make sure that your car parts are working together properly.

Learn Defensive Driving

All drivers should drive defensively and stay alert to the actions of other people. Being mentally and physically competent is required. A lot of accidents are caused by people who are too tired, angry or upset to drive. Consider taking an online class that gives you advice about important techniques. Build your confidence in driving when you know how to act defensively.

Maintain Tires

Maintain tires to prevent the tread from wearing down too much. Excessively worn tires are weak and not good for gripping the road, extend the lifespan of your tires so that you avoid accidents and costly repairs. If not, a flat or blowout is more likely to occur. If the car you are driving does have weak tires Simple Tire recommends changing out your tires to avoid any safety issues that may arise.

Fix Repairs Right Away

A lot of car accidents are caused by faulty parts which are caused when people do not make immediate repairs. If a broken or rusted part is not fixed, it depreciates over time. To avoid unnecessary repair bills it is important to be prepared and avoid the depreciation.

Clean the Car Regularly

A clean car does not seem significant, but it is important if you want to avoid accidents. In addition to glaring light, condensed glass is a hazard, which can occur under cold or foggy conditions. It takes a few minutes to wipe the car glass before you drive out in the morning. Improve your visibility if you need to check your blind spot before making a sharp turn. In winter months it will also be important to wash off any salt that builds up on the car from the roads. The salt build-up can cause the car to rust to develop, which nobody wants.

Do Not Drive While Distracted

Driving while distracted may be the most important safety tip. Many accidents are caused by distracted driving. There are countless stories of people who crash while driving drunk or texting on the phone. Regardless of your experience level, always stay focused on your driving.

Review important safety tips before you set out onto the road. It is important to know your car from the inside out. Whether you need to drive defensively or repair tires, learn to drive as efficiently as possible.