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Why Porsche Macan is considered a bestseller?

The well-known car manufacturer Porsche claims that it will sell 200,000 cars per year. With the imminent release of the 2014 Macan SUV, the company is on the edge of meeting its goals ahead of time, says Automotive News. Analysts predict that the company will increase in popularity now that it’s part of the acclaimed Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, rumor has it that Porsche will manage to sell around 63,000 Macan cars in 2014. This will mean that the model will become a company bestseller.

In 2013, Porsche sold about 143,000 cars, and with the additional forecast on the 2014 Macan, the sales will certainly surpass the alleged figure of 200,000. The production already started in December, and the target unit number is part of a bigger strategy plan that belongs to the Volkswagen Group. The ultimate goal is to reach 10 million vehicle sales by 2018 in all models. Can Porsche hope to attain that objective? Absolutely; as long as they keep releasing models such as the Macan they have great chances of staying on top of the pyramid.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan – affordable yet revolutionary

Although the Macan won’t be able to produce low-cost versions, its starting price is affordable enough. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about Porsche, a luxury car manufacturer. That being said, media reports state that the Macan will be available at a starting price of $59,000 in Germany. Believe it or not, it will be the company cheapest car ever made dipping under the Boxter, a two-seat sports car estimated at $65,000. In Germany, the acclaimed Porsche Cayenne costs around $80,000 so it goes without saying that a lot of people are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the newest Macan model.

Thanks to a competitive price range, the VW Group has high hopes for the Macan. The car shares some characteristics of the 911 but it looks much like its older brother, Porsche Cayenne. The company doesn’t seem to back down and it will certainly want prove that its latest jewel is worth every penny.

Porsche Macan2

Porsche – a high-end company worth billions

The operating profit of Porsche was $1.73 billion in sales, and about 78,000 vehicles sold. Consequently, Volkswagen reported a net profit of $2 billion in vehicle sales, while Audi’s profit exceeded $3.5 billion and over 692,000 sold units. As far as the Porsche Macan is concerned, experts have predicted that the model will become a company bestseller, and although it will be mass-produced, Porsche will not lose exclusivity. By 2018, the company hopes to reach its target sales of 200,000, and thus far the numbers look promising.

Porsche is luxurious car that doesn’t have massive sales because of a rather high price. Not everyone has $50,000 to buy a Cayenne, yet that’s exactly what makes the manufacturer so acclaimed – its exclusiveness. The Volkswagen Group managed to sell vehicle worth almost $8 million in 2013. About 1.6 % of all vehicles sold were Porsche cars. At the start of 2013, the company accounted for about 22% of the VW group’s net profit.

Porsche Macan1

A closer look at the Macan

The beautiful Macan SUV will be available in various packages. Its V6 twin-turbo engine, dual-clutch transmission, and 340 horsepower will certainly exceed the expectations of many. On the inside, Porsche Macan will be covered in leather; it will also include adaptive cruise control features, a departure warning and an intriguing all-wheel-driving system. The Macan’s off-road capacities will be perfectly optimized to provide traction in dirt and snow. Innovative upgrades such as the Chrono package, lane departure warning, and a carbon fiber trim will also be at the disposal of the buyer.

Unlike Porsche’s other car models, the Macan generated a lot of noise and not just because of its fairly convenient price. The advanced technology behind the vehicle is truly pioneering as well, not to mention that buyers will be able to choose between various available packages. The starting price might be around $50,000, but a full-option car might greatly elevate that price. Bottom line, for the wealthy individual it’s definitely not a fortune to spend $10,000 extra to benefit from an exquisite car model. The company is planning to break record sales, so there’s no doubt that the future looks pretty awesome for Porsche.

Performance car parts industry is a race to fulfill demand

In a world of smartphones and social media, cars have a vital role as well. We’re not using them for practical purposes anymore, and with such a wide variety on the market, it’s only natural to have more than one. Believe it or not, cars are like jewelry, shoes, and bags. They’ve become our most precious accessories, and the better they look the more confident they make us feel. When it comes to boosting performance and purchasing car parts, there’s no other way than investing in high-quality.

car parts

The performance car parts industry – a thriving business sector

The industry that focuses on performance car parts has been around for several years now. Unfortunately, the economic crisis doesn’t allow us to manifest our need for speed, nor our desire to make a difference and invest in a makeover that can make a car stand above the crowd. In spite of all the drawbacks, the car parts industry has expanded in the last couple of years thus reaching a 2.5% growth.

The recession, together with the disturbing rise of oil costs, has made the car repair industry become more powerful than ever. People are now choosing to have their old vehicle fixed, rather than invest in a new one. Surprisingly, we’re willing to spend incredible amounts of money on quality car parts to make sure that our vehicles remain in perfect condition for extended periods of time. The solution is not to buy a new car to showcase your status, but rather to pimp the old one and make more pioneering than ever.

Brand new cars are luxurious, shiny, and packed with innovative features. Yet, increasingly more copy cats are invading the market, and thus it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish an original from a fake. Car lovers are well aware than added vehicle performance and upgraded parts can bring more enjoyment to the driver.  When replacing or working on worn out car parts, making them better can have greater advantages.

car parts1

Pimp your ride to add personality

Stopping on a dime and having the ability to do it in harsh weather conditions can additionally provide supreme safety upgrades in addition to greater performance. Induction kits and high-performance air filters might also adjoin horse power while boosting fuel economy all at the same time. Performance car parts are available on TV under the shape of famous reality shows that emphasizes the great benefits of these parts. “Top Gear� and “Pimp my Ride� are two of the most famous, yet there are numerous others coming out with every year that goes by.

The goal of these shows is to gather viewers, thus involuntarily influencing the marketing and advertising of the performance car parts industry. The exposure can bring a lot of benefits to the industry, it can help it thrive, and it can convince more people that pimping their cars is a smarter choice than buying a new one.

car parts2

The car parts industry is thriving and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. With revenue of $50 billion in 2012, the demand for increased performance and fuel efficiency is becoming greater and greater. If you’re a car aficionado trying to a find a profitable business opportunity, think about the performance cart parts industry. It won’t just add performance, but it will also make your car unique and unlike any other models in the marketplace.

With the advent of technology and social media implementations, the performance car parts industry has had a lot to gain. We currently live in a society torn apart by the economic crisis, yet we can afford to invest huge amounts of cash in Smartphones, iPads and home cinema systems. Not many people choose to buy new cars anymore, and that’s probably because tuning your existing vehicle and making it better than ever is a much more viable option.

Pimping a car is like remodeling your home. In time you get tired of the same design, and because you can’t afford a new one, bringing it back to life can be a lot more cost-efficient. The exact same principle applies to cars: why save up for a new one when you can use a fraction of the cost to reinstate the old one?

Porsche 914: Check out how it is a hidden gem?

Whether we like or not, the 914 model was one of the most controversial cars ever made by Porsche. The infamous history of the vehicle started in the late 60s when rumor has it that Porsche 914 was born from confusion. Packed with some design flaws from the very beginning and fixed down the road, the model was overwhelmed with bad press throughout its turbulent existence. Nevertheless, it’s a classic and there’s no denying about that. With nearly 120,000 models sold on a global scale, we cannot help but admit that Porsche 914 is a gem.

Porsche 914

Volkswagen + Porsche = the Confusion

In the 60s, Porsche wanted to develop an entry-level, low-cost vehicle but they didn’t dispose of the production capabilities. Also, they didn’t have enough capital and thus the manufacturers asked for help from Volkswagen. Ferry Porsche and Heinz Nordhoff – the chief of VW at the time, made a deal to develop and design a new sports car for VW using the Volkswagen’s Type 4 engine. Both entrepreneurs agreed verbally that Porsche was also allowed to make the car as long as it used its own engine.

However, everything went south when Heinz died and his successor didn’t agree with a partnership that was never put on paper. What followed next was a complete mess as the car had to be manufactured as VW-Porsche 914. Many different parts were used and the vehicle became a Frankenstein of all sports cars of the period.

Overwhelmed by Bad Press, Yet a True Marvel Underneath

It was in 1970 when Porsche finally managed to manufacture the 914 model in the US. At first, it was a good car but it soon started to showcase some problems. Due to its mixed background the press started to plague Porsche with bad press, terrible reviews, and mediocre marks. Underneath all that nonsense, the car was an engineering marvel. In spite of a targa-top design, the tube had the firmness of a 911 model. It was incredible, it drove well, and it was extremely comfortable.

The front suspension with torsion-bar came from the Porsche 911 car model; however the front bulbs were units from the VW411. The trailing arm design featured 11.05-inch rear discs and not VW411 drums, and the rear suspension was all-new. At the time, only a couple of other cars had the ability to offer fuel injection, all-independent suspension, and a 5-speed transmission for a price of $3,500. It was quite a bargain!

Porsche 914-1

Fixing Limitations

Porsche 914 had a squared-off body and the straight-on views were not flattering at all. Yet, the overall design of the car was just a matter of shape following function. In spite of some initial limitations, the 914 model never gave up. It was in 1972 when Porsche made the passenger’s seat adjustable; in addition, they added better ventilation and slowly but surely the sales increased. The press started to praise the car and things kept improving when the manufacturers added a brand-new transmission and a 2.0-litre engine. After they finally fixed the car’s shifting problems, the reviews improved dramatically. Porsche 914 managed to perk up the level of comfort as well as its overall performance. Slowly but surely, the car rose from the ashes and became extremely praised by the people.

Porsche 914-2

The Driving Experience

They say no other car on the market drives like a Porsche 914. The model is roomy on the inside and it offers plenty of space for the driver’s legs. The shift level is at easy reach and the driving position is extremely comfortable. The rack-and-pinion, non-power steering is beautifully weighted with little vibration; the pedals feel right and the car drives comfortably at 90 miles/hour. You can also check for the Porsche parts, spares and accessories. The low-revving, fuel-injected gear highlights a truly effortless road journey that can’t be matched by any other car that’s 30 years old, regardless of the initial price.

In spite of the harsh criticism, Porsche 914 managed to demonstrate to the world that the car was worth buying. It started on the wrong foot but it grew remarkably over the years. For a lot of people today, the 914 model is a Porsche classic, a gem that can’t be compared with any other models of the period, not even with the 911.