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5 Problems That Could Be Affecting The Drivability of Your Car

Car Issues That Might Be Causing Your High Insurance RatesYou drive your car everyday so you know how it is supposed to feel. Although there is nothing drastically wrong with the vehicle, such as an overheated engine, its drivability may be deteriorating. Several problems can arise with your car to make it feel rough or loose during handling.

 1. A Jittery Feel

An idling car typically runs at 1,000 RPM and has a smooth hum as you sit at a stop signal, for example. If you have a rough and jittery idle, your spark plugs may be misfiring. Spark plugs provide the ignition for engine combustion. A gap between electrodes creates the sparking area on the plug. Over time, the electrodes break down, creating poor sparking. Take a look at your spark plugs and check their gap with a gap gauge. If there is too much room between the electrodes, replace the plug.

 2. Handling Seems To Wander

If you let go of your steering wheel on a straight and flat road, for example, the wheels should remain straight and continue on the same path. Wheels and axles must be aligned correctly for this straight pattern. Your car may feel like it is wandering within its lane if alignment is off. Repair shops perform alignments using computers. Once properly set, your car feels tight and straight on the road.

 3. Poor Acceleration

Although several issues can cause poor acceleration, one main problem is air blockage through the engine. A dirty air filter hinders air flow, as well as a filthy Mass Air Flow sensor. Evaluate both parts to see if you need to clean or replace either component.

 4. Uneven Tire Wear

Tires usually wear evenly over time because the tread strikes the ground correctly. If your axles are not set at the correct camber, or angle, only part of the tread touches the ground. Half of the tire may appear new while the other half is worn. You end up purchasing new tires more often than you should. Get good tires in the first place from a reputable dealer such as Ask your mechanic to adjust the camber for improved tire life.

 5. Brake Pedal Slow To Respond

If you have to press deeply on your brake pedal for the car to respond, your pads or fluid need attention. Inspect your fluid and make sure it is between the maximum and minimum level indicators. Take a look at the brake pads’ depth. Your car could simply need a brake job to make the pedal work more efficiently.

Too Many Cars? Storage Solutions For Connoisseurs

Too Many CarsAre you a car conquistador shortchanged on storage space? You might find these four tips helpful the next time you find yourself swamped with cars.


1. Jack ‘em Up


Prop your cars on jack stands and remove the tires so the pavement doesn’t dry rot them. If you want even more space, stack them on their sides, facing the outside rim up to prevent scratching. They may be placed beneath your car, too – just make sure you have wood pallets or cardboard on the bottom so the cement doesn’t drain their moisture and speed the dry rot. Remember that tires also need to be stored somewhere cool, dry, and sunless.


2. Park forward and reverse


In your garage, park one car facing forward and one car facing backward so that the passengers’ sides face inward. If there still isn’t space for opening the driver’s door you may roll down the window to climb in and out. Just try not to crack your head if you attempt to leap in like an action hero.


3. Get a lift


There’s plenty of space above your cars, so why not fill it? With a two- or four-post lift, you can use that empty air space to your advantage. Two post lifts are useful if you intend to work on the car while it’s raised. They must be anchored to the ground, but they are designed to raise the car higher if you have a lower ceiling. Cars must be carefully positioned before being lifted on a two-post. On the other hand, four post lifts have better support and simple operation. And if you have vehicle with very low ground clearance, four post lifts are especially easy to use.


4. Borrow a Space


Don’t keep your classic cars out on the lawn! If you still can’t fit your collection into the indoor space you already own, you can always find some extra space storage in Chicago IL, for example, a 10X20 space (the size of a one-car garage) can be rented for under $100 a month. Consider expanding your space, however, as climate-controlled units can get pricey.


Bonus Tips


Don’t forget to perform routine maintenance, over-inflate tires, disconnect the battery, fill your gas tank, and add fuel stabilizer for long-term storage. If serviceable, water may also be added to the battery. Cars in storage need extra care, especially if you’re not driving them often.

4 Cool Car Accessories You Can Use To Market Your Company

5 Exciting Accessories to Stamp Your Business Logo OnWhen thinking of automobile accessories that you can use to market your company, you must consider view potential and subliminal penetration ability. In other words, you want to choose the accessories that your potential customers will see the most as well as the accessories that speak to their minds the loudest. The following are four cool car accessories you can use to market your company:


4. Visor Clips


Visor clips are small devices that prospective patrons can attach to the visors in their car. They can use such clips to hang their glasses or other items of importance. A person who uses a visor clip with the company logo on it will view the company logo every time he or she reaches for the glasses. A clip with a neon or bright color will make an impression on the person’s eyes and mind, to do business with your company.


3. Car Chargers


Small nugget car chargers also make a great promotional item for your company. Almost all drivers use smartphones, which need constant charging. Every time a prospective customer goes to connect his or her cell phone to your branded charger, that person will think of your company as the source of energy for the device. Such could prompt future business dealings.


2. License Plate Frames


License plate frames work well as promotional items, because they go wherever your customer’s automobile goes. Every person who looks at your prospective customer’s car will see your company’s information on it. Therefore, you are reaching a broader spectrum of potential customers by selecting license plate frames as a way to market your company.


1. Key Rings


Key rings are the number one cool car accessory you can use to market your company. The average consumer keeps the same key ring for approximately five years. In fact, the only reason a person will switch key rings is if he or she loses the entire set of keys. Therefore, by choosing to view keyrings as a marketing option, you are making a smart choice. Each person you hand one of your branded keyrings will serve as a personal promoter everywhere he or she goes. Additionally, that individual will constantly be reminded to give your company a call the next time he or she needs nay type of services.


By selecting one or all of these amazing and cost effective marketing items, you could grow your business quickly without hurting your company’s finances. Bestowing these products upon your customers will also increase consumer loyalty.

4 Ideas To Store Your Classic Car Safely

4 Ideas To Store Your Classic Car SafelyKeeping your classic car safe during periods it is not being driven can present a problem. If parked along side a street curb it can occur damage from another vehicle, a falling tree, or even vandalism. Renting a storage unit or parking garage space is a great way to protect your automobile. No matter where you decide to store your classic, there are preparations that need to be made.


1. Commercial parking garages


Renting a parking spot in a commercial garage is another safe way to store your classic vehicle. The disadvantage of this is access to your car might be limited to certain hours during the day.


2. Hotel parking


A lot in an underground hotel parking lot is a place to keep your classic in. This could be a little more expensive than a parking garage but you will have access to your car day and night.


3. An empty garage


Maybe you have a neighbor or friend who has a garage that they do not use. This could be a very cheap way to store your vehicle but access to your car might not always be available.


4. Storage units


A storage unit is a great place to store your classic car. It is locked up and safe from prying eyes. It is a very inexpensive way to put up your car for the winter or longer. Most have rates than are paid monthly, semi-annually, or once a year. You have easy access to your car 24 hours a day which is great if you want to drive your classic auto on the spur of the moment. Renting storage units in Lafayette is an inexpensive way to store your classic vehicle for a month or a year.


Being idle is hard


It is rough on a vehicle that is not driven on a regular basis, especially older classic cars. Seals and hoses dry out and begin to crack, creating leaks that are sometimes hard to track down. Tires create a flat spot that is noticeable when taken out of storage for a drive. Fuel can go bad causing the engine to run bad, or not even start at all. Even with your vehicle in storage, it needs started every few weeks to circulate the fluids. A short drive is even better, which lets the transmission shift while giving the brakes a work-out. Store your car right and it will always be ready for you.

4 Great Ways To Keep Your New Car New

Getting a new car is an awesome feeling. Once you finally get to drive your new car off the lot, you feel a rush of euphoria combined with the feeling of freedom that you get driving down the open road. If you have just gotten a new car, how do you keep that car looking and feeling new for as long as possible?

 1) Perform Regular Maintenance

The easiest way to keep your car running like new is to bring it in for regular maintenance. Make sure that you change the oil ever 7,500 miles, rotate the tires and don’t skip the yearly inspection. Additionally, you should flush fluids every 45,000 miles and check your brakes at least once a year. Whenever maintenance is being performed, it should be done at a trusted auto body shop by an experienced mechanic. When you find someone you trust, like I did in West Chester, PA, stick with them!

 2) Don’t Let Little Problems Become Big Problems

If you notice that your brakes start to squeak, bring the car in immediately. It could be the difference between buying $50 brake pads or sending $500 on new rotors. If you see a small piece of rust, get it checked out before your car door is completely rotted out.

 3) Drive Carefully

You can save a lot of wear and tear just by driving your car as it was meant to be driven. Maintaining a steady speed on the road, being gentle on the brakes and not overloading the car with too much weight are all ways to keep parts from wearing out before they should.

 4) Wash It Regularly

To keep your car looking nice for as long as possible, you should make it a habit to wash your car on a regular basis. It should be washed at least once during the winter, once between the end of winter and the beginning of spring and once a week during the summer months. This will keep pollen and other debris off of your car to ensure that the paint job doesn’t fade or chip.

Your car is supposed to be your baby. Therefore, it is important to take care of your car just as well as you would your own child. Doing so will save you money on repairs as well as keep the car looking and running like a new car for years to come. All it takes is an hour or so on a Saturday afternoon to keep your car in good condition for a long time.

4 Obvious Advantages To Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle.

When it comes to choosing your next vehicle, one big decision you must make is whether you will buy a brand new vehicle or a pre-owned one. There are pros and cons associated with either decision, so it is important to carefully think about how either choice will affect you currently and in the years to come. Choosing to buy a used car comes with several advantages, read on to discover the four most obvious advantages to buying a pre-owned vehicle.


The main advantage of buying a pre-owned vehicle is the often significant decrease in price. Even buying a used car that was manufactured this year can save you thousands of dollars. New car purchases often require large down payments and loans can be more difficult to obtain if your credit is not perfect. If you do take out a loan to purchase a used vehicle, you can usually get lower interest rates than you would when buying a new car. Due to depreciation, buying a car that is a few years old can also give you the opportunity to buy a higher quality car that has more features than a new car of the same price.

 Lower Insurance Rates

It is usually cheaper to insure an older car than a new one, so buying a pre-owned vehicle can even save you money on car insurance. Be sure to buy a car that has a good safety rating and includes safety features like air bags. Installing an alarm will drive your insurance payments down even further.

 Easier and Cheaper Repair

When you purchase a car that has been on the market for at least a year, parts for that particular make and model will typically be more widely available than a brand new car that was recently released on the market. Mechanics will have had time to gain experience repairing the older models and adding the replacement parts to their inventory. Due to this, your overall repair costs will be cheaper. Always have a car inspected by a certified mechanic before you commit to buying it.


A new car drops in value dramatically after you drive it off of the dealership lot and continues to rapidly decline in value during the first two years. The value of pre-owned cars that are at least three years old tends to stabilize and decline at a much slower rate over the subsequent years.

There are many advantages to buying Oklahoma City used cars. Take the time to weigh all of the options available to you so that you can make the best decision.

5 Point Check List For Buying a Used Vehicle.

In reality, buying a used car, or any vehicle, is pretty much similar to buying a new one. However, certain varying differences do exist, so we present them to you as a five point checklist for buying a used car.

 1. “Caveat Emptor!”

In today’s fast access world of broadband information systems, a potential buyer almost has no excuse if he/she buys a lemon. Countless credible websites such as Carfax and AutoCheck readily provide information to searching surfers about virtually every detail they may want to know concerning an auto, truck or even RVs.

The actual date of manufacture; original odometer readings; number of previous owners; and even a detailed history of any prior accidents become public domain for scrutinizing.

 2. Know What Car You Want

Although this sounds simple, it really is not. However, take heart! Hundreds of websites giving particular model reviews, recall information and similar information about certain models flash on and off for your attention. Further adding to a potential buyer’s toolbox, these sites come filled with thousands upon thousands of color photos snapped from every possible angle. So, now buyers know not only the history of the car, but they know how it looks and how it performs as well.

 3. Buying Comparable Auto Models

Popular, higher priced cars such as Honda Accord and Toyota Camry easily cost several thousands of dollars more than a similar, comparable Chevy Malibu or Mazda 6. A good comp search through the Internet quickly bares this fact out.

4. Educated Buying

New car dealerships in Oklahoma abound, but used car dealerships in Oklahoma City may be a better option for the educated buyer. Know the advantage of using the technology of the Internet to do your research beforehand. A buyer visiting mega-sites such as Edmunds and other reputable consumer review sites commonly shaves off from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Search for pertinent information such as standard/optional features, sticker prices, fuel performance, resale values and available inventory stock. Never has car buying been less stressful and more convenient than in today’s market.

5. Know What Is In Your Pocket–And What Is Not

Simply put, how much are you willing to pay for an auto? Is there a predetermined budget figure involved? At the very least, there are four top factors to consider before signing on the dotted line: the monthly payment, the down payment, the final purchase price and how much interest is charged. Generally, when you have all four factors down on paper, what is in your pocket will or will not materialize.

5 Ways To Customize Your Car Without Breaking The Bank

Instead of worrying about car repairs, think about the ways that you can decorate your car. Whether the vehicle is new or used, find ways to individualize it and make it the most attractive object on the road. Skip a new wax job and make changes that last for years. Review five ways to customize your car without breaking the bank.

 1. Apply Unique Paints to Your Car

Occasionally, you see cars that have bright race stripes down the sides or tops. If you have a unique car, paint a unique design like stripes or flames. Instead of slapping on decals that peel off easily, go for a more permanent paint job.

2. Put in New Upholstery

Many drivers want the car seats to be comfortable and stylish. Due to modern car technology, you can choose the most impressive upholstery fabrics or leathers. A variety of leathers come in all colors. Car guests will love plush leather seats or shiny pleather ones. Velvet seats are designed for ultimate comfort, and suede seats are designed for sophisticated style.

3. Add a Custom License Plate

A custom license plate is a popular item that any driver can use. Use an online license plate generator to create a design. If you like antique cars, you may be able to find an old-fashioned plate. In addition to words, consider adding custom pictures or silhouettes in the background.

 4. Fix Up Your Tires

Customize your car by improving the look and function of old tires. Choose the right age, size and shape of tires. Also, fix up the rims to turn heads. A typical look comes in chrome, black, white or silver. Some custom car specialists provide discounts on both rims and tires. A shop that has Carlisle tires will have many different sizes and styles.

 5. Shine Better With New Car Lights

Use bright or colored lights to impress people who see your car at night. Make your green or maroon headlights be seen by drivers who are miles in the distance. Light emitting diode lights (LEDs) are being installed in countless electronics. Improve your driving visibility and increase the car’s energy efficiency.

If you have the money and creative taste, consider customizing any or every part of your car.