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What Your Car Is Saying About You


      A car is more than just a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Purchasing and driving a specific car can be gateway into the find of the consumer who owns the vehicle. Consultants and psychologists help car companies advertise how a car brand or product can be marketed to a particular population. At the same time, these consultants and psychologists can analyze the character, behavior, and other traits from a person based on what kind of car they own. Here are some insights on what your car is saying about you.

Car Color

The color of the motor vehicle can often reflect the owner’s personality. Some psychologists have argued that the color white is associated with people who have a youthful personality. In contrast, a black color could reflect sophistication on the part of the car owner. Other colors, like green, reflect a person who is at their pace culturally, while blue reflects a happy or practical personality.

Attention Grabbing

Beyond color aesthetics, certain car purchases are to grab attention. For example, the entire subset of luxury vehicles may provide a superficial insight on the wealth of a person because of those car brand’s expenses. But, there is a general truth with luxury vehicle: owning one is a sign that the owner is very well-off and wants to invest in desirable car traits that are beyond necessity. In addition, sports car owners are often trying to show an attractive and fast car over and beyond the car’s practicality.

Focus on Practicality

Vehicles like mid-size vehicles to hatchbacks can tell people that the owner cares about other issues in life than their car’s aesthetics. Mid-size vehicles are usually advertised to be beneficial for families, which is why many mid-size owners purchased their vehicle to drive their kids or large families around. Hatchbacks and fuel-efficient vehicles show that the owner cared about fuel mileage as well as the environment when they made their purchase.

Car Accessories

Aesthetic or practical add-ons to a motor vehicle may sometimes give a peak into the owner’s personality. Tire experts in Halifax, such as those at Star Tires Limited, say that wheel rim choices tell a lot about the person who buys them. Owners that want an efficient, fast car usually go with large rims while owners that want fuel efficiency go with lightweight rims.


Consumer science and psychology offers interesting insights in the buying habits of individuals. Over the last few decades, many experts are able to theorize and develop frameworks that can tell people (and advertisers) what a specific car brand or aesthetic will mean about a consumer’s personality. Although not every consumer will fit these molds, some interesting personality findings can be shown when the consumer’s car choice is analyzed.


Glass Tactics: Best Five Car Window Repair Options


Glass Tactics, Best Five Car Window Repair Options

You’re driving down the road, and then you hear it.


A rock has flown up, smashed into your window or windshield, and you’re left with a huge crack and a potentially hefty repair bill. This sort of thing happens all the time. Here are the five best car window repair options.

1. Find Out If It Is Covered Under Your Insurance

Many times, car insurance will cover windshield and window repair; if this is the case with your car, let the insurance company handle it. It will save you both time and money and take the stress out of finding a low-cost, reliable service. Nearly all insurances cover rock chip damage, so take advantage of this early before the chip becomes a split.

2. Go to the Dealership

Your car dealership, or its local branch, will often perform repairs of this type for you. However, dealerships are often very busy; call ahead to schedule an appointment and inform them of the repair you need to ensure that they have the supplies on hand. If you just show up, the dealership might not have the materials needed to replace your specific windshield. Double check your deal with them for any warranties that may impact any replacement costs.

3. Go Directly to a Glass Shop

Sometimes car dealerships will hire a glass shop to do windshield repairs, so you could cut the middle man and go directly to the glass shop yourself. This could save up to thirty percent on costs, according to the shop. Many auto glass repair shops in Edmonton, such as All-West Glass Ltd. and others, provide this service at a low cost.

4. Repair Your Windshield Yourself

If you have the skills and the know-how, you can replace the windshield on your own. Make sure to buy the proper size, and ensure that it fits securely; if you’re ever in an accident, you want your windshield to withstand sizable force without shattering. Enlist the help of friends to maneuver the glass into place, and seal it securely. Only do this if you are already experienced or under the guidance of someone who is.

5. Repair the Window, Don’t Replace

Many cracks can be repaired, even up to 15 inches in length, eliminating the need to replace the window or windshield. Always consider this option first: repairs are less expensive than replacements and can save you some major dough and headaches.

You can’t always control when something hits your windshield. You can drive carefully and avoid large vehicles, but that doesn’t guarantee protection. All you can do is to be aware of your options should a crack or break ever occur, and know what choice is best for you, not only for cost, but for safety considerations.

Six Things to Research Before Buying a New Car this Year

The past year flew by more quickly than you ever could have imagined, and the time has come to start putting your 2014 goals into action. You’ve been thinking about buying a new car for awhile, but these are some elements about each car you should research before making the final decision.

Safety Ratings

Even though the color and body of the car might be important to you, the safety ratings need to take priority. Before you look at any other element of the car, consider how safe of a vehicle it is. This is important for everyone, but it’s especially true if you’ll be driving children. Of course, you want to purchase your teenager drivers a very safe vehicle as well.

Gas Mileage

Some people are not too concerned about this element, but you should be since it can help to save you a lot of money. Find out how many miles the car gets per gallon of gas. Even though gas prices change frequently, you can run some figures in your head to get an approximate idea of cost.

Environmentally-Friendly Factor

In some ways, this element is tied into the miles per gallon that your car gets. However, you should also be looking into other environmentally-friendly factors. So many cars eliminate waste into the air that destroys the environment, and you can do your part to prevent this from happening. Although there are some very environmentally friendly cars out there, you must weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes the cost of the green car doesn’t make is a feasible purchase for many people.

Comparing The Prices

As you are conducting research about the elements of the car, you should also be checking out the different prices at Overland Park car dealers to ensure that you are getting the most for your money. You can use different prices as negotiation tools as well. You’ll need to take your budget into account when you are purchasing your car. Don’t purchase a car that costs more than you can afford in a monthly payment.

How The Car Handles Intense Weather

No matter where you live, you probably have some weather conditions that you’re not terribly fond of. Whether you deal with snow, hurricanes, tornadoes and other forces of nature, you definitely want to find out how the car is going to respond to such weather conditions. For example, if you live in a climate where it snows for 3 months of every year, you’ll probably want to find a car with four wheel drive that handles well in icy conditions.

Technological Features

Find out what types of technology your top choices are going to present to you. Some of them will have emergency notification systems in the event that you’re in an accident, and others will have a GPS built right into the car so you can navigate to wherever it is that you are going. This is often a selling point on cars because in this day and age, most people use GPS. So if your car doesn’t come with some type of built-in navigation systems, you’ll probably be adding those products to your car after market.

Comparing The Prices

As you are conducting research about the elements of the car, you should also be checking out the different prices at Overland Park car dealers to ensure that you are getting the most for your money. You can use different prices as negotiation tools as well.

Buying a car in 2014 means that you will need to conduct research into all of these elements. If you didn’t do enough research the last time you bought a car, now is the time to start. This will help you make the most educated choice when it comes to your families transportation.

Five Easiest Cars to Drive in the Snow

n a large majority of the country, the snowflakes are already beginning to fall. As a result, people are anticipating the headaches that comes with hitting the snow and ice covered roads that stand before them. While snow tires can provide a little bit of assistance when facing these elements, there are some vehicles that are ideally suited for tackling the winter roads. The following makes and models excel like no other when you wake up to snow, ice, and chilling conditions.

The Audi All-Road

This vehicle comes standard with all-wheel drive, allowing it to live up to its lofty title. It also comes with special features that make life a little less hectic in an extremely cold region. It features traction control, superior ground clearance, and a low center of gravity that contributes to its stability. Headlight washers in addition to a heated windshield makes it a winter dream come true. The designers top things off with rear fog lights as well.

The Subaru Outback

Subaru dealers in Utah always direct buyers to this vehicle when the flakes start coming down heavily. The Outback excels in the snow by offering nine inches of ground clearance and tons of cargo space for all of the required winter gear. This vehicle also comes with standard all-wheel drive, giving it unique abilities when the weather holds most drivers back. Subaru dealerships in Utah can put drivers behind the wheel of this winter warrior for as little as $24,000.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee

LED headlights and washers combine with the eight-speed transmission and built-in 911 emergency button that make this vehicle a top choice when it comes to facing winter hazards. Additionally, its traction-control system has a dedicated snow setting for optimal grip. When combined with trusted snow tires, you cannot feel more protected.

The Range Rover

One of the leading advantages built into this machine is the patented Terrain Response System. This technology shifts stability, power, and torque in order to provide the most traction and safety possible as road conditions change beneath you. There are also other smart systems incorporated in the design that keep an eye on driver safety. These include Corner Braking Control and Hill Descent Assistance.

The Nissan Pathfinder

Just around $28,650 is a small price to pay for all the abilities that Nissan brings to the table with this vehicle. It is ideal for snow and ice thanks to the lockable, four-wheel drive system. They also make comfort a priority as well. It features a heated steering wheel and climate control that is separated into three different zones.

Getting behind the wheel of any of these vehicles will take the fear out of winter driving. In addition to providing safety, these vehicles top the list in many other aspects of driving performance. Their gas mileage is good, the price tag is low, and their dependability excels by anyone’s standards.

Snow-proof Auto: Best Five Ways to Winterize your Car

Snow-proof Auto, Best Six Ways to Winterize your CarIt’s the time of the year again. Winter is here and it’s time to bundle up. While a lot of people prepare their house for winter, a shocking number of people forget to winterize their car. Not winterizing your car can cause a huge number of problems during the season. However, there are ways to ensure that your car is ready for another rough winter. Here are the best five best to winterize your vehicle.

1. Keep an Emergency Kit in the Vehicle

Driving in the snow can be very dangerous. You never know when you might get stuck or your car won’t start. Make sure you always have a winter emergency kit in your vehicle. A blanket, an extra pair of gloves, and a large coat are great things to keep in your car for the winter season. You will also need an ice scraper in the car at all times. It’s shocking how quickly a windshield can freeze over.

2. Inspect Your Battery

Even if you have relatively new batteries, they may suffer in the winter. Battery capacity is slightly reduced in the winter time. Inspect your battery and see if it’s time to go out and buy a new one at Newcastle Batteries or other retailers.

3. Replace Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Driving in low visibility is not only dangerous, but next to impossible. Knowing that, you want to make sure that your wiper blades are up to par. You want to switch them out every 6-12 months. A good rule of thumb is to get new ones every winter. Depending on where you are, you probably won’t need new ones for summer. Keeping your windshield wiper fluid filled up is also a must. Make sure you get the kind with an antifreeze solution. The last thing you need is fluid freezing on your windshield. It happens a lot faster than a lot of people think.

4. Keep the Gas Tank Full

You should never drive your car while it’s on fumes. You especially don’t want to do it in the winter time. If you drive while your car is almost empty, the condensation will cause water to build around the tank and drip into the gas. This is very bad. Any water that gets in your fuel lines will likely freeze and destroy any plans you had on moving your car.

5. Get All-Season Tires

All-season tires are great option for the winter season. You never have to change them and they work fine in summer too. If you are really worried, you can always opt for studded snow tires. These work similar to chains but without the hassle. Just make sure to change them as soon as the snow is gone.

All in all, the changes in climate can have a huge effect on your car. You wouldn’t walk out in below freezing temperatures in a t-shirts and beach shorts. You should treat your car the same way. Use these tips to prepare it for the winter.

Master Your Car Remodel: How to Finance New Repairs

When your car starts making a funny noise, you can only avoid it for so long. After meeting with a mechanic, you’ll likely find yourself raising your eyebrows at the estimate that you receive. Even the most basic of repair bills can rise to $1,000 or more, but you can find a few ways to cut those costs or finance the job.

Master Your Car Remodel How to Finance New Repairs

Use a Short-Term Loan

A short-term loan is a loan that you pay back within one year or less. Most banks and credit unions won’t finance loans with shorter terms because the lenders won’t make back much money on that loan. You can take out an auto title loan, or a payday loan to pay for the repair bill, or you can use a peer to peer loan. Peer to peer lenders are available online, but you can also borrow money from family or friends. Some mechanics also offer payment plans and in-house financing.


Compare Costs

Never settle for the first price you receive from a mechanic. You wouldn’t hire the first person who offered to repair your roof, and you shouldn’t hire the first person who looks at your car either. After the mechanic gives you a price, take the job to other technicians. If you ask five different mechanics for the cost of repairing a small problem, you’ll receive five different answers.


Ask for an Estimate

Always ask for a written estimate that includes the cost of any materials needed, and the labor involved in that job. You can find a number of websites that tell you the average cost of various jobs. These websites show you how much the parts cost, how much labor should cost on the job, and what other mechanics charge per labor hour. Use that information to determine if your mechanic offers the best rates.


Opt for Used Parts

Buying used parts is the secret to turning a big estimate into an affordable job. Whether you need SS Monte Carlo parts, or parts for a vintage automobile, used car parts often cost half or less than new parts do. Talk to your mechanic about lowering the cost of your repair bill with a few used parts. Used parts typically come with the same guarantee that you would receive on new parts.


Not everyone can afford to pay a high repair bill, but you can lower your price with used parts. Don’t forget to compare rates from other mechanics and look at financing options available to you.

Five Ways to Make Your Auto Dealership Stand Out at the Next Tradeshow

Does your auto dealership have a unique brand backing it? If you want to promote your brand and stand apart from the crowd, participating in an industry tradeshow is key. But if you spend the money to buy space at an industry tradeshow, you need to make sure that you stand out and that you attract attendees to your booth to hear what value you can offer them. If you are planning on participating in an upcoming tradeshow, here are five ways you can guarantee that your company will be seen.

Five Ways to Make Your Auto Company Stand Out at the Next Tradeshow

A Dazzling Display is Key

If you have a boring tradeshow display, persuading people to come to your booth instead of the one with a modular display and flashy design will be virtually impossible. Remember that people gather a first impression of your company in just three seconds based on looks. If you want to impress your audience, invest in a custom display that dazzles the eye.


Have a Professional Face

If you are not the type to get in front of an audience and speak comfortably, make sure you have a very energetic person representing your brand. Did you know that you can hire people to represent your brand at tradeshows? Have a professional face and very social people walking around the event to drive traffic to your booth.


Send out Mailers

You will find out your booth number early as you are preparing for the event. Make sure to order invitation mailers and marketing postcards so that you can send your prospects and customers invitations. Letting people know that you’ll be participating in the tradeshow could drive more traffic to your booth.


Engage with Mobile Applications

Be sure to keep your audience engaged. With so many people using mobile devices to connect to the internet, you can truly benefit from designing a mobile app just for your tradeshow. Find suppliers and mobile app creators in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. By giving participants tools to engage with you at the tradeshow, you can show them videos and keep them excited about your brand.


Give a Gift that Keeps Giving

Many attendees go to tradeshows to learn about new cars or to receive gifts. Consider educating them but don’t forget to give promotional products that reinforce your brand. These useful items can be imprinted with the name of your dealership and contact details.


Tradeshows are a great platform for auto companies to promote their brand. If you want to show off a new model or dazzle an audience with your advanced features, drive the traffic to your booth by using these tips. If you put in the effort, it will pay off with ROI.

Cutting Costs: Ways to Keep the Expense of Your Car Care Down

Cutting Costs Ways to Keep the Expense of Your Car Care DownAlthough some cars are amazingly reliable, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free vehicle. This means that it is inevitable you will spend some money on the upkeep of your ride. However, the total amount of cash that you will invest depends upon various factors. Here are some ways to keep the expense of your car care down.


Proper Maintenance

Failing to properly maintain your vehicle could lead to it requiring some very expensive repair work in the future. It is essential that you always have your vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals. This includes oil changes, transmission fluid replacement, coolant flushes, and changing the air filter. You will also need to have the wheels aligned on a yearly basis. Another cost-saving tip is to change your motor oil at the suggested mileage that is stated in the owner’s manual. Not doing simple checks and monthly routines could cause you to waste hundreds of dollars a year.


Reputable Garage

Every automotive repair shop is not created equal. While some shops will consistently receive good remarks, there are others that will garner bad reviews on the regular. Taking your vehicle to an unskilled mechanic could cause you to lose thousands of dollars. A good mechanic will quickly diagnose your vehicle’s problem, and give you an estimate of how much it will cost to fix the issue. Although an independent repair shop may effectively get the job done, you may need to see your vehicle dealer to get the right parts.


Do Not Abuse Your Vehicle

Far too many people drive their vehicle hard and fast, with little regards to the consequences. Racing away from stoplights, and driving too fast over speed bumps has a major impact on the longevity of a vehicle. A professional at Virginia Nissan dealers says not only will abusing your car cause the premature failure of expensive components, but it also decreases the overall value of your ride. This especially important if you intended on keeping your vehicle for the long haul.



Even if you have no experience in working on cars, you still can acquire the necessary knowledge with a little research and patience. Over time, performing your own car maintenance could put a lot of extra savings into your pocket. While you may not be able to tackle a major repair, you should able to handle tasks such as changing the oil, and replacing the spark plugs. One of the best investments that you can make is to purchase a repair manual for your vehicle. These indispensable manuals provide step-by-step guidance on performing maintenance, and making automotive repairs.


Do Not Ignore Red Flags

When it comes to taking care of a car, a strange smell or an odd noise should always warrant attention. Waiting until the issue gets worse is never a good idea. Often times, the check engine light will turn on when there is a potential problem with the vehicle. Some car problems can cause a domino effect. For an example, a failing alternator also has the potential to drain the car’s battery.


It is important to always remember to take your car’s maintenance very seriously. Not only will the proper upkeep prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road, but it will also save you big bucks in the long run.

Six Reasons You Should Start Driving More Carefully

six reasons you should start driving more carefullySome drivers struggle to balance their feelings of personal liberty with their need to drive more carefully. Yet everyone wants to avoid reckless driving violations that can lead to jail time. Perhaps drivers just need an incentive to start driving more carefully. Here are six reasons for slowing down and paying greater attention to the road.

Balance the Bad

A careful driver can balance the dangerous actions of bad drivers. By employing defensive driving strategies, good drivers can make the roads safer for themselves, their families, and others.

Save on Fuel Costs

It’s so easy to speed, but drivers eat up gas by going 80 or more. They also risk reckless driving violations. A careful driver uses less gas by driving closer to the speed limit. Drivers can use cruise control to help them regulate speed and resist the temptation to let it rip.

Eliminate Jail Time

Reckless driving violations may put the driver in jeopardy of jail time. The only way to deal with this is to get a good attorney. In the meantime, the best way to eliminate fines is to drive more carefully and more slowly. No one wants to lose their license, their vehicle or their freedom due to an avoidable traffic violation.

Safeguard Against Wrecks

Defensive driving helps to safeguard the driver against wrecks and the resulting financial repercussions. A wreck can mean expensive car repair, car rental, car replacement, medical care, physical therapy, and lower pay due to missed work. Even a minor wreck can clean out a driver’s bank account.

Strongest Defense

A careful driving record provides the strongest defense in the case of an accident. A driver who was obeying traffic and speed laws at the time of an accident is less likely to be found at fault. This can prevent law enforcement from pursuing a jail sentence. It can prevent the other party from launching a successful lawsuit.

Maintain Vehicle Integrity

By being alert to everything from potholes to road debris to weather dangers, a careful driver protects a vehicle from damage. Driving carefully day after day protects the vehicle’s tires, suspension, brakes and other valuable parts. This can extend the life of the car.

Truly, a slower speed and a more careful approach can save money, stress, time and grief. It really is worth it to curb bad driving habits and start driving with greater care.

Prevent Car Trouble This Year With Five Simple Steps

In order to keep a car running superbly and ensure it has a long, productive, safe and efficient life, there are five proven, simple maintenance steps car owners need to follow. These steps can either be done by car owners themselves, or will be inexpensive maintenance tasks that can be done by a reputable, local garage. When it comes to your car, you want to get the most out of your investment. Protect and prevent costly repairs and other major trouble by using your time now to maintain it.


Change The Oil Regularly

Oil is the liquid that lubricates an engine. To lubricate properly, the oil has to be clean. This usually means changing it at least every 3,000-5,000 miles. Dirty oil will definitely shorten the lifespan of any car. Make a schedule for when to change it, and learn how to do it to save yourself time and money later.


Top Off All The Other Fluids

In addition to keeping the oil clean and having adequate amounts of it in a car at all times, it’s equally important to keep all the other fluids in the car at appropriate levels. These fluids include the coolant/antifreeze, the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, and the automatic transmission oil. Make a schedule to keep these fluids on track as well.


Flush The Radiator and Change The Transmission Fluid

The coolant/antifreeze mixture should be flushed and refilled with fresh fluid at least once a year. The automatic transmission fluid and filter should also be changed annually as well for the greatest longevity for the vehicle. Most car owners will want a repair shop to perform these maintenance tasks.


Always Check The Tires

With poor quality tires, a car will be dangerous to drive. Less than adequate tire air pressure, balding, loss of tire tread, or even over-inflation can lead to diminished steering and braking capacity. That’s why it’s so important to have tires professionally inspected at a nearby tire shop. At, car owners can find out more.


Change The Air Filter Regularly

Only very expensive air filters are meant to last for a vehicle’s entire lifetime, so the chances of a car owner requiring regular air filter changes is quite high. It should be visually inspected every three months. Even more if a lot of driving on dirt roads is done.


By adhering to all of the aforementioned five simple tips, car owners can finally have peace of mind each and every time they start up their vehicle to take a drive. Use a schedule and common sense to keep your car running smoothly.