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Learning to Drive: Advice on Where to Start

You will not be allowed to legally drive on the road until you have turned 17 and your provisional licence has arrived. From here on in, you will be able to take to the road with very cautious abandon, learning a skill that will open up many potential doors for you and make your entire life far easier.


However, when one is first starting to learn to drive, knowing where to start and how can be confusing. For parents, driving lessons will usually be a distant memory, having been taken many, many years ago, and things will have changed so drastically since then that offering sound and focussed advice can be hard. In turn, even experienced drivers will often be starting from scratch when it comes time to choose a driving school and work out a suitable approach to learning. Read More…

Here Comes the Best Opportunity for People Looking for Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

Are you suffering quiet a bit because of being physically disabled? Wish you have owned a vehicle in which a wheelchair is installed. In such cases, you can surely come up to opt for wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is surely the best option for people who are looking for a convenient vehicle which can help them in moving from here to there despite being physically challenged.

Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

This amazing opportunity of hiring a wheelchair vehicle is now open for all those who are in need of becoming independent and dont want to rely upon their relatives, family and friends to take them in their car for their local outing. These amazing wheelchair cars are available at a very reasonable price for people who are disabled and not able to manage few things in life. Read More…

Hyundai i20 – The most loved hatchback

Hyundai i20 can be termed as one of the most loved cars to have rolled out of the factories of Hyundai Cars in India. Ever since its launch in 2009, this car has done remarkably good business in the tough Indian market. Often outselling its nearest rivals, the i20 has managed to gain popularity among car buyers due to its stylish looks, large cabin and loads of extra features. The i20 is a complete package in itself that the car became an instant hit among the Indian car buyers.


Following the successful run of the original version of Hyundai i20, Hyundai came up with a facelift of the car in 2012. This time it became more sleek and stylish. The Hyundai i20 sports more of a European look with its large headlamps, thin grille, redesigned front bumper, new tail lamps, spoiler and chrome door handles among others changes.

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Why Car Insurance Has Become So Important These Days?

We often come across the car owners that unfortunately meet with accidents on the road or other types of damages to their vehicles on account of theft or other fraudulent activities by the unscrupulous persons, putting the former to great inconvenience and financial losses apart from health problems too in some cases. That’s where the car insurance companies help them greatly for which the owners have to shell out few dollars in the shape of insurance premium on the set schedules. Such negligible payments are advantageous by relieving the car owners from different worries in many ways. 


Psychological & monetary relief – The small payments in the form of the insurance charges paid on the set timings to the car insurance car companies give mental relief to the owners of the vehicles. They feel relaxed from the mental stress due to the possible accidents or other sorts of problems created by the miscreants who may either steal the cars or damage them causing financial loss and other complexities. Being prone to accidents, the car owners can possibly injure other persons or themselves get hit by other vehicles due to their own faults or of the other drivers. Car insurance companies take care of the owners by making the financial losses good through the compensation awarded to them or the other affected persons. The damage to the cars is also got repaired at the expenses of the insurance companies after being informed by the car owners. Thus, the latter remain at peace of mind after purchasing the car insurance cover that relieves them from all sorts of worries, e.g. ill effects of accidents in terms of money, losses due to damages or theft etc.   Read More…

A complete guide on choosing the best WAV for Motability in Essex

When you buy any vehicle there are lots of different factors you need to take into account in order to ensure you buy the right car for you. For example, if you are buying a family vehicle, you need to make sure there is enough room. If you are on a strict budget you will need to make sure the vehicle you buy is fuel efficient. Nevertheless, when it comes to buying a vehicle for Motability in Essex, there is much greater emphasis placed on the decisions that need to be made. 


Unfortunately, a lot of people state that they would make a different choice if they had the opportunity to select a Wheelchair AccessibleVehicle again. To ensure you don’t feel this way several years down the line, read on to discover the main points you need to consider when trying to find the ideal Motability vehicle for you… 

One of the main things you need to take into account is how you are going to get in and out of the vehicle. When buying a WAV you will see that there are many different options in relation to this aspect. Firstly, you have to choose between entering the vehicle from the side or the back. Secondly, you will also have the choice of either a ramp or a lift. You will know which option is going to be the easiest for you. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consider parking around your home, as this will influence how you get in and out of the vehicle as well. 

In addition to this, you should also take into account how much room you are going to need. The most obvious way to determine this is to factor in the dimensions of your wheelchair. However, don’t forget to consider whether you are likely to change your wheelchair during the lease of the vehicle. After all, if you are purchasing a Motability vehicle to accommodate a child, it is likely that their wheelchair will change. In addition to this, consider the position of the wheelchair and how the user is going to move around. The best solution is to try out the vehicle.

Another important factor to take into account is how many people are likely to be travelling in the vehicle with you. Moreover, you should also consider how they are going to be seated as well. The main factor that influences your selection is whether the wheelchair user is going to be the driver or not. If so, you can have seats fitted in the back of the car. However, it is worth noting that this can easily be a costly expense. Consider your options carefully. There are a whole host of seat layouts for you to choose from, and therefore you are assured to find one you are happy with and everyone is comfortable with.

All in all, if you consider all of the points that have been mentioned you are guaranteed to find the ideal WAV for you. There is no denying that this is an extremely important decision and there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. Thus, assess your options carefully and take the time you need to find right Motability vehicle for you. A quality company will also have advisors that will be willing to give you a helping hand. For more information you can log on to:

4 Factors That Determine Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Autos make a considerable measure of contamination throughout their time out and about. Because of the way that autos discharge carbon dioxide, in addition to different gases, there are sure corrective set up that exercise restriction administering the emanation levels. The states, urban communities and obviously the legislature need to restrict the impact of unsafe gases discharged via autos on the earth, to a base. This scenario has an imperative influence in today’s auto configuration and preparation. In any case shouldn’t people at large must ponder about older autos that need conforming to the low discharge demands. Exhaust system and catalytic converter cleaner can decrease discharge levels in your auto fundamentally. Below 4 factors of catalytic converter cleaner are discussed.

catalytic converter cleaner1


Catalytic converter lapse codes

In the event that the exhaust system on your auto is not doing its function legitimately, you may see a lapse code showed on your dashboard or get the code throughout an emanation test. This test is performed to peruse out definite carbon dioxide emanation levels and is a key variable in passing the regular methodology of approval of your auto. When you don’t pass this test, or when you see the code showed (some of the time the pointer is a red light on your dashboard) the time it now, time to test your catalytic converter. The exhaust system is a part joined to your auto deplete framework. This converter empowers the auto to enhance the air to gas proportion when blazing fuel in driving. The most well-known mistake code associated with a breaking down converter is P0420, implying that there is a catalyst framework effectiveness underneath the worthy limit. There are two principle answers for this issue. The converter must be reinstated with another one, or requirements to be treated with a catalytic converter cleaner


Cleaning the converter

The computer administration in the auto creates this mistake code hinging upon the present oxygen sensor readings in the auto fumes channel. In the event that your converter is not working the way it should, you are presumably utilizing more fuel than you might need to. Looking at it if your sensors are working fittingly is something else you may as well do if your lapse code is demonstrating. In the event that you would prefer not to displace the whole converter, there is an option, though not at all a permanent solution, just an alternative to manage this issue. With a quality catalytic converter cleaner it is conceivable to clean the exhaust system and support your mileage in the meantime. A cleaner item is an exceptionally modest result and is accessible from auto merchants.

catalytic converter cleaner


Instructions to utilize catalytic converter cleaner

A quality cleaner is quite simple to utilize. You take after the directions on the compartment and add the liquid to the substance of your fuel tank, after which it is imperative to drive your auto for 60 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity. Take off to the motorway and drive at a fast pace with the goal that the fluid gets into the parts of the auto that it might as well chip away at. A perfect catalytic converter cleaner can clear up your converter to a level where the emanation rate has enhanced to a level where you may pass a discharge test.


Nurturing your auto:

Nurturing your auto and its partitioned parts is regularly not as troublesome as you may think it seems to be. When you clean your converter on a general groundwork you will be receiving more use out of your vehicle. Obviously administering to your auto goes a great deal more distant than mere visual investigations and cleaning the external surface. The internal mechanism of the auto is the real thing to ponder about.

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

The drivers who find it incredibly difficult to find cheap car insurance are bad drivers. The bad drivers’ category usually comprises those people who have a less than stellar driving record, and some insurance companies will refuse to even consider insuring these drivers. But rest assured because it’s still possible for these drivers to find low insurance premiums.


What is a Bad Driver?

A bad driver, as viewed by the insurance firms, is a driver who has a history of traffic offenses and who has shown no signs of improvement in the past. In other words, they are basically like nuclear waste to insurance companies. A bad driver may have one of the following issues:

A number of unpaid traffic fines.

Has caused one or more serious accidents in the last few months.

Has had a history of fines from traffic violations; including parking and speeding tickets.

What Can a Bad Driver Do?

A bad driver has a number of options available to them, but the best options are just to lower the premiums by making changes to themselves and their driving habits. The following factors are major influences when it comes to the size of auto insurance premiums: 

Change the car.

Install security measures.

Take a course.

Compare and contrast

Change the Car

If a driver has a history of serious accidents and they choose to drive a $100,000 car then the chances of finding cheap auto insurance are slim to nothing. But if they decide to drive a car worth about $1,000 then the insurance company will consider providing a policy to be of a lesser risk to the insurance firm’s coffers. In response, they will certainly provide a policy with a lower premium.

Install Security Measures

Security measures are defined as devices and gadgets which improve the personal safety of the driver and reduce the chances of the car being stolen or damaged.

When it comes to the personal safety of the driver there are a number of common safety devices including: airbags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seat belts. Remember, if a crash occurs and the driver is saved by an airbag then the insurance company won’t have to pay out as much in costs.

The safety of the car is all about simply protecting it from harm. This can be done by storing the car in a secure location like a garage or using curb scrapers to protect the paintwork of the car. A car alarm will also be a worthy addition to any car. 

Take a Course

One way of reducing the premiums is to communicate a message to the insurance firm that the driver in question is attempting to change their bad habits. This can be done by passing a safety course which will refresh all of the main driving techniques. And this is sure to reduce the premiums on any auto insurance policy.

Compare and Contrast

Even if all of the above measures are used, sometimes it’s just not possible to get the best price. But there is a way around this. If the price isn’t right then simply use another insurance company. Other insurance companies and their prices can be compared by using an online comparison site.

To use an online comparison site simply

1. Open up one’s internet browser and navigate to Google.

2. Perform a Google search to bring up a number of available comparison sites.

3. Follow the specific instructions for each individual comparison site, but remember to use multiple comparison sites because this way the individual can obtain the most accurate results.

The Different Factors Involved Under MOT Testing Harrow

MOT tests are usually conduced once in a year and the vehicle owners are issued the relevant certificates that enable them to run the vehicle in terms of worthiness of the automobiles. Anyone can go in for the said test before twenty eight days of the expiry of the present certificate by presenting the same. In that condition, the vehicle owner is issued the MOT certificate that would be valid for thirteen months. Following factors need to be considered deeply during these tests including MOT Test Harrow. 

VIN / Registration plates – The Vehicle Identification Number is a must for all automobiles and it should be clear, consistent and displayed on regular basis. Same is true with the registration plats that should be secure, fresh, see-through and bear clearly written letters.   


Steering wheel – All the features related to the steering wheel must be examined in a critical manner. It includes the overall condition, steering column, its proper attachment to the shaft that should present a normal end-float, inspection of upper bearings and security of the clamping bolts. Same way, the steering should be examined in terms of Free Play and locking & split nuts apart from universal joints & flexible couplings etc.

Horn This important part of the vehicle needs to be examined carefully and it should be loud enough to warn others. The tone should be the standard one as per the traffic rules. 

Under vehicle / bonnet examination- The steering joints, power steering systems steering box/steering rack, movement of the wheels and other major aspects should be examined strictly. Split pins, rubber bushes, retaining devices, rear wheel steering etc should also be checked during the MOT, e.g. MOT Test Harrow. Likewise, a thorough check of the play in the steering & swivel joints is a must. 

Lighting system – Everything related to the lighting of the automobile, i.e. security, operation and condition must be examined. Their dipping and colour should also be as per the traffic rules. The stop lights should not conflict with each other and the indicators should also work in an even manner. The rear-fog-lamps must work under all conditions and they must be dark red in colour. The rear reflectors and the number plate lamps should be apt. 

Doors – All the doors including the front ones should be in working condition and able to be opened and locked from inside and outside. 

Boot lids & tailgates etc – All these parts of the automobile must be operative and work properly before the vehicle is delivered to the owner after the test, e.g. the MOT Test Harrow

Other factors related to the MOT Test include overall examination of the whole body of the automobile. It includes checking and rectification of bonnet clutch, impact of corrosion that damages the working of different parts of the car, truck or other vehicle. The seat belts, all brakes, windscreen, mirrors, emission, fuel & exhaust system, tyres and wheels etc should also be examined carefully. The requisite official stickers should also be displayed by the owners.  

All you Need to Know about Applying for an Accident Claim

Claiming compensation for a personal injury is the right of anyone that has been injured sometime in the last three years through no fault of their own, providing their injuries warranted medical attention. If you find yourself in this situation you might want to apply now to make a personal injury claim, but before you do, here are a few facts about making a claim and the law firm to chose for assistance. 

·Approximately only half of innocent victims make personal injury claims because they think it will be too costly, too stressful or take too long.  These are common misconceptions.

· The length of time your claim takes depends on if the case had to go to court or not.  Most claims are settled before they reach that stage, some claimants receiving their compensation in just a few weeks.

·Making a claim is time consuming and complicated for the inexperienced, but for specialist injury claim lawyers it is all they do every day, and they will keep the stress away from the victim.

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Citroen DS5 Purified

This lovely complete hybrid diesel, integrates the efficiency of an HDi diesel motor together with the ability of an electrical motor unit. That equals 200 b-h-p, 4 wheel drive, electrical setting for town motoring and a speed enhancer, for the ecosystem this means decreased CO2 pollution levels. Citroen has reached the entire hybrid system by incorporating an HDi 160 combustion motor along with a 2nd gen. Start – Stop setup and an electrical motor unit and power-train control unit. Hybrid4 technologies let you move the way we wish.


Select from automatic, ZEV, 4 Wheel Drive or Sport setting and Hybrid4 technologies manages all the rest. For decreased fuel usage select automatic setting, for even better eco friendly motoring select the Zero Emission Vehicle setting, Sport setting boosts the acceleration and speed ability and sensitivity providing you a crisper drive and last for anyone daring select the 4 Wheel Drive choice. Read More…