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Vehicle Safety: Devices that Enhance Your Car Safety

Imagine you are driving along a hillside road with your family and unexpectedly a reckless driver behind you gives a sharp turn to overtake your vehicle. Seeing the negligent driver you know that he is drunk because of his drowsy and expressionless face. You are afraid that his car could possibly crash into yours and this will put you and your family in serious risk. If you had safety devices installed in your car, the situation would have possibly been easily managed. The fear of staying safe on the road automatically vanishes if you have car safety features installed in your car, which minimizes the risk of an accident.

The rapidly advancing technology has made it possible for us to stay safe on the road with certain devices that make travel safe and convenient. Apart from being a good driver, you need to be more cautious while on the road and ensure your car has all the best safety equipments installed. Here are a few must-have car safety devices every vehicle needs to have.

Install Air Bags to Stay Safe on the Road

If you are at anytime involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle, then an air bag is what you need to avoid this situation. Important safety equipment like an air bag comes handy during a head-on collision. Air bags position your vehicle in a fraction of a second and minimize the heavy impact of an accident. It also averts a situation like hitting your head, being thrown out of the vehicle and ensures that you do not come in contact with side doors or windows.

Although the frontal varieties of air bags are frequently used these days, it is also a good idea to include the rear and side air bags in your vehicle for better safety. Side air bags come handy when your vehicle comes across situations like a rollover.

Prevent Injuries With Seat Belts

If you are unable to do anything to stay safe on the road then at least ensure that you wear your seat-belt every time you drive your vehicle. Without wearing a seat belt even a slight collision can cause serious injuries. Ensure that you have lap/shoulder seat-belt systems installed in your cars and don’t forget to put them on every time you get in the car.

Traveling short or long distances, keep in mind to wear seat-belts often.

Maintain Steering Control With Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)

Apart from averting your vehicles wheels getting locked up during emergency braking, the anti-lock braking system helps you have full control of the steering and minimize skidding. The ABS is a vital safety device your car must have as it gives you a chance of avoiding an obstacle, particularly when it becomes too late to stop. Having ABS installed in your vehicle will give you full control of your steering even under full brakes.

Install Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for a Safe Travel

One of the major benefits of installing this safety device is that it minimizes the risk of losing control of your vehicle. Amazing car safety devices like the ESC is capable of detecting under steering, over steering and rolls over of cars easily. This is done with the help of numerous sensors and effectively scrutinizing wheel speeds. ESC makes the required modifications to ensure your vehicle regains stability. This safety equipment does this by minimizing acceleration or doing other things to correct the problem – all in a jiffy.

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure ensure that you have these safety devices installed in your vehicle. If you don’t have these safety equipments in your vehicle, get some upgrades done the next time you get an auto service. If you reside in Glen Waverley, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia you get your vehicle serviced at Car Repair & Services glen Waverley.Install these safety devices in your cars and have a safe travel.

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What should you look out for before buying a new car?

The New Year induces feelings of a fresh new start, and a set of different resolutions set out by most ‘Resolutionists’. Most people consider investing on a new vehicle, especially a new car, once the New Year commences. Do not let your New Year resolution of buying a new car for yourself get away as usual this year.

Buying a new car can be quite a major choice that requires proper consideration. If you intend to buy a new car, just plan your finances and consider the following points:

1. Purpose: While buying a new car for your daily commutation, make sure you don’t get carried away with its looks and style. You need to be very clear about the purpose of buying the new car. It will only help you invest in the right direction, as you can get what you asked for. It is better to devote proper time to your research and inquiries in advance, rather than to repent later

2. Ownership: Prospective buyers must always devise a proper budget and spending plan before investing on the car. Make sure you give proper weight-age to issues pertaining to current market condition, features of the car and your monthly installment. Remember that you are investing for long-term comfort, and need to keep paying the installments for a long period of time.

3. Green cars: If you’re a responsible individual desirous of environmental benefit to your surroundings, why not invest on green cars? These cars are Eco-friendly, and can greatly motivate your peers to invest on environmental purposes as well.

4. Value added products: When buying a new car, make it a point to look out for life, disability and unemployment insurance covers. Discuss properly and in detail with your finance and insurance specialist regarding insurance products that you must choose. There are many insurance and value added products available, out of which you can choose one that best suits your needs.

5. Dealership: Recent research has shown that a majority of first-time buyers commit a common error of not buying from a reputed dealer. Buying a car from a reputed dealer just ensures that you enjoy the best service. Most of the risks associated with buying a new car are mitigated once you buy from a renowned dealer.

6. Legalities and services: You need to work on all legalities relating to the car before making your payment. Consider discussing and contemplating over the legal documents and other formalities in advance. You may also need to look out for other services offered by the dealer. There can be instances where dealers come up with free repair services. If not, make sure you consult them in advance to know about regular services from car service Thomastown

Never hesitate in asking the automobile salesman about various technicalities of buying a car. If you’re in dilemma regarding which car to buy, look up for various features and conduct a proper research to ascertain whether or not to invest on a particular car. It will only help in safeguarding your interests.