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Cutting Cost Corners on New Wheelchair Accessible Vans

When it comes to looking for new wheelchair accessible vans, there are a lot of questions that first-time buyers may have. As a first time buyer of a wheelchair accessible van, asking the right questions can save you a lot of money and ensure that you get the best wheelchair accessible van for your needs.

In most cases, wheelchair van dealers get the same questions over and over. There are specific questions that many people seem to have when it comes to saving money on new wheelchair accessible vans.

Here are some tips and strategies for getting the best van for the money without skimping on comfort and meeting your needs.

  • If you’re looking to save in some easy places, think about getting a manual ramp rather than an electric one.
  • Think of trading in your current van. Most dealerships will give you a deal on your current non-converted van, knocking off a significant chunk of the price for your new wheelchair accessible van.
  • Some buyers prefer to work with a favorite local dealer as much as they can. If you would rather purchase a van from your dealer of choice and then have it converted elsewhere, this is usually acceptable. Granted, this may cost a bit more money in the long run, but it is an option available to wheelchair van buyers.
  • Before falling in love with a wheelchair accessible van, be sure to speak with the dealership about what sort of financing they offer. Before you head down to the dealership, you may also want to check into any state funds that might be available. If such funds are available, it can take up to six months for everything to clear, so check on this as early as possible.
  • If you’re new to the world of wheelchair conversion and all of the equipment that comes with it, ask your dealer or conversion expert if you can take the van for a test drive. This lets you get accustomed to the amount of space the van has as well as any conversion equipment that you may not be familiar with.

The key to a great experience in selecting your first wheelchair accessible van is working with a dealer than knows the conversion process well. With their help and asking all of the right questions, the perfect wheelchair van for you is right around the corner.

3 Tips to Simplify Your Search When Browsing Wheelchair Vans for Sale

If a recent event in your life has left you with a disability of any kind, you may find yourself in the midst of a search for a new handicap accessible vehicle. If you  head straight to the dealerships in your area without some pre-planning on your part, you’re going to get very overwhelmed.

Save yourself the misery by taking the time to plot out exactly what you need in your handicap van. You need to be able to anticipate your individual needs in terms of what equipment you’ll need, the amount of space the van should have, as well as the usability.

Here are some great pre-planning strategies to use. Think over these items and you’ll be able to visit those dealerships with a much better idea of the type of van you need. At

  • Consider your own size and shape first. You may want to go as far as having someone measure how tall you are as you sit in your wheelchair. This information will come in handy when your van is being converted as there will be no question as to how much space you’ll need. At The Mobility Resource, I’ve heard countless horror stories from people who have been burned from online dealers after dropping $30,000 or more on a new van and not being able to drive it because their chair was too wide for the ramp. Don’t be that person.
  • Similarly, be sure to get all of the dimensions of your wheelchair. This will come in handy when the time comes to choose your lifts or ramps. You want plenty of room for your wheelchair to enter the van and your ramp and/or lift is the first and most important step of this task. This also helps to understand how much room you need inside the van to move around easily.
  • Do you plan on driving the van or will you likely be just a passenger? This answer can play a huge part in the sort of entry method you choose. On top of that, do you expect to have many passengers? Questions like these can lead you to a more accurate estimate as to how much room you will need in the van—which, in turn, helps decide the sort of conversion equipment would work best.

Yes, there are many other deciding factors in addition to these, but a trained and qualified wheelchair van conversion expert can help along the way. So if you are on the hunt for wheelchair vans for sale, always remember that some initial research on your part will help place you on the right track to finding a van that meets your every need.