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Car Sales In UK Show Encouraging Growth

Finally some encouraging news for everyone; particularly those looking for a new car!

According to latest statistics, there has been a steady rise in car sales in the United Kingdom, a very encouraging sign that things are starting to improve, particularly the ailing economy. The new couldn’t have come at a better time, when Hybrid cars are all the rage and more and more people are thinking about eco-friendly fuel efficient cars instead of the gas guzzling alternatives.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) who have been keeping a close eye at the UK’s auto industry reported that there were around 66,749 new registrations in the month of January. Compare that number with statics exactly one year ago, there is a substantial increase; 7.9% to be exact indicating a green signal for the growth of auto industry.

The United Kingdom was one of the top countries that was badly afflicted by the recession. The impact affected numerous industries, countless individuals, throughout the region. The car industry was one of them. The crisis left it almost paralysed, leaving the car industry struggling to keep up as the unemployment rate climbed. However, the latest statistics indicate that things are turning for better as the automotive industry is showing encouraging growth. This growth is by no means ordinary; Car sales have increased for the 12th successive month in January capping off a perfect 2013 for the automobile industry.

People are already questioning this amazing turn around but it’s not that hard to guess. Everything in interconnect but it all stems from two things; jobs and savings. People who have jobs are people who are earning money; enough of it to eventually start thinking about buying things over time. A car is by all means a substantial investment. It more than pays for itself as it becomes an integral component of a person’s day to day life. People buying cars is a sign they are confident enough to make that investment given the job market and stock market trading.

But that’s now all. There is more to the good news.

The rise has overwhelmed the manufacturers and they are trying to contribute in every way to give a boost to the industry. SMMT also reported that it took total sales of 210,039 for 2013, which is a whopping 10.3% increase and caps off a 4 year high for the industry. The car buying trend has picked up and people are putting themselves in the hot seat. Keep in mind that these numbers indicate both new cars and used cars. Used cars in particular showed double the growth compared to new models which makes sense. People are more inclined to play it safe and own a nice, reliable, efficient used car, then get a zero metre brand new vehicle. Moreover, hybrid cars cost less than non-hybrid models further making the case for people on a limited budget to get behind the wheel.

Even though January is usually a low volume month because people spend most of their money on Christmas and New Year but SMMT is predicting that this rise in car buying trend will continue well into this year as well. New car deals and great bargains are keeping the market afloat. It was observed that the compact and mini cars sold out much faster than other models.

Sadly there wasn’t good news to go around everywhere. While the UK did experience positive growth, things in the Europe as whole remain a cause of concern. The picture was not rosy for the European vehicle sales, as they slumped 8.2% in 2013 much to the dismay of businesses analysts and pundits.  SMMT reported that UK factories produced 1.46 million cars in 2012 alone and out of them 1.21 million were sent abroad. The consumer’s confidence is the most important thing to maintain and with the steady and positive growth in automotive industry. As far the United Kingdom is concerned, it looks like finally things are turning the other way and the UK auto industry has started moving forward defying all the obstacles.

One thing is for sure though. 2014 will be an incredibly important month for the auto industry. If this momentum from 2013 keeps up, it will positively impact other sectors as well and could very well make 2014 the decisive year not just for the United Kingdom but also for the European Region.

15 Random Motoring Laws From Across the World

Road laws and driving regulations are roughly the same wherever you are in the world.  However, in some countries and states there are a few weird and outdated laws that could see unsuspecting drivers facing a hefty charge or driving penalty.

So next time you climb into a rental car, in addition to making sure you have the right insurance cover at the best price using a comparison site like Captain Compare, double check you know all the rules of the road – however crazy they may seem!  As you will see, depending on where you are in the world, it could be a whole lot more complex than simply knowing which side of the road to drive on.

Here are 15 of the wackiest, most random driving laws from across the world for your enjoyment:

1. It’s illegal to drive in Alaska with a dog tethered to your roof

2. In Alabama the law states you must have windshield wipers on your car, yet it is not mandatory to have a windshield

3. In California it is against the law for women to wear a bathrobe whilst driving

4. You must ALWAYS wear a shirt when driving in Thailand

5. It is forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland – the day most other countries dedicate to doing this essential chore

6. In Georgia you are not allowed to drive through playgrounds

7. Whilst in Denmark, you must routinely check for sleeping children under your car every single time you want to drive anywhere.  You will be fined if you’re caught not doing this.

8. Traffic is so heavy in the Philippine capital of Manila that they have had to introduce a special coding system, meaning that you are only allowed to drive on certain days of the week depending on the number combination on the number plates.  For example if your number plate starts with a �9’ you can drive on Mondays and Wednesdays.

9. Tempted to wear a blindfold when you drive?  Well if you’re in Alabama don’t as you will be breaking the law.

10. In Beijing you could receive a fine and warning for stopping at pedestrian crossings

11. In Montana you are forbidden from having a sheep in your truck without a chaperone

12. It would be a big mistake to assume you have the right of way when driving in South Africa. It is the pigs, goats, cattle and any other animals that take priority and failing to give way for them can incur a fine of over $500

13. Women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

14. It’s illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn when driving in Germany.

And last but not least, our favourite festive driving law that Santa himself should be aware of…

15. If in Ontario and driving a sleigh down the highway, you should make sure you have the correct number of bells attached.  Less than two could earn you a fine of $5.  It could be an expensive night for the big man.

Cold Weather Driving Fuel Saving Tips

When the weather turns frosty you have the option to head indoors and keep warm, but your car may not be so lucky. Even if you have a garage it’s still going to have to trek out into the freezing temperatures and icy roads while you ride toasty and safe inside. It’s a tough time for a vehicle and you may have noticed your fuel economy is suffering because of it. To help you out, the nice folks at have come up with some great tips to help you get better a fuel economy as the temperatures dip.


Warming Up the Engine

Who wants to head out in a freezing cold car? Not many people. If you’re like us you run your car for five or ten minutes before hitting the road in order to warm up the interior and keep yourself comfortable. The problem with this is you’re using up petrol but not getting any closer to your destination. To truly get the best fuel economy you need to get in, turn on and head out within the first minute of starting your engine. Grin and bear it. If it’s an icy day you can go ahead and give it a little warm up, but save this for only the coldest of days to cut back the costs.

Get Your Tires Winter-Ready

Tire grip on the road will affect your gas mileage. To get the best grip on slick and icy winter roads put chains or snow tires on your vehicle. Check the inflation of your tires as well and make a point to do so regularly during winter months. Keep the pressure at the levels recommended for the tires you have. Remember too that every 45 kilograms of additional weight you carry you drop fuel economy of your car one percent. Keep your kitty litter or sand back there, but otherwise rid your boot of excess weight. To find out more information on making your tyres winter safe, read here.

No More Lead Foot

In winter months be kind to your car and your fuel economy by being gentle when you put your foot down on the accelerator. Essential advice for the winter, but also a good idea to consider all year round!

Take the Cold into Consideration

Cars work best at particular temperatures, as and when the weather is colder and the air more dense your car has to put extra energy into working its way up to that temperature. Harnessing that additional energy will mean burning more fuel so if possible park your car in a garage and get a heater block to get your car to turn over quicker on the most bitter of mornings.

Drive Smart

If you’re heading out on the open road it is best to use cruise control if you have it. Eliminating the slowing and accelerating of normal driving and keeping an even speed will conserve fuel.

In the end you will never get the gas mileage in winter that you do in summer but with these smart and simple tips you can certainly make a saving during the colder months.

Getting The Best Possible Fuel and Mileage Concerns Addressed With the Help of GMC Cars

GMC, a name synonymous with a lot of wonderful pickup trucks and cars have been able to provide excellent automobiles to the American people over a long period. Not only are such kinds of cars extremely functional and crucial towards your transportation needs, but you will also be able to get a very innovative car that can double up as a pickup truck. Customer needs to pay only a small amount of money to get the facilities of both of transportation vans. So, when you are willing to purchase, or you have set up your mind to purchase a GMC car, where do you get in contact with? You can come in contact with GMC dealer Hollywood, the best GMC car dealer in the region of California. You will be able to witness the equivalent personal touch that the dealers will be providing to you, and the main advantage of the dealership is that the service department is filled with qualified technicians that have got the desired education from GMC unit. They always follow a strict corporate guideline, ensuring that your car will be serviced with the best possible mechanics at all times.

GMC cars

The essential necessity of going for GMC cars:

Is it obvious that you will be able to witness the purchase of a GMC car, and not yet ecstatic about it? GMC is not only a brand that has brought about a personal touch with most of the American people, but the fact remains that it is one of the best that you could possibly find in the world. They always follow a very strict guideline when it comes to providing services to customers, and it is always with this particular punctuality that they are willing to serve the people. With the help of the GMC dealership, they can offer you with the valuable trade inside price, so that you need not have to pay over the top in order to get the similar model of a car from the dealership. The main advantage of going for a GMC car is that there are a lot of customization and provisions that you could possibly incorporate within the car. Also making use of the advanced technology, you can keep your car safe and sound. Also, the body of the car is extremely hardy, so chances of accidents are minimum.

Preference favor towards a GMC car:

Provided that you have got the drivers license, a GMC car is the second best thing that you could possibly go for. The vast decision and the provisions that can enable you to get a guarantee at any extra cost from a GMC outlet is the best thing that you could possibly get for your car. Evaluating what the local dealers have to provide, you find that the GMC dealership can provide you with the best warranty and the guarantee that are located within the services and needs to be performed. The GMC dealer Hollywood has been able to provide all such features and much more to the people that prefer to purchase cars from them. This not only goes to show the amount of involvement the people have over the position on the warranty of the car, but the amount of services that they do provide to the people. Many of the service technicians are actually focusing upon GMC cars only, enabling you to get the best possible support for the manufacturer of that particular car. Also, with the help of GMC dealership, you shall truly get the best possible pricing.

The Benefits Of Leasing With First Lease

The leading providers of car leasing and van leasing services to businesses and personal users are becoming very important these days. It leases cars of different makes and utilities to serve different purposes and uses. Here you can order an unrivaled variety of car models and vans at enviable leasing quotations. With Denmark’s top suppliers under our service, we promise to bring you the best and the most reasonable van prices and rentals at the touch of a button. The provider constantly researches the marketplace to bring out the best deals on cars, vans, trucks and a host of other 4 wheelers at unbelievably low prices.

What Van Models Can You Lease?

You have a wide variety of vans, cars and other SUVs to choose from to lease. Leasing firstlease vehicles are one of the best choices that you make when it comes to going for leasing a vehicle for any purpose that you need to fulfill. All our vehicles are assured of full manufacturer warranty and breakdown assistance as we’re partnered with the one of the topmost dealers of Denmark. Be it Toyota, Volkswagen, Citreon or Nissan, you name it and we have them for you. Once the lease period of a car ends, t is sent back to the supplier.

Pros Or Advantages Of Leasing

•You get the advantage of driving a new car every few years. Once the lease term ends , you can simply return it and start a new lease agreement for a fresh model

•Well suited for businesses that don’t want to pay for the maintenance cost of the depreciating vehicles

•Most beneficial part of leased cars is that the breakdown cost doesn’t fall on you. It is in fact the leasing company’s responsibility to fix the car

•With the options such as straight lease or lease purchase once can gain the advantage of buying a car at the end of the lease term

Want to be one of those intelligent people who prefer to lease or rent vehicles? Then simply see her for making the best kinds of deals in the present day market.

How To Decide Whether To Lease Or Buy

When you choose to buy a vehicle, all the repair costs, depreciation and servicing costs are all yours.Unless your finances are strong enough you cannot choose to buy. Leasing saves you from additional servicing costs as the payments are spread across a period of time. Leased vehicles are not your assets. Therefore you can use them to pay off your business debts. Now that you have decided to make the best decision of leasing vehicles, let firstlease help you out in carrying forward your decision.

How to Find the Best Deal for More than One Car

There can be many reasons why you might want to get insurance for more than one car; you might be part of a family that needs at least two cars, or you may want to simplify your insurance by getting all cars at the same address on the same policy. Getting a multi car insurance from providers such as �亞保險 can end up saving you money if you can take advantage of discounts, but should be approached with some caution over getting the right deal.

In the case of multi car insurance, you need to be clear about which insurance provider will offer different policies and discounts. When you get different cars with the same insurer, you’ll still have to pay individual premiums, but with the opportunity to receive a discount for having multiple cars covered by one company. Having the same renewal date can also make it much easier to stay on top of payments, and to work out the annual cost of premiums.

At the same time, however, you’ll have to be careful about the policy terms for individual cars. You might find that some vehicles will have a higher premium than other, as well as different voluntary excesses that can affect how much you stand to pay. The key benefits of getting more than one car covered by one insurance company are the convenience and the potential group discounts, as well as the ability to build up a stronger degree of loyalty with one provider. Always check, though, whether you can get a better deal for individual cars.

You might benefit from a multi-car insurance policy if you have similar vehicles that can be placed together under one umbrella policy without having significantly different premium payments. When looking for deals on insurance for more than one car, you should also ensure that you compare the market as much as possible for individual policies, even if you’ve been with the same provider for several years; you might be able to save more money by switching.

There are also many ways in which you can reduce the cost of your premiums, which can include having an experienced named driver to lower the overall cost of policies that have young or new drivers on them. Again, you’ll need to work out individual circumstances for drivers and how much risk they’re likely to be taking on before you agree a long-term policy. It’s similarly important to check what voluntary excess you can select to reduce your premiums.

In this context, it’s worth investigating multi car insurance as a way of getting a deal for more than one car; however, it’s also worth remembering that single insurance policies for individual cars can sometimes work out cheaper if you have several different types of driver and models to insure. Comparing the market and finding out what policies are available for multi car insurance online can help you, though, to make a more informed decision over what policy is right for you.

Author Bio

Claire Eriksson blogs about how to get the most out of your insurance. She recommends looking into insurance for multiple cars at �亞保險 She also writes about her recent travels in South East Asia.

Vauxhall Urges Customers To Get Involved With New Loyalty Scheme

It seems like Vauxhall might have an ambitious resolution for the new year. It has just embarked on a nationwide marketing campaign, designed to encourage customers to get involved with its brand new loyalty scheme. The scheme promises to reward regular customer engagement with discounts on servicing, accessories and even future models. In order to use the scheme, you must have a Vauxhall branded debit or credit card.
In many ways, this loyalty scheme is a first for the automotive world. It integrates key suppliers, like Capital One, with a database platform that is designed to identify key insights into the market. The scheme has been very carefully developed by Eclipse Marketing, so it is backed by the expertise of a multi channel contact centre. In other words, absolutely no expense has been spared on this new attempt to engage and excite Vauxhall customers.
Over the next three months, the automotive manufacturer will send out more than 50,000 letters to car owners highlighting the benefits of the loyalty scheme. It has also made plans to implement a vast marketing campaign both in store and via social media platforms. To be fair, the scheme does appear to be rather advantageous to enthusiastic shoppers – the branded debit and credit cards can be used almost anywhere. For example, a customer can use their branded card at their favourite store or restaurant – they will receive a percentage of points on this spend, points that they can later redeem on Vauxhall products.
It is thought that one point will be equal to ÂŁ1 to spend at a Vauxhall store. According to journalist Sarah Vizard, the move is designed to cut motoring costs for loyal customers. A spokesperson for Vauxhall has outlined its aims to make car running costs less of a ‘distress purchase.’ At the moment, there is no similar loyalty scheme in existence in Britain – Vauxhall is not only dominating the market, it is the market. It’s a clever move to make, because consumers are struggling to keep up with car running costs after the economic crisis.
Yet, it isn’t the first time that the manufacturer has attempted to implement such a scheme. In 2009, its planned GM loyalty card was cancelled after partner HSBC was forced to pull out – this was at the height of the banking crisis. This time, the difference seems to be that Vauxhall is trying to make the scheme more personal. It isn’t planning to burden customers with products that they really don’t need or can’t use – it hopes to tailor its rewards to the individual. This means that struggling families who really aren’t on the market for a brand new car won’t be pestered with reward points and discounts on new models, say the experts at
They will, instead, be targeted with the things that they really need – servicing, fuel and repair discounts. Whilst the scheme is still in its early stages, it does look like it will engage and excite Vauxhall customers. Although, it is interesting to note that the experts at Vauxhall are being very cautious this time. They have repeatedly stressed the somewhat experimental nature of this scheme. They want customers to realise that there are kinks and flaws that could still need to be ironed out before they can be offered a perfect system.
Author Bio: Martin Taylor has been a marketing consultant for eight years. He recommends Dickens Group for more information and advice on the latest Vauxhall news and updates. Martin can usually be found blogging advertising tips and tricks on his personal website.

Caterpillar Aftermarket Engine Parts Suppliers

When it comes to the heavy duty vehicles industry, there is only one name – Caterpillar. The Caterpillar brand is known all around the world for its quality and reliability. It is the leading manufacturer in heavy duty trucks, lorries, diggers and loaders. There is nobody that is more synonymous with rugged and rough work than Caterpillar, say the experts at

The question is – where can you buy caterpillar aftermarket engine parts? Are there lots of suppliers in the UK, or is it quite difficult to get your hands on unique component parts? It is certainly common for Caterpillar owners to need spare parts. After all, their machines are associated with some of the roughest, toughest jobs in the entire world. Here are just a few of the Caterpillar aftermarket engine parts suppliers in the country.

 KMP Brand, Surrey

KMP Brand is a specialist in Caterpillar aftermarket parts – it has branches in Europe, America and Asia. The KMP branch in this country is situated in the heart of Surrey, which belies its rough and tough nature. You can get almost any Caterpillar part in existence from this manufacturer. It has a team with a combined forty years of experience, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that they know what they’re doing. The range of replacement parts available at KMP Brand is vast – as is the expertise of its specialists. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for some help and information. Don’t just jump into a decision feet first, think very carefully about the reliability of the supplier that you choose, say experts at  KMP Brand are masters of honesty, reliability and flexibility – what more could you ask for?

Finning, Staffordshire

If you’re looking for genuine aftermarket Caterpillar engine parts, you can find them at Finning. This company is based in Staffordshire, and it specialises in providing Caterpillar owners with more than 80,000 different parts – these include dealer exchange and used parts. Finning prides itself on being extremely flexible. It recognises that it’s not always clear what a customer’s needs may be from the very beginning, and that it might have to help with the selection and identification of parts. Finning promises fast delivery and a very easy ordering service. It is more expensive than KMP Brand, but if you need a lot of expert guidance – it could be a good choice for you.

Shawson, Down

Unlike KMP Brand, this aftermarket engine parts supplier is located in Ireland. This means that its delivery service is a little less efficient than its more local rivals, but it does have a wide range of parts on offer. Shawson is one of the biggest diesel engine manufacturers in the country, so it’s no surprise that it can offer Caterpillar customers almost anything that they are looking for. From ships to lorries, the experts at Shawson are determined to provide you with what you need. Its engines can be found in hospitals, offshore oil rigs, factories and tractors all over the world. They are also used to power communities in very remote areas of the planet. The experts here claim that their Caterpillar parts will last longer than the parts from any other supplier, but it’s your job to find out whether that is true or not.

Author Bio: Craig Roberts writes for an international construction magazine. He recommends KMP Brand for top quality Caterpillar aftermarket engine parts. He can usually be found interviewing industry experts, or planning his next piece.

Choosing The Right Alloys

When it comes to customising a car, alloy wheels tend to be fairly high up on the agenda. They’re hugely popular with fans of pimped out motors as they make the wheels on a vehicle look super expensive and high class. They can also make a lot of difference to a car’s performance. The people who regularly customise and create these mad motors think of alloy wheels as a vehicle’s new shoes. They wouldn’t dream of rolling around in a custom motor that’s still wearing its �supermarket duds.’

Alloy wheels have been big in America for a long time but just recently, the craze has started to take off in Britain as well. It’s all thanks to television shows like MTV’s Pimp My Ride and the Discovery Channel’s surprise hit Wrecks To Riches – television shows that work around a Cinderella format. An old and unloved vehicle is fully restored and customised by engineering experts with big plans and even bigger blowtorches, says Yahoo Voices. The demand for alloy wheels is just another result of this craze – here’s a guide to choosing the right ones.

Wheel Rim Size

The expert teams at custom engineering companies like Mad Motors are always careful with their measurements when they fit alloy wheels. You should have your cars specs and stats in front of you before you buy or install any custom alloys. If you’re only buying alloy wheel rims and not replacing your tyres, always make sure that your measurements match up. For example, you can only replace an 18 inch diameter rim with an 18 inch alloy wheel rim. Failing to do this could result in your vehicle becoming unsuitable to drive – the wheel and tyre regulations in this country are very specific. Plus, your new rims probably won’t fit if you haven’t measured them properly first, say the experts at Halfords. Alloys that are too wide can interfere with a car’s fender, steering rod and suspension components.

Offsetting Your Alloys  

Whilst some custom cars have alloy wheels that protrude quite far out from their bodies, others have alloy rims that are sunk a little further in than regular wheels. Both of these examples are a result of a process called offsetting. �Offset’ is a term that’s used to describe the amount that the centre of a wheel deviates from the point of fitment to the hub. According to the experts at, most professionally installed alloy wheels come with zero offset or slight negative offset as standard. Negative offset actually aids the handling of your vehicle. Push it too far though and you’re likely to break an axle.

Spigot Rings & Spacers

Some vehicles will need a little bit of extra help when it comes to the installation of alloy wheels and rims. Spigot rings are small pieces of metal that allow an alloy to rest comfortably on the hub and studs of a car. Most vehicles don’t need them, but some require a little bit of extra reach. They’re inexpensive and widely available. Don’t worry if your tyres turn out to need spigot rings – its performance or handling won’t be affected. On the other hand, you are advised to avoid spacers. These are discs that are used between the alloy and the hub in order to achieve better offset. Spacers can negatively affect the performance and handling of your vehicle. Be careful with these components.

Author Bio: Robert Quayle is a licensed mechanic and a custom car enthusiast. He recommends Mad Motors for tricked up and pimped up custom vehicles. Robert can usually be found blogging about automotive news or working on custom engines.

The Greatest Drivers Of The 1960s

The 1960s is a decade that casts a very long shadow over contemporary motorsports. In fact, it was such a remarkable time for racing, that journalists and industry experts continue to refer to it as the ‘golden era’ of the sport. They write about it in automotive magazines and newsletters with a wistful tone and nostalgia clouding their voices.

The 1960s was a tremendously exciting time for motorsports. Some of the greatest drivers the world has ever seen were out on the track during this decade. Extraordinary men like Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and John Surtees were tearing up the rulebooks and putting together their own. They were passionate, they were dedicated and they feared nothing. Here’s a guide to the greatest F1 drivers of the 1960s.

John Surtees

After completely dominating the grand prix motorcycle scene from 1952-1960, the incredible John Surtees suddenly decided to make the switch from two wheels to four. The former biker made his debut at the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix, driving for Lotus. He finished second at the British Grand Prix later that same year, but it wasn’t until 1963 that Surtees really began to show his metal. That year, he transferred to Ferrari and edged out driver Graham Hill to eventually take the title. He was the only man to win a world title in a race car and on a motorcycle.

Jackie Stewart

Even if you’re not a motorsports fan, you’ve probably heard of Jackie Stewart. He’s became a sort of national legend, really. Great Britain adores him, because he was one of the best F1 drivers to ever grace a track. He was fast, fierce and funny. Having won the Formula Three championship, Stewart exploded onto the Formula One scene in spectacular fashion in 1965, says He went on to dominate the next few seasons, before finally winning his first title in Italy. After that point on, Stewart was invincible – he went on to take two more titles in 1971 and 1973.

 Graham Hill

Graham Hill is remembered not only for his skill on the track, but for his curiously old fashioned look. The driver sported a distinctive moustache and a racing helmet inspired by the London Rowing Club, say experts at the BBC. This dapper English gent slowly grew to become one of the dominant figures of the 1960s. Hill raced in Formula One events from 1958 to 1975, winning two world championships in 1962 and 1968. The 1962 season saw him edge out Jim Clark and take the win at Zandvoort. Yet, Clark was to take back some of the glory during the 1963 and 1965 runs – Hill finished runner up to the Scottish driver. Graham Hill is the only driver to have won the ‘triple crown’ of motorsports – the Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix and 24 Hours Of Le Mans.

Jim Clark

To many fans, Jim Clark is the greatest racing driver who ever lived, says Unfortunately, nobody can ever know just how much he would have gone on to achieve – Clark died in a 1968 Formula Two race. Jim Clark brought the name Lotus to the fore, after driving a Lotus 25 through no less than seven wins en route to his first driver’s title. Technical problems meant that he had to hand the 1964 title to John Surtees, but Clark came back the following season and dominated the track all over again. Before his fatal accident in Hockenheim, Clark unexpectedly found himself driving an F2 event. This was due to contractual obligations with Firestone and it would eventually take his life. On the fifth lap of the last race, Clark’s Lotus veered off the circuit and a true star was lost.

Author Bio: Laurence Tringle writes for a Formula One magazine. He recommends for quality, affordable Formula One collectibles and merchandise. He can usually be found chatting to industry experts and fans of the sport.