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3 Tips for Buying a Car from a Private Seller

A used car is a wise buy for any would-be car owner who wants to make significant savings on the purchase. A car is inherently expensive, but when it is a couple of years old, its price drops immensely to within an affordable range. If you are looking to buy one a private seller is among your options. Unlike used car dealerships, a private seller would be more inclined to offer you a better price. But this potential to save money comes with a risk.

Get acquainted with the car

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to get to know the car that you are going to buy. Even if you are not particularly willing to invest much in the purchase, find out as much as you can about the car. As enthusiastic drivers, you can say, we want any car, but this does mean that you should make any mistakes buying it.

Inspect the car thoroughly to become aware of its shortfalls. Have a mechanic do it for you if you are unconfident in your skills. Dig up the cars history and find up all about its past life/lives. An independent report is comprehensive, but expensive. If possible, ask the seller to provide the records. If they know their trade they will have all the paperwork ready for you. Check the car’s logbook and validate it. Check if the VIN matches the actual number.

Get acquainted with the private seller

Why are they selling the car? Did they get a low trade-in value? Have they lost any more use for the car? Is this the first used car they are selling? Finding out their intention will forestall any chance of buying a car that is being sold because of its mechanical faults.

Ensure they are the real owner of the car. All the paperwork should have their names on it. Working with the actual owner of the car will confine them legally, so they won’t oversell the car or sell it in an unworthy state as both are legal offences.

Ask as much as you can about the car. Where was it purchased from? What is the economy like? What kind of oil is regularly used? This will help you understand the condition the car is in. Ask for a test drive, and while on the road, try to learn as many attributes of the car as you can.


If everything else checks out, the negotiations will be the last hurdle to overcome. If you display your affection for the car too soon, the seller might exploit this advantage. Ask what the seller is willing to part with the car for. Be confident with your counteroffers and always be willing to walk away if the price exceeds your budget.

As a rule, never buy a used car the first day you see it. You should test drive it more than once before you close in on your decision. Compare different deals from within your area and beyond to see the best ones.

Should You Buy a Used Car?

It really is the age old question- should you get a used car or get a brand new one? While the allure of a new car is undeniable, with its extended warranty and the intoxicating new car smell, it is not very financially practical. A used car in good condition will offer the same level of service but without costing you a small fortune. Times are dire, and if getting a car with a five digit odometer reading means saving you a significant sum, you should be amendable to the idea of buying used.

Why a Used Car Makes Sense

There are more used cars Scunthorpe than you can count. This abundance will spoil you for choice. A new car that would have otherwise been outside your reach becomes more affordable when it’s used thanks to the factor that is depreciation. A new car, once driven off the dealership loses a significant percentage of its value. This could be thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds depending on model, resale value notwithstanding. Still not convinced that you should buy used? Well, consider that:

Cars Today Are Built To Last

A two or three year model will still be in a great running condition. Manufacturing standards are steadily increasing, and even a four year old car will still have many years ahead of it. If you are careful enough to buy a well maintained car, the running costs won’t be vastly different from someone who bought a new one.

You’ll be sheltered from the depreciation

The worst of the depreciation will have been suffered by the original car owner. The car will still lose value once it is in your possession, but minimally. If the car has a great resale value, you’ll hardly be affected by its depreciation when you finally decide to sell it.

You can still get warranty cover

A three year old car might still be covered in the original warranty once you buy it. If it is transferrable, you’ll get a cover that will afford you some peace of mind. This will mitigate your running costs, as most of the maintenance costs will be covered.

It will cost you less to insure

A used car typically costs less to insure, regardless of whether it’s a luxury model or not. Its depreciation will be reflected in the insurance cover. Your premiums will be cheaper. In the bigger picture, this means that the ownership costs will be more manageable.

It will be easier to get financing

Used car financing deals are more abundant. This is especially important for buyers with a less than perfect credit rating. Since it costs less to buy this car, many financiers will be more willing to stand by you, since the risk is somewhat smaller. If you can put up a sizeable deposit, financing for used cars Scunthorpe is almost guaranteed.

So in response to the titular question, the answer is yes, you should buy a used car. If you don’t care about owning the latest model, you’ll be contented because the benefits of buying used greatly outweigh the risks.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Own a Car

It is important to own a car in today’s fast-paced world. When your working life is in full swing, acquiring a car will become a necessity, if you do not already have one. A car might be one of the emblems of personal success, but for those who are still working on growing their wealth, it is viewed in a different light. A car simply provides a practical way of getting around. The idea is to enjoy the convenience it brings without spending too much.

4 Cheap Ways to Own a Car

Second-hand Car

There’s a budding used car industry and it exists to serve the end needs of those who desire to own a car inexpensively. A second-hand car that is only a few years old should be your first option. It’s a delicate equation, finding a car that is almost new, but has depreciated enough to be affordable. It takes a lot of research to find the ideal model that is in good condition, but it pays off.


A significant number of buyers obtain their cars from auctions. The figure hovers around the 10% mark. Since there are no dealers involved, you can get the car for a lesser price, sometimes thousands of pounds cheaper. The only problem is that cars are sold ‘as is’. If there are mechanical faults, you will have to meet the costs of repair. You have to visit auction sites regularly to understand exactly what unfolds. If you know what you want, have a keen eye and a budget, buying at an auction might be for you.

Buying a new car

Most people assume the depreciation value of a car is so great as to warrant buying a used car. But automotive experts assert that a new car is over 70% cheaper to run. If your goal is to keep the car for a number of years, a new purchase might be more plausible. In this case, pay for the car using your savings, or use a portion to put down the largest allowable deposit. There are many cars on finance deals available- more if you have a stellar credit rating. A personal loan can even be extended to you, if you so choose.


For those overly concerned with depreciation, there’s leasing. For a manageable monthly cost, you can drive off with a brand new car and keep it for a few years. Cars finance deals for leases are easy to locate, and repayments are easy to accommodate in your finances. You will never drive off with the car, but you will get a chance to upgrade to a different model at the end of your lease period.

These are the cheapest ways to own a car. Depending on your situation, each has its own benefits. Ensure you understand the costs you will be taking on to avoid spending more than you anticipated. Shop around to see whatever cars on finance deals you qualify for, and compare before reaching a final decision.  Shop your dream car and enjoy your ride with your loved ones.

6 Tips to Purchase Cars on Finance

Buying a car is altogether a different ball game today. From buying it on cash or buying it on finance, there are various options available. Nowadays, there are lot of options available in the market for finance for new as well as used cars. It is clearly an easier and affordable to buy a car on finance on monthly installments rather than on one-time investment. Therefore it is very important to find the best financing deal.

There are various types of cars on finance options like Hire purchase, personal contract plan and leasing plan. These types of plans helps the car buyer to pay in monthly installments with interest, hiring car for particular period of time, gradually settling it via lump sum payment to purchase it or returning it back.

Buying car on finance has various benefits. Given below are the top 6 benefits:

1.      Hire Purchase:

This form of buying is quick and easy to arrange. It is repaid in monthly installments in the term of 1 to 5 years, including the interest. These are usually arranged by the dealers. At the end of the set term you get the ownership of the vehicle. It has low deposit and usually less Interest rates, which is quite competitive leading to a better deal.

2.        Personal Contract Plan :

It is very similar to Hire Purchase which results into lower monthly payments. Herein the customer has to pay the difference amount between its current selling price and reselling price to the dealer, which is based on forecast of the mileage annually. This plan is for a shorter term of 1 to 3 years.  Here, at the end of the term you have an option of buying the car or returning it.

3.      Personal Contract Hire Buying:

It is a type of personal contract plan only. The only difference is in this plan you do not have an option of buying it, you have to hand it back compulsorily.

4.      Personal Leasing plan :

In this plan you never own the car, you just lease it. Here you pay a monthly lease with maintenance and servicing included. At the end of the term you hand the car back to the dealer. This plan is for a shorter term of 1 to 3 years.

5.      Leasing for Business :

It is generally used for business purposes. Companies can either buy the car or finance lease for business use. Here they pay lease regularly and at the end pay lump sum to buy it. They can also avail the equity benefit by selling the vehicle at the end of the term or agreement.

6.      Residential Value Lease :

Here you pay an agreed amount month on month basis and gradually pay a lump sum amount at the end of the agreement.

Now when you have read the tips on buying, you can certainly get the best deal to finance your car.

The Financial Benefits of Selling Your Car Privately

A time always comes when we have to upgrade our cars. In the wake of improving financial fortunes, the idea of wanting to own a newer or more recent car itches to be realized. Getting rid of your present car however can be quite a trying experience, perhaps explaining why many people refrain from it. But you shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly, as there are perks to private selling.

The Essence of Doing Your Part

The key to successfully selling your car privately is to make sure you do your part remarkably well. You need to have your car‘s faults righted, the paperwork ready, and the valuation done to know how much your asking price should be. Then there is the advertising and the meeting would-be buyers to negotiate. It all sounds very taxing, and while there is no denying that a lot of work is involved, it does have some valuable lessons to teach.

The Financial Benefits

Assuming that you’ve got all the aforementioned work cut out for you, it motivates when you learn of these financial benefits that you will be in for.

Bigger Profits

Private selling is unarguably the best way to get the most money for your car. If the car has all the right characteristics- impeccable servicing, zero accident record, smooth handling- it will be easy to convince a buyer to part with the rightful amount for it.

If you do get some work done on it, like upgrading some key components, you can recover your investment by including the amount in the asking price. You’d be surprised at how persuasive a new set of wheels and a paint-job can do to win you buyers.

You Get More Than If You Trade In

The road most travelled is that of trading-in an old car for a new one. The price of the car is deducted from the new one, so you only have to pay the balance. Any car dealership will take advantage by giving you an almost laughable quote for your car and sticking with it. If you do sell your car privately instead, you can raise a more substantial amount, and end up paying less for your new car.

Cash Payments

Most would-be buyers will likely offer you a cash deal for the car. If you want the full amount for the car, selling privately is the way to go. The transaction is quick and painless, with the formalities of the process being uncomplicated. Hardly will a buyer need financing, and this creates a big convenience, more so if you needed the money for something urgent.

Deal is Final

Once you sell your car, you surrender all ties with it. Unlike a dealer, who will likely offer perks like servicing deals, you are absolved of all responsibility once you transfer ownership.

The secret to successfully selling your car privately is to ensure the due process is followed. The inconveniences of advertising in many online outlets and communicating with potential buyers are disheartening, but the rewards greatly eclipse the work involved.

The Advantages of Trading In Your Car When Buying a New One

The decision to trade in your current car when you are looking for a new one is the most reasonable. Trading in at a car supermarket eliminates the hustles of private selling, and enables you to part with the car much sooner. For most people who neither have the time nor the luxury to indulge different parties in negotiations, this is the path of least resistance.

The Advantages

The benefits of trading in your car when buying a new one extend past a simple convenience. Unlike private selling, where the car that you have sold can come back to haunt you if it was mechanically flawed to begin with, a trade in is gone once you sign it away. If it has any inherent problems, they are for the dealer to manage. You can forget all about it once it has been accepted.

sell your car at a car supermarket

You can sell your car ‘as is’. If it is in a less than ideal condition, you can still trade it in. It might not sell for a momentous sum, but it does eliminate the hustle of restoring it. It’s a freedom that you can’t quite afford as a private seller. Here are 4 major benefits that you can enjoy by selling your car at a car supermarket.

Insurance Relief

You are offered some immediate insurance relief once you trade in. Any car that is in your possession will attract insurance regardless of whether you’re using it or not. Surrendering it means you no longer have to pay premiums on it.

Tax Credit

Another significant benefit of trading in your car is the tax implications. The cost of the car will be subtracted from the asking cost of the new car you want. The remaining sum however, is the only amount that will be subject to tax. The cost of your trade in is subtracted, implying that you only pay tax for the net cost of the car.


A trade-in offers you some leverage, regardless of how little it is. With the car, you have a bargaining chip that you can use to make your next car more affordable. Car supermarkets are notable for offering some laughable amounts for trade-ins. But if the car has been well maintained, it does give you an edge to negotiate for good value.

Down Payment Relief

Where a new car requires some deposit as part of a financing agreement, a trade-in can offset said deposit. If the cost of the car is more than what is owed, a car supermarket can accept the trade-in in place of a deposit. This allows you to drive off the lot with your desired car without having to put any money down first.

These are some of the clear benefits of trading your car when buying a new one. There are some downsides, of course, like the lower value you get for your car, but these are overshadowed by the convenience. This does not imply that you should not at the very least; tend to your car before driving to the dealer. You are encouraged to. It will give you a far bigger bargaining chip when the value of your car is obvious.