Basic Car Maintenance: Five Things That Many Drivers Forget To Check

Basic Car Maintenance Five Things That Many Drivers Forget To Check

Cars need to be serviced regularly to maintain optimal performance. Most drivers know they need to change their oil, but there are other things that need to be checked on a vehicle. Here are five things most drivers regularly forget to check on their vehicle.

Check Windshield Wipers

For numerous drivers, the windshield wipers are frequently ignored until the first overwhelming rainfall or snowfall. Dirty windshield wipers hinder visibility. Impaired visibility leads to hazardous driving conditions, and dangerous driving conditions cause car accidents. Drivers should make sure their windshield wipers are appropriate for the season. Windshield wipers should be changed at least twice a year.

Check Windshield Washer Fluid

Every driver wants a clean windshield. However, most drivers neglect to check their windshield washer fluid. Driving without windshield washer fluid is a hazard. Bugs fly on car windows and leave stains on windows. You cannot clean your windows without washer fluid. You should carry an extra container of washer fluid in your vehicle and periodically check the level to ensure clear visibility while driving.

Check Tire Pressure

Your vehicle upholds steady contact with the street through its tires. Having too little or too much air in your tires can cause unreasonable wear on your tires, diminish traction and cause unsafe driving conditions. Many careless drivers do not regularly check their tires. Tire pressure should be checked frequently, some even suggest that it should be checked every time the driver stops for gas. Having the correct tire pressure will save on fuel and improve driving performance.

Check the Gas Cap

Some drivers neglect to check the gas cap after they have pumped fuel into their vehicles. Double checking the gas cap will improve vehicle performance. It will also prevent dirt from entering the gas tank.

Check the Tire Tread

The majority of drivers neglect to check the tread on their tires. Bald tires can cause the vehicle to lose control. If the tread is low it is best to fix the problem soon. Brakes are often checked during routine car maintenance, but tire issues can cause problems with the brakes. Professionals that offer tire repair in Calgary like Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler can help you figure out what option is best for solving your tire or brake issues. Drivers should check their tires and brakes at least once a week.

In terms of vehicle upkeep, drivers need to understand a well maintained vehicle can increase the longevity of the car and improve vehicle performance. A properly maintained car can also keep drivers safe on the road in all weather conditions.

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