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6 Features of Mercedes Catalytic Converter

Over the decades, Mercedes Benz is well known for making various best enhancements in the vehicle industry; advancements that absolutely made their vehicles exceed expectations over the rest. Mercedes Benz surely showcases that they are additionally the pioneer in keeping up community connections by creating and developing exercises that can help them keep the community, the vehicle and the earth protected.

Mercedes catalytic converter

Nonetheless, the inquiry here is – Why does a Mercedes Benz vehicle oblige a catalytic converter in an exhaust system and how can it offer assistance? Despite the fact that Mercedes Benz motors have reliably enhanced with time, yet in any case they generate a great measure of perilous substances. Mercedes catalytic converter is an emission-control devices intended to clear up the depletion processed by gas fueled ignition motors. Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides essentially contain the unsafe substances, and it is in the capacity of exhaust systems to change over these harmful substances into less perilous ones before they are emitted in the environment outside.

Mercedes Benz might not allow any of their models to be utilized on open streets if there is no catalytic converter attached within.


Managing the converter

Issues with the exhaust system in your Mercedes or any vehicle are frequently more troublesome to manage. Most drivers acknowledge on the grounds that it is unlawful to mess with an exhaust system. This is entirely unlawful to endeavor to alter your Mercedes catalytic converter by any methods other than having an endorsed affirmed workman repairing it.


Laws in this respect

Federal and state laws both are overseeing the evacuation and repairing of exhaust systems in the vehicles. The clamor your catalytic converter is showing symptoms  that may cause your Mercedes to fall flat an outflows test or entitle you to submit fines to Environmental Protection Agency if not taken care of appropriately. It is just lawful to evacuate it if the clamor is influencing catalytic converter capacity.


Check the guarantee

 Your Mercedes may not be secured by the federally commanded Environmental Protection Agency warranty. Elected law emissions warranty details that if your auto was fabricated before 1996, the exhaust system is still under the guarantee just if the auto has covered the distance less than 50,000 miles. In the event that the auto was produced after 1996, the auto is lawfully needed to have more than 80,000 miles on it or be more than eight years of age to be out of warranty.

A few Mercedes vehicles have recorded issues with the exhaust systems. Mercedes arrived at a settlement with the EPA to expand the emanations guarantees on these vehicles.


Taking to the merchant

Take your Mercedes to the dealer or a workman who normally handles these autos and have the exhaust system tried. You will need to go to a technician who is acquainted with the auto’s fumes framework prerequisites and has admittance to unique supplies maker, or OEM of Mercedes catalytic converter parts. The converter used to supplant your Mercedes converter must be indistinguishable to the first Mercedes reactant converter. If your auto is still secured by the elected guarantee, it will need to be taken to the authorized Mercedes dealer.


Discovering a workman

You must see that the mechanic completely fill up the warranty card with the converter, then, if essential, reinstate it with an indistinguishable new converter. Documentation of the issue is a legitimate necessity if the converter needs to be swapped. Since messing around with converters is illicit, your boisterous converter will most likely be supplanted. In the event that the converter is even now working, the technician is not lawfully permitted to evacuate it.


Rounding out a guarantee

Verify that the workman likewise fills up a guarantee card as needed by Federal regulation. Spare a duplicate copy of everything for your records if an occurrence of emanations assessment issues at a later date arises.

Nothing Beats A Classic: 7 Tips To Restore Your Car

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Restoring a classic car is very challenging. It requires a significant commitment to successfully complete this type of project. It also demands a great deal of time and money. Many enthusiasts find great satisfaction and pride in completing their own project. There are a few things to consider during the restoration of a classic car.

Restoring The Car

Many car lovers revel in the thought of saving a classic car from the scrap yard. Others are eager to save a few dollars when buying their project car. A car that is considered a total basket case should be restored only if it has sentimental value or if money no object. Sometimes this is not practical. A solid car is going to be more expensive. It should have a good body, frame, and drive-line. It will pay off in the long run. Some of the components can be replaced easily. Those components include brakes, tires, and ball joints. Frame corrosion or collision damage can be very expensive. Those repairs can be time consuming as well. You can do some research to understand the common problem areas for a certain make and model of car the you are interested in restoring. Try to find a classic car buyers checklist. This will keep you from overlooking anything.

Vintage Shelby Mustang GT 350e | Classic Ford Muscle Car | Clasic Mustang GT Repair | Classic Car Restoration | Vintage Ford GT Repairs | Classic Car Repairs in Auburn, WA

The Price

You need to decide what kind of restoration you are going to do. If you are considering bringing your old ride back to its original glory, the price becomes a bigger consideration. Do not under estimate the cost of original parts.

Using A Camera

This is very important. The photos will serve as a crucial resource and reference during the reassembly procedure. Try to save your project-related photos if you use a digital camera. Save the photos in a folder on your computer so they don’t get misplaced. You can take pictures from multiple angles. Make sure to use plenty of light.

Plan And Budget

Every project should begin with the development of the restoration. This includes what needs to be done and when it will be completed. Try to map out the important tasks. You need to make notes of the major repairs. Develop a budget. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. You also need to figure out the trade offs, engine modification, paint job, interior, suspension upgrades, and the finish you want. When you have a budget, it ensures that you will have the funds to finish the project.

Dodge Charger

Using The Right Tool

You are going to need the proper equipment required for the project. This includes more than a floor jack, a set of wrenches, and a canvas garage. The area you are working in should be dry, clean, and well lit.

Getting The Right Safety Equipment

You need to use the correct safety equipment. This personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, ear plugs, respirator, etc. This will help protect your safety and your health.

Brake Lathe Installation

An on-car lathe and an off-car lathe are two types of brakes lathe installations. An on-car lathe does a dependable job. This is because it is installed in the same position as the brake caliper. For an off-car lathe requires the rotor to be removed from the car. The rotor is mounted to the lathe. This kind of lathe depends more on its own alignment.

16 Interesting Facts about the Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

The sports bike Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R was first released by Kawasaki in 2004, with addition of minor amendments in 2005. And in 2005, it won a few prestigious awards like the best superbike award from the very renowned Cycle World Magazine and an international Master bike competition as well. Its latest model was launched in 2013. Read More…

Tata Zest – the new edge of compact series!!

Tata Motors is one of the most prestigious names of automobile industry. Despite of being such an established brand, it has witnessed a high dip in sales figures. Considering this unexpected downfall, Tata motors has decided to renovate its vehicle-line up. With an aim to regain its repo & fame, the company has launched a brand new refreshing version of F5 compact sedan which is named as Tata Zest.

Mileage –The new Tata zest is a sub-4-meter vehicle which is available with a 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel. It is also available with an advanced 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine with 4-cylinders and 16-valves which is equipped with an intercooled turbocharging unit along with a multi-point fuel injection system to develop a maximum power of about 83.83Bhp, and generate a peak torque output of about 140Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm. The diesel powered Tata Zest is estimated to give a mileage in the range of 23 to 25 Kmpl, while the petrol version can deliver 18 to 19 Kmpl. It comes with a 44-litre fuel storage capacity along with 425 Kg of payload capacity. It is coupled with a highly advanced 5-speed automated manual transmission gearbox that enables the engine to deliver a flawless performance.


Exterior – the new Zest Compact sedan is worth compliment. This sub-4-meter Tata sedan comes with an appealing look unlike any of the Tata car models revealed till now. The most vibrant aspect is its dazzlingly designed headlight cluster with turn indicators and projector lamps. Radiator grille design is quite different from other models. The front bumper, integrated with LED daytime & fog lights, goes well with cleverly designed air dam. The side profile includes door handles and the ORVM caps. The trendy 16 inch alloy wheels enhance its elegance. The rear profile is also quite stylish, with a neat and glossy finish. The taillight cluster features LED light pattern and is complimented by the chrome inserts. The wheelbase of is claimed to be at 2470mm.

Interior – This trendy Tata Zest has an elegantly designed cabin with great leg, shoulder and headroom space. Provided with a dual tone look, it is complimented by chrome inserts. The design of the dashboard with a lot of chrome treatment gives it a premium look. It is equipped with AC unit, music system. The seats are well cushioned, pretty wide and have been covered with quality upholstery. This vehicle provides seating for a total of 5-passengers.

Interior Comfort –beside the common features such as ac unit with heater, an advanced instrumentation panel, power steering, power windows; Tata motors has decided to charm their customer with a 5-inch touchscreen display that helps the occupants to stay connected, an advanced audio acoustic system with Mapmyindia system for advanced navigation system. It also offer other utility based common features such as accessory power sockets, cup/bottle holders, storage compartment, glove box unit is spacious and provides a great leg space for the passengers in the front and rear cabin.

Braking & Handling – This is one of the most significant aspects of any vehicle. The new Tata Zest is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and features new advanced ABS system for improved braking efficiency. Beside this, it also offers a confronting stability feature, which makes the handling easy on sharp curves. Tata Zest equipped with an electronic power assisted steering system with “Active Return” function and speed related function.

Safety and Security – this compact sedan comes with a robust suspension system that improves the driving. Front axle has a dual path Independent McPherson strut system with Anti-roll bars, while the rear axle is integrated with an Independent 3-link McPherson Strut system with anti-roll bars. It also features an engine immobilizer system, key less entry function , seat belts and dual horn, side impact protection ,ABS with cornering stability feature, dual front air bags central locking system and many more.

Check out the online automobile portals like, etc. to get the latest price, offers, reviews & other latest info about this classy compact Zest.

Benefits of Attending a RV Show

Whether you are an enthusiastic dealer or an avid camper, RV shows have something to offer for everyone. With RV shows all around the nation at different times throughout the year, there is sure to be one in your area at some point in the coming seasons. Check out why you might want to attend a show in the near future!

RV Dealer

            The best way to get exposure to your RVs and your business is by taking part in a RV show. Potential buyers can view your inventory and you can knock out a large amount of customers with one event. If you provide great customer service and make friends with the various shoppers that attend, you may become their go-to dealer when they do decide to purchase an RV. If you don’t take part in the show, you are giving other are dealers the opportunity to woo customers to their business and away from yours.

Even if you don’t participate in the show, you may want to visit to see what the competition is offering, what is working for them, and what this year’s buyers seem to be looking for. By scoping out the scene, you will be prepared for the RV buying season when buyers start showing up at your dealership.

RV Buyer

            A RV show is a great place to go to scope out the endless RV options without any pressure. Although you are more than welcome to purchase a RV at the show, it is also a great venue to just look around without a salesman breathing down your neck. A show also allows you to see what various dealers have to offer without having to travel between dealers; everything in your area will be in one place for your viewing! If you have never been to one before, expect a lot of choices to be presented to you.

            Shows are also a great time to discover what you do and don’t want in your RV. By observing multiple options, you can get a feel of exactly what you are looking for. This allows you to spend less time searching at dealerships in the future, and more time to discuss prices and logistics with your salesperson. Another great thing about RV shows is it helps you determine which dealer is the right one for you and your needs. Different dealers have different types of RVs, customer service, and amenities to offer. Talk to a variety of dealers and find the one that seems to mesh the best with what you are looking for.

            Even if you aren’t purchasing a RV in the near future, RV shows can still benefit you. Shows tend to feature exhibits, seminars, and other various special events. If you already own a RV, vendors frequently have accessories on hand that may appeal to you or get you thinking about what could be added to your home on wheels. Dealers can also give advice on RV care, great campsites, or the best places to vacation with your RV.

            RV shows are something any person with a stake in the RV world will not want to miss. Whether you are hawking your wares or eyeing a potential purchase, the show will help you get what you want without a hassle. Start researching the next RV show near you today, and be ready to discover a whole new world!

By the staff of Quality RV

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

Go ahead, ask around: You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t be interested in how to increase the gas mileage of their vehicle. By increasing your gas mileage, you can increase your savings and ultimately get the most out of your vehicle. Thankfully, following are five convenient ways to increase the gas mileage of your car.

Drive Slower

            One of the biggest things you can do to increase your gas mileage is to drive slower whenever you’redriving. It may come as a surprise to some, but when you’re driving above 60 miles an hour, you’re actually decreasing the gas mileage of your vehicle. In fact, estimates that for every five miles per hour that exceeds 60 mph, drivers end up paying the equivalent of about 24 cents per every gallon of gas. So if you want to save money then take it easy, Speed Racer!

Take it Easy with Adjustments

            It’s no secret that speeding, braking and rapidly accelerating waste gas. What’s more, depending on your type of vehicle, bad driving behavior can negatively affect your gas mileage between 5 and 33 percent. With this in mind, you should try to take it easy when you’re driving — try to avoid the dreaded speed, brake, repeat cycle while you’re driving on a congested road. Instead, try to adjust to the driving patterns of those around you slowly and with ease. In a sense, you’ll want to try to “be like water.”

Leave Extra Weight Behind

            Having an extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce gas mileage by up to 2 percent. However, it’s important to note that this reduction is relative to your vehicle’s weight. For instance, smaller vehicles are more heavily affected by increased weight (as opposed to larger ones.) Additionally, for every 100 pounds of extra weight, you can expect to spend up to 6 cents more per gallon.

Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

            Doing small tasks can have big consequences when it comes to improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. Case in point, try this statistic on for size: The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 1.25 billion gallons of gasoline are wasted each year on underinflated tires. What’s more, tires can typically lose about two pounds per square inch each month! Simply put, getting your tire pressure checked on a regular basis can do wonders for the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Replace Your Spark Plugs

            Along with the enormous benefits that come from the small task of checking your tire pressure regularly, replacing your spark plugs can also end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence estimates that bad spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by up to 30 percent, and they can cost drivers up to roughly 94 cents per gallon (at current prices.) At the very least, just keep your eyes open — if a car’s gas mileage drops all of the sudden, there is a good chance that it could be due to misfiring spark plugs.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited is an auto repair shop in Columbia, MO that specializes in glass repair and paintless dent repair.

Don’t Forget to Flush…Your Radiator

The invention of the automobile was undoubtedly huge, especially for modern-day car buffs, but it didn’t come without a few headaches. Owning a vehicle is basically a necessity, and if that vehicle starts having problems, it can cause huge issues that reach into every facet of the owner’s life. One of the quickest ways to have one’s car break down is to not properly maintain the radiator. Luckily, after understanding the benefits of radiator care, not many car lovers will negate this essential duty.

Keeping the Water Pump Healthy

As with most parts in modern-day vehicles, the radiator is not an island in and of itself. Issues with this essential car system can quickly lead to problems in other areas of the vehicle. One of the auto parts most affected by the radiator is the water pump. The water pump assists in the moving of water throughout the engine block and other parts of the vehicle. Whenever the radiator is periodically flushed, an additive in the coolant will lubricate the pump. This is imperative since it will lengthen the part’s life.

Removes Scale and Rust Deposits

Properly maintaining one’s radiator will also ensure that scale and rust deposits are removed from within the system. This is essential since these deposits will undoubtedly build up over time. When they reach a certain point, these buildups will result in a vehicle overheating and, in some cases, much more significant damage to the vehicle.

In addition, an overheating car can lead to serious auto accidents. A vehicle that stalls while going down the road, for instance, can be a danger to everyone around it. This is especially the case since it can be difficult to get off of the road without any power going to the engine. Additionally, a sudden cloud of steam coming from under the hood can hinder a person’s ability to see in front of them, and this can quickly lead to a tragic accident.

When you consider the effect of a car accident on your life, you mostly think of the inconvenience of car repairs like not having your vehicle for some time while it is being repaired. You certainly do not want to be liable for the accident due to your negligence and not performing routine maintenance on your car. One Missouri law firm states on their website the detailed steps that go into proving your accident claim. If the insurance company suspects that you are at fault it will be very difficult to get the compensation that you need for car repairs and medical expenses.

Prevents Corrosion

Not having a radiator periodically drained as part of routine maintenance can lead to particles building up within the system and therefore corrosion. Fortunately, antifreeze contains anti-corrosive materials, and this will prevent serious damage to a vehicle. Over time, however, the additives in the coolant will lose their anti-corrosive properties. Keeping the system well maintained will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Save Warranty Information

One of the most important reasons to have periodic radiator maintenance, especially for those purchasing new vehicles, is the fact that it will help maintain the automobile’s warranty. New and many used cars come with a warranty that ensures the owner is protected, but these warranties often have specific requirements that must be met. Otherwise, the warranty will be void. Having maintenance, such as coolant flushes, performed on the vehicle will undoubtedly be one of these requirements. This means that, if bigger issues occur, the owner of the vehicle will still be covered.

A person’s vehicle is like an extension of themselves, and when they take care of it, it will take care of them in turn. Most individuals focus on using the right gas, getting periodic oil changes and optimal tire inflation; and this sometimes leaves radiator maintenance in the farthest reaches of their mind. Knowing the aforementioned benefits, however, make it quite easy to understand how important routine maintenance is for the coolant system.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who has a passion for cars and their maintenance. She found this video,, useful in understanding how a car accident lawyer can help accident victims get the assistance they need to cover their losses.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Automotive Trends for 2014


With 2013 behind us, it is the perfect time to look ahead at what the year of 2014 has in store for the automobile industry. As modern vehicles continue to evolve every year, there are imminent changes on the horizon for companies, vehicles and even individual features. On both the large and small scales, 2014 will usher in new additions, as well as the demise of some things in the automotive world.

In With the New

Each and every year, the automotive audience waits eagerly for the newest vehicles and news. First of all, the upcoming year will see the resurgence of diesel-powered vehicles and producers beginning to focus on rolling them out. With a stronger performance than its more common counterparts, diesel engines will have drivers thinking that their vehicles could double as power systems once again.

Another major addition in 2014 will be an entire manufacturer to the forefront—Qoros. Although it is based in China, Qoros is an international producer that appears ready to break into the market with a sedan and crossover model. One more large-scale trend in 2014 will be collaboration between manufacturers. With Hyundai and Kia already set to build another plant together, we may also see joint efforts from GM and Ford, Toyota and Subaru, as well as others.

On a slightly smaller scale, the new year will see even more smart cars. It will be difficult to find a new car that doesn’t talk to you, or at you, either with actual words, like Siri reading your messages, or with noises, like that annoying beep when you get too close to an object. Even more advanced are the semi-autonomous vehicles that can perform some functions on their own, such as blind-spot detection and emergency breaking.

Out With the Old

Just as new things will be introduced on the macro and micro scale, so will some old things be on the decline. For instance, 2014 will witness the exodus of Mitsubishi as it follows the trend of manufacturers leaving the US market. Additionally, Toyota will be abandoning the Scion in the upcoming year as the manufacturer is giving dealers the option to not sell Scion products, as well as revealing that there will be no new Scion models coming in the near future. Another major trend of 2014 will be the loss of support for ethanol as fuel. Along with the rise of domestic oil production, the potential negative consequences on farming and food supply are encouraging a drop-off in the popularity of ethanol.

Some smaller trends, such as the fallout of several regular vehicle features, will also come in 2014. First of all, the CD player will begin to die out this year. Although it will be some time before we see the CD player become completely extinct, the popularity of XM radio and the ability to connect smartphones with personal music to vehicles are certainly making CD players a thing of the past. Manual hand brakes will also fade away in 2014; with the introduction and increase of the electronic emergency brake, manufacturers are beginning to leave out the old-fashioned hand brake.

Thanks to the emergence of advanced automatic gearboxes, manual transmissions will no longer be the preferred method for better fuel economy. Since carrying just one transmission option will be cheaper for manufacturers, the manual transmission will be trending downward in the upcoming year as it is supplanted by its automatic counterpart. Finally, and perhaps most disturbing, the trend of vehicles that consumers cannot work on themselves will be at large in this new year. Due to the fact that dealers and manufacturers don’t want people doing their own maintenance on vehicles, items like plastic panels are becoming more prevalent in new models to make it hard for anyone but the automakers to get to certain components, such as the engine.

Is America’s Favourite Truck Also Fit for Your Use?

Heavy Duty TrucksFord – Numero Uno American Truck

When it comes to trucks, what’s the better name than Ford? For Americans, trucks are synonymous with the brand Ford. That doesn’t mean all Americans are loyal and patriotic and consider anything beyond American as treachery. Though Ford trucks are highly preferred, import trucks are used by many a truck owner and by the commercial cargo hauling businesses. When it comes to heavy duty trucks, Ford trucks are unbeatable.

What’s Next? Chevrolet and RAM

Another question that arises is whether diesel trucks or gasoline trucks are better. Though most trucks are run by diesel, the fad of gasoline trucks is gradually catching up. Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and RAM 1500 are the highest selling trucks in the US.  The Nissan Frontier is one of the best selling pickup trucks of America, and it is a mix of various features, and at the same time, it maintains its high practical usage. The GMC Sierra 1500 comes with a huge space at the rear, fuel economy, and 4 types of engine sizes. The loading capacity is huge in this car.

Nissan Titan

When it comes to import trucks, a whole lot of worries start nagging the truck buyers like payment of import duties, shipping charges, and hassles of importing. Moreover, in case of import trucks, checking the history of the used truck becomes difficult. This is avoided when you buy domestic trucks. When you are buying imported trucks, Nissan is the name to note.  Nissan trucks have class, speed, mileage, and robustness required during high duress conditions. The Nissan Titan pickup truck comes in two configurations and two styles. It has a huge towing capacity of around 9500 pounds

Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline is a huge truck with a new and unique design that features a cargo compartment at the back which is safe, hidden, and secure. Whether the cargo towing needs are of a personal nature or for commercial needs, these trucks sell like hot cakes in America.

Used Trucks

If you are looking for used trucks for sale, search online for various attractive deals. Used trucks are a good deal, but don’t be blinded by the good price. Check the working condition of the trucks thoroughly.

If you are looking for low cost used heavy duty trucks like Ford, Chevy, GMC, or any other flatbed dump truck, you may buy the same through online websites. Prefer to buy a truck that runs like a breeze on American roads. Assess the roads of your state and make the truck purchase accordingly. Domestic American trucks are usually heavy weight, and hence, are preferred when there is a risk of skidding on the roads.

There’s no harm in purchasing a used truck, however, make sure you check the condition of the parts before purchasing it. Check whether the engine runs well and the bed is intact, strong, and not fragile. Is there an excess of smoke production? The bed size, cabin type, and other characteristics like start time of engine matter too. Fuel efficiency and mileage are important factors. Are the trucks equipped with internal food storage facilities and other equipment for usage of humans and animals (in case of animals being transported)?

Whatever you buy, exercise caution. The cheapest deals may not be the best deal for you always. Moreover, you may choose to buy the best-selling trucks of America if they really serve your purpose.

Why You Should Not Ignore Automobile Recalls


The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 established the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) whose main objective is to monitor complaints against motor vehicles or manufacturers and issue recalls of those vehicles if they pose a danger to the public. Since its inception, the NHTSA has recalled nearly 500 million vehicles for safety issues.

If you receive a recall notice on your vehicle, it is imperative that you take the vehicle into a dealership and have the item repaired or replaced. Not only does this protect you from potential harm, it also protects your rights as a victim if you are involved in an accident.

When You Are Involved In An Accident

Auto manufacturers attach recall notices and repairs to the VIN number of a car. This method of tracking allows manufacturers to know where the car is after it has been sold in the event that it has been resold. These recalls and repairs will stay attached to the car until it is registered as scrapped. This information can be accessed by attorneys and insurance companies by request and can be used as evidence in a case.

The website of a Chicago car accident lawyer lists faulty vehicle claims as one of the leading causes of car accidents. One of the components of a lawsuit is research. If, during that research, it is discovered that you had a recall notice on your car and you did not have it repaired and that defect was either the cause of the accident or your injury your rights as a victim may be compromised.

The insurance company may see this as an act of negligence on your part and deny any claims that you make for compensation. While your attorney will aggressively fight the insurer on your behalf, there is a risk involved that you may not receive any or very limited compensation due to the recall repair not being completed.

Recalls Are Very Serious

Due to the scope of a vehicle recall and the expense associated with implementing a recall, the NHTSA only issues recalls if there is “unreasonable risk to the safety of the vehicle occupants” if the repair is not implemented. Auto makers can impose voluntary recalls for any reason, but safety recalls enacted by the NHTSA must be completed by the car companies.

Common reasons for recalls include:

• Defective parts that impact acceleration and can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
• Defective steering components that cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
• Defective fuel system components that will cause the car to stall.
• Defective brake components that can cause loss of braking or brake lock-ups.
• Defective air bags, either in deployment or when in use.
• Defective tires.

Other recalls have been issued for things such as faulty components holding the seats in place and defective door handles that fell off on impact and trapped people in the cars.

It is important to remember that most recalls occur as a result of several people being hurt by these exact defects. The NHTSA will not randomly issue recalls until there is a distinct pattern of danger from a vehicle.

It can be an inconvenience to take your car into the dealership and spend the afternoon waiting for a repair, but it can mean the difference between being injured and walking away from an accident. It can also mean the difference between receiving full and fair compensation and having your claim reduced or denied.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who frequently researches product liability and car accidents. By performing an online search using criteria such as Chicago car accident lawyer and automobile recalls she was able to validate the information contained in this article.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons