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How to Make Your Vehicle more Dependable?

image00Your vehicle is the backbone of your daily life as all your commuting needs are fulfilled by it. Its construction proves to be a thing of curiosity to many and so the searches on drivetrain or powertrain are made every day on the internet to find out what exactly the vehicle is made of. Many people who use the car or truck or any other rugged vehicle are actually not aware of the term drivetrain as a whole but do know this part in bits and pieces. Drivetrain is actually the main body of the vehicle that is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the wheels so that a very impressive output can be obtained. Read More…

5 Ways To Reduce Your Trailer Maintenance

Whether you are a truck driver, the owner of a fleet of semi-trailers, or a company that maintains 18-wheelers, you know the magnitude of regularly maintaining your big rig(s). There’s no two ways around it. Semi-trailers must be regularly checked; you must troubleshoot, diagnose, and/or repair your vehicle to ensure it is safe for both you to drive and for other drivers to be travelling near you on the road.

Here are some time-and-money-saving tips that will help you reduce trailer maintenance while improving your trailer’s performance.

Check Your Brakes Before Every Long Haul

There are certain components of your semi-trailer’s brake system that deteriorate over time and that need to be checked; these include air leaks, drum wear, bearing seal leaks, and brake shoe wear. In addition, check to make sure your truck’s “low air warning” device is working. Being able to detect deteriorating conditions both visually and through your truck’s warning systems can mean the difference between stopping your semi-trailer when you want and trying to maneuver a big rig that is gaining speed and out of control. If you make it a habit to implement preventive maintenance procedures regarding your rig’s braking system, you’ll be able to detect and then repair worn or defective brakes before any drastic brake failure can occur. You’ll save stress, time, and money in the long haul.

Research and Invest in Quality Equipment Upfront

Diligently focus on spec’ing not only your semi-trailers brakes, tires, and other traditionally-expensive elements, but also on the smaller components that can really make a difference in ongoing maintenance costs over the years you own your trailer. While you may find yourself making a bigger investment upfront for top-of-the-line, quality components that are the best for your semi-trailer’s particular application, they’ll be able to sustain wear and tear over the long haul and require less maintenance further down the road.  For example, a commonly-recommended and increasingly-standard spec for the top rails of trailers is LED lighting. While LED lighting costs more than the traditional incandescent lighting, it’s worth it if you plan on driving your rig for at least three years. The bottom line, invest in quality equipment upfront and it will pay for itself by requiring less hassle, less stress, less replacements, and less maintenance costs over time.

Invest in Damage-Resistant Liners for Your Trailer’s Interior

Instead of old plywood-lined sidewalls that typically need to be replaced because they easily get banged up and scuffed, invest in damage-resistant, high-strength interior liners for your trailer. For dry van trailers, high-strength steel liners last longer, reduce maintenance costs, and extend repair requirements.

Prevent Corrosion: Simply, Keep It Clean

By simply having your trailer washed down thoroughly after long runs  (especially during the winter months and in inclement weather) you can significantly help to prevent corrosion from occurring under your trailer. Frequent washing prevents excessive signs of corrosion. Take care of your trailer and it will last longer, be safer, and save you from having to invest in repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts.

Frequent and Overall Inspections

Although it may take some time before you head out, it’s important to look over your semi-trailer from top to bottom at least once a month. In addition, keep a record of when it was checked and what was found. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify areas that need immediate repair so that they don’t get worse over time and turn into a safety hazard. In fact, some of your findings might be covered under warranty.

While there are many additional things you can do to lower your maintenance costs, implementing these five is a great start.

Roderick Brown is a freelance journalist covering general business and niche topics.

Nothing Beats A Classic: 7 Tips To Restore Your Car

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Restoring a classic car is very challenging. It requires a significant commitment to successfully complete this type of project. It also demands a great deal of time and money. Many enthusiasts find great satisfaction and pride in completing their own project. There are a few things to consider during the restoration of a classic car.

Restoring The Car

Many car lovers revel in the thought of saving a classic car from the scrap yard. Others are eager to save a few dollars when buying their project car. A car that is considered a total basket case should be restored only if it has sentimental value or if money no object. Sometimes this is not practical. A solid car is going to be more expensive. It should have a good body, frame, and drive-line. It will pay off in the long run. Some of the components can be replaced easily. Those components include brakes, tires, and ball joints. Frame corrosion or collision damage can be very expensive. Those repairs can be time consuming as well. You can do some research to understand the common problem areas for a certain make and model of car the you are interested in restoring. Try to find a classic car buyers checklist. This will keep you from overlooking anything.

Vintage Shelby Mustang GT 350e | Classic Ford Muscle Car | Clasic Mustang GT Repair | Classic Car Restoration | Vintage Ford GT Repairs | Classic Car Repairs in Auburn, WA

The Price

You need to decide what kind of restoration you are going to do. If you are considering bringing your old ride back to its original glory, the price becomes a bigger consideration. Do not under estimate the cost of original parts.

Using A Camera

This is very important. The photos will serve as a crucial resource and reference during the reassembly procedure. Try to save your project-related photos if you use a digital camera. Save the photos in a folder on your computer so they don’t get misplaced. You can take pictures from multiple angles. Make sure to use plenty of light.

Plan And Budget

Every project should begin with the development of the restoration. This includes what needs to be done and when it will be completed. Try to map out the important tasks. You need to make notes of the major repairs. Develop a budget. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. You also need to figure out the trade offs, engine modification, paint job, interior, suspension upgrades, and the finish you want. When you have a budget, it ensures that you will have the funds to finish the project.

Dodge Charger

Using The Right Tool

You are going to need the proper equipment required for the project. This includes more than a floor jack, a set of wrenches, and a canvas garage. The area you are working in should be dry, clean, and well lit.

Getting The Right Safety Equipment

You need to use the correct safety equipment. This personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, ear plugs, respirator, etc. This will help protect your safety and your health.

Brake Lathe Installation

An on-car lathe and an off-car lathe are two types of brakes lathe installations. An on-car lathe does a dependable job. This is because it is installed in the same position as the brake caliper. For an off-car lathe requires the rotor to be removed from the car. The rotor is mounted to the lathe. This kind of lathe depends more on its own alignment.

How to Install a PA System in Your Car

Having a Public Address system in their cars is something that many car owners want, so that they can play music from their smartphones or car stereos through it. But, not everyone knows how to install one, as it can be a little complicated, and many people are wondering how to connect all the wires and the numerous parts to their cars. However, a few simple tips can help you install a PA system in your car, even if you are not an electronics technician. All you need to do is purchase the necessary supplies, and know how to make some simple wire connections.

1. What Supplies You Need

A typical PA system consists of several parts, including a CB radio, a microphone, an external speaker, an amplifier, and some cables. Additionally, you will need an RCA cable, some duct tape, and a few connectors.

2. Connecting the Components

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, you can start connecting the various components to each other.

Hook the CB radio to the amp – this is the first task you have to do. You can connect the CB radio and the amp using an RCA cable, by plugging one end of the cable into the radio’s PA output, and the other into the amp’s RCA plug.
Connect the amp to the speaker – to do this, you just need to plug the speaker wires into the speaker ports of your amp, which is a pretty simple and straightforward task.
Plug in your microphone – if you want to use your PA system to speak through it, you
should get an amp that has a microphone port, and simply plug the microphone’s cable into the amp’s dynamic port.

3. Powering the PA System

This is the tougher part of the installation process. You need to figure out a way to get supply to the amp and to the radio. There are several possible ways to do it, but they all involve connecting the components of your PA system to your car’s battery.

You start by connecting your amp to your battery, which you will need a few cables for. You can buy an amp power kit, which usually includes three wires. Take the red wire and connect the positive port on your amp the the battery’s positive terminal. One end of the black wire goes into the negative port of your amp, and the other end should be attached to some metal section near the engine, that is not painted.

The next step is to connect the amp to a power switch, to be able to turn the amp on and off. Grab a wire and connect one end to the positive port of your amp, and the other end to the port of the switch that’s marked with “in”. Take another wire to connect the “out” port of the switch to a port on your amp that says “remote”.

At first glance, installing a PA system in your car might seem like a daunting process, but if you just follow these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to get it right in no time.

Author bio:
Jordan Perch is an automotive fanatic and “car tech” specialist. He is running, a news hub for car innovation.

Critical Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Since competition in the auto repair industry is incredibly fierce, marketing can be a very important tool that can give your business the edge that you need in order to make sure you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Every car repair shop has its own business model and has a specific positioning on its market, so each approach has its own specifics. It’s notable that many auto repair shops lack innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting their business, so a couple of marketing ideas might come in handy.

Try and get as many referrals as possible

For businesses in the auto service industry, word of mouth is arguably the most effective way for expanding your customer base. You can partner up with businesses that share your target audience, but offer different types of services than you, try and convince them to refer their clients to you, and for each customer they refer to you, they receive a commission. Also, you can try and have your customers recommend you to their friends, and you can achieve that by providing timely and quality service, and offering competitive prices. You can ask them to post a status on their Facebook profile or tweet about your shop, and in return, offer a reward of some sort, such as a discount the next time they come to you, or mount and balance their tires or change their oil for free.

Improve brand perception by holding various events

There are a couple of ways to make people in your community aware of your businesses. For example, you can hold regular events focusing on vehicle maintenance, where you demonstrate drivers how to properly maintain their cars, and explaining the consequences of failing to change the oil or the air filter, or other similar maintenance tasks that every car owner can do on their own. In addition, you can sponsor a youth sports team, or a local kart race, or donate to a charity.

Radio and TV advertising

If you are an established auto repair shop, you can probably afford to pay a radio or TV add that will be aired over and over again, which is bound to get the attention of car owners needing a repair. This is an expensive marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective ones, as it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploit the Web and Social Networking

No business in the world at this moment can exist without an online presence. A business-oriented web site and social media engagement is a must even for old-school businesses like auto repair shops as well. Establishing a well-positioned Facebook page and pro-actively engaging with the interested audience would definitely bring fruits. Also using services like Twitter to get local customers interested and engaged. Businesses of this type should serve funny content combined with some useful repair tips and tricks to get the sympathy and attention of the target market. The goal here is to provide genuine support, or likeability and maintain positive image in the eyes of the audience.

List made by Jordan Perch, car sales expert and regular contributor to numerous drivers communities.

How To Upgrade Your Favorite Car The Easy Way

Other than having new parts and a smoother driving experience, new cars come with many advanced technological elements that are not present in cars that were made five or six years ago. However, not everyone has the money to be able to buy a new car, whether it be outright or through a leasing option.

For many, upgrading their favorite car is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds – the comfort of still having their favorite vehicle and the advanced upgrades present in many modern cars. Here is a look at some easy ways to upgrade your favorite car.

Lift Kits

Add lift kits to raise the back end of your truck. These are usually simple blocks that fit in between the leaf and axle springs. Add spacers in the coil springs to raise the front. This combination will give your truck a more menacing and aggressive appearance.

Chrome Accessories

Add chrome accessories, such as bumpers, trim packages, grill guards, and running boards. They will add a level of quality and shine to your car. If you have a truck, adding a Tonneau cover to the back area will give it a sleeker look.

Replace Exhaust System

While the default exhaust system in most cars works reasonably well, it is unlikely to pump air as efficiently as a newer model. Adding an exhaust system can improve a car’s fuel consumption and power.

Regular Part Replacement/Repair

In addition to getting fancy new items installed in your car, you will need to get other parts regularly updated and properly maintained. For example, getting new tires is an underrated yet easy way to give your car a much needed boost. Instead of feeling as though you are pushing the car every step of the way, your vehicle will glide on the road with new tires.

Car and truck parts in Langley are available through a variety of means. It is possible to get them from authorized car dealers, repair centers such as 99 Truck parts, or online through major retailers.

Buy Used Parts to Save Money

If you are looking to get these car repairs done on a budget, you might want to consider buying used auto parts. Most used auto parts work just as well as a new part, and have not been used for more than a few months in another vehicle. Some will cost two/three times less than a newer part. For those who want to get multiple car upgrades done at once, buying used parts is the way to go.

4 Essential Steps to Storing Your Car in the Winter


Some cars are just not meant for the rigor and abuse a harsh winter can deliver, so it’s into the garage for your baby. Whether you’re in possession of a classy BMW, an iconic ’69 Corvette Stingray, or you just don’t want to drive that Audi convertible through the salt-laden ice and snow, there are a few steps that you should take in order to stash your ride for a few months.

Winter can wreak havoc on a vehicle, even if it isn’t being driven. Just because you aren’t trampling over the dirt, grime, salt, rocks, moisture and dust doesn’t mean that your baby isn’t going to come into contact with these nasties. It is important that you keep this in mind, because there is a delivery method for winter problems: the wind.

When the wind whips up, it carries those particles, and they begin to accumulate on car surfaces. Also, critters are another concern, because your vehicle looks like a lovely home for them. There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced this before: the month of April arrives, you gleefully skip over to your pride and joy, remove the cover and find patches of rust and other cosmetic evils! How can this be?

Let’s avoid such a tragedy this year.

1. Store a Clean Car

Before your Chevy hibernates for the winter months, you need to clean her. No, we don’t simply mean just a quick scrub — we mean a thorough, total, elbow-grease-driven kind of clean.

Be sure to remove any problem areas that already show dirt, as this will attract and hold moisture like a sponge. Also, don’t allow any rust spots to persist, as these will only worsen over time, and especially over the winter. Similar to how that lovely-smelling ocean salt spray can damage your car’s paint job, the wind-blown salt from the roads will do even worse. That kind of salt is actually more damaging and will likely accelerate rust corrosion.

Next, protect your ride with a good, dirt-rust-moisture-repelling wax. If there are any exposed metallic surfaces, then be sure to hit those with a protective polish. Even WD-40 will do a fantastic job at keeping the evil grime-monster at bay.

Last, clean out the inside of your vehicle. Not only will it be nice to come back to a spic and span beautiful car, but leaving that old Twinkie rapper and bag of curly fries in the back seat could cause more than just a stench problem. It could toss up a flag that says, “Please live in me! I have food!”

2. Critter Proof

Now that we’ve gotten the hardest part out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about that other issue of winter storage: critters. Tiny rodent creatures will find just about any crack or crevice to turn into a lovely winter home. This might be convenient for them, but it could be very bad for you.

First, you will want to shove a sock in the tail pipe. This makes sure that nothing will live, or die, in there. The implications of a critter living in your tailpipe should be somewhat obvious.

Unfortunately, mice are also a major issue, but the biggest problem with them is their size. These guys can climb into just about anything. It’s said that dryer sheets and mothballs might do the trick of keeping them away. However, there really is no foolproof way of keeping them out. The key is to make it less inviting and a little bit harder to access.

3. Car Cover

This step is arguably the most important. You need to get yourself a car cover that will fit your particular vehicle and not leave any surface material exposed. The car cover will not only keep out the rain, ice and snow, but it will also make it just that much more difficult for a critter to find a home in your baby.

There are plenty of nifty custom car covers that will fit snuggly over your vehicle. The best part about them is that they give your ’72 Corvette a snazzy place to hibernate for the winter.

Unfortunately, car covers will not block out the wind, which means they won’t be able to keep all moisture out, but it is certainly better than exposing your car to the elements.

A Guide for Buying the New Mondeo by Ford

The Ford Mondeo price range is £15,995 – £30,065, so it’s worth considering various factors before buying it. Mondeo has been successful in securing a five-star protection rating by the European New Car Assessment Programme, out of five starts possible. So, it is really safe in case, god forbid, you meet with an accident. Ford has worked on CO2 emissions as well while developing the new Mondeo. Its base models have very good CO2 emission levels; however, higher variants have above average CO2 emissions. Ford has credited Mondeo as its most important European car.

The Mondeo has been on the roads since 1993 and Ford has sold around four million pieces until now. In its long journey, the model has undergone a few facelifts, design changes, interior upgrades to keep it trendy and attractive. Ford has also worked on improving the security and safety features.

The front has a large and lower grille similar to Ford’s S-MAX and C-MAX, as they are produced using the same components. The upper part of the grille gives the distinction to the new, backswept light cluster. In fact, the upper grille design helps to identify the various Mondeo models viz. Edge, Zetec, Ghia and Titanium X. Ford has given the new models bigger headlamps equipped with an Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS). It has a higher shoulder line as well. While the rear panel is different for all models, all have a two-piece rear light cluster. Ford gave the model a “sacrifice panel”, made of body-colored plastic situated in the lower part. Ford wanted this area cheaper to repair.

The new Mondeo has an improved interior as well. The driver and passengers have more legroom and higher shoulder room. The seat squabs have been elongated to offer comfort to taller passengers. This brings more convenience with higher gearshift and more steering adjustments.

The Mondeo validates Ford’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) in two areas. The two toggle switches on the steering wheel and the aforementioned display panel in the instrument cluster. The model has three radio/CD players available, two of which are Sony units with MP3 compatibility. One of these has a single CD and the other comes with a 6 CD auto-changer.

Rear passengers have also been provided spacious legroom. Ford worked on rear seats with a split to the backrest and seats. This helps increase the boot capacity from 528 to 1448 liters when you have plenty of load to carry.

The Durateq petrol engine comes with four options, 1.6I, 2.0I, 2.3I and 2.5i. The new Mondeo has two Duratorq TDCi diesel engines, 1.8 with 100PS and 125PS output and 2.0 with 130PS and 140PS output. The car offers a solid, smooth and agile look making driving easy with the power and torque it offers with flexible gearing during the ride.

It has become wider and stable loaded with active safety systems like ABS with EBD and improved ESP system including Electronic Brake Assist (EBA). It also has six airbags to keep passengers safe. The Mondeo has a “stroking” steering column that moves away from the driver if the car meets with an accident.

The new Mondeo has beautiful looks, powerful engines, advanced security features that make it worth putting money into. You will have a long-lasting pleasant driving experience with your hands on a Mondeo wheel.

 For even more useful information or if you want to read more about the features of the new Mondeo from Ford (or as the Danes say ny mondeo fra Ford) check out this web page.

Master Your Car Remodel: How to Finance New Repairs

When your car starts making a funny noise, you can only avoid it for so long. After meeting with a mechanic, you’ll likely find yourself raising your eyebrows at the estimate that you receive. Even the most basic of repair bills can rise to $1,000 or more, but you can find a few ways to cut those costs or finance the job.

Master Your Car Remodel How to Finance New Repairs

Use a Short-Term Loan

A short-term loan is a loan that you pay back within one year or less. Most banks and credit unions won’t finance loans with shorter terms because the lenders won’t make back much money on that loan. You can take out an auto title loan, or a payday loan to pay for the repair bill, or you can use a peer to peer loan. Peer to peer lenders are available online, but you can also borrow money from family or friends. Some mechanics also offer payment plans and in-house financing.


Compare Costs

Never settle for the first price you receive from a mechanic. You wouldn’t hire the first person who offered to repair your roof, and you shouldn’t hire the first person who looks at your car either. After the mechanic gives you a price, take the job to other technicians. If you ask five different mechanics for the cost of repairing a small problem, you’ll receive five different answers.


Ask for an Estimate

Always ask for a written estimate that includes the cost of any materials needed, and the labor involved in that job. You can find a number of websites that tell you the average cost of various jobs. These websites show you how much the parts cost, how much labor should cost on the job, and what other mechanics charge per labor hour. Use that information to determine if your mechanic offers the best rates.


Opt for Used Parts

Buying used parts is the secret to turning a big estimate into an affordable job. Whether you need SS Monte Carlo parts, or parts for a vintage automobile, used car parts often cost half or less than new parts do. Talk to your mechanic about lowering the cost of your repair bill with a few used parts. Used parts typically come with the same guarantee that you would receive on new parts.


Not everyone can afford to pay a high repair bill, but you can lower your price with used parts. Don’t forget to compare rates from other mechanics and look at financing options available to you.

Performance car parts industry is a race to fulfill demand

In a world of smartphones and social media, cars have a vital role as well. We’re not using them for practical purposes anymore, and with such a wide variety on the market, it’s only natural to have more than one. Believe it or not, cars are like jewelry, shoes, and bags. They’ve become our most precious accessories, and the better they look the more confident they make us feel. When it comes to boosting performance and purchasing car parts, there’s no other way than investing in high-quality.

car parts

The performance car parts industry – a thriving business sector

The industry that focuses on performance car parts has been around for several years now. Unfortunately, the economic crisis doesn’t allow us to manifest our need for speed, nor our desire to make a difference and invest in a makeover that can make a car stand above the crowd. In spite of all the drawbacks, the car parts industry has expanded in the last couple of years thus reaching a 2.5% growth.

The recession, together with the disturbing rise of oil costs, has made the car repair industry become more powerful than ever. People are now choosing to have their old vehicle fixed, rather than invest in a new one. Surprisingly, we’re willing to spend incredible amounts of money on quality car parts to make sure that our vehicles remain in perfect condition for extended periods of time. The solution is not to buy a new car to showcase your status, but rather to pimp the old one and make more pioneering than ever.

Brand new cars are luxurious, shiny, and packed with innovative features. Yet, increasingly more copy cats are invading the market, and thus it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish an original from a fake. Car lovers are well aware than added vehicle performance and upgraded parts can bring more enjoyment to the driver.  When replacing or working on worn out car parts, making them better can have greater advantages.

car parts1

Pimp your ride to add personality

Stopping on a dime and having the ability to do it in harsh weather conditions can additionally provide supreme safety upgrades in addition to greater performance. Induction kits and high-performance air filters might also adjoin horse power while boosting fuel economy all at the same time. Performance car parts are available on TV under the shape of famous reality shows that emphasizes the great benefits of these parts. “Top Gear” and “Pimp my Ride” are two of the most famous, yet there are numerous others coming out with every year that goes by.

The goal of these shows is to gather viewers, thus involuntarily influencing the marketing and advertising of the performance car parts industry. The exposure can bring a lot of benefits to the industry, it can help it thrive, and it can convince more people that pimping their cars is a smarter choice than buying a new one.

car parts2

The car parts industry is thriving and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. With revenue of $50 billion in 2012, the demand for increased performance and fuel efficiency is becoming greater and greater. If you’re a car aficionado trying to a find a profitable business opportunity, think about the performance cart parts industry. It won’t just add performance, but it will also make your car unique and unlike any other models in the marketplace.

With the advent of technology and social media implementations, the performance car parts industry has had a lot to gain. We currently live in a society torn apart by the economic crisis, yet we can afford to invest huge amounts of cash in Smartphones, iPads and home cinema systems. Not many people choose to buy new cars anymore, and that’s probably because tuning your existing vehicle and making it better than ever is a much more viable option.

Pimping a car is like remodeling your home. In time you get tired of the same design, and because you can’t afford a new one, bringing it back to life can be a lot more cost-efficient. The exact same principle applies to cars: why save up for a new one when you can use a fraction of the cost to reinstate the old one?