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Unlikely Companions: A Racing Car and A Wheelchair

Auto-related hobbies are generally followed by people who are intensely passionate about them. There are entire cable channels devoted to cars and motorcycles, from classics to rat-rod rebuilds. Any given weekend you’ll be able to find a car show or meetup where people are showing off their classic Datsun Z cars, German imports, or classic American hot rods.

Auto Racing Injuries

Auto racing and other facets of the automotive industry can be dangerous. Even the safest track or auto-cross day carries with it the risk of fire, collision, or rolling. Most drivers follow safety practices such as installing roll cages in their cars, wearing helmets, and donning fire-safe protective suits, gloves, and shoes, but you can still get injured while racing or working on cars. Anytime you mix moving parts, heavy equipment, and humans, you have a real risk for disability or serious injury.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet concerning racing injuries by doing a local online search like car accident attorney Springfield MO or auto accident injuries.

Rally Racing as a Quadriplegic

That doesn’t mean you have to stop racing just because you get in an accident on the track. Many people continue pursuing their love of all things automotive despite being disabled, either by an automotive accident or other cause. One Missouri man has determined that he’s not going to let being a quadriplegic stop him from rally racing. Chris Hrabik was injured in a car accident not related to racing when he was 18 years old.

He has some use of his right hand, but his left is completely unusable. So he makes modifications in his shop, taping tools to his left hand and creating his own specific pieces of equipment so he can still fix and race cars. His 1997 Subaru Impreza is his rally car, and he has modifications–some industry standard, and some of his own–so that he can fit his wheelchair in the car if he needs it. Rally racing is a dangerous sport in which drivers race down an unpredictable dirt or gravel road and try to beat the other drivers’ times.

It’s so dangerous that spectators sometimes have to be kept away from the road in certain places where skidding, rollovers, or driving off the road are common.

Modifications for Racing

But a disability won’t stop a true car aficionado from driving, building, and racing cars. Modifications in all vehicles have come a long way so that disabled people can still get around, and those same modifications can be made in rally, autocross, and track racing cars. Even drift cars have some applications that allow disabled people to partake in their favorite sport.

It’s common for paraplegics to use hand controls for the brake, gas, and clutch of a race car. The setup is similar to that of a motorcycle or bicycle. More advanced modifications might include voice controls. Some people use pedal extenders to help them reach the pedals with short or amputated legs, and others have back braces that assist in stabilizing their backs while sitting in the safety-promoting but uncomfortable racing seats.

If you’ve been disabled due to an injury in the automotive industry, or are disabled and still want to continue building, racing, and modifying cars, advances in the technology of race cars will allow you to continue working on your hobby. You don’t need to watch from the sidelines if you’re determined to continue racing and working on your favorite cars.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer and car enthusiast who frequently researches car accident claims. If you would like to learn more about the devastating effects of auto accident injuries view this video by car accident attorney Springfield MO based which provides details on how an accident attorney can help you to recover physically and financially.

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Cars of the Famous Soccer Players

Cars of the Famous Soccer Players
Imagine this situation. You are driving your Peugeot 308 on the streets of London, listening to one of the local radio stations or a CD in your car, when you get cut off by nothing less than a Ferrari 458 Italia. It takes you a moment to recover from the shock, when, at the traffic light, another one hits you. Inside the car, behind the wheel is Arsenal’s midfielder and one of England’s greatest soccer prospect, Jack Wilshire. Now comes the real dilemma. If you are a Totenham fan, you search frantically for that and make sure that you book driving test and to keep in case of an emergency and report him for “reckless driving”, hoping that it affects him enough to play badly in the next Arsenal match, or, if you are a Gooner, you shake hands with him and ask for an autograph.

What do the Famous Soccer Players in Premiere Legue Drive?

Wayne Rooney’s ride
John’s Terry’s ride
Steven Gerard’s ride
Frank Lampard’s ride

Naturally, it isn’t just Jack Wilshire who has a fancy car when it comes to players in England. Wayne Rooney from Manchester United can often be seen in a Range Rover Sport driving to the training ground. Liverpool’s Steven Gerard seems to like his cars a little faster, so he has a Porsche Cayenne, while the captain of Chelsea FC, Jason Terry, has the same preferences when it comes to cars as Rooney, so he also drives a Range Rover Sport. Of course, who can blame him for choosing this powerful SUV. His longtime teammate, Frank Lampard on the other hand, drives one of the Britain most prestigious cars, the Aston Martin DB9.

How much would it Cost You to Get One of These Cars?

Range Rover price
Porsche Cayenne price
Aston Martin DB9 price

If you would like to get behind the wheel of one of these monsters, you should start saving right now as they are nothing if not expensive. Range Rover can cost up to £103,000, with all the upgrades. If that is too expensive, or you like fast cars more, maybe the £ 90,790 price tag from the Porsche Cayenne is closer to your budget. Of course, most of us can’t even dream of driving Aston Martin, which can reach a price of £128,653.

What do The Famous Soccer Players from Premiere League See in These Cars?

Range Rover specs
Porsche Cayenne specs
Aston Martin DB9 specs

Many of you are probably wondering, what do the famous soccer players see in these cars? Are they just for show, or are they real car enthusiasts? Just take a look at these top speeds and powers and you’ll understand why they are driving them. Range Rover can reach a top speed of 225km/h, has a and reaches 0-100 in 7.2 sec. Porsche Cayenne can reach 278km/h, and goes 0-100kmh in 4.8 seconds. Aston Martin DB9 reaches a top speed of 305km/h and can get to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds. Now you tell me, wouldn’t you like to be behind the wheel of one of these cars and be like one of your favorite players? Not to mention that everyone would like a ride in your car.

Street Racing – Miami’s Underground Entertainment


Campionatul European de Drift King of Europe

Despite unsanctioned street racing being illegal throughout the Miami-Dade area, enthusiasts still find a way to break out their souped-up cars every weekend. Even though the city sponsors official street competitions regularly throughout the year, the underground street races continue to take place, often without significant legal consequences.

The mandated fine is upwards of $5000 per offense. Because law enforcement in Miami is often slow to catch on to these races, let alone punish racers, people who live in popular street racing areas and willing spectators should take special note for their safety while enjoying these fast-paced events. People who live close to the city’s regional track, the U.S. 27 strip in the Pembroke Pines area, and numerous other places throughout Miami should use these precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while witnessing these races.

Stay Out of the Road

As sunset reaches the city, the time also approaches for you and your loved ones to abandon the city’s streets. Once the sun has set and the city-sponsored races at the regional track have ended, novice racers will take to the strip to begin their own fast-paced fun. As they roar up and down the roads, the drivers of these cars often do not take notice of pedestrians or even children at play.

Case in point, a 12 year-old boy was recently killed by street racers as he ran into the street to retrieve a ball. The driver who hit him never stopped, thus indicating that the drivers of these illegal races are more interested in speed than safety. If you or a loved one has been the unfortunate victim of such an event, while you explore your insurance options, you should also contact legal professionals. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, a legal firm whose practice includes Miami, recommends speaking with an attorney to determine if you need legal representation.

If you are in the vicinity of these races or make the trip to watch them in person, it is vital that you keep your children and yourself out of the roads before and during the races.

Prepare to Move Quickly

Because these races are not sanctioned by the city, street racers often have few, if any rules that they follow while they compete. With the lack of restrictions, safety may be put on the back burner as racers try to outdo each other in these contests. If a driver feels slighted by an opponent, that person could act out with anger, putting others in the vicinity at risk. If a fight breaks out among the drivers, it is imperative that you move yourself and your loved ones to safety. Getting out of the way while the racers fight out their differences can keep you safe during these races.

Keep Safety Gear Nearby

When street racers take to the roads, they may give little attention to whether or not their cars are kicking up debris. If you are watching a race, you could be hit by flying rocks, gravel and metallic shards that are strewn about by the car’s tires. Rather than risk losing an eye or losing your ability to hear because of the cars loud rumblings, you should consider bringing and wearing safety goggle and ear plugs. It may not look cool but as you may have to duck and dodge flying debris, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Miami officially outlawed unsanctioned street races more than two years ago. Nonetheless, racing enthusiasts take to the roads every weekend to battle it out with competitors in these wildly popular street races. If you are witness to these events, you can stay safe by taking these precautions to heart. If despite all good precautions an incident does occur, Steinger, Iscoe & Greene says: “Our accomplished auto accident attorneys in Miami are dedicated to handling cases for individuals who have been injured or lost loved ones as a result of the reckless actions of another driver.

Freelance writer Teresa Stewart appreciates fast cars but also understands the need for safety so encourages these precautionary tips for spectators.

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The World’s Highest-Earning Racing Car Drivers

Have you ever wondered how much your favourite driver is worth?

Take a look below at our list of the worlds highest earning race car drivers.

Michael Schumacher

$400 Million

Its not surprising that Michael Schumacher is the highest earning driver in the world, he is considered to be one of the best Formula One drivers of all time. German born Schumacher has won the F1 seven times, and during that time he has broken a number of records such as the fastest laps and highest number of wins in a single season. He is now a spokesman for driver safety and a UNESCO ambassador.

Ayrton Senna

$400 Million

After the success of the 2010 film Senna directed by Asif Kapadia, Brazilian born Ayrton Senna is still in the consciousness of many Formula One fans. This Grand Prix race car driver comes in at a close tie with Schumacher, both in terms of earnings and notoriety. Senna won three F1 championships, but unfortunately lost his life during an accident in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Dale Earnhardt JR

$300 Million

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, is incredibly popular in America. Dale Earnhardt JR is the king of the NASCAR track, and the third generation of a family of NASCAR drivers. He has won the Most Popular Driver Award ten times, and has featured in a number of films, music videos and television appearances.

Eddie Jordan

$275 Million

Eddie Jordan is a former driver, businessman, entrepreneur, musician and founder of the Jordan Grand Prix. As a driver he has won a vast number of races including Formula Atlantic. Jordan Grand Prix saw Schumacher’s debut race.

Jeff Gordon

$150 Million

Jeff Gordon’s is an American stock car racing driver. Over the years he has won three times at the Bill Davis Racing, four times at the Sprint Cup, and Daytona 500 three times. He is regarded as being one of the best drivers of all time as one of the best NASCAR drivers.

Kimi Raikkonen

$130 Million

Finnish born Kimi Raikkonen is a regular Formula One racing driver, winning the F1 championship in 2007. During his success, Raikkonen has become a celebrity, featuring in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, and high paid sportsman.

Valentino Rossi

$120 Million

Valentino Rossi is an Italian motorcycle racer who is considered to be one of the most successful motorcycle races in the world. His grandfather was also a racer. Rossi has gone onto win a vast number of races including the 250cc World Championship, 500cc World Championship and MotoGP.

Niki Lauda

$100 Million

Niki Lauda is a former Austrian Formula One racing champion. Lauda has won the F1 championship three times. He was involved in a horrific accident at the 1976 German Grand Prix, but he came back six weeks later to race in the Italian Grand Prix.

We hope that this list has given you some insight into how much some of the greatest drivers in history are worth.

Alex Harrard is an events manager from Crocodile Trading the easy up gazebo specialists

Review of the New Golf by VW

Today, we will take a look at the new golf launched by Volkswagen. This vehicle is the latest entrant in the golf series by Volkswagen. Today, we will take an in-depth look at this vehicle and give you our thoughts on the same. During this review, we will cover the performance as well as the features of the car.

Our aim is to provide you with a well-rounded view.

Let us start with how the new golf performs. This series comes with turbocharged engines. Volkswagen offers a number of choices when it comes to engines. You can choose from a 1.2-liter petrol engine that gives you a choice between 84 hp and 103 hp. The other option is a 1.4-liter petrol engine that offers either 120 hp or 138 hp. As a matter of fact the choice does not end here. The 1.6-liter diesel range offers 133 hp and the 2-liter engine offers 148 hp.

This vehicle maintains the amazing reliability of its predecessors. Both the steering and the suspension are extremely solid. This makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable. You never lose control of the vehicle. In addition to that we can also say that the car is extremely quiet. You will not hear the gears shifting or the suspension working hard. The ride maintains its smoothness, irrespective of the engines used. We did not feel any change when switching from the petrol model to the diesel model.

The new golf does not skimp on any safety features. The features included are:

- An anti-locking brake system for all four wheels;

- Airbags for the head both in the front and rear seats;

- An immobilizer system for the engine;

- An anchor for a child seat;

- Disc brakes in the front and the back;

- Traction and Stability control;

- Daytime running lights

These are only some of the features included in the vehicle. The care can seat five passengers. It has two versions – two doors and four doors. The floor of the vehicle can be adjusted to accommodate your luggage. The vehicle can easily seat driver and passenger who are six feet tall.

The standard features included in the vehicle are as follows:

- A cruise control system;

- An air-conditioning system;

- A driver’s seat which adjusts to your height;

- Adjustable armrest and lumbar;

- A navigation computer;

- Sound system with eight speakers, a CD player and an audio jack;

- Fifteen in wheels;

- A keyless entry system;

- Heated mirrors;

- Adjustable steering wheels

The luxury features in the new golf are as follows:

- Heated front seats;

- A Bluetooth interface;

- Option to plug in an iPod or a USB media player;

- Touch screen audio interface;

- Seventeen in wheels;

- Fog lights;

- Ambient cabin lighting system;

- Sunroof;

- LED running lights;

- Premium audio system;

Overall, the new golf from Volkswagen (I read very interesting things about it at the danish Volkswagen ny billig golf website) lives up to its expectations. What do you think? Take it out for a test drive and tell us how you feel about it.

Donating Your Used Car To Charity: Pros, Cons, And Tips

used_carWe donate our used clothing and other items to charity, so why not other items that we no longer have a use for? You can make a difference in a big way by donating big ticket items like boats and cars to charitable organizations. The increase in charities accepting vehicle donations has led to a mutually beneficial and booming business, wherein the donor saves by claiming the donation on income taz returns and the charity is able to sell the vehicle and use the funds to further its cause. While this might seem like a straightforward way to do good in the world, there are some associated risks with donating your car. 


  • Many charities have started to accept vehicles as a form of donation, so you can most likely find a charity that supports your favorite cause to donate to.
  • You can claim a huge deduction on your income tax returns when you donate your car to a charity approved by the IRS.
  • You get to save yourself the hassle of trying to find a buyer for your used car.
  • Donating a car makes it much easier to make a big difference for your charity with less financial impact to you than a cash donation.


  • Intermediaries that accept your car donation and then donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice often take a substantial cut away from your chosen cause. If the charities you support don’t accept car donations directly, you may be better off finding one that does.
  • To get a tax deduction, you’ll need to follow up with the charity to get paperwork that proves the vehicle’s value. Your estimate or the fair market value probably won’t cut it if your car is worth over $500.
  • The same paperwork to get rid of the car is still necessary- if you don’t formally re-title the vehicle, you could risk parking tickets and more down the line.


  1. Avoid 3rd parties and try to donate your car directly to the charity of your choice.
  2. Choose a charity that means a lot to you and has a big impact in its line of work. If the charities you usually support don’t accept car donations, take time to investigate alternatives instead of just picking the first charity you find. The Better Business Bureau can help you to evaluate charities whose activities you aren’t very familiar with.
  3. Make 100% sure that your chosen charity is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is qualified by the IRS for donation deduction purposes. 
  4. If you have to use a middle man, do your research to find out how much of the proceeds from the car’s sale will actually go to the charity. Do they take a percentage, or a flat fee? Using an intermediary not only limits the effectiveness of your gift, but can also have tax implications.
  5. Keep a thorough paper trail for tax purposes in order to claim the donation on your tax returns.
  6. Deliver the car to the charity yourself so they don’t have to take money out of your donation to pay someone to come pick it up.
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Jack Lovegood is a automotive expert and a contributing blogger for Chrysler Group LLC, where you can purchase a Jeep extended warranty at a discounted rate. 

5 Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Tires

After spending good money on tires, most drivers fail to give them adequate maintenance. Tires play an important role in driving safety, so making sure they’re in road-worthy condition is essential. Below are a few tire tips and tricks to follow. Properly purchased and maintained tires will last longer than neglected ones, saving you money, and most importantly, keeping you safe.

1. Buy Quality Tires from a Reputable Brand

First and foremost, when you purchase new tires, make sure they’re from a reputable company and of premium quality. You and your car depend on them. Buying internationally known brands like Goodyear and Nokian tires ensures safety and affordability. Remember, your purchase should reflect your driving style, driving environment, and vehicle. After buying a new set of tires, try driving the vehicle initially for at least 200 miles at medium speed on dry roads.

2. Maintain the Correct Tire Pressure

Find out the right air pressure for your tires and make sure you maintain it. Check the pressure before and after long drives, during cold driving conditions, and when carrying heavy loads. Otherwise, check every month regularly on a fixed date.

Under-inflated tires can overheat, causing excessive and irregular wear from over exertion. This might even lead to a blowout. Besides, tires that have been riding around with the improper air pressure need to be replaced more often. Over-inflated ones lead to loss of proper road grip and less traction on braking, the consequences of which are obvious. Maintaining optimum tire pressure is even good for the environment as the correct pressure helps in making the vehicle more fuel efficient.

3. Select the Right Tire Tread

More tread just means more grip. Although legal limits are 1.6mm, driving with anything under 3.0mm can be risky. Do not just buy tires based on how the tire looks. Use a standard tread gauge and ensure tread depth is sufficient on all four tires. Check the inside, outside and center portions. How long tires will last with good tread in the end depends on the brand.  For example, the usual length of service for quality Nokian tires can be as long as 60,000 miles.

4. Pay Attention to Balance and Alignment

Improper wheel alignment is the main reason for premature tire wear. Poor alignment and balance issues also contribute to over-consumption of fuel and loss of road grip. Check the alignment immediately if you sense the vehicle pulling towards either side while driving or if the steering wheel shakes when driving at high speeds.

5. Stay on Top of Tire Rotation

If you’re only buying two tires, always fit the new tires in the back. Having the better tires in the back means more driving control and directional stability. Also, be sure to have your tires rotated every so often – many people like to have this done at the same time as an oil change – in order to ensure even wear. In addition, replace the valves every time you change your tires. Properly tightened and functioning values with well fitted dust caps make sure the tires remain safe. Check for tears on the side, cracks, bulges, and damage to the wheel rim. Sub-standard products damage easily, but high-quality tires will last longer.

These five tire tips are extremely important to follow, primarily because they concern the safety of the car and its passengers. On top of being a smart car owner who properly maintains his or her vehicle, remember to avoid rash driving, excessive speeds, and frequent braking. Take good care of your car and it will take good care of you!

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James Cash is a master mechanic and part time writer.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe In New Jersey

The Garden state is a wonderful place to explore, raise a family, or settle down. It offers the upscale pace of cities, beaches and shore living, woodlands and farms, and family-friendly suburbs. There is an environment for everyone, and a different feel to each part. While its diversity in living arrangements is beneficial, one thing to remember is that the laws of the state are all the same, no matter which environment you choose to live in. For your own safety, New Jersey holds high standards and regulations on most of their state laws. Motor vehicle regulations are no exception to these rules. Expect to cruise around in your car with style, while upholding a strict degree of safety. While most states can be fairly lenient in their safety inspection rules, NJ makes sure their residents are in tip-top shape while cruising on their highways.

NJ Inspection
If you plan on driving around with your Toyota in NJ, be prepared to meet all of the necessary requirements to do so. While it may seem like a lot compared to other states, it’s all for safety’s sake! The rules of a NJ inspection have gone through some changes in recent years. Due to budget cuts, decisions needed to be made on what was most important for the vehicles of the Garden state. As of August 2010, residents will not have to worry about working lights, turn signals, or other mechanical safety aspects during their cars’ inspection. Although a damaged brake light or turn signal can still land you a ticket while driving, it won’t flunk you during a mandated inspection test. It’s up to you as the responsible driver to check and fix your lights and signals.

Emmissions Test
The biggest test for your vehicle to undergo in a NJ inspection is the emissions test. While some states negate this portion all together, New Jersey adheres to a strict guideline when it comes to the quality of our environment. While efforts are being made every day to meet the air requirements set by the National Clean Air Act Standards, New Jersey still has not reached its goal. This is why the emissions portion of the inspection process is so crucial, not only for the safety of the vehicle but also for the safety and cleanliness of the environment.  Vehicles that exceed national health standards will fail to pass the inspection, and must be assessed by a mechanic to have the emissions problem fixed. Gas caps will also be inspected to assure that it limits the escape of fumes into the environment.

Inspection Sticker
If you pass the regulations of a New Jersey state inspection, you get shiny new sticker on your windshield saying to come back in another two years. Fortunately for people who reside in New Jersey who purchase a used, non-commercial vehicle inspection does not have to be done until the vehicles model is five years old. The inspection of motorcycles has also been cut and it’s up to the driver to keep their bike safe and secure while braving the roads.

Just like any state, safety and security is a top priority for the vehicles of New Jersey. The laws may vary, but they still exist. When making the move to the popular east coast state, be sure to review the laws and regulations necessary to reside there. It’ll make the transition much less stressful and much safer! Enjoy your ride into Jersey!

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Ashely is a New Jersey resident and has been through all the strict New Jersey inspection laws. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985. 

Tips To Keep Your New Car Running Like New For Years To Come

Your new car is your pride and joy. When you left the Ford dealership lot with your brand new car you were then hit with a terrifying thought—this is as good as your car will ever be, it is all downhill from here. There is no need to be so pessimistic about your new vehicle the second you drive it off the lot because with proper care and maintenance, you can keep it running like a brand new car for years to come. And there is no reason you and your car should not have a long, happy relationship together if you are willing to put the proper effort into it. Here are the ways to keep your car running like new for years to come.

Follow the Service Schedule

Did you read your owner’s manual? Well if you didn’t, do it now, because inside there is a service schedule that will tell you exactly what service your car will need and how often you should get it, according to Edmunds. The manufacturers build your car, they know the ins and outs of this vehicle better than anyone and therefore know what kind of maintenance is needed to keep it running at its best, so why would you choose to ignore the service schedule they laid out for you? They couldn’t have made it any easier for you if they scheduled the oil changes and tune-ups for you themselves! Do you and your car a favor and do not skimp on the maintenance, you will be thankful that you didn’t in the long run.

Don’t Make a Lot of Short Trips

Short trips of less than 10 minutes are actually really bad for your car, explains Whenever you can, try to pair up your short trips and errands to avoid short trips because they really are unkind to your car. Here’s what happens: when your car is on, one of the processes of engine combustion is it creates water. That water will then turn to vapor and be released out of the tailpipe or ventilation system, but if you are on a short trip, the water is never given the chance to heat to the point of turning to vapor. That means the water then just sits in the engine and exhaust system, which can lead to rust. Another problem with water just sitting in your engine is that it can dilute your oil, causing a need for more frequent oil changes.

Let Your Car Wake Up

When you first start your car, it needs a moment to wake up and get its gears greased, literally. When a car has been sitting for five or more hours, the oil has left all of the greased parts and drained back into the oil pan. So, when you first start your engine, you need to give it at least 30 seconds to allow the oil pump to lubricate your engine again. If your car has been sitting, unused for more than 24 hours, give it a little more time before putting it in gear and driving off to ensure proper lubrication.

Proper care of your car will help to ensure a long life, and when your car does have problems a quick visit to your Ford dealership parts and service department should have you fixed up and on your way in no time, especially if you have been doing your due diligence with preventative care. 

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Ashely is a recent college greaduate with a degree in writing. She grew up with a house full of motor heads so she enjoys writing about cars. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985. 

Finding The Best Volkswagen Auto Parts

Consumers frequently hunt for numerous characteristics when looking for a car. Some favor eight cylinders and horsepower while others merely want additional trendy accessories for a fantastic looking vehicle that manages smoothly. Furthermore, each driver likes to feel comfortable. Volkswagen provides quality service in each of these aspects. The company has built its standing by being professional and skillful, producing lustrous, magnificent, and long-lasting automobiles. Even today, Volkswagen auto parts provide true strength and superb performance, having stood the test of time in today’s world of car manufacturing.

Even though Volkswagen has advanced, their principles have remained grounded, from the innovative Beetle to the latest Jetta model. There are a number of Volkswagen accessories and parts that suit every VW models’ need to become ever more exemplar and conspicuous than before.

Finding Your Volkswagen Parts

Volkswagen body parts can be hard to find when you need them quickly. When you need VW auto body parts for your automobile, you should make sure that you know where to find them beforehand. Thankfully, there are online auto parts websites that offer numerous VW auto parts. However, if you have one of the older model Volkswagens, auto part dealers may need time to order the part specifically for VW model.

A Brief History of Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturing company famous for its classiness and performance. Volkswagen vehicles are popular and respected for their up-to-date features, good quality, and endurance. Designed by well-known engineer Ferdinand Porsche, the initial Volkswagen was intended to be a compact, inexpensive, convenience for the everyday German citizen.

The legendary Volkswagen Beetle went into full production during the end of the 1940s, eventually landing on the American coast in 1949. By 1955, more than a million Volkswagens had been manufactured at the Wolfsburg factory, establishing the Beetle as a darling of overseas buyers. During the 60s, the Volkswagen skyrocketed.

The 90s were coming to a close, and the reemergence of the Jetta together with acquirements of choice luxury car brands like Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, gave the automaker more leeway in a huge number of divisions. The 5th Generation Golf was launched in 2002. During that same year, the polished Touareg was introduced as a stylish, comfortable SUV. Volkswagen’s numbers steadily climbed in the United States as well, and the sophisticated Phaeton and the hardtop convertible Eos were hits. VW has reinforced itself as a winner in the automotive industry, which is a good thing. With the onslaught of the Internet, Volkswagen auto parts are more readily available. Many parts may have faded into obscurity without the availability of online merchants.


VW is a brand name that delivers classy vehicles offering smooth functioning and reliability. If you decide to reinstate Volkswagen parts, you will find a broad range of genuine car parts available at reasonable prices. Often times, you can find your required car parts via an online catalog at one of the many Volkswagen dealers by giving the make and model of your car. Keep in mind that older Volkswagen models may require a waiting period since the auto part will more than likely require special ordering. Some Volkswagen dealers will actually find the part for you if they do not have it in stock.

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Mike Miller has just bout a new Volkswagen Jetta and is very excited. He decides to find a good place where he can purshase auto parts if there is any problem with his car.