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Nothing Beats A Classic: 7 Tips To Restore Your Car

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Restoring a classic car is very challenging. It requires a significant commitment to successfully complete this type of project. It also demands a great deal of time and money. Many enthusiasts find great satisfaction and pride in completing their own project. There are a few things to consider during the restoration of a classic car.

Restoring The Car

Many car lovers revel in the thought of saving a classic car from the scrap yard. Others are eager to save a few dollars when buying their project car. A car that is considered a total basket case should be restored only if it has sentimental value or if money no object. Sometimes this is not practical. A solid car is going to be more expensive. It should have a good body, frame, and drive-line. It will pay off in the long run. Some of the components can be replaced easily. Those components include brakes, tires, and ball joints. Frame corrosion or collision damage can be very expensive. Those repairs can be time consuming as well. You can do some research to understand the common problem areas for a certain make and model of car the you are interested in restoring. Try to find a classic car buyers checklist. This will keep you from overlooking anything.

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The Price

You need to decide what kind of restoration you are going to do. If you are considering bringing your old ride back to its original glory, the price becomes a bigger consideration. Do not under estimate the cost of original parts.

Using A Camera

This is very important. The photos will serve as a crucial resource and reference during the reassembly procedure. Try to save your project-related photos if you use a digital camera. Save the photos in a folder on your computer so they don’t get misplaced. You can take pictures from multiple angles. Make sure to use plenty of light.

Plan And Budget

Every project should begin with the development of the restoration. This includes what needs to be done and when it will be completed. Try to map out the important tasks. You need to make notes of the major repairs. Develop a budget. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. You also need to figure out the trade offs, engine modification, paint job, interior, suspension upgrades, and the finish you want. When you have a budget, it ensures that you will have the funds to finish the project.

Dodge Charger

Using The Right Tool

You are going to need the proper equipment required for the project. This includes more than a floor jack, a set of wrenches, and a canvas garage. The area you are working in should be dry, clean, and well lit.

Getting The Right Safety Equipment

You need to use the correct safety equipment. This personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, ear plugs, respirator, etc. This will help protect your safety and your health.

Brake Lathe Installation

An on-car lathe and an off-car lathe are two types of brakes lathe installations. An on-car lathe does a dependable job. This is because it is installed in the same position as the brake caliper. For an off-car lathe requires the rotor to be removed from the car. The rotor is mounted to the lathe. This kind of lathe depends more on its own alignment.

The Car Accident Insurance Calculator for the United States of America

This tool that estimates how much your insurance rates will increase after an at-fault accident (per US state).

The Different Factors Involved Under MOT Testing Harrow

MOT tests are usually conduced once in a year and the vehicle owners are issued the relevant certificates that enable them to run the vehicle in terms of worthiness of the automobiles. Anyone can go in for the said test before twenty eight days of the expiry of the present certificate by presenting the same. In that condition, the vehicle owner is issued the MOT certificate that would be valid for thirteen months. Following factors need to be considered deeply during these tests including MOT Test Harrow. 

VIN / Registration plates – The Vehicle Identification Number is a must for all automobiles and it should be clear, consistent and displayed on regular basis. Same is true with the registration plats that should be secure, fresh, see-through and bear clearly written letters.   


Steering wheel – All the features related to the steering wheel must be examined in a critical manner. It includes the overall condition, steering column, its proper attachment to the shaft that should present a normal end-float, inspection of upper bearings and security of the clamping bolts. Same way, the steering should be examined in terms of Free Play and locking & split nuts apart from universal joints & flexible couplings etc.

Horn This important part of the vehicle needs to be examined carefully and it should be loud enough to warn others. The tone should be the standard one as per the traffic rules. 

Under vehicle / bonnet examination- The steering joints, power steering systems steering box/steering rack, movement of the wheels and other major aspects should be examined strictly. Split pins, rubber bushes, retaining devices, rear wheel steering etc should also be checked during the MOT, e.g. MOT Test Harrow. Likewise, a thorough check of the play in the steering & swivel joints is a must. 

Lighting system – Everything related to the lighting of the automobile, i.e. security, operation and condition must be examined. Their dipping and colour should also be as per the traffic rules. The stop lights should not conflict with each other and the indicators should also work in an even manner. The rear-fog-lamps must work under all conditions and they must be dark red in colour. The rear reflectors and the number plate lamps should be apt. 

Doors – All the doors including the front ones should be in working condition and able to be opened and locked from inside and outside. 

Boot lids & tailgates etc – All these parts of the automobile must be operative and work properly before the vehicle is delivered to the owner after the test, e.g. the MOT Test Harrow

Other factors related to the MOT Test include overall examination of the whole body of the automobile. It includes checking and rectification of bonnet clutch, impact of corrosion that damages the working of different parts of the car, truck or other vehicle. The seat belts, all brakes, windscreen, mirrors, emission, fuel & exhaust system, tyres and wheels etc should also be examined carefully. The requisite official stickers should also be displayed by the owners.  

Critical Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Since competition in the auto repair industry is incredibly fierce, marketing can be a very important tool that can give your business the edge that you need in order to make sure you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Every car repair shop has its own business model and has a specific positioning on its market, so each approach has its own specifics. It’s notable that many auto repair shops lack innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting their business, so a couple of marketing ideas might come in handy.

Try and get as many referrals as possible

For businesses in the auto service industry, word of mouth is arguably the most effective way for expanding your customer base. You can partner up with businesses that share your target audience, but offer different types of services than you, try and convince them to refer their clients to you, and for each customer they refer to you, they receive a commission. Also, you can try and have your customers recommend you to their friends, and you can achieve that by providing timely and quality service, and offering competitive prices. You can ask them to post a status on their Facebook profile or tweet about your shop, and in return, offer a reward of some sort, such as a discount the next time they come to you, or mount and balance their tires or change their oil for free.

Improve brand perception by holding various events

There are a couple of ways to make people in your community aware of your businesses. For example, you can hold regular events focusing on vehicle maintenance, where you demonstrate drivers how to properly maintain their cars, and explaining the consequences of failing to change the oil or the air filter, or other similar maintenance tasks that every car owner can do on their own. In addition, you can sponsor a youth sports team, or a local kart race, or donate to a charity.

Radio and TV advertising

If you are an established auto repair shop, you can probably afford to pay a radio or TV add that will be aired over and over again, which is bound to get the attention of car owners needing a repair. This is an expensive marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective ones, as it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploit the Web and Social Networking

No business in the world at this moment can exist without an online presence. A business-oriented web site and social media engagement is a must even for old-school businesses like auto repair shops as well. Establishing a well-positioned Facebook page and pro-actively engaging with the interested audience would definitely bring fruits. Also using services like Twitter to get local customers interested and engaged. Businesses of this type should serve funny content combined with some useful repair tips and tricks to get the sympathy and attention of the target market. The goal here is to provide genuine support, or likeability and maintain positive image in the eyes of the audience.

List made by Jordan Perch, car sales expert and regular contributor to numerous drivers communities.

5 Tips to compare roadside service packages

roadsideYou can never predict when you will require a roadside assistance program. You can never predict when an emergency will happen. However, by enrolling in such programs, you can protect yourself.

Here’s what you should know about getting roadside assistance for your own car.


One of the best ways to choose companies is to look at the type of assistance they provide. This is important, as you need to check if the coverage provided meets your needs or not.

Under the coverage provided, there are two options available. The first option only provides coverage to the person driving the vehicle and the second option provides coverage to the vehicle itself. How is this different, you may ask.

Under the first option, if you are driving a friend’s vehicle, which is not covered under any roadside service, you will get assistance even if the car breaks down. Such plans are also beneficial if you own more than one vehicle.

Under the second option, let us assume that you loan your car to a friend or a relative who is not insured. In this case, the service provider will still attend to the emergency as the vehicle falls under the emergency plan.

Taking add-on services is always a good idea. Most plans provide coverage only up to a certain distance. By adding additional distance to the plan, you ensure that you are always covered irrespective of the distance travelled.

Cost Implications

When you avail of a roadside service, you have to be aware of the cost being incurred per month or per year. Also, you need to be aware of certain things about your plan. For example, you should check if the provider has a clause on the number of times the service can be used and if there is a penalty attached when you exceed the limit.

You should also check if there is any additional cost for adding a second vehicle to your plan or the cost of availing of services in a different city.


You may get added benefits from your roadside service program. You can get discounts on a number of services like travel, lodging etc. These additional benefits can help you save a lot on your travels.


You never know when and where your vehicle may break down and require assistance. Hence, before selecting your company, you must ensure that they operate on a 24/7 basis all 365 days of the year. Make sure that they will be available when you are in need.

Services Offered

Some of the services offered by the assistance programs are changing flat tires, jump starting batteries, providing fuel and opening car locks. It is important that you decide what kind of service you may require. You should ensure that you get a good number of services for the amount you pay.

Once you have compared and decided on a plan, make sure that each person covered in the plan has the number saved into his or her cell phone or written down in their wallet to make it easily accessible during an emergency.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to roadside service?

 Author Bio:

This article is written by Mark Neyton. Mark is a freelance writer with more than 4 years experience and he is mostly interested in writing about cars and car safety. For even more useful tips and information or if you want to check out offers for roadside assistance go here:

The Most Commonly Missed Spots In Car Detailing

If you take a great deal of pride in your car, then there is a good chance that you regularly have it professionally detailed to keep it in tip top condition. The car wash and detailing industry brings in an estimated $5.8 billion annually; however, you may not be getting what you have paid for if your detailer is missing spots. It may not be entirely intentional, they may just be new to the game, but regardless of the reason behind it you are still getting short changed. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly missed spots when it comes to car detailing.

Under The Hood

It is easy to forget about this area because it is hidden from view, but doesn’t the part that makes your car run deserve just as much attention as the aesthetic exterior? Of course it does. One area in particular which is often missed both by DIYers and professionals is the Firewall around the fuel tank. Another commonly missed spot is the underside of the hood itself – often even if the engine compartment is cleaned, the detailer forgets to look up and clean the inside of the hood. It is not that it is difficult to clean this area – the engine compartment can be cleaned using degreaser, a brush and a water jet – it is just that it is out of sight and therefore out of mind. An inexperienced or sloppy detailer may miss it out by accident or simply to save some time and cut corners.

The Door Jams

Another out of sight area that is often missed during detailing is the door jams. These may look clean at first glance, but on closer examination of the rubber seals you will usually find that they are still dirty. It may seem like you are being overly fussy to point this out, but at the end of the day you are paying for a detail clean so there should be attention paid to these little details! The door jams can be cleaned with car detergent and should be treated with some rubber dressing as well. Every area of the door no matter how seemingly inconsequential should be free from dirt, dust and grease.

Vehicle Trim & Moldings

Every car model has its own style of trim and moldings and perhaps this is what makes it difficult for detailers to remember to clean them. Like the door jams, attention needs to be paid to these areas in order to keep them looking fresh and new like the rest of the car. Why bother with a detail clean if a grubby trim is going to spoil the overall look of your vehicle.

Taking Care Of The Trunk

The trunk, like the hood, is often neglected due to it being out of sight. It is important to make sure that the painted areas inside the trunk lid are cleaned properly using soapy water and a soft wash mitt. Rubber seals need to be cleaned and dressed with a protective rubber dressing and the grooves around the trunk should be free of debris. Of course it goes without saying that the trunk itself should also be cleaned, but it is generally inside the lid and the grooves which are the areas missed out during detailing.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that could be missed out by your detailer, but they are among the most common areas. If you choose a reputable detailing service with plenty of experience then you should hopefully find that these areas are all taken care of, but it is worth knowing about them so that you can double check or if you are going to carry out some DIY detailing.

David Lye first founded Private Fleet in the late nineties. He lives in Sydney, Australia and aside from his love of cars, his interests include business, online marketing, photography and surfing.

Tips To Prevent Accidents during Auto Towing

Whenever your vehicle breaks down, you would always prefer a towing service. A towing service ensures that your car is moved to an auto repair yard, where the problem can be fixed. Throughout the world, millions of cars are towed every day. However, along with towing comes the danger of possible accidents. On an average, seven people are killed every day around the world due to towing-related accidents. Therefore, it is always important that you take care to prevent any sort of accident from taking place.

For ensuring complete safety during auto towing, you should follow certain precautionary rules. These rules are placed in such a way that they take into account every possible manner in which accidents can happen and hence help you prevent them.

Here is what you can do for preventing any accident from taking place.

The first safety measure comes when you attach the coupler. Whenever you are attaching the coupler, ensure that you are applying some grease on the tow ball, which helps it in smooth rotation. In addition, also ensure that the electrical plugs and the safety chains are secured properly. Even though this is the responsibility of the towing company, you should always ensure that the towing company is utilizing trucks that are appropriate to the towed vehicle capacity. If you feel that the truck is incapable, you should ask them to send a new one.

Also, ensure that the towing company stays in the prescribed limits of the Gross Combination Weight Rating, which is a standard specified for towing trucks. This helps in ensuring safety while the vehicle is being ferried to the auto garage. Following the instructions in the towing trucks instruction manual can also greatly help in preventing accidents while auto towing.

On the part of the towing company, it is important they don’t let inexperienced workers tow the vehicle. This has become very necessary for towing a vehicle safely. If an inexperienced person is towing a vehicle, this can lead to accidents. Hence, there should be no compromise on safety during auto towing.

The fourth and most important consideration is attention. Drivers should always pay attention when they are ferrying light and medium vehicles. Attention should not be compromised at any cost in order to prevent an accident. The driver should use both their hands while handling the steering wheel of the truck. This ensures total control of the vehicle. In addition, the driver should remember that whenever the truck is to be turned around, it needs a lot of space. Therefore, in the event of any roadblock or any accident in the front, the driver should keep enough space open to take a reverse turn.

The above-given safety tips apply to both the person whose vehicle is to be towed and the towing company, especially the latter. The towing company is in charge of the vehicle; hence, it becomes very important for them to ensure that no accident takes place during auto towing.

 For even more useful information or if you want to check out what are the prices for auto towing from Falck Roadside (or as the Danes say priser på autobugsering fra Falck Roadside ) visit this resourceful website.

Crucial Information On Jump Staring A Car Safely

Jump starting a car is a method applied when starting a vehicle that has a discharged cranking battery. It is also a process of powering a vehicle, which has broken down, back into an active condition. This problem has been experienced since the manufacturing of the first car with a battery. It has led to the emergence of some companies and agencies offering roadside assistance services.

 This process is not as easy as it may sound. Sometimes it becomes too complicated thus putting the welfare of the car at stake in case an amateur does it. Thus, it is crucial to let a professional handle it. He or she ensures that your car will not need another jump starting service. However, if the condition is not a real threat, you can conduct the process yourself.

Precautions to take when jump starting a car

When jump starting a car, there are precautions you need to adhere to for your safety and the one of your car too. They include:

Remove all your jewelry or any metal objects on you before attempting anything. Jewelry is metal. In case a metal is exposed to the terminals of the battery, it may result in short circuiting of the battery and physical harm to you as well.

Smell the battery safely. Ensure it does not emit a rotten-egg-like smell. That smell indicates a leakage of hydrogen gas.

Test safely the hotness status of the battery. Make sure that it is not too hot. If it is, let it cool down. Jump starting a car with a hot battery can cause an explosion.

Never expose an open flame close to a battery. In addition, never smoke near it, the smallest spark can result in an explosion.

Steps in jump starting a car safely

Safety is the main concern. It is crucial to ensure that you and the car are in excellent condition after the process. Here are the steps to follow to ensure excellent end results. If you can handle the problem, then follow the following steps:

Step 1: Borrow a car with a good battery. Drive it close enough to your car and open both bonnets. Always confirm that your friend’s car battery is in excellent condition to avoid mistakes. You do not want to be left with two cars with dead batteries!

Step 2: Get long cables. Be armed with long cables that will make a connection. When jump starting a car, the second step should be reading the electric labels. Get the knowledge of where the positive and negative terminal ends lie. Armed with this knowledge, you can proceed to the final and crucial step.

Step 3: Making the connections safely. Start with clamping the positive red, then clamp all the parts labeled red in both cars. While doing so let the ‘helping hand’ press the negative end of the second battery. Connect the negative ends. If you have, a ‘helping hand’ experienced in such matters, it is all the better. You can clamp all ends at a go and save time. Start your car when all connections are safely done. Let the good car run for a while to charge the battery. Turn it off and disconnect the cables. This is the easiest method of jump starting a car.

 Author Bio:

This article if written by Mark Neyton. Mark is a freelance writer with more than 4 years experience and he is mostly interested in writing about cars and car maintenance. You can find more information and see what are the prices for jump starting a car from Falck (or as Mark says in Danish Starthjælp bil priser og information) on thi web page.

How to Change a Car Battery in 10 Steps

A dead battery can’t be recharged and will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere quite often – not something you want when you’re miles away from home, or on a cold winter’s day. Batteries tend to come with expiry dates and if they don’t around half a decade is the expected norm. Removing a batPhoto-CarBatterytery before the end of its life expectancy and replacing it with another is quite an easy task once you know how. And, if you don’t we’re going to teach you – here’s how to change a car battery at home and save going to the garage to have it done.

  • Firstly, turn off your engine and ensure that the vehicle has its handbrake on.
  • Open up the bonnet of the car and put a blanket or a soft rug over the bumper area. This is there to prevent any of the battery acid that may have escaped causing problems to the paintwork.
  • Battery terminal cables now need to be removed. Each case is different here and you will need to take a close look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has negative ground. In this case, use a wrench to loosen the nut and bolt on the lamp, with the battery cable on the negative terminal. If the vehicle is positive ground, loosen the positive terminal. The cable should now be removed and placed out of the way. Do this then with the other cable and lay aside. Often the bolt can be tough to remove. In this case take hold with one wrench and the nut with the other and move the wrenches in the opposite direction. This should loosen it.
  • The battery may be in place by a bolt of screw, remove this completely, using your hand to make the final turn to avoid it falling away into the engine.
  • Now, you can remove the battery and place it out of your way.
  • If there is rust on the tray that held the battery, wear some gloves and clean it with some baking soda in water. Make sure that the area is dry before the next step.
  • Get the new battery and place it in the tray and ensure it’s in the same direction as the previous one.
  • Replace the pieces that kept the previous battery in place and ensure that the battery is fully secure.
  • This is important – put the cables on the terminals in the opposite order to the way you removed them. So, for instance, if your vehicle has negative ground places the positive back first. Ensure that the clamps that hold the cables to the terminal are tight. Your car battery should now be replaced and you can close the bonnet of the car.
  • You should now take the old battery to a recycling centre that will accept batteries and so that it can be properly disposed of. Throwing a battery in the rubbish will cause serious environmental issues as it’s filled with heavy metals and corrosive liquids. At we help recycle and the same is true in places you buy a battery from will change it – so just enquire about it.

Now, your battery should be changed and your car ready for a number of years of trouble free driving.

How to Save Money on Car Repairs

Cars break down. It is inevitable, a fact that applies to every single make and model of a long enough period of time. The better quality automobiles hold out for longer than the rest, provided that they are maintained properly. But at some stage something will go wrong.

These machines are not designed to go on forever, but you can obviously keep yours going as long as possible by looking after it and having it repaired when something does fail. The problem with getting your car repaired is the cost this incurs. Motor repairs can be costly because your garage will buy any parts that you need, and then add their labour time on top, often resulting in significant bills.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of car repairs, and that is what we are going to look at in this post. So, read on, enjoy and save some money!

Do the repairs yourself

For generations now handy guys and girls have been taking on the challenge of their own car repairs. Of course success depends on having a clue as to what you are doing, but if you do or if you are a quick learner, this is a very effective way to save cash. It is now easier than ever to find out how to carry out your own repairs thanks to the internet. The web is full of blogs and videos explaining in detail how an air filter can be replaced or how to change engine oil. So, a bit of self-tutoring could be a great way to save money on your auto repairs.

Ask a friend or relative

If you have tried and failed at doing your own repairs and you are basically a bit useless, don’t be too proud to ask for help. If you have friends and family with a natural gift for car repairs then ask them for their assistance, perhaps in return for a nice meal or a bottle of wine. You get your car fixed cheaply or free and your mechanic gets a treat too – everyone’s a winner!

Find car parts at reduced prices

Whether you need new brake pads, clutch parts, filters or electrical components, by searching extensively you can save money. There are numerous parts companies based all over the world and also online stores which offer reductions as they have lower overheads than physical shops.