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Nothing Beats A Classic: 7 Tips To Restore Your Car

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Restoring a classic car is very challenging. It requires a significant commitment to successfully complete this type of project. It also demands a great deal of time and money. Many enthusiasts find great satisfaction and pride in completing their own project. There are a few things to consider during the restoration of a classic car.

Restoring The Car

Many car lovers revel in the thought of saving a classic car from the scrap yard. Others are eager to save a few dollars when buying their project car. A car that is considered a total basket case should be restored only if it has sentimental value or if money no object. Sometimes this is not practical. A solid car is going to be more expensive. It should have a good body, frame, and drive-line. It will pay off in the long run. Some of the components can be replaced easily. Those components include brakes, tires, and ball joints. Frame corrosion or collision damage can be very expensive. Those repairs can be time consuming as well. You can do some research to understand the common problem areas for a certain make and model of car the you are interested in restoring. Try to find a classic car buyers checklist. This will keep you from overlooking anything.

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The Price

You need to decide what kind of restoration you are going to do. If you are considering bringing your old ride back to its original glory, the price becomes a bigger consideration. Do not under estimate the cost of original parts.

Using A Camera

This is very important. The photos will serve as a crucial resource and reference during the reassembly procedure. Try to save your project-related photos if you use a digital camera. Save the photos in a folder on your computer so they don’t get misplaced. You can take pictures from multiple angles. Make sure to use plenty of light.

Plan And Budget

Every project should begin with the development of the restoration. This includes what needs to be done and when it will be completed. Try to map out the important tasks. You need to make notes of the major repairs. Develop a budget. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. You also need to figure out the trade offs, engine modification, paint job, interior, suspension upgrades, and the finish you want. When you have a budget, it ensures that you will have the funds to finish the project.

Dodge Charger

Using The Right Tool

You are going to need the proper equipment required for the project. This includes more than a floor jack, a set of wrenches, and a canvas garage. The area you are working in should be dry, clean, and well lit.

Getting The Right Safety Equipment

You need to use the correct safety equipment. This personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, ear plugs, respirator, etc. This will help protect your safety and your health.

Brake Lathe Installation

An on-car lathe and an off-car lathe are two types of brakes lathe installations. An on-car lathe does a dependable job. This is because it is installed in the same position as the brake caliper. For an off-car lathe requires the rotor to be removed from the car. The rotor is mounted to the lathe. This kind of lathe depends more on its own alignment.

How to Install a PA System in Your Car

Having a Public Address system in their cars is something that many car owners want, so that they can play music from their smartphones or car stereos through it. But, not everyone knows how to install one, as it can be a little complicated, and many people are wondering how to connect all the wires and the numerous parts to their cars. However, a few simple tips can help you install a PA system in your car, even if you are not an electronics technician. All you need to do is purchase the necessary supplies, and know how to make some simple wire connections.

1. What Supplies You Need

A typical PA system consists of several parts, including a CB radio, a microphone, an external speaker, an amplifier, and some cables. Additionally, you will need an RCA cable, some duct tape, and a few connectors.

2. Connecting the Components

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, you can start connecting the various components to each other.

Hook the CB radio to the amp – this is the first task you have to do. You can connect the CB radio and the amp using an RCA cable, by plugging one end of the cable into the radio’s PA output, and the other into the amp’s RCA plug.
Connect the amp to the speaker – to do this, you just need to plug the speaker wires into the speaker ports of your amp, which is a pretty simple and straightforward task.
Plug in your microphone – if you want to use your PA system to speak through it, you
should get an amp that has a microphone port, and simply plug the microphone’s cable into the amp’s dynamic port.

3. Powering the PA System

This is the tougher part of the installation process. You need to figure out a way to get supply to the amp and to the radio. There are several possible ways to do it, but they all involve connecting the components of your PA system to your car’s battery.

You start by connecting your amp to your battery, which you will need a few cables for. You can buy an amp power kit, which usually includes three wires. Take the red wire and connect the positive port on your amp the the battery’s positive terminal. One end of the black wire goes into the negative port of your amp, and the other end should be attached to some metal section near the engine, that is not painted.

The next step is to connect the amp to a power switch, to be able to turn the amp on and off. Grab a wire and connect one end to the positive port of your amp, and the other end to the port of the switch that’s marked with “in”. Take another wire to connect the “out” port of the switch to a port on your amp that says “remote”.

At first glance, installing a PA system in your car might seem like a daunting process, but if you just follow these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to get it right in no time.

Author bio:
Jordan Perch is an automotive fanatic and “car tech” specialist. He is running, a news hub for car innovation.

The Car Accident Insurance Calculator for the United States of America

This tool that estimates how much your insurance rates will increase after an at-fault accident (per US state).

Routine Services to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

There’s no question that car owners are always trying to get as much out of their vehicles as they can. Traditionally, it wasn’t uncommon for someone faced with damages to just purchase a new car, rather than shell out $1,000 for a repair. But nowadays, more and more people are willing to spend that $1,000 — and they’re willing to make their vehicle last as long as possible, too.

With that in mind, in order to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape for an optimal amount of time, it’s critical that you conduct certain routine services. Regularly carrying out the services below will allow your vehicle to continue running like new for many years to come.

Oil Change

            We all know that oil changes are important for keeping your engine running smoothly and without friction. However, some people tend to wait until their oil light comes on (and a even little longer after than — we’ve all been there!), but this is certainly not recommended. Instead, you should consult your owner’s manual to determine when your vehicle is recommended to have its oil changed. With today’s technological advancements, the maximum range of miles between oil changes is typically somewhere between 3,000 to 15,000 miles — a huge margin, so there is no longer a general rule of thumb. Also, don’t forget that vehicle is different; knowing your specific car’s needs is essential for keeping it running great for longer.


            Naturally, tires can leak due to usual wear and tear, so it’s important to check them routinely. Under inflated tires result in more gasoline since as the engine overcompensates, which is something that everyone should avoid. Tires that aren’t at optimum pressure also wear out sooner, which has the potential to put you in danger if an emergency comes up. As a general rule of thumb, it’s suggested that car owners check their tire inflation at least twice per year.

            No less, it’s also a good idea for people to get their tires rotated routinely. Doing this will both extend the life of your tires and keep your car’s alignment on track. Also, front and rear tires tend to wear down at different rates, and rotation can even out that difference. For more information you should check your owner’s manual to get tire rotation and pressure suggestions that are specific to your vehicle.

Air Filters

            Clean air filters are essential to keeping your engine running properly for as long as possible — they serve to trap dirt, dust, and grimeand they keep them from harming your engine, too. Where you live and how often you use your car can help determine how often you should get your air filters changed.  For instance, if your car drives through dirt and dust all the time or experiences frequent stop-and-go traffic, your filter will probably need to be changed twice as often as other vehicles. As states before though, it’s recommended that you check out your vehicle’s owner’s manual to get a more specific picture of how often your air filter should be changed.

Although changing your car’s oil, servicing its tires and cleaning out its air filters are arguably the most important routine services one should undertake, there are still myriad other things that could also stand to be checked on at least a yearly basis. In any case, it’s no question that by thoroughly reading your owner’s manual and getting routine maintenance at a trusted auto care shop, you can keep your car running great for years to come.

Written by the staff of Custom Complete Automotive. Custom Complete is your go to solution for car repair, car inspections and an oil change Columbia MO has to offer.

4 Factors That Determine Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Autos make a considerable measure of contamination throughout their time out and about. Because of the way that autos discharge carbon dioxide, in addition to different gases, there are sure corrective set up that exercise restriction administering the emanation levels. The states, urban communities and obviously the legislature need to restrict the impact of unsafe gases discharged via autos on the earth, to a base. This scenario has an imperative influence in today’s auto configuration and preparation. In any case shouldn’t people at large must ponder about older autos that need conforming to the low discharge demands. Exhaust system and catalytic converter cleaner can decrease discharge levels in your auto fundamentally. Below 4 factors of catalytic converter cleaner are discussed.

catalytic converter cleaner1


Catalytic converter lapse codes

In the event that the exhaust system on your auto is not doing its function legitimately, you may see a lapse code showed on your dashboard or get the code throughout an emanation test. This test is performed to peruse out definite carbon dioxide emanation levels and is a key variable in passing the regular methodology of approval of your auto. When you don’t pass this test, or when you see the code showed (some of the time the pointer is a red light on your dashboard) the time it now, time to test your catalytic converter. The exhaust system is a part joined to your auto deplete framework. This converter empowers the auto to enhance the air to gas proportion when blazing fuel in driving. The most well-known mistake code associated with a breaking down converter is P0420, implying that there is a catalyst framework effectiveness underneath the worthy limit. There are two principle answers for this issue. The converter must be reinstated with another one, or requirements to be treated with a catalytic converter cleaner


Cleaning the converter

The computer administration in the auto creates this mistake code hinging upon the present oxygen sensor readings in the auto fumes channel. In the event that your converter is not working the way it should, you are presumably utilizing more fuel than you might need to. Looking at it if your sensors are working fittingly is something else you may as well do if your lapse code is demonstrating. In the event that you would prefer not to displace the whole converter, there is an option, though not at all a permanent solution, just an alternative to manage this issue. With a quality catalytic converter cleaner it is conceivable to clean the exhaust system and support your mileage in the meantime. A cleaner item is an exceptionally modest result and is accessible from auto merchants.

catalytic converter cleaner


Instructions to utilize catalytic converter cleaner

A quality cleaner is quite simple to utilize. You take after the directions on the compartment and add the liquid to the substance of your fuel tank, after which it is imperative to drive your auto for 60 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity. Take off to the motorway and drive at a fast pace with the goal that the fluid gets into the parts of the auto that it might as well chip away at. A perfect catalytic converter cleaner can clear up your converter to a level where the emanation rate has enhanced to a level where you may pass a discharge test.


Nurturing your auto:

Nurturing your auto and its partitioned parts is regularly not as troublesome as you may think it seems to be. When you clean your converter on a general groundwork you will be receiving more use out of your vehicle. Obviously administering to your auto goes a great deal more distant than mere visual investigations and cleaning the external surface. The internal mechanism of the auto is the real thing to ponder about.

How to Find a Trusted Car Repair Shop

Most of the people are choosing to stay with their older car rather than buying a new one due to the difficulty faced financially as the expenses of life has increased in a substantial manner. This is the finest way that you have for saving money but when your car gets older, its parts needs to be repaired and maintained on a regular basis. There are certain people who go to the local dealers for getting the things like oil repair done in much cheaper rate. At the time of going to a dealer, they usually do more work on the car than what you expect them to do. This act from the side of the mechanic can really increase the cost associated with the repair in much higher manner than what you expect it to be. It is always a cheaper option to go to some shops that repairs car. It is important for you to make sure that the shop that you are depending for the car needs to be something that can provide with excellent services from the technician who is experienced and certified. This can really make you trust the shop that you are choosing for repair of your car.

Certification and Ownership
It is necessary for the individuals to check whether the car repair shop that you are choosing is something that has got proper certification and that it belongs to one or more organization for mechanics that is highly qualified. This is something that you should check before you are giving the car to the shop for repairs. You can ask the manager or the mechanic about the credential associated with the shop that is repairing car. If they are not ready to do that then you can just leave the place.

You can ask your family, friends and any of your acquaintances about the repair shop that you are planning to choose for your vehicle. You should choose it only if you are getting good comments about it.

Cleanliness and Organization
You can visit the shop once before you are deciding it to be the place for repairing your vehicle. This visit can be helpful for you to understand the cleanliness and the organization that is available in the place. The place should be customer friendly and the vehicles should also be kept clean and safe. If any of these factors and missing then, it is not worthy for you to choose that particular shop for your vehicle.

Experience of the Technicians
You should make sure that the mechanics that are available in the shop are the certified ones and have greater experience in the field. They should also have good work ethic so that you can be out of worry about your shop. The mechanic who is working on the car of yours need to be transparent so that you can really understand the kind of repair that has taken place in your vehicle. They also need to be fair in the charges made on the work they do on the vehicles. There should not be any kind of hidden charges and unwanted things added in the bill that you can really feel it so unfair. You should know about the charges before you get the bill itself. If you have done for the repair of one part while others are working properly when you are leaving the shop, the other parts should not have any kind of problems associated with them. They should also get authorization from you before doing any kind of work on your vehicle. It is not a good idea to depend on the mechanics that proceed with works without getting authorization from you.

Prices of the Shop
It is not a good idea to choose a shop just like that but you can also find the prices of other shops nearby and find out whether the shop that you are choosing is a one that charges more on the repair. This kind of comparison can help you in not entering into business with an overcharging shop. You can also negotiate charges with the shop and they will accept that if they consider the business with you a valuable one.

This post has been contributed by Mary Jones. She loves to write about Automotive. She recommends for providing best transmissions for sale.

The Different Factors Involved Under MOT Testing Harrow

MOT tests are usually conduced once in a year and the vehicle owners are issued the relevant certificates that enable them to run the vehicle in terms of worthiness of the automobiles. Anyone can go in for the said test before twenty eight days of the expiry of the present certificate by presenting the same. In that condition, the vehicle owner is issued the MOT certificate that would be valid for thirteen months. Following factors need to be considered deeply during these tests including MOT Test Harrow. 

VIN / Registration plates – The Vehicle Identification Number is a must for all automobiles and it should be clear, consistent and displayed on regular basis. Same is true with the registration plats that should be secure, fresh, see-through and bear clearly written letters.   


Steering wheel – All the features related to the steering wheel must be examined in a critical manner. It includes the overall condition, steering column, its proper attachment to the shaft that should present a normal end-float, inspection of upper bearings and security of the clamping bolts. Same way, the steering should be examined in terms of Free Play and locking & split nuts apart from universal joints & flexible couplings etc.

Horn This important part of the vehicle needs to be examined carefully and it should be loud enough to warn others. The tone should be the standard one as per the traffic rules. 

Under vehicle / bonnet examination- The steering joints, power steering systems steering box/steering rack, movement of the wheels and other major aspects should be examined strictly. Split pins, rubber bushes, retaining devices, rear wheel steering etc should also be checked during the MOT, e.g. MOT Test Harrow. Likewise, a thorough check of the play in the steering & swivel joints is a must. 

Lighting system – Everything related to the lighting of the automobile, i.e. security, operation and condition must be examined. Their dipping and colour should also be as per the traffic rules. The stop lights should not conflict with each other and the indicators should also work in an even manner. The rear-fog-lamps must work under all conditions and they must be dark red in colour. The rear reflectors and the number plate lamps should be apt. 

Doors – All the doors including the front ones should be in working condition and able to be opened and locked from inside and outside. 

Boot lids & tailgates etc – All these parts of the automobile must be operative and work properly before the vehicle is delivered to the owner after the test, e.g. the MOT Test Harrow

Other factors related to the MOT Test include overall examination of the whole body of the automobile. It includes checking and rectification of bonnet clutch, impact of corrosion that damages the working of different parts of the car, truck or other vehicle. The seat belts, all brakes, windscreen, mirrors, emission, fuel & exhaust system, tyres and wheels etc should also be examined carefully. The requisite official stickers should also be displayed by the owners.  

Critical Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Since competition in the auto repair industry is incredibly fierce, marketing can be a very important tool that can give your business the edge that you need in order to make sure you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Every car repair shop has its own business model and has a specific positioning on its market, so each approach has its own specifics. It’s notable that many auto repair shops lack innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting their business, so a couple of marketing ideas might come in handy.

Try and get as many referrals as possible

For businesses in the auto service industry, word of mouth is arguably the most effective way for expanding your customer base. You can partner up with businesses that share your target audience, but offer different types of services than you, try and convince them to refer their clients to you, and for each customer they refer to you, they receive a commission. Also, you can try and have your customers recommend you to their friends, and you can achieve that by providing timely and quality service, and offering competitive prices. You can ask them to post a status on their Facebook profile or tweet about your shop, and in return, offer a reward of some sort, such as a discount the next time they come to you, or mount and balance their tires or change their oil for free.

Improve brand perception by holding various events

There are a couple of ways to make people in your community aware of your businesses. For example, you can hold regular events focusing on vehicle maintenance, where you demonstrate drivers how to properly maintain their cars, and explaining the consequences of failing to change the oil or the air filter, or other similar maintenance tasks that every car owner can do on their own. In addition, you can sponsor a youth sports team, or a local kart race, or donate to a charity.

Radio and TV advertising

If you are an established auto repair shop, you can probably afford to pay a radio or TV add that will be aired over and over again, which is bound to get the attention of car owners needing a repair. This is an expensive marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective ones, as it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploit the Web and Social Networking

No business in the world at this moment can exist without an online presence. A business-oriented web site and social media engagement is a must even for old-school businesses like auto repair shops as well. Establishing a well-positioned Facebook page and pro-actively engaging with the interested audience would definitely bring fruits. Also using services like Twitter to get local customers interested and engaged. Businesses of this type should serve funny content combined with some useful repair tips and tricks to get the sympathy and attention of the target market. The goal here is to provide genuine support, or likeability and maintain positive image in the eyes of the audience.

List made by Jordan Perch, car sales expert and regular contributor to numerous drivers communities.

Car Damaged By Construction Debris? A to Z Guide

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of accidents of any field in America, and unfortunately, a person doesn’t even have to be involved in that line of work to be affected by it. Many car lovers have parked their vehicle to run a few errands or even head in for the night only to come out and discover that falling debris or other accidents on construction sites have damaged their vehicle. This can undoubtedly be a difficult time for those who treat their vehicle like their best friend, but luckily, there are a few steps they can take to keep their car and wallet healthy after the fact.

Contact Police Immediately

One of the most important things to do after having a vehicle damaged by falling construction debris is to contact local police. Unless some physical injury was sustained, it’s not necessary to tie up the local 9-1-1 line, so contacting the Sheriff’s Department directly will be enough.

The website makes mention that, “most construction site accidents are caused by negligence, carelessness, or lack of adherence to established safety practices.” Having the police come out is a vital step because there’s a good chance that a police report will be the only legal record of the accident having actually taken place. While the following steps will undoubtedly lend credence to the unfolding of events, having a police report on file can make or break the entire situation.

Take Pictures of Damage

While waiting for police, a person should take pictures of all of the damage that occurred to their vehicle. In addition, pictures should be taken of the debris or equipment that fell and caused the accident, the damaged or improperly maintained area that led to this material falling and anything else that may help insurers and courts decipher exactly how and why the incident took place.

Get Witness Information

One of the most important steps to take after having one’s vehicle damaged due to falling construction material is getting witness information. Regardless of what a construction site manager, onsite employees or the property owner claims, third-party witness testimony will go extremely far in proving fault. In fact, if there is eyewitness testimony to the event, a person’s construction site attorney will have little trouble securing a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Get Professional Counsel Before Filing Claim

The final step that a person should take is filing their claim. It’s imperative, however, to speak with an attorney before this point. This is for a few reasons. First off, an experienced legal professional will be able to pinpoint all responsible parties. Was it just worker negligence that caused the accident or did a piece of faulty equipment contribute? This could make the difference between suing one company and suing several.

Additionally, a legal professional will have a much better chance at securing a fair compensatory package than the typical person will on their own. This is because insurers will often offer those without representation low settlements in the hopes that they don’t know what a fair settlement is. After having one’s attorney file the necessary papers, it’s imperative to refer all phone calls from the construction company’s insurer to one’s lawyer from that point on.

Thanks should be given in instances where falling construction debris causes property damage instead of bodily injury. If an injury is suffered however, the law ensures that the site owner, whether private or state-funded, will be held liable for their negligence. Whenever a car lover’s vehicle experiences any type of damage, the unfolding aftermath can be rather disheartening but the settlement and follow-on repairs will be able to get Old Betsy up and running again in no time.

Content specialist Teresa Stewart frequently researches auto property damage and covered benefits. She shares her findings which encourages victims to consult with legal experts before signing away any insurance rights.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Significance of Getting a Car Service and MOT Test

unnamed(1)Buying a car is a major financial decision for most of the people. This is because owning a vehicle involves various types of expenses, besides the initial purchasing cost. There are running costs, tax, repairs, insurance and fuel, which can sum up to be quite costly. However, many of these expenses can be avoided by maintaining your car well. Read More…