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Hyundai i20 – The most loved hatchback

Hyundai i20 can be termed as one of the most loved cars to have rolled out of the factories of Hyundai Cars in India. Ever since its launch in 2009, this car has done remarkably good business in the tough Indian market. Often outselling its nearest rivals, the i20 has managed to gain popularity among car buyers due to its stylish looks, large cabin and loads of extra features. The i20 is a complete package in itself that the car became an instant hit among the Indian car buyers.


Following the successful run of the original version of Hyundai i20, Hyundai came up with a facelift of the car in 2012. This time it became more sleek and stylish. The Hyundai i20 sports more of a European look with its large headlamps, thin grille, redesigned front bumper, new tail lamps, spoiler and chrome door handles among others changes.

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Nissan LEAF – Electric Car With Best Ever Specifications

The Nissan Leaf electric auto has been one of the more well-known as of late regardless of the issue with battery limit which snatched the features towards the end of 2013. Then again, Nissan has generally advertised arrangements for another upgraded form of the Nissan Leaf which will be accessible in soon.

One of the fundamental bones of dispute around purchasers throughout the last few years has been the moderately long charging time needed to re-energies the auto’s battery. Appreciatively, there is the choice of a 6.6 kW charger with the new Nissan Leaf which diminishes charge time from around eight hours to only four hours. This guarantees that not just does it take less time to charge from your home however will additionally takes less time to charge at open charging stations which will definitely show up in the months and years ahead.

The Volt offers an open lodge with seating for four, and has some interesting styling characteristics that are exceptionally alluring, innovative and advanced. The Leaf likewise offers this same couture of outline. Nonetheless, the Leaf situates five persons, not four, and is a bit roomier. The central government has not yet performed its crash test appraisals on either of these models. Both models characteristic full airbags and electronically monitored slowing mechanisms, and the Volt even offers a walker caution capacity.

NissanThe new Nissan Leaf has an expanded trip limit contrasted with its unique configuration which is yet an alternate offering moment that the vehicle is inevitably discharged. We expect affirmation from the US powers concerning the definite excursion limit and the change on the first vehicle yet any change as of right now will be generally welcomed. The capability to “go all electric” for more adventures will build venture choices and ought to enhance offers of the Nissan electric vehicle.

It is likewise worth noting that the new form will additionally take in the most recent air movement optimized engineering which streamlines the vehicle, decreases drag and enhances productivity and voyage separation. When you are discussing generally short voyages, the capacity to decrease drag and enhance the flight science of the vehicle ought not to be belittled.

One intriguing choice which is a piece of the Nissan leaf is Eco Route office which will recommend the most monetary course for you to bring concerning force sparing offices. From multiple points of view this is fundamentally the same to a satang, which can recognize activity tailbacks ahead, despite the fact that the capacity to spare power and increment productivity will be generally welcomed by the general population.

So we not just have a vehicle which can enlarge your electric just voyage limit, enhance your charging time yet it will additionally provide for you the most practical course to take!

While the Nissan Leaf was in the news for the greater part of the wrong reasons towards the end of 2013, dominantly due to issues with the auto battery, it appears to be as if lessons have been learnt and the new form is altogether different. During an era when the buyer is thinking that it troublesome to legitimize generally high consumption on an electric vehicle, rather than an universal fuel vehicle, pressing the greatest voyage limit, decreasing charging times and offering the most recent ready for will all go down exceptionally well. Renew photocard driving licence on time to avoid traffic charges in your country.

15 Random Motoring Laws From Across the World

Road laws and driving regulations are roughly the same wherever you are in the world.  However, in some countries and states there are a few weird and outdated laws that could see unsuspecting drivers facing a hefty charge or driving penalty.

So next time you climb into a rental car, in addition to making sure you have the right insurance cover at the best price using a comparison site like Captain Compare, double check you know all the rules of the road – however crazy they may seem!  As you will see, depending on where you are in the world, it could be a whole lot more complex than simply knowing which side of the road to drive on.

Here are 15 of the wackiest, most random driving laws from across the world for your enjoyment:

1. It’s illegal to drive in Alaska with a dog tethered to your roof

2. In Alabama the law states you must have windshield wipers on your car, yet it is not mandatory to have a windshield

3. In California it is against the law for women to wear a bathrobe whilst driving

4. You must ALWAYS wear a shirt when driving in Thailand

5. It is forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland – the day most other countries dedicate to doing this essential chore

6. In Georgia you are not allowed to drive through playgrounds

7. Whilst in Denmark, you must routinely check for sleeping children under your car every single time you want to drive anywhere.  You will be fined if you’re caught not doing this.

8. Traffic is so heavy in the Philippine capital of Manila that they have had to introduce a special coding system, meaning that you are only allowed to drive on certain days of the week depending on the number combination on the number plates.  For example if your number plate starts with a ‘9’ you can drive on Mondays and Wednesdays.

9. Tempted to wear a blindfold when you drive?  Well if you’re in Alabama don’t as you will be breaking the law.

10. In Beijing you could receive a fine and warning for stopping at pedestrian crossings

11. In Montana you are forbidden from having a sheep in your truck without a chaperone

12. It would be a big mistake to assume you have the right of way when driving in South Africa. It is the pigs, goats, cattle and any other animals that take priority and failing to give way for them can incur a fine of over $500

13. Women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

14. It’s illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn when driving in Germany.

And last but not least, our favourite festive driving law that Santa himself should be aware of…

15. If in Ontario and driving a sleigh down the highway, you should make sure you have the correct number of bells attached.  Less than two could earn you a fine of $5.  It could be an expensive night for the big man.

Citroen DS5 Purified

This lovely complete hybrid diesel, integrates the efficiency of an HDi diesel motor together with the ability of an electrical motor unit. That equals 200 b-h-p, 4 wheel drive, electrical setting for town motoring and a speed enhancer, for the ecosystem this means decreased CO2 pollution levels. Citroen has reached the entire hybrid system by incorporating an HDi 160 combustion motor along with a 2nd gen. Start – Stop setup and an electrical motor unit and power-train control unit. Hybrid4 technologies let you move the way we wish.


Select from automatic, ZEV, 4 Wheel Drive or Sport setting and Hybrid4 technologies manages all the rest. For decreased fuel usage select automatic setting, for even better eco friendly motoring select the Zero Emission Vehicle setting, Sport setting boosts the acceleration and speed ability and sensitivity providing you a crisper drive and last for anyone daring select the 4 Wheel Drive choice. Read More…

A Closer Look At The Mercedes Benz C Class – A Review

Mercedes last updated the C Class in 2011 – giving it a thorough facelift and really pushing it to the compact executive fore. Even though we expect to see a new version of the car later on this year, the current model still is going head to head with the A4 and 3 Series. So, let’s take a look at how it fares and whether there’s still some bite in the soon to be replaced motor.


One of the big things that came about with the Merc’s midlife refresh was the revised styling. The car got some new headlamps to bring it in line with newer models and also its bumpers, running lamps and other areas got a refresh.

However, the C Class still struggles to look as sporty as the BMW and is quite restrained in comparison. The AMG body kits do tend to spice things up somewhat with their larger wheels and bi xenon headlamps. The cabin is more subtle, though quality is very good and there’s plenty of tech too including Bluetooth and dual climate control.

The Drive

The Mercedes is a competent performer and it’s not just as sporty as the BMW or even the Audi for instance, however even its most basic engines are decent power plants. From the turbocharged C180’s 1.6l to the C63AMG’s 6.2l V8 – each has a purpose and each is more than fit for that purpose.

The most popular choice is the 201bhp C250CDI’s engine which has plenty of power mid-range and though the gearing is a little clunky is a good car. There is a 7 speed that’s fantastic but you pay a princely sum for it.

Ride and handling are well…..Mercedes like – which is a good thing. It’s not as sharp as the BMW, but it’s a very comfortable ride that offers a lot.


The Mercedes is well equipped in safety terms and in fact leads its class. The addition of 7 airbags, electronic stability control and a number of other additions is great. There’s a number of other great optional extras too. Buyers can opt for the Driver Assistance package, which includes lane assist, blind spot monitoring and a number of other smart features.

The car is well built and reliable too and a lot better than some of its recent predecessors and a hark back to the days of old. Servicing costs aren’t cheap however.

Is it Practical?

The Mercedes C Class is a sensible family car and there’s plenty of room for two adults and more than a couple of children. The 475l of boot space is almost as large as the BMW’s and there’s plenty of other room in the door pocket, glove box and other little hidden areas. The only downside is the lack of split rear seats – which both the Audi and BMW provide.


Economy and CO2 emissions are massively slashed on this model of Mercedes – no surprise as it will often be used as a company car. The C220 CDi’s Blue EFFICIENCY engine is the best of the bunch and manages a CO2 figure of 109g/KM and almost 69mpg. However, the C63 unsurprisingly is a different kettle of fish and produces 280g/km of CO2 and returns 23mpg – however, it’s hardly as surprise.

The car’s resale values are quite decent and you can expect to receive 40% of the value of the car after 3 years – quite like an Audi or a BMW. However, unlike the Audi and BMW there’s no fixed price service. However, the chance of having to pay for Mercedes repairs is low as the car is a massive improvement in quality on generations previous to this C Class.

The C Class is right up there and considering it’s at the end of its life is a good auto with a lot going for it.

Highlights of The 2013 L.A. Auto Show

The 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show started on November 22 and will end on December 1, with a total of 56 production models having their world première there, along with several concept cars. There are many highlights from the show that are worth mentioning, including some luxury SUVs, such as the Porsche Macan, high-performance sports cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, but some alternative fuel vehicles, as well, such as the Hyundai Tucson FCEV.

Porsche showed off the 2014 Macan, their compact crossover SUV, that should go into production by the end of this year. The company decided to name it Macan, which is the Indonesian word for tiger, although it originally planned to name it Cajun. It comes with a 3.0-liter, V6 engine, delivering 340 horsepower and 339 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Even though details on its performance haven’t been released, you should expect a top speed of over 150 mph, and a 0 to 60 mph time of about 5 seconds.

Land Rover unveiled its incredibly luxury, incredibly expensive Range Rover Autobiography Black. It will only be offered in the U.S. market, and the company will only build 100 units, making it a pretty exclusive item to own. It comes with 18-way power-adjustable front seats, and climate and massage control for all seats. The seats are covered in high-quality leather, there is a panoramic sunroof, LED mood lamps, and 10-inch screens keeping the rear seat passengers entertained. All this luxury comes with a $185,000 pricetag.

South Korean car maker Hyundai was very busy at this year’s show, presenting a couple of models, including the Elantra, the Tucson FCEV, and the Genesis. The Genesis is a car that is targeted to the high-end consumer, but at a significantly lower price than the average luxury car. Its starting price is set at $35,200, which is pretty reasonable, considering the amenities and luxury features it has. It’s powered by a 3.8-liter, V6 engine, and delivers a 27-mpg fuel economy. It has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as a leather-wrapped shift knob, heated seats, a 7-inch touch screen navigation with DVD and text-to-speech feature, along with a Bluetooth hands-free phone system.

Another highlight of the show was the Maserati Ghibli, a full-size sedan, with a stylish, luxury interior, featuring leather upholstery, power-adjustable front seats, dual-zone climate control, and keyless entry. The company has set an annual production target of 50,000 units, and each of them will be available for $65,000.

Lastly, there was the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept, a car that definitely stole the show. It’s a concept with an amazing design, featuring a raked roofline, a pretty long, wide hood, a sharp, aggressive rear end, and a front grille that is covered with LED lights. Its body is made of carbon fiber, with an aluminum chassis, and extra large wheels. Obviously, there are the gull-wing doors, a feature typical of many sports cars made by Mercedes, and a rear spoiler that raises and lowers automatically.

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BMW i3 – A Quick Look

bmw-i3-coupe-concept-3The BMW i3 may have a name that makes it sound that it has been built in conjunction with Apple, but we can assure you it’s all BMW and as revolutionary as any product Apple has created.

Unlike other sorts of electric vehicles the new i3 is a very different type of electric car thanks to a number of innovations. For one thing the BMW comes with a rear wheel drive – something that is quite unusual in the electric vehicle world. However, it does make sense. The car’s rear powered  wheels are in the perfect position thanks to the driveline and mean that there is no need to string hefty cables from front to rear or vice versa.


The auto itself has a 230kg battery, which sits underneath the floor of the car and is kept at low temperatures thanks to the cars air conditioning system. This is all well protected thanks to a thoroughly strong chassis and sills made of nothing less than carbon fibre. The motor that drives the car is positioned beneath the boot’s floor.

The car keeps weight down thanks to a suspension made from aluminium and hollow drive shafts. The wheels of the car are made from forged aluminium and all screw, bolts and a whole lot more is made from aluminium.

Weighing in at 1270kg, the BMW is a quite light car, obviously thanks to the use of aluminium and carbon fibre. BMW quotes that a car made with traditional materials of this kind would be around 300kg heavier – which would obviously greatly impact on the fuel consumption and the power to weight ratio, which would affect performance.


Power wise the 22kWh lithium ion battery can produce plenty of it and the electric motor drives 168bhp through the rear wheels of the car – a lot of petrol cars pale in comparison to this figure. Expect the car to go as fast as 93mph and acceleration to be undimmed throughout.

Of course, the other big performance factor is the range of the car and BMW quote this at 140 miles on a charge on combined roads. In realistic terms expect to see around 100 miles to a charge. BMW however has also offered the option of adding a range extender to the vehicle – something we’re interested to see with our experience as BMW specialists Cardiff.

This is essentially a 650cc motorcycle engine that’s added to the car and acts as a generator for the car’s battery. This will charge the car as it goes and pushes its range to 186 miles. This is expected to be added to the vast majority of cars that are bought.

Rear Hinges

The car comes with rear hinged doors – possibly there just to push the notion of modernity, while inside the car is comfortable enough to accommodate four people at a push. The trim comes in all manner of shapes and forms with wood, plastic and fibres thrown in. However, reports suggest that it doesn’t completely live up to its BMW billing and is a little slacker in terms of quality than usual.

However, one benefit of the motor in the rear is that the noise of the electric power is at the rear and quite quiet.  Expect the ride to be better also thanks to the cars lightness and handling is said to be precise, while he car is brisk and agile on B roads – quite similar to a Mini – a car that it utilises plenty of parts from.

The BMW is probably the best attempt at any EV yet and a real step forward in a lot of ways. However, priced at over £25,000, it’s a lot more than the £11,000 tag on a Nissan Leaf. Though, it is a BMW after all.

Fishing the Best Luxury -Audi, BMW or Mercedes

German cars clearly stand out when it comes to quality and precision engineering. Over the decades German cars have held the top spots for being among the best motor vehicles on road, this include Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Choosing a Mercedes, BMW or Audi can prove to be quite a challenge even to the most adept car enthusiast; factors to consider when shopping for a BMW, Audi or Mercedes include the following:

Engine performance

Every year sees more refinement both in the body styling as well as under the hood, the engine performance will highly determine the driving experience one is expected to experience. To match cars in similar classes, the engine should be torque enough to be able to pull swiftly through hilly situations and towing objects. The car should also have sufficient supply of horsepower for a spirited performance and quick take off. A model that comes with high torque and horsepower at low revolutions and within a wide power range will be suitable for all rounded driving experience.

Car Safety features

Fast performance without proper safety is a death wish; the car should have a variety of reliable safety features to cater for an incident or accident. Availability of air bags all around the car from the sides, front, rear, dash board and steering will reduce the chances of injuries during an accident. The car’s interior should also be made from shock absorbent padding and not cheap plastic, crash bars, side impact beams built inside the doors or side frames also increase the chances of survival during a crash. Satellite tracking, biometric key and voice recognition are also built in safety features that come as standard features in the high end cars.

Road handling

The ideal car should come in the highest specs in regard to how well the car handles the surface, proper shock absorber system, pressure sensitive sensors, electronic brake distribution (EBD), traction control, hill descent, anti-roll back, terrain sensitive shock absorbers and a suitable chassis ensure that the car will remain safe during driving since the car will be more responsive to the drivers manoeuvre as well as to the terrain.

Braking Efficiency

A car’s braking system plays a very crucial role, it enable as a driver avoid catastrophes which might lead to death. Modern cars come with highly advanced braking systems that are responsive to the driver, the road condition and also have a degree of corrective mechanism. The car comes with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and computer assisted braking among other features.

In Car Entertainment

Modern cars come with the latest state of the art technology, this include surround system speakers all-round the car, blue tooth , infra-red remote, compatibility to mobile apps, speed sensitive stereo, blue ray disk, USB ports and a docking station for a lap top or mobile.

A good way of finding out more about the suitability of an Audi, BMW or Mercedes is through viewing the report or statistics on registration on each model. Getting the registration report of a car is as easy as that when you contact dvla contact , the reports are available online from different sites of different people who carry out this.

Types of SUVs with the Highest Values

The SUV is making a strong comeback on the roads and indeed off road in the UK. For many years, it did of course fall from grace for being a bit of a gas-guzzler that was more often than not rarely used to its full capabilities.

However, these days we are seeing many more fuel-efficient designs, which are suited to both the road and off road driving without compromising the least bit of style, comfort or performance.

As well as being very versatile, the SUV does tend to hold its value well. This, of course, means that you can generally expect a good second hand price for your vehicle or a healthy valuation if you decide to use it as collateral for one of the many cheap logbook loans available.

Understanding used values of vehicles can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to upgrading or changing to a newer model. To help with this valuation process, we have put together a short list of top value holding SUVs.

The Land Rover Discovery 4

1. The Land Rover Discovery 4

This particular model is of course, Land Rover’s flagship model and boasts some of the most technologically advanced all terrain response units on the market. With its high quality leather interior and state of the art on board gadgets, it is also firmly in the luxury vehicle bracket. These SUVs hold their price well, as the demand for these particular models is always high. For models later than 2010, you can expect £25.000 and upwards as used value.

Porsche Cayenne

2. Porsche Cayenne

Being designed an built by one of the most respected sports car manufactures in the world, the Porsche Cayenne certainly does not disappoint. It may lack some of the off road capabilities of the Range Rover or Land Rover, but its road handling is second to none. Fast and responsive this SUV feels more like a sports car than a SUV. Second hand value for a 2006 model is around £10.000 with turbo models from 2010 and onwards often reaching £60.000 and more.

Mercedes ML63 AMG 2010

3. Mercedes ML63 AMG 2010

The range-topping model of the Mercedes M class is the ML63 AMG. This SUV really packs a punch. With its 5.5-litre V8 engine and it sporty aerodynamic looks, this model is firmly in the top ten sports luxury SUVs available on the market today. If you are looking to use one of these as collateral or sell on the second hand market, a 2010 model would be worth something the region of £40.000.


4. BMW X5

The BMW X5 is one of the classic modern SUVs. It’s very spacious and has a number of engine options to suit everyone’s requirements. It has the seating capacity for carrying five people very comfortably and has a large spacious boot. The 3-litre in-line six cylinder is the popular choice and will get you from 0-60mph in just over seven seconds, not bad for a veteran of the SUV world. A 2010 model would be worth £30.000 and upwards.

VW Touareg

5. VW Touareg

The VW Touareg has everything you would expect from a leading car manufacturer like Volkswagen. This is one of the most fuel efficient of performance SUVs on the market, promising nearly 40mpg. It also comes with manmade leather interiors, climate control and DAB radio on all of the standard models. All models are equipped with an 8-gear Tiptronic automatic gearbox and have the towing capacity of 3.500kg. All in all, a great SUV for most families and off road weekend warriors. A 2010 V6 TDI model would be worth somewhere in the region of about £15.000.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is another favourite SUV classic for many people. With its sporty lines and V8 engine, it’s very easy to see why. The newest version is the 2012 and it offers everything you would expect and more from this tried and tested 4×4 design. Plenty of room and perfect for some serious off road adventures. The 2010 should fetch around £15.000.

A Sports SUV is one of the most versatile and fun vehicles you could ever hope to own, and with their great used value, also one of the best to sell.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado: A Huge Improvement

Unlike the new 2014 Ford F-150, the 2014 Silverado High Country is sporting entirely new looks and specs. What is most impressive about the new Chevy truck is its miles per gallon. The Silverado 1500 with its 6.2-liter V-8 has a much better rating than its predecessor coming in at 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. The four-wheel-drive comes in at 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway, not too much of a difference there.

That’s pretty impressive considering my 2000 Jeep Cherokee (a much smaller and lighter vehicle) gets less mpg.

Chevy put in a huge gasoline engine that features fuel-saving technologies. The Silverado includes a direct fuel injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), and is composed of a lighter aluminum block and heads. These features can also be found on the 2014 Corvette Stingray. It is a really smart move for Chevy to move their vehicles in this direction with today’s “green” mindset.

In fact, the cool thing about the Silverado’s engine is that it looks very similar to the Stingray: the aluminum block, the bore spacing, crank, and pistons are among the similar mechanisms, although, some of the other components of the engine have been rightly optimized for trucking tasks like towing and hauling. Because the 6.2-liter is so big, the rear axles have been increased to 9.76 inches to manage.

The cylinder deactivation allows the engine to shut down to four cylinders if there is no towing or hauling going on. The truck is made to not make much noise at, but there is a bypass valve that allows the V-8 to let loose its 420hp roar. I’m sure some of you agree that during day-to-day driving the constant rumbling of a truck this size can get annoying. The Active Fuel Management system allows you to make it rumble when it counts.

The body of the truck is gorgeous, though. It looks aggressive and ready to do whatever job you put to it. The “High Country” badge is still a mainstay for the vehicle, but the bumpers are both body color. The headlamps are those halogen projectors that everybody else on the road hates. The Silverado has 20-inch chrome wheels that would look way better with Fuel Wheels and has accented chrome side moldings, door handles, and mirrors.

When I sat in one of these trucks at the dealership I was disappointed by the highfalutin look of the interior. The truck has a LTZ trim line, leather wrapped steering, seats, shift knob, and everything else. There was also an 8-inc touchscreen and 4.2-inch screen in the info cluster. It’s just TOO luxurious. There was time when trucks pulled stuff and were used as a simple tool for work.  Luxury trucks nowadays are for the people with the hat and not the cattle.

However, I know very few people who would use the posh interior as a deal breaker for a truck. Seriously, at 420hp, there will be no truck enthusiast that would turn his/her nose up at the all-new Silverado.


Type – Front-engine, rear or rear-/4wheel-drive, 5-6-passenger, 4-door truck

Engine – Pushrod 16-valve V-8, aluminum block and head, direct fuel injection

Power: 420 hp @ 5600 rpm

Torque: 460 lb-ft @ 4100 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed automatic; manual shift option

Zero to 60: 6.3 seconds