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An Insight Into Tyre Cupping

Driving on completely worn out tyres is extremely dangerous. As the tyres are the only ones in direct contact with the road, worn out tyres prevent you from having control over the car. That is why it is advisable to be on the lookout for uneven or complete wear of your tyres. One example of uneven wear is tyre cupping.

Tyre cupping or scalloping is when your car tyres have indentations on them. Tyre cupping is a form of abnormal wear that causes small portions of the surface to fall off. The sections where tyre parts fell off are then smoothed down when one is driving, hence the name cupping.

How to Catch Tyre Cupping

Tyre cupping may go unnoticed if the car owner lacks keen eyes and does not do frequent tyre checks. It is important that you check your tyres for cupping as such a scenario cuts off your ability to control the starting and stopping of the car. An indication of cupping is when your car emits a rhythmic rattling sound that gets worse with increased speed. If the cupped tyres are at the front part of the car, the driver will feel a vibration or a shake through the wheels.

When you suspect tyre scalloping, you should perform a thorough check of the tyres immediately to prevent fatal accidents. Lift the area in suspect using a floor jack to a position that allows you unrestricted access to the tyres. Spin the tyre around and look for cupping marks. Make sure to take note of the position where these marks are located, as this will help to pin point the root cause of the tyre wear. Do not rush to replace the tyres when you notice cupping because this is not the only possible solution. You should instead take your car to a mechanic for further assessment in case the problem is with the vehicle.

Possible Causes of Tyre Cupping

According to statistics, the leading cause of tyre cupping is use of poor quality tyres. Good quality tyres have the ability of resisting environmental causes that may lead to tyre cupping.

Another cause of tyre cupping is problems with the car itself. Scalloping that occurs on one edge of the tyre indicates a serious problem deep in the suspension of the car or there could be an issue with the wheel bearing. A wheel-hop is when scalloping occurs in the middle of the tyre or is evenly spread out. This type of tyre cupping indicates a problem with the shock absorber of the car.

How to Fix Tyre Cupping

The methods used to fix tyre cupping entirely depends on the cause of the problem. The various solutions may include balancing of tyres, fixing tyre alignment, or buying new tyres. If the problem is with the shock absorber, a mechanic will change the shocks. Sometimes mechanics may use a tyre shaving-machine to even out the wear after fixing the problem.

There are several types and degrees of tyre cupping, so you should take your car to a repair shop for evaluation.

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