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6 Features of Mercedes Catalytic Converter

Over the decades, Mercedes Benz is well known for making various best enhancements in the vehicle industry; advancements that absolutely made their vehicles exceed expectations over the rest. Mercedes Benz surely showcases that they are additionally the pioneer in keeping up community connections by creating and developing exercises that can help them keep the community, the vehicle and the earth protected.

Mercedes catalytic converter

Nonetheless, the inquiry here is – Why does a Mercedes Benz vehicle oblige a catalytic converter in an exhaust system and how can it offer assistance? Despite the fact that Mercedes Benz motors have reliably enhanced with time, yet in any case they generate a great measure of perilous substances. Mercedes catalytic converter is an emission-control devices intended to clear up the depletion processed by gas fueled ignition motors. Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides essentially contain the unsafe substances, and it is in the capacity of exhaust systems to change over these harmful substances into less perilous ones before they are emitted in the environment outside.

Mercedes Benz might not allow any of their models to be utilized on open streets if there is no catalytic converter attached within.


Managing the converter

Issues with the exhaust system in your Mercedes or any vehicle are frequently more troublesome to manage. Most drivers acknowledge on the grounds that it is unlawful to mess with an exhaust system. This is entirely unlawful to endeavor to alter your Mercedes catalytic converter by any methods other than having an endorsed affirmed workman repairing it.


Laws in this respect

Federal and state laws both are overseeing the evacuation and repairing of exhaust systems in the vehicles. The clamor your catalytic converter is showing symptoms  that may cause your Mercedes to fall flat an outflows test or entitle you to submit fines to Environmental Protection Agency if not taken care of appropriately. It is just lawful to evacuate it if the clamor is influencing catalytic converter capacity.


Check the guarantee

 Your Mercedes may not be secured by the federally commanded Environmental Protection Agency warranty. Elected law emissions warranty details that if your auto was fabricated before 1996, the exhaust system is still under the guarantee just if the auto has covered the distance less than 50,000 miles. In the event that the auto was produced after 1996, the auto is lawfully needed to have more than 80,000 miles on it or be more than eight years of age to be out of warranty.

A few Mercedes vehicles have recorded issues with the exhaust systems. Mercedes arrived at a settlement with the EPA to expand the emanations guarantees on these vehicles.


Taking to the merchant

Take your Mercedes to the dealer or a workman who normally handles these autos and have the exhaust system tried. You will need to go to a technician who is acquainted with the auto’s fumes framework prerequisites and has admittance to unique supplies maker, or OEM of Mercedes catalytic converter parts. The converter used to supplant your Mercedes converter must be indistinguishable to the first Mercedes reactant converter. If your auto is still secured by the elected guarantee, it will need to be taken to the authorized Mercedes dealer.


Discovering a workman

You must see that the mechanic completely fill up the warranty card with the converter, then, if essential, reinstate it with an indistinguishable new converter. Documentation of the issue is a legitimate necessity if the converter needs to be swapped. Since messing around with converters is illicit, your boisterous converter will most likely be supplanted. In the event that the converter is even now working, the technician is not lawfully permitted to evacuate it.


Rounding out a guarantee

Verify that the workman likewise fills up a guarantee card as needed by Federal regulation. Spare a duplicate copy of everything for your records if an occurrence of emanations assessment issues at a later date arises.

The Advantages of Trading In Your Car When Buying a New One

The decision to trade in your current car when you are looking for a new one is the most reasonable. Trading in at a car supermarket eliminates the hustles of private selling, and enables you to part with the car much sooner. For most people who neither have the time nor the luxury to indulge different parties in negotiations, this is the path of least resistance.

The Advantages

The benefits of trading in your car when buying a new one extend past a simple convenience. Unlike private selling, where the car that you have sold can come back to haunt you if it was mechanically flawed to begin with, a trade in is gone once you sign it away. If it has any inherent problems, they are for the dealer to manage. You can forget all about it once it has been accepted.

sell your car at a car supermarket

You can sell your car ‘as is’. If it is in a less than ideal condition, you can still trade it in. It might not sell for a momentous sum, but it does eliminate the hustle of restoring it. It’s a freedom that you can’t quite afford as a private seller. Here are 4 major benefits that you can enjoy by selling your car at a car supermarket.

Insurance Relief

You are offered some immediate insurance relief once you trade in. Any car that is in your possession will attract insurance regardless of whether you’re using it or not. Surrendering it means you no longer have to pay premiums on it.

Tax Credit

Another significant benefit of trading in your car is the tax implications. The cost of the car will be subtracted from the asking cost of the new car you want. The remaining sum however, is the only amount that will be subject to tax. The cost of your trade in is subtracted, implying that you only pay tax for the net cost of the car.


A trade-in offers you some leverage, regardless of how little it is. With the car, you have a bargaining chip that you can use to make your next car more affordable. Car supermarkets are notable for offering some laughable amounts for trade-ins. But if the car has been well maintained, it does give you an edge to negotiate for good value.

Down Payment Relief

Where a new car requires some deposit as part of a financing agreement, a trade-in can offset said deposit. If the cost of the car is more than what is owed, a car supermarket can accept the trade-in in place of a deposit. This allows you to drive off the lot with your desired car without having to put any money down first.

These are some of the clear benefits of trading your car when buying a new one. There are some downsides, of course, like the lower value you get for your car, but these are overshadowed by the convenience. This does not imply that you should not at the very least; tend to your car before driving to the dealer. You are encouraged to. It will give you a far bigger bargaining chip when the value of your car is obvious.

Tata Zest – the new edge of compact series!!

Tata Motors is one of the most prestigious names of automobile industry. Despite of being such an established brand, it has witnessed a high dip in sales figures. Considering this unexpected downfall, Tata motors has decided to renovate its vehicle-line up. With an aim to regain its repo & fame, the company has launched a brand new refreshing version of F5 compact sedan which is named as Tata Zest.

Mileage –The new Tata zest is a sub-4-meter vehicle which is available with a 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel. It is also available with an advanced 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine with 4-cylinders and 16-valves which is equipped with an intercooled turbocharging unit along with a multi-point fuel injection system to develop a maximum power of about 83.83Bhp, and generate a peak torque output of about 140Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm. The diesel powered Tata Zest is estimated to give a mileage in the range of 23 to 25 Kmpl, while the petrol version can deliver 18 to 19 Kmpl. It comes with a 44-litre fuel storage capacity along with 425 Kg of payload capacity. It is coupled with a highly advanced 5-speed automated manual transmission gearbox that enables the engine to deliver a flawless performance.


Exterior – the new Zest Compact sedan is worth compliment. This sub-4-meter Tata sedan comes with an appealing look unlike any of the Tata car models revealed till now. The most vibrant aspect is its dazzlingly designed headlight cluster with turn indicators and projector lamps. Radiator grille design is quite different from other models. The front bumper, integrated with LED daytime & fog lights, goes well with cleverly designed air dam. The side profile includes door handles and the ORVM caps. The trendy 16 inch alloy wheels enhance its elegance. The rear profile is also quite stylish, with a neat and glossy finish. The taillight cluster features LED light pattern and is complimented by the chrome inserts. The wheelbase of is claimed to be at 2470mm.

Interior – This trendy Tata Zest has an elegantly designed cabin with great leg, shoulder and headroom space. Provided with a dual tone look, it is complimented by chrome inserts. The design of the dashboard with a lot of chrome treatment gives it a premium look. It is equipped with AC unit, music system. The seats are well cushioned, pretty wide and have been covered with quality upholstery. This vehicle provides seating for a total of 5-passengers.

Interior Comfort –beside the common features such as ac unit with heater, an advanced instrumentation panel, power steering, power windows; Tata motors has decided to charm their customer with a 5-inch touchscreen display that helps the occupants to stay connected, an advanced audio acoustic system with Mapmyindia system for advanced navigation system. It also offer other utility based common features such as accessory power sockets, cup/bottle holders, storage compartment, glove box unit is spacious and provides a great leg space for the passengers in the front and rear cabin.

Braking & Handling – This is one of the most significant aspects of any vehicle. The new Tata Zest is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and features new advanced ABS system for improved braking efficiency. Beside this, it also offers a confronting stability feature, which makes the handling easy on sharp curves. Tata Zest equipped with an electronic power assisted steering system with “Active Return” function and speed related function.

Safety and Security – this compact sedan comes with a robust suspension system that improves the driving. Front axle has a dual path Independent McPherson strut system with Anti-roll bars, while the rear axle is integrated with an Independent 3-link McPherson Strut system with anti-roll bars. It also features an engine immobilizer system, key less entry function , seat belts and dual horn, side impact protection ,ABS with cornering stability feature, dual front air bags central locking system and many more.

Check out the online automobile portals like, etc. to get the latest price, offers, reviews & other latest info about this classy compact Zest.

How your Car really affects your Insurance Rates

There are a lot of rumors out there about how car insurance rates are determined. Since insurance companies ask a million questions before giving you a quote, it makes sense to wonder: do all of those items affect your rates? Here are some common assumptions about how your car affects how much you pay for insurance, and whether they’re really true or not.

Red Cars = Higher Premiums

One of the biggest myths in the insurance world is that red cars are higher to insure. There are a lot of reasons for this misconception, and most of them boil down to perception. Sports cars often come in a bright red, and sport cars are pretty expensive to insure. It is commonly thought that red cars get more speeding tickets. There is no way to know if this is true, but speeding tickets do raise your rates- but only after you get them, not if you’re assumed to be likely to get them.

This myth is also perpetuated by the fact that when you compare car insurance quotes, you are often asked for the color of your car. This is for record purposes though, not to determine your rates.

Small Cars = Lower Safety Ratings

Safety ratings do directly affect your insurance ratings. The less likely you are to get in an accident, or be injured if you are in an accident, the lower you’ll pay for insurance. Often, smaller cars do have lower safety ratings because they don’t provide as much protection as larger vehicles. This isn’t always the case though, so judge your car on the actual rating, not with how you think the size will affect it.

Older Cars =Lower Rates

Older Cars are more likely to be declared totaled rather than repaired, since the cost of repairs can be more than the cash value of the vehicle. This means that newer cars have higher collision coverage rates. New cars are also more likely to be targeted for theft. However, this can be balanced out by anti-theft measures, such as alarms and tracking systems.

New cars also often have higher safety ratings. So though old cars often cost less to replace, and may be rewarded with lower rates, you can’t generalize with “older cars are cheaper” because certain factors can make this not true. However, the more expensive your car would be to repair or replace, the more you can expect to pay for insurance.


It’s important to remember that insurance rates are determined by risk factors, not always by actual fact. If a certain make and model is statistically more likely to get in an accident (this likelihood being determined by safety ratings), then your rates will be higher. Your own driving history affects your rates the same way- you are deemed more likely to get in an accident if you’ve been in an accident before. So when looking for a new car, don’t judge it by it’s color, but take the safety ratings very seriously


Ford Fiesta ST – Ride The Hot Wheels

Ford Fiesta ST is deemed as a hot replica for over-priced luxury cars. The best part if that the company does not compromise with the value. It ensures that the users are satisfied with their perceived levels of performance for this vehicle. The company focuses on the look, value and performance of the vehicle rather than getting busy to make money. You can explore the elegant cabins of these four-wheeled vehicles in European showrooms. But the company has now shifted its focus from Europe to America and launched the brand new vehicle in this part of the world. The company has successfully fabricated the products all over the world. It has established itself on the various nations of this orb.

This is the prime reason for which the designers of this model had to stay really careful while chalking the design and strategy. Any wrong decision would have led to the disaster for the well-established image. The designers and engineers were pressurized to lay equal emphasis on the value and performance without ignoring the elegant of the vehicle for which the company is well-known amongst its patrons. The base price of this elegant car was kept $22,195. This may seem too heavy for the side-pockets but the quality and performance which is being availed to the patrons is quite worth the price which you pay.

There are many people who possess a query for the sporty variants. It always boils the temperature around the four-wheeled vehicle. The car has a perfect navigation system with enough alternatives which can avail you with the shortest distance to reach the final destination. The entire body was carefully prepared and the company ensured that they are not compromising with the quality. The passengers are availed with a comfortable ride on the cozy seats. You can enjoy the musical beats inside the car. Besides the elegant and modish interiors of this Ford cabin, you will be left jaw-dropped due to the lavish exterior. The front hood of the car is too stylish and compelling. The car has a light-weighted rooftop. The company has tried to expel the unnecessary part which will lead to unwanted weight for this vehicle.

Well if we talk about the technology which is used for this car, the engine will draw the prime attention of analysts. The engine of this car is strong enough to handle the rash driving of people and leave them with a comfortable ride even on the bumpy roads. The drivers cannot easily ignore the super shock suspension or shock absorber. Apart from this, the company has stayed really careful while fabricating the technology to control and normalize the overheated engine.

The engineers have wisely prepared a judicious system which helps in normalizing down the temperature of brakes and overheated engine of this vehicle. You can look for the feedbacks of people who have already enjoyed the ride of Ford ST. make sure that you do not ignore this extraordinary machine just for the fact that it may fall quite heavy on your side-pockets.

Hellen works with car parts Ireland yard, She love to drive cars and writes her car driving experiences on her blog for her followers, she also a writer by profession.

My Personal Experience with a Flat Tire (and How I Mended It All By Myself)

Just like anyone else, I also love taking my family for outing on the weekends. At times, I need to drive a little longer distance because of work as well. I must tell you that I love my car and that’s why I take very good care of it. I get it serviced regularly, keep an eye on oil levels and keep the air pressure in the tires at the correct level. Still, there is one thing that is not in my control, and that is the flat tire issue. Roads are full of sharp objects. They are spread all over and you never know which piece is going to love your tire and stick to it. Boom… and you have a flat tire on your hands.

We were once very excited as the whole family was going out for a weekend trip. Kids were having fun in the car and they were having the weekend fever. As we got out of the city and had driven a few kilometers, a nail stuck in a tire and didn’t leave it. It went flat. I can’t tell you how we felt. The kids were so angry. They were just killing me. I just kept myself calm and opened the boot of the car. I pulled out my magic kit from there, a tire puncture repair kit. I said to my wife, “Don’t worry, honey, we’re going to enjoy the weekend. A flat tire couldn’t spoil it. I’ll repair this for you”. Everyone started smiling. So, a puncture repair kit consists of a spiral tool, an inserting tool, a few puncture seals, a rubber adhesive and a blade. I also keep a tire inflator pump in my car. Here is how I repaired the puncture and enjoyed the weekend.

1. I inflated the tire with the air pump to fill enough air in the tire, and then looked over the tire for the puncture spot. It was easy to spot as air was leaking from the tire with a sound and my hand could experience the blow as I put it on the puncture. I marked the location.

2. Then I removed the nail. I did it very carefully so that I wouldn’t hurt my hand.

3. I picked the spiral tool now and inserted it into the puncture. It was hard to insert it deep enough in the tire. It was necessary to insert the puncture seal in the tire.

4. I left the spiral tool inserted into the puncture and got a puncture seal off the strip. I inserted this puncture seal into the inserting tool hole, just as we insert thread into a needle hole. I applied the rubber adhesive on the seal evenly.

5. Then I pulled out the spiral tool from the tire and inserted the puncture seal with the inserting tool. I inserted it deep enough such that the plastic handle touched the tire. Then pulled it out. It came out, leaving the puncture seal in to repair the puncture. With the help of the blade, I cut the extra rubber length of the puncture seal for an even road contact surface.

6. Then I inflated the tire with the air pump and our car was ready to move on. The flat tire was dealt with that easily.

I would suggest that you share this info with all your friends who are car owners. The more we educate ourselves, the less we will pay the mechanic.

For even more useful tips and information about repairing a flat tire and car maintenance check out this web page:

A little conservation goes a long way

Infographic: Fueling Change - A Little Conservation Goes A Long Way
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Your Dream Car is Closer Than You Think

When eight Corvettes in the National Corvette Museum were swallowed up by a sinkhole in Kentucky you could almost hear the gasp of ‘Vette lovers everywhere. And almost everyone in the country is a Corvette admirer even if they don’t own one.

First produced in 1953 the iconic car wasn’t a huge seller until it became a costar on the hit television series, “Route 66.” Collectors would probably like to across one of the 50 or so Corvettes used on the groundbreaking series.

Regardless of where you found your vintage Corvette, it means as much to you as the one Buz and Tod sped along in on Route 66 across America. Restoring a vintage icon takes a lot of patience, a lot of experience and a lot of love. You want to find a dealer well accomplished in Corvette restoration, such as Blue Sky Classic Cars. A restorer who has as much admiration for your vehicle as you have will carefully craft your vehicle into a work of art you will be proud to drive.

Some restoration businesses may try to convince you to overhaul and restore every part of the car. It’s not always the case, but sometimes a car doesn’t need total restoration. Ask plenty of questions and clarify with the garage owner or manager to complete restoration only on what is needed. Because they are in the business of automobile the owner or technicians may have some suggestions for upgrades or enhancement to make your car perform or look better than you could have imagined. Be willing to listen and learn from them and be open to their suggestions.

You don’t want to take chances with your car so look for a restoration garage with insurance against unforeseen damages and technicians who are experienced in engine, exterior finishes and interior repairs and restoration. Talk to the garage owner so you know if he is willing to work with you and value your input on crucial decisions. If you can find one agreeable to those parameters and your time frame and budget, you definitely have found a winner!


Critical Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Since competition in the auto repair industry is incredibly fierce, marketing can be a very important tool that can give your business the edge that you need in order to make sure you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Every car repair shop has its own business model and has a specific positioning on its market, so each approach has its own specifics. It’s notable that many auto repair shops lack innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting their business, so a couple of marketing ideas might come in handy.

Try and get as many referrals as possible

For businesses in the auto service industry, word of mouth is arguably the most effective way for expanding your customer base. You can partner up with businesses that share your target audience, but offer different types of services than you, try and convince them to refer their clients to you, and for each customer they refer to you, they receive a commission. Also, you can try and have your customers recommend you to their friends, and you can achieve that by providing timely and quality service, and offering competitive prices. You can ask them to post a status on their Facebook profile or tweet about your shop, and in return, offer a reward of some sort, such as a discount the next time they come to you, or mount and balance their tires or change their oil for free.

Improve brand perception by holding various events

There are a couple of ways to make people in your community aware of your businesses. For example, you can hold regular events focusing on vehicle maintenance, where you demonstrate drivers how to properly maintain their cars, and explaining the consequences of failing to change the oil or the air filter, or other similar maintenance tasks that every car owner can do on their own. In addition, you can sponsor a youth sports team, or a local kart race, or donate to a charity.

Radio and TV advertising

If you are an established auto repair shop, you can probably afford to pay a radio or TV add that will be aired over and over again, which is bound to get the attention of car owners needing a repair. This is an expensive marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective ones, as it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploit the Web and Social Networking

No business in the world at this moment can exist without an online presence. A business-oriented web site and social media engagement is a must even for old-school businesses like auto repair shops as well. Establishing a well-positioned Facebook page and pro-actively engaging with the interested audience would definitely bring fruits. Also using services like Twitter to get local customers interested and engaged. Businesses of this type should serve funny content combined with some useful repair tips and tricks to get the sympathy and attention of the target market. The goal here is to provide genuine support, or likeability and maintain positive image in the eyes of the audience.

List made by Jordan Perch, car sales expert and regular contributor to numerous drivers communities.

Simple Maintenance Tasks You Can Do While on a Campervan Trip

It must be stressed that if you’re hiring a campervan for your campervan trip you shouldn’t attempt to perform any maintenance on the vehicle yourself but rather leave such activities in the capable hands of qualified mechanics, with a few exceptions, most notably checking the tyre pressure and wheel lugs.

However, everything else discussed here is intended for campervan owners, because not only are hired campervans maintained and serviced regularly to ensure high standards of safety, but if you lack maintenance experience you could inadvertently jeopardise the safety of yourself and your family.

  • Check the tyre pressure and wheel lugs

Before departing on a road trip check your wheels, including the tyre pressure and wheel lugs, which is also something to check every few days whilst travelling, and also check the tread on its tyres when preparing for a long trip because the less tread on your tyres, the less they’ll grip the road and the less control you’ll have behind the wheel.

Check the pressure when the tyres are cold, i.e. before departing, rather than when they’re warm, i.e. when you arrive at your destination, because warm tyres won’t give accurate readings.

Lugs are remarkably easy to check and a simple way to check they’re snug is to put the wrench on the bolt and put your bodyweight on the wrench – that’s it!

  • Inspect the roof (seals and seams)

You should inspect the seals and seams at least twice a year depending on where you live and the rainfall there and you should have also invested in a heavy duty tarpaulin to keep the rain off your campervan’s roof and mitigate water damage.

If you find damaged seals or seams you’ll need to repair them before they worsen. For this you’ll need silicone sealant and aluminium tape, though be sure to wash and dry the area before applying either.

  • Change oil and filters

Like all motor vehicles you should change the oil and filters – hydraulic, fuel, coolant, air, etc. – on your campervan regularly. The frequency in which you need to change the oil and filters will depend upon how often you use your campervan and the instructions in the owner’s manual.

  • Check and flush life-support systems

Your campervan’s gas, waste and water systems are commonly referred to as life-support systems and these should also be checked regularly when your campervan isn’t in use and throughout your trip.

Holidaymakers travelling in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ who’ve made arrangements for campervan hire in NZ might like to ask the rental agency whether they will need to check these over the course of their journey themselves if they are planning on a lengthy journey – you won’t want to find the toilet out of order halfway through your journey around New Zealand.

  • Check for mildew and mould

Although seemingly minor problems, mildew and mould often prove to be just the opposite and they can also be very expensive problems to rectify.
Whilst there’s a greater chance of mildew and mould affecting your campervan when it isn’t being used – this is why you need to air out your campervan regularly when in storage – there’s always a chance that it can be affected by mildew and mould when you’re on holiday, so keep an eye (and a nostril or two) out for signs of mildew and mould.

In addition to being an expensive problem to rectify, mildew and mould can also negatively affect your family’s health in the form of, for example, allergic reactions, nervous system disorders and respiratory problems.
With these considerations in mind – Happy travels!

About the Author:
A company whose management is financially and personally invested in the business, Apollo is one of the leading providers of campervan hire in NZ. Their fleet has more than 3000 quality vehicles for clients to choose from.