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Learning to Drive: Advice on Where to Start

You will not be allowed to legally drive on the road until you have turned 17 and your provisional licence has arrived. From here on in, you will be able to take to the road with very cautious abandon, learning a skill that will open up many potential doors for you and make your entire life far easier.


However, when one is first starting to learn to drive, knowing where to start and how can be confusing. For parents, driving lessons will usually be a distant memory, having been taken many, many years ago, and things will have changed so drastically since then that offering sound and focussed advice can be hard. In turn, even experienced drivers will often be starting from scratch when it comes time to choose a driving school and work out a suitable approach to learning. Read More…

What Your Car Is Saying About You


      A car is more than just a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Purchasing and driving a specific car can be gateway into the find of the consumer who owns the vehicle. Consultants and psychologists help car companies advertise how a car brand or product can be marketed to a particular population. At the same time, these consultants and psychologists can analyze the character, behavior, and other traits from a person based on what kind of car they own. Here are some insights on what your car is saying about you.

Car Color

The color of the motor vehicle can often reflect the owner’s personality. Some psychologists have argued that the color white is associated with people who have a youthful personality. In contrast, a black color could reflect sophistication on the part of the car owner. Other colors, like green, reflect a person who is at their pace culturally, while blue reflects a happy or practical personality.

Attention Grabbing

Beyond color aesthetics, certain car purchases are to grab attention. For example, the entire subset of luxury vehicles may provide a superficial insight on the wealth of a person because of those car brand’s expenses. But, there is a general truth with luxury vehicle: owning one is a sign that the owner is very well-off and wants to invest in desirable car traits that are beyond necessity. In addition, sports car owners are often trying to show an attractive and fast car over and beyond the car’s practicality.

Focus on Practicality

Vehicles like mid-size vehicles to hatchbacks can tell people that the owner cares about other issues in life than their car’s aesthetics. Mid-size vehicles are usually advertised to be beneficial for families, which is why many mid-size owners purchased their vehicle to drive their kids or large families around. Hatchbacks and fuel-efficient vehicles show that the owner cared about fuel mileage as well as the environment when they made their purchase.

Car Accessories

Aesthetic or practical add-ons to a motor vehicle may sometimes give a peak into the owner’s personality. Tire experts in Halifax, such as those at Star Tires Limited, say that wheel rim choices tell a lot about the person who buys them. Owners that want an efficient, fast car usually go with large rims while owners that want fuel efficiency go with lightweight rims.


Consumer science and psychology offers interesting insights in the buying habits of individuals. Over the last few decades, many experts are able to theorize and develop frameworks that can tell people (and advertisers) what a specific car brand or aesthetic will mean about a consumer’s personality. Although not every consumer will fit these molds, some interesting personality findings can be shown when the consumer’s car choice is analyzed.


Mobility Scheme- Driving Without Worrying!

Driving has always been one of the most empowering and amazing experiences for people across the planet. Some people, however, are hindered by a disability that affects their ability to control a vehicle.

But with technological development, specialised cars have been manufactured for those individuals.

Apart from that the Mobility Scheme has even enabled disabled drivers to lease cars in exchange of their mobility allowances funded by the Government. The same norm is applicable in Essex and there are even dealers giving options to choose from a wide variety of cars.

Deciding the car

Now that you have decided to go for the mobility scheme, it is important to decide the car that’s right for you. It becomes essential to take into regard each and every aspect before you go for the lease, for instance, how often do you need a car, how far do you travel, do you need to carry a wheelchair and so on.

Other than these, you may need to take into account the number of people in your family and how many of them would be traveling with you on regular basis. If you live in a big city, a small car can meet your needs, but if you have a big family, you need to have a larger one. Moreover, you also have to think about the height, space, seat positioning and many other factors because your car would be very different from the regular ones.

Finding the dealer

There are a larger number of dealers of Mobility in Essex. So, after you have decided the type of car you want, look for the right dealer. It would be better for you to opt for a local dealer and discuss your requirement with the Mobility Scheme specialist. Most of the customers prefer to go for lease over buying as it includes car insurance, servicing as well as maintenance facilities. Test drives are mandatory and also look for any other facilities that can make your journey comfortable. If you have any confusion regarding the scheme, clear your queries and drive without worrying.

Using the scheme

The scheme is applicable to those who receive-

  • Higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Mobility Supplement for War Pensioners
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • It is even applicable for parent or care taker of a child over three years of age

Even if you are unable to drive, you can still apply for the scheme and nominate two friends and family member for driving the car. But they need to have a clean license, without convictions or disqualifications for the last five years and have to live within five miles of your residence. There are restrictions on provisional driving licenses and only one driver below the age of 21 is allowed, who needs to stay at your address.

The scheme is intended to keep individuals on the move and overcome all the obstacles that they face on road. At the end of the lease, you need to pay only for the damages, whereas small wear and tear can be ignored.

It is not a prerequisite for the person always to be in the car; as per the clause, the one who is driving should be the nominated individual in the scheme. If you are eligible, get the car of your choice and drive away. Check:

America’s Six Most Dangerous Roads

Highway in the eveningFor all of their scenic beauty and modern day accessibility, many of America’s highways have distinguished themselves as being deadly and dangerous. While many drivers today are blissfully unaware of these highways’ reputations, the fact still remains that these roadways witness numerous accidents and deaths each year. Before heading out on your own American driving adventure, you may want to know which highways are among the most dangerous and exactly why they invite such devastation to so many motorists each year.

Interstate 10 in Arizona

A 150 mile highway that runs through from Phoenix to the border of neighboring California, Interstate 10 holds one of the top spots for being among the deadliest highways in America. Surrounding by lonely desert with sparsely populated towns located few and far between along this stretch of road, this highway sees more than 85 deaths and just as many non-fatal traffic accidents each year.

Interstate 45 in the Houston Metro Area

Highways located in busy metro settings are just as deadly, as is the case with Interstate 45. This roadway traverses through Harris County and the Houston metro area, often witnessing hectic driving conditions and frequent accidents each day. In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that more than 3000 traffic accidents have occurred just since 2006. Of those 3000 wrecks, more than 1900 of them involved teen drivers, proving that this highway is particularly deadly for young and inexperienced drivers who are unused to busy urban traffic. Texas motorists and state visitors injured in auto accident in San Antonio or Houston, find out quickly the value of having a good car accident attorney on retainer after driving this busy stretch of road.

Highway 550 in Colorado

Highway 550 is a short, 25 mile highway that weaves and winds throughout southwestern Colorado. However, given the inhospitable weather conditions and the fact that this mountain road has few guardrails to keep drivers safe, this highway has earned itself a reputation of being deadly and dangerous.

Highway 2 in Montana

Another mountain highway that fails to roll out the welcome mat for visitors is Highway 2 in Montana. It too lacks guardrails to keep drivers safe from steep ditches and falling rockslides. It also has few gas stations or even little towns to seek refuge in case of a mechanical breakdown or wreck. It can take rescue responders more than 15 minutes to reach motorists who experience emergencies on this road.

U.S. 431 in Alabama

An old two-lane highway that runs for 98 miles through Dothan, U.S. 431 stands out in this state as one of the most dangerous roads to travel. With its old and outdated bridges, narrow traffic lanes, and isolated location, the highway has seen more than 20 traffic accident deaths in the last 10 years.

Dalton Highway in Alaska

Hardly a highway by conventional means, Dalton Highway in Alaska travels from Fairbanks all the way to the North Slope. It was built in 1974 as a roadway for oil workers and truck drivers who, by necessity, had to travel in this region’s harsh conditions to reach workers in the northern part of the state. It is now open to the public for travel; however, given its constant frozen conditions and the icy weather than ravages this road, only the bravest of drivers seem willing to drive on this highway.

These roads stand out as among the deadliest and most dangerous in America. Knowing where they are located and what dangers you could face can help you plan your transcontinental travel itinerary accordingly.

Freelance author, artist, auto-enthusiast and lover of the open road, Molly Pearce addresses the topics of travel, the law, and automobiles in her work. She shares this post to provide readers with valuable info on the state of U.S. roadways and what victims should do whether they are injured in auto accident in San Antonio, Montana, or Alaska.

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What You Need to Know About Teaching Your Teen to Drive


Young drivers have some of the highest crash rates globally, but parents can take the necessary steps to minimize these incidents. Generally speaking, this crash rate is high because teens lack the experience to get themselves out of dangerous situations while driving. They are also more likely to drive while distracted. If parents take the time to teach their teens how to drive before allowing them to drive on their own, many accidents can be prevented.

Start in the Parking Lot

Before permitting your teen to drive on the road, have them practice extensively in a parking lot. Make sure they can drive in a straight line both forwards and backwards before moving into more advanced techniques. Starting and stopping are also important skills to learn, as your teen should be able to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. The parking lot is also a great place to practice turning, as the teen should not cut corners or go too fast. Try to limit your parking lot sessions to about 20 minutes, then extend them as the teen becomes more comfortable.

Leaving the Parking Lot

Eventually, you can take your teen out of the parking lot and let them drive on the road. This is always a scary time for parents, but it is part of the driving process. To minimize the stress on you and your teen, determine the route that you will travel before you depart.

Stay away from busy parts of town. This allows your teen to slowly integrate into traffic. As they get more comfortable driving on the street in residential areas, you can begin taking them to business areas of town that have more traffic. Be careful that you do not overwhelm your teenager with this scenario and keep the route relatively short.

Bad Weather

If you live in an area with extreme weather, you might want to prevent your teen from driving in these conditions at first. Snow and ice are particularly dangerous; even experienced drivers can struggle when the road is slippery. This is another scenario where you should start in the parking lot and then slowly allow them to drive on the road. Taking your teen to the parking lot to get used to how the car handles snow gives them a good base from which to learn. It can also encourage them to be extra careful during these conditions.

Create Rules

As with anything else involving your teen’s behavior, it is important that you set boundaries. Begin by having rules that determine where your teen is allowed to drive and how late they are allowed to stay out. You might also want to restrict the number of passengers that your teen is allowed to carry.

More passengers increase the chances that your teen will become distracted while driving. Have a set list of punishments to be implemented if your teen breaks any of these rules. That way, they know what the consequences will be if they choose to ignore the guidelines that you have created.

Distracted Driving

In addition to driving with too many passengers, many teens now use their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. This is an escalating problem that causes numerous accidents every year. It does not matter if the driver is making a phone call, sending a text message or surfing the internet from behind a global VPN. Using a phone while driving is dangerous.

In fact, the FCC reported that over 400,000 vehicle-related injuries in 2010 were the direct result of driving while distracted. Also, 11 percent of all accidents involving drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 occurred, because one of the drivers was texting. By setting a good example when you drive, you can hopefully prevent your teen from exhibiting any of this dangerous behavior.

Good Driving Instructors Help Keep Roads Safe

LePeople rely on cars. Whether it is a weekly trip to the out-of-town supermarket to load up or getting to work from rural areas into towns and cities, cars seem likely to remain everyone’s preference for moving around. The important thing is that each driver is taught well, understands basics, and is aware of those around, whether in other vehicles or on foot. Read More…

How to Obtain UK Driving Licence


Figuring out how to drive could be exceptionally befuddling in the United Kingdom as there are different tests that you need to take before getting your full permit. The test is really finished in two parts the first being a test of street and vehicle information on top of a response testing motion picture grouping and these are alluded to as the hypothesis test. The second part is the pragmatic test of your driving capability known basically as the driving test.

When you can even begin to work towards these tests you should first acquire a United Kingdom of Great Britain temporary driving permit without this it is illicit to drive any mechanized vehicle on an open street. To request this temporary sort permit you must experience the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency all the more usually alluded to as the DVLA. This might be carried out online through the offices own site at however you must fulfill the accompanying criteria. You must have the ability to demonstrate that you are an occupant of Great Britain and furnish the locations where you have existed for the three years and hold a legitimate identification. That you are the right age for the kind of vehicle you wish to drive and meet the base standard of vision for driving. You should not be disentitled from holding a permit or have driving feelings pending. It might as well additionally be noted that a charge is made for this permit so check current costs on the DVLA site.

When you have this temporary permit you are qualified for drive an auto with the confinements forced by it which are that you must show Learner plates and be directed constantly. The supervision might be carried out by an affirmed driving educator or somebody in excess of twenty one who has held a full permit for no less than three years. In the event that you are taking lessons from a driving educator they must have an identification which has both their portrait and an expiry date on it make you check this insignia preceding beginning your first lesson. The viable test can’t be taken until the hypothesis test is passed first in spite of the fact that driving lessons may be taken while you are get ready for the hypothesis test.

About the hypothesis test – This test is carried out in two parts the first part comprises of fifty different decision questions which you have fifty seven minutes to answer and you have to attain no less than forty three out of fifty to pass. These inquiries are dependent upon all the data found in the Highway Code and driving the key abilities books which are accessible at most book shops. The second a piece of this test is known as the danger observation test in which you watch fourteen short motion picture cuts clicking on the rodent when you recognize anything that could make you change pace or heading. The rate of your response in recognizing dangers is the thing that will figure out if you pass or come up short this some piece of the test. Both parts of this test must be taken a break so when you pass one segment and come up short the other you must retake both parts once more.

The commonsense test is the place you will be evaluated on your auto control and street abilities by an inspector from how to book theory test guidelines organization who will provide for you bearings to accompany in excess of a forty moment drive. At the close of this drive you will be told when you have passed or necessity to return and take an alternate test. Kindly note that you must furnish a vehicle which is roadworthy and safeguarded to use on this test.

Safe Driving Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Driving schools around the world agree upon certain common tips for drivers. Whether you just got behind the wheel or you have been on the road for years, these are essential tips for safe driving anywhere in the world.

What you DO:

Follow all official rules, road signs, speed limits and any other driving guidelines in your area. Remember there are special rules which may apply in a certain country, city or a region e.g. turning right on red light is allowed in Florida (USA) but not in most other states. Similarly, a lower speed limit is mandatory in Queensland (Australia). Be aware, check your rules online.

Pay your fines, traffic tickets and clear your violations on time, in case you have failed to follow a rule

Wear your seat belt every single time. Yes, even if you are driving only two blocks. According to Northside Driving Schools most accidents happen when the driver is over-confident of his familiarity of the area, especially close to his residence or office. So be attentive and careful every single time.

Be courteous to fellow drivers, bicycles and pedestrians. Pedestrians always have right of way on crosswalks. Give room to bicycles on roads which do not have special bike lanes.

Keep children in proper child seats. Better safe than sorry!

Do make time for routine maintenance of your vehicle. Driving schools recommend changing your oils, checking your tires, keeping spare tires and a jack, winter tools (if you are driving during winters) and regular checkup of battery, engine and mechanical health of the car. If you are planning to travel far away from city, make sure your GPS is functioning well and you have a road-map as a back-up.

What you DON’T:

Don’t take your eyes off the road. Inattentive driving is liable for fines. Northside Driving schools categorize these into three kinds: visual distraction (text and drive, watching videos), physical distraction (taking your hands off the steering wheel to change stereo controls, eating while driving) or mental distraction (talking on cellphone or talking to other passengers). Each can be dangerous and costly.

Try not to engage in competitive speeding, tailgating or any form of road rage. If it is a really rough day for you, let someone else drive.

Do not drink and drive. Period!

Traffic authorities insist that you never assume the intentions of other drivers, as well as never assume that others on the road know yours. A driver who has just turned into an exit may have forgotten his right-turn indicator lights. A driver may not give you right of way while he or she is trying to get into a lane. Always give your signals and still wait safely before making a move.

Keep your valuables out of visibility when waiting or parked. Too often crimes happen when there is an opportunity.

Stick to the above fundamentals and ensure that driving around the city is a safe experience

Mark Long works for the Queensland Police Service and an expert on traffic rules. A guest speaker in Northside Driving Schools for several years, he advises drivers on basic driving lessons.


A Perfect Gift for Father

As you age you tend to see things in a different light. Gift giving over the Holidays was never my thing, nor was giving on birthdays. I was glad to be on the receiving end but seldom gave anyone else gifts. Part of the reason for me not giving was for financial reasons but there was also a level of maturity that I had not yet reached. My father just recently turned 60 and he and I have developed a bond over riding. He rides a Honda Shadow and I ride a Honda 919.

Although our bikes are on different ends of the riding spectrum, we still have that bond and I know riding has brought us closer together. For his 60th birthday I wanted to do something special, I wanted to buy him something that I know he would definitely enjoy, a pair of motorcycle saddlebags.

I already knew where I was purchasing his saddlebags, from Viking Bags, I just didn’t know which style would best fit his Shadow Ace. I have purchased things from Viking Bags and I have never been let down, their selection is limited for the sport bike crowd but their quality classic bike gear is anything but.

Although I am not new to riding, nor new to saddlebags, I knew enough to know that fit is always an issue that concerns anyone buying saddlebags for obvious reasons. I have seen saddlebags installed so poorly that they look unsightly and make the rider uncomfortable as well, I didn’t want this to happen to me. I have even seen saddlebags installed backwards! I have also seen saddlebags that really didn’t fit the look of the bike and just looked out of place. If I was going to do one thing, it was be thorough in my selection process.

The selection process started by looking at the Viking Bags website. I used the drop down menu on the left and selected Honda Saddlebags. After clicking there it brought me to the Honda Motorcycle Saddlebag Page. From there was able to see which models Viking Bags has saddlebags for. This can be a blessing and a curse though, if you don’t know which model you’re looking for you can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of models available. I’m assuming it will probably be easier to stay with the left hand menu and navigate that way. I clicked on the 1100 Shadow section so it can only show me the Shadow models with the 1100 cc engines and further narrow my selection.  The next page gave me a listing of all of the saddlebags that Viking Bags has to offer.

If there is one thing I know about my father, it is that I know he’s not a flashy guy. He likes to keep things simple and effective and stays away from the flashy clothes, and accessories. Knowing his tastes, I wanted to look for a pair of saddlebags that would stay in theme with the rest of his clean bike, nothing too flashy. Since he doesn’t have anything studded on this bike up to this point, I wanted to keep that classic look by getting him a pair of saddlebags that were not studded. The last page I looked at was their saddlebags page where I was able to see which all the saddlebags available for my father’s Shadow. I picked the Charger series saddlebags because those have two simple buckles not minimal flash. They were under $200 for the pair with tax and shipping combined so I was happy and so was my father.

The opening of the present was quite a sight. My father had no idea that I was getting him some saddlebags so he was really shocked when he opened his present and saw them there. You should have seen him, he jumped for joy and ran over and gave me a bear hug, one that only a father could. We haven’t had the chance to install them yet but I’m sure that will be yet another bonding experience over the weekend. If there’s one thing that I know we can bond over it’s a passion for motorcycles.


5 Classic Cars That Still Deliver an Unparalleled Driving Experience

5 Classic Cars That Still Deliver an Unparalleled Driving Experience picClassic cars never go out of style, and the memories of them never leave you if you ever owned one. You probably remember the excitement when the car first came out and you got to see the size of the engine and the contour of the body. If so, it’s likely that you recall the following car models that offer some of the best driving experiences around, even when compared to newer cars.


1955 Chevy Belair

This 2-door hardtop with the 283 engine is a good-looking car with a nice ride. In fact, it earned top marks for handling from Motor Trend Magazine in 1955. Additionally, replacing the two-barrel carburetor with a four-barrel carburetor gives the Belair extra power for a more exciting ride that’s well worth the upgrade.


1957 Ford Fairlane

A 2-door coupe with a quiet ride, the ’57 Fairlane is not only fun to drive, but also gets good gas mileage. Many owners of these cars convert the 3-speed shifter on the column to a 3-speed on the floor. Many of the classics that had the shifter on the steering column would wear out, and the shifter would get stuck in a certain gear, so the floor shift is an easy fix with good returns. With the rear-end gears this car had from the factory, you could beat a Corvette off the line, and that impressive response is still just as exciting today.


1966 GTO

A 2-door hardtop with a 389 engine and a three deuce carburetor, the ’66 GTO is still one of the most exciting and fun cars you can ever drive due to the excellent power and handleing. Add the four-on-the-floor shifter and it feels like you’re flying when those two barrels start to open up one after another.


1968 Dodge Charger

With its 312 or 383 engine, the ’68 Charger was one of the best rides of that year. This car is a blast to drive and takes the corners like a much smaller car. Even the 312 cubic engines provide enough power to fulfill the race-car driver’s fantasy needs. Not only is this car fun to drive, it’s also quite an eye-catcher!


1971 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Coupe

The four-on-the-floor on the 396 is not only fast, but also one of the best-looking cars ever made. The car handles like a dream, but pay attention when driving because this car’s power can get away from you if you aren’t careful!


The great thing about classic cars is that they are not only exciting cars to drive, but can also increase in value each year you have one. You’re talking about cars ranging anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars, and that’s why you should let a good Boston car insurance company look at your classic and protect your investment. You can often receive excellent antique and classic car rates on these vehicles. If your looking for a beautiful car that also provides the thrill of a great ride, check out these 5 classics that are sure to please!