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Nothing Beats A Classic: 7 Tips To Restore Your Car

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Restoring a classic car is very challenging. It requires a significant commitment to successfully complete this type of project. It also demands a great deal of time and money. Many enthusiasts find great satisfaction and pride in completing their own project. There are a few things to consider during the restoration of a classic car.

Restoring The Car

Many car lovers revel in the thought of saving a classic car from the scrap yard. Others are eager to save a few dollars when buying their project car. A car that is considered a total basket case should be restored only if it has sentimental value or if money no object. Sometimes this is not practical. A solid car is going to be more expensive. It should have a good body, frame, and drive-line. It will pay off in the long run. Some of the components can be replaced easily. Those components include brakes, tires, and ball joints. Frame corrosion or collision damage can be very expensive. Those repairs can be time consuming as well. You can do some research to understand the common problem areas for a certain make and model of car the you are interested in restoring. Try to find a classic car buyers checklist. This will keep you from overlooking anything.

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The Price

You need to decide what kind of restoration you are going to do. If you are considering bringing your old ride back to its original glory, the price becomes a bigger consideration. Do not under estimate the cost of original parts.

Using A Camera

This is very important. The photos will serve as a crucial resource and reference during the reassembly procedure. Try to save your project-related photos if you use a digital camera. Save the photos in a folder on your computer so they don’t get misplaced. You can take pictures from multiple angles. Make sure to use plenty of light.

Plan And Budget

Every project should begin with the development of the restoration. This includes what needs to be done and when it will be completed. Try to map out the important tasks. You need to make notes of the major repairs. Develop a budget. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. You also need to figure out the trade offs, engine modification, paint job, interior, suspension upgrades, and the finish you want. When you have a budget, it ensures that you will have the funds to finish the project.

Dodge Charger

Using The Right Tool

You are going to need the proper equipment required for the project. This includes more than a floor jack, a set of wrenches, and a canvas garage. The area you are working in should be dry, clean, and well lit.

Getting The Right Safety Equipment

You need to use the correct safety equipment. This personal protective equipment includes safety glasses, leather gloves, ear plugs, respirator, etc. This will help protect your safety and your health.

Brake Lathe Installation

An on-car lathe and an off-car lathe are two types of brakes lathe installations. An on-car lathe does a dependable job. This is because it is installed in the same position as the brake caliper. For an off-car lathe requires the rotor to be removed from the car. The rotor is mounted to the lathe. This kind of lathe depends more on its own alignment.

Routine Services to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

There’s no question that car owners are always trying to get as much out of their vehicles as they can. Traditionally, it wasn’t uncommon for someone faced with damages to just purchase a new car, rather than shell out $1,000 for a repair. But nowadays, more and more people are willing to spend that $1,000 — and they’re willing to make their vehicle last as long as possible, too.

With that in mind, in order to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape for an optimal amount of time, it’s critical that you conduct certain routine services. Regularly carrying out the services below will allow your vehicle to continue running like new for many years to come.

Oil Change

            We all know that oil changes are important for keeping your engine running smoothly and without friction. However, some people tend to wait until their oil light comes on (and a even little longer after than — we’ve all been there!), but this is certainly not recommended. Instead, you should consult your owner’s manual to determine when your vehicle is recommended to have its oil changed. With today’s technological advancements, the maximum range of miles between oil changes is typically somewhere between 3,000 to 15,000 miles — a huge margin, so there is no longer a general rule of thumb. Also, don’t forget that vehicle is different; knowing your specific car’s needs is essential for keeping it running great for longer.


            Naturally, tires can leak due to usual wear and tear, so it’s important to check them routinely. Under inflated tires result in more gasoline since as the engine overcompensates, which is something that everyone should avoid. Tires that aren’t at optimum pressure also wear out sooner, which has the potential to put you in danger if an emergency comes up. As a general rule of thumb, it’s suggested that car owners check their tire inflation at least twice per year.

            No less, it’s also a good idea for people to get their tires rotated routinely. Doing this will both extend the life of your tires and keep your car’s alignment on track. Also, front and rear tires tend to wear down at different rates, and rotation can even out that difference. For more information you should check your owner’s manual to get tire rotation and pressure suggestions that are specific to your vehicle.

Air Filters

            Clean air filters are essential to keeping your engine running properly for as long as possible — they serve to trap dirt, dust, and grimeand they keep them from harming your engine, too. Where you live and how often you use your car can help determine how often you should get your air filters changed.  For instance, if your car drives through dirt and dust all the time or experiences frequent stop-and-go traffic, your filter will probably need to be changed twice as often as other vehicles. As states before though, it’s recommended that you check out your vehicle’s owner’s manual to get a more specific picture of how often your air filter should be changed.

Although changing your car’s oil, servicing its tires and cleaning out its air filters are arguably the most important routine services one should undertake, there are still myriad other things that could also stand to be checked on at least a yearly basis. In any case, it’s no question that by thoroughly reading your owner’s manual and getting routine maintenance at a trusted auto care shop, you can keep your car running great for years to come.

Written by the staff of Custom Complete Automotive. Custom Complete is your go to solution for car repair, car inspections and an oil change Columbia MO has to offer.

Critical Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Since competition in the auto repair industry is incredibly fierce, marketing can be a very important tool that can give your business the edge that you need in order to make sure you keep your current customers and attract new ones. Every car repair shop has its own business model and has a specific positioning on its market, so each approach has its own specifics. It’s notable that many auto repair shops lack innovation and creativity when it comes to promoting their business, so a couple of marketing ideas might come in handy.

Try and get as many referrals as possible

For businesses in the auto service industry, word of mouth is arguably the most effective way for expanding your customer base. You can partner up with businesses that share your target audience, but offer different types of services than you, try and convince them to refer their clients to you, and for each customer they refer to you, they receive a commission. Also, you can try and have your customers recommend you to their friends, and you can achieve that by providing timely and quality service, and offering competitive prices. You can ask them to post a status on their Facebook profile or tweet about your shop, and in return, offer a reward of some sort, such as a discount the next time they come to you, or mount and balance their tires or change their oil for free.

Improve brand perception by holding various events

There are a couple of ways to make people in your community aware of your businesses. For example, you can hold regular events focusing on vehicle maintenance, where you demonstrate drivers how to properly maintain their cars, and explaining the consequences of failing to change the oil or the air filter, or other similar maintenance tasks that every car owner can do on their own. In addition, you can sponsor a youth sports team, or a local kart race, or donate to a charity.

Radio and TV advertising

If you are an established auto repair shop, you can probably afford to pay a radio or TV add that will be aired over and over again, which is bound to get the attention of car owners needing a repair. This is an expensive marketing strategy, but it’s also one of the most effective ones, as it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploit the Web and Social Networking

No business in the world at this moment can exist without an online presence. A business-oriented web site and social media engagement is a must even for old-school businesses like auto repair shops as well. Establishing a well-positioned Facebook page and pro-actively engaging with the interested audience would definitely bring fruits. Also using services like Twitter to get local customers interested and engaged. Businesses of this type should serve funny content combined with some useful repair tips and tricks to get the sympathy and attention of the target market. The goal here is to provide genuine support, or likeability and maintain positive image in the eyes of the audience.

List made by Jordan Perch, car sales expert and regular contributor to numerous drivers communities.

5 Tips to compare roadside service packages

roadsideYou can never predict when you will require a roadside assistance program. You can never predict when an emergency will happen. However, by enrolling in such programs, you can protect yourself.

Here’s what you should know about getting roadside assistance for your own car.


One of the best ways to choose companies is to look at the type of assistance they provide. This is important, as you need to check if the coverage provided meets your needs or not.

Under the coverage provided, there are two options available. The first option only provides coverage to the person driving the vehicle and the second option provides coverage to the vehicle itself. How is this different, you may ask.

Under the first option, if you are driving a friend’s vehicle, which is not covered under any roadside service, you will get assistance even if the car breaks down. Such plans are also beneficial if you own more than one vehicle.

Under the second option, let us assume that you loan your car to a friend or a relative who is not insured. In this case, the service provider will still attend to the emergency as the vehicle falls under the emergency plan.

Taking add-on services is always a good idea. Most plans provide coverage only up to a certain distance. By adding additional distance to the plan, you ensure that you are always covered irrespective of the distance travelled.

Cost Implications

When you avail of a roadside service, you have to be aware of the cost being incurred per month or per year. Also, you need to be aware of certain things about your plan. For example, you should check if the provider has a clause on the number of times the service can be used and if there is a penalty attached when you exceed the limit.

You should also check if there is any additional cost for adding a second vehicle to your plan or the cost of availing of services in a different city.


You may get added benefits from your roadside service program. You can get discounts on a number of services like travel, lodging etc. These additional benefits can help you save a lot on your travels.


You never know when and where your vehicle may break down and require assistance. Hence, before selecting your company, you must ensure that they operate on a 24/7 basis all 365 days of the year. Make sure that they will be available when you are in need.

Services Offered

Some of the services offered by the assistance programs are changing flat tires, jump starting batteries, providing fuel and opening car locks. It is important that you decide what kind of service you may require. You should ensure that you get a good number of services for the amount you pay.

Once you have compared and decided on a plan, make sure that each person covered in the plan has the number saved into his or her cell phone or written down in their wallet to make it easily accessible during an emergency.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to roadside service?

 Author Bio:

This article is written by Mark Neyton. Mark is a freelance writer with more than 4 years experience and he is mostly interested in writing about cars and car safety. For even more useful tips and information or if you want to check out offers for roadside assistance go here:

New Car Not Right? When To Report A Safety Concern


The short answer to this question is as soon as possible, but it may not be that simple. Buying a new car is normally a diligent process because the expense is a serious financial consideration. Most individuals assume their new vehicle is operating properly and all equipment is compliant with all safety standards and regulations, but vehicles often come with both individual and general mechanical safety problems. It is never worth the risk of waiting for a perceptive safety problem to manifest into an accident or other calamity in a moment’s notice.

Reporting the problem immediately is important. But, where should you report? This situation can become a problem when all parties want to deflect a claim. If the dealer is not willing to take responsibility and correct the issue or direct you to the manufacturer for a resolution, you may have to consult an attorney.

The website of Howell and Christmas, states, “Proving these cases is often difficult and expensive, and large corporations have experienced legal teams that will protect their interest. Working with an experienced lawyer on your side, you can ensure you collect the benefits you are entitled to.”

Reporting to the Dealer

The first reporting should be done to the automobile dealership. Depending on the severity of the safety problem, do not expect more than an inspection by a designated employee mechanic. Having the vehicle evaluated by a third-party professional mechanic before reporting to the dealer is a good decision in many cases.

A dealer may want to avoid the potential complaint and hope nothing results from the problem. Do not stop there. It is important for all negligence claims regarding defective vehicles to be reported and recorded by both the court system and the federal government. All large recall movements begin with a mass of basic individual safety concerns, so it is very important for each and every safety issue to be reported due to the high number of owners for any particular vehicle model.

Reporting to the Government

Reporting safety problems with a new or lightly-used vehicle should also include a filing with the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency. In addition, the government agency may also have valuable information that can help the owner of a defective vehicle with legal claims and documentation validating the claim. Safety issues with a contemporary vehicle can be experienced by all owners of the particular model, especially those involved in accidents that occur in a similar manner. Reporting defective vehicle claims is important to all drivers, not just the owners of the designated vehicle.

Retaining An Attorney

Getting your documentation in order for an attorney to review your case is the next step if the dealership is not receptive. Lemon laws exist in every state, as well as federally, and filing claims against defective auto dealerships over neglected safety concerns is a common practice. At a minimum, consulting with an attorney can potentially provide advice to strengthen any legal claim, including investigating for other negligence court filings regarding similar safety problems. Attorneys often have access to information concerning trending lawsuits that the novice vehicle owner may not enjoy.

The sad truth about safety malfunctions is that they sometimes result in death before they are addressed. The current issue involving potential fire in the all-electric Tesla vehicle is good example. New technology can be approved before all potential safety bugs can be solved, especially when the technology can impact economics specifics. Serious concerns over a dangerous vehicle condition should always be addressed immediately because waiting to report a safety issue on a personal vehicle can easily result in anguish for many when a contributory accident occurs.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who once bought a “lemon” car that couldn’t be turned into lemonade. During her product liability research, she was surprised to discover that cases cover a broad range of issues from defective auto parts to decaffeinated coffee that contains small traces of caffeine. The bottom line is that individuals who have suffered any harm due to a defective product are entitled to compensation to cover their losses.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Glass Tactics: Best Five Car Window Repair Options


Glass Tactics, Best Five Car Window Repair Options

You’re driving down the road, and then you hear it.


A rock has flown up, smashed into your window or windshield, and you’re left with a huge crack and a potentially hefty repair bill. This sort of thing happens all the time. Here are the five best car window repair options.

1. Find Out If It Is Covered Under Your Insurance

Many times, car insurance will cover windshield and window repair; if this is the case with your car, let the insurance company handle it. It will save you both time and money and take the stress out of finding a low-cost, reliable service. Nearly all insurances cover rock chip damage, so take advantage of this early before the chip becomes a split.

2. Go to the Dealership

Your car dealership, or its local branch, will often perform repairs of this type for you. However, dealerships are often very busy; call ahead to schedule an appointment and inform them of the repair you need to ensure that they have the supplies on hand. If you just show up, the dealership might not have the materials needed to replace your specific windshield. Double check your deal with them for any warranties that may impact any replacement costs.

3. Go Directly to a Glass Shop

Sometimes car dealerships will hire a glass shop to do windshield repairs, so you could cut the middle man and go directly to the glass shop yourself. This could save up to thirty percent on costs, according to the shop. Many auto glass repair shops in Edmonton, such as All-West Glass Ltd. and others, provide this service at a low cost.

4. Repair Your Windshield Yourself

If you have the skills and the know-how, you can replace the windshield on your own. Make sure to buy the proper size, and ensure that it fits securely; if you’re ever in an accident, you want your windshield to withstand sizable force without shattering. Enlist the help of friends to maneuver the glass into place, and seal it securely. Only do this if you are already experienced or under the guidance of someone who is.

5. Repair the Window, Don’t Replace

Many cracks can be repaired, even up to 15 inches in length, eliminating the need to replace the window or windshield. Always consider this option first: repairs are less expensive than replacements and can save you some major dough and headaches.

You can’t always control when something hits your windshield. You can drive carefully and avoid large vehicles, but that doesn’t guarantee protection. All you can do is to be aware of your options should a crack or break ever occur, and know what choice is best for you, not only for cost, but for safety considerations.

Purchasing a Car in 2013 – A Guide to Getting the Best and Most Affordable Deal

Purchasing a car is a challenging and often costly exercise, even without the pressure of an economic recession. Once high unemployment and minimal disposable income have began to take hold, however, sourcing an affordable deal can prove almost impossible.

One of the most significant issues facing consumers in the modern day is spiraling debt liability. While the media may be getting swept away with talk of a thriving economic recovery in the UK, for example, this is being severely undermined by rising levels of household and consumer debt.

Purchasing a Car and Managing your Finances: A Delicate Balance

With this in mind, the purchase of a car can be the kind of expense that adds significant weight to your existing financial burden. This means it is crucial that you are able to purchase a functional car without breaking the bank or being forced to commit to unmanageable monthly repayments. Consider the following: –

Be Prepared to Compromise on your Choice of Vehicle

The rising level of consumer debt in the UK has led many economists to suggest that citizens have not heeded the lessons of the last global recession. There is more than a semblance of truth in this, so you must be prepared to select a car or vehicle that is comfortably within your means. To achieve this, break down the cost of the financing agreement into monthly repayments rather than basing your decision on the bottom line value of the vehicle, as this will ensure that you are able to afford the car over a four or five year period.

Identify Cars that Have a Reputation for High Quality Engineering

The financial implications of car maintenance are often underestimated by motorists, but regular repairs and modifications can add considerably to the cost of making repayments. To avoid this, it is worth conducting thorough research into your desired vehicle and paying particular attention to its level of engineering and precise specification. There are world renowned engineering firms and car component suppliers that have a well deserved reputation for excellence, for example, with RD Castings providing a relevant example. With this in mind, you can rest assured that car manufacturers who partner with this firm will deliver a reliable and high performance vehicle to customers.

Go Beyond Comparison Sites

The advent of comparison sites has allowed consumers to thoroughly appraise their options before purchasing insurance or entering into loan agreements. While these resources present a wide range of options and breakdown their individual cost, it is important to note that an increasing number of providers are choosing not to appear in these listings. The reason for this is so they can distinguish themselves from competing firms, and encourage you to visit their website independently. This is an exercise worth undertaking, as although it time consuming it gives you an opportunity to find the best possible deal.

The Last Word

Regardless of whether you have a bad credit rating, minimal financial resources or a fundamental lack of knowledge concerning cars, there is ample opportunity to secure financing and purchase a high quality vehicle. This is only true, however, if you have a clear understanding of your financial limitations and are willing to invest time into finding an affordable deal. Without this, you run the risk of purchasing an overly expensive vehicle or entering into a financial agreement that you cannot adhere to.

How to Successfully Maintain your Car: Tips for Budget Conscious Motorists

While it is common knowledge that you must book your car in for an annual MOT, motorists are generally loathe to invest in taking their car to the garage. This is largely a financial issue, as while the new car market in the UK has experienced 18 months of uninterrupted growth, consumers are still being forced to budget carefully when it comes to everyday expenditure. One way in which motorists could reduce their costs is to learn the fundamental principles of car maintenance, so that they can minimise the number of trips that they make to a professional garage without compromising their safety while out on the road.

How to Successfully Maintain your Car

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to successfully maintain your vehicle and cut the cost of car ownership? Consider the following: -

  1. Learn the Basic Arts of Car Maintenance: While car maintenance is a diverse and often complex art, there are basic tasks that remain well within the grasp of motorists. When you consider changing a tyre or the oil in your car, for example, these are relatively simple tasks that a large number of drivers are unable to perform. In addition to this, there are also evening and part time educational courses available that teach drivers how to carry out these tasks safely and without damaging their vehicle. During this process you can also learn about your car’s engine, and develop the capacity to perform basic diagnostics in the event of a breakdown.
  2. Understand your Limitations as an Amateur Mechanic: Depending on how quickly and effectively you manage to learn these basic tasks, you may well want to consider more complex faults and failures. This can be a false economy, however, as there are some car maintenance tasks that should be handled by qualified professionals due to their complexity and the impact that they have on driver safety. It is therefore important to understand your limitations as an amateur mechanic, and avoid performing any repair work that may undermine the performance of your car and cost considerable amounts to rectify.
  3. Invest in Professional Tools and Equipment: Once you have a basic understanding of specific car maintenance tasks, you can begin to carry these out on a regular basis. It is important that you invest in good quality tools and equipment, however, as otherwise you may undermine any repair work that you carry out. Suppliers such as SGS Engineering are an excellent source of professional grade tools and storage solutions, which will enable you to perform simple tasks effectively and further reduce the need for professional workmanship. While this may require an upfront investment, it delivers excellent value in terms of maintaining the look and performance of your vehicle.



Cutting the Cost of Car Maintenance: The Importance of a Proactive Market

As the British car industry basks in its 17th consecutive month of gains, it appears as though the market is more buoyant than it has ever been. This masks the financial issues that continue to blight UK residents, however, who remain cautious and are unable to spend significantly on small or large scale purchases. With frugality now a prominent feature of everyday life in the UK, car owners in particular are being forced to think creatively in the quest to identify viable cost cutting measures.

How to Cut the Long Term Cost of Car Maintenance: 3 Tips for a Frugal Society

While the cost of car ownership can be prohibitive, it also provides individuals with opportunities to drastically reduce their financial liability. This is especially true with regards to automotive maintenance, which is an Omni-present aspect of car ownership and something that can trigger considerable short and long term costs. Consider the following tips in the on-going drive to save your hard earned money: -

  • Understand the Basics of Car Maintenance and its Affiliated Costs: When looking to retain money on the maintenance of your car, it is important to focus on long term savings. This may require you to spend a little more initially, as you invest in educational programs that teach you the basics of car maintenance and the costs involved. The knowledge that you gain through learning will prove invaluable, however, as it will enable you to undertake work independently and reduce the amount that you spend throughout your time as a car owner.

  • Identify Simple Car Maintenance Tasks: Using your newly acquired knowledge, the next step is to identify the most fundamental car maintenance tasks and commit to undertaking these independently. The changing of tyres and the oil in your car are both relevant examples of simple car maintenance exercises, which must be completed regularly to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. It is also important to manage your expectations, however, as you must also avoid attempting more complex maintenance routines that are beyond your existing skill-set.

  • Identify and Repair Faults Quickly: You can also apply your knowledge in different ways, such as the diagnosis of faults that hinder the smooth running of your car. Identifying problems quickly and before they become unmanageable is crucial if you are to make long term financial savings, as you can rectify them promptly without incurring additional charges from garage owners and mechanics. A fundamental understanding of the problem in hand will also give you an idea of the potential repair costs, which in turn will help you to compare prices and choose the best possible deal.

The Final Say

On a final note, it is also important to access affordable and functional parts if you to execute basic car maintenance at home. With this in mind, you should consider partnering with reputable online suppliers such as, whether you intend to build an inventory of useful parts or purchase items as they are required.

The Reasons Why Nano Drives Many People Crazy!

Presently, the demand for Tata Nano is increasing as it is considered to be the World’s cheapest car. It was launched in the year 2008, 10th January in India. Nano was the dream project of Ratan Tata. There are many reasons why the popularity for this small car is going on increasing. Some of the reasons have been discussed in this article.

The Tata Nano is 3.1 m long, 1.5 m wide and 1.6 m high. The size of the nano ensures that even if you do not have enough large space you can still easily store your nano in the available space. Thus, you don’t have to think much about the space and road while you are planning to go somewhere with your nano car. It can be driven easily through a narrow lane. Moreover, this can be handled easily. One can easily learn to drive nano car. Though the size of the car is small yet its ground clearance is ample. Its turning radius is quite high so if, you are in a crowded road then you will find it easy to take the left or right turn without much hassle. Moreover, the speed of the car is high. Moreover, this car gives high mileage.

This type of small car is ideal for small families have two to three members. For example, a family having husband, wife and a child can make the best use of this car. Small families can happily go for a long drive or on a tour with this small but stylish car.

The popularity for the nano car is increasing because of its low price. Compared to other cars, nano is considered to be the cheapest car that one can have in his home.  This car comes with lots of exciting facility just like other cars. Though it is small size yet it comes in Standard, Luxury, and Deluxe variants. The luxury and Deluxe variants include AC and body-colored bumpers. Fog lamps, alloy wheels and the ICE are the other features that one can enjoy in nano. Moreover, the Tata Nano is highly attractive and stylish in appearance. Furthermore, the interior of the car is perfect for four adults. Four people can comfortably sit and enjoy the journey. This type of car comes with a rear-wheel drive.

Often people say that the way you maintain your car it speaks of your personality and status. Nano is such a car that can actually define your taste preferences and reflects your class and personality. Nano comes with different shades of colors. Interestingly this car can be customized as far as colors are concerned. Use of Paint Protection Film would make your car paint long lasting and protect from any scratches.

Thus, we can say that the conceptualization of the Nano car was an excellent idea. Thus, you don’t have to spend much money in buying a car which having all the facilities that a luxurious car do have. So, these are main reasons why the popularity for Tata Nano is increasing. So, if you want to show off your status then go ahead and purchase Nano.

Author’s Bio: Kimberly Littleton is an enthusiastic car lover has composed the above topic.