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Is There a Connection Between Airbag Malfunction and Recalls?

8107539280_5a1faf177f_nIs There a Connection Between Airbag Malfunction and Recalls?

When car manufacturers first started placing airbags in cars it was thought to be revolutionary. This technology was meant to save lives. At first, these devices were only found in the steering wheel to protect the driver during head-on collisions.Over time, airbags were installed in the front passenger area and in the doors of the front and back seats of some cars. All of this was done to protect the passengers.

However, a recent recall by Honda has made many people stop to question how safe these devices are if they can malfunction so easily.

This recall came about when it was discovered that an electrical malfunction could deploy the airbags at any given time. This malfunction has resulted in many accidents and some deaths. Honda quickly recalled over 400,000 cars to fix the issue.

There have also been other concerns with airbags in the past. It has been discovered that they can actually harm anyone sitting in the front seat that is under the height of 5’5 and that small children can be suffocated. While car manufacturers have issued safety warnings and made adjustments to these systems, there is still a risk associated with their use.

Injuries and Malfunction In An Airbag System?

Under Missouri product liability laws, a product manufacturer has an implied responsibility to only place goods on the open market that are not dangerous to consumers. If the manufacturer of any product fails to meet these expectations, they are liable for the damages that they caused to the injured consumer.

This law applies to any manufacturers of products, including car manufacturers that are based in the United States or import cars from another country. Consulting with a St Joseph car accident lawyer or other legal professional in Missouri and across the U.S. is a viable option for individuals adversely affected by vehicular malfunctions.

It should be noted, however, that if you own a car and were notified of a recall and you did not participate in this recall, your rights to make a claim for compensation may be a little more difficult. The good news is that it is not impossible.

As a car owner, you have the responsibility of following through on any recall notices and having your car repaired. Dealerships provide this service for free and, in most cases, all you need to do is make an appointment to have the repair completed. Failing to do so is seen, in many instances, as shared responsibility for the accident if one occurs due to the recalled system or part.

If you have been injured by a malfunction of your airbags, or any other system in your car, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney who specializes in product liability cases. Your attorney will be able to explain your rights as a victim and provide you with the correct information on how to proceed with making a claim for compensation.

All drivers should be aware that airbags save more lives than any other safety measure on a car. However, there can be malfunctions in this system just like any other. Make sure to comply with any and all recall notices you receive to ensure that you are not subjected to an unnecessary injury by a defective product.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and safety advocate. She contributes this article as a way to highlight the connection between airbag malfunctions and recalls. During her research, she discovered useful information on the site of a St Joseph car accident lawyer that helped to confirm the importance of addressing malfunctions and resolving recall issues promptly.

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Traveling with Little Ones: Ensuring a Safer Ride


For most people in their late teen and early adult years, taking their first car out on a road trip brought with it a feeling of freedom that not many things can match up to. After hitting adulthood and having children, however, traveling takes on a whole new meaning. During these trips, parents are often more focused on keeping their children happy, but even in this quest, it’s essential to not forget about the child’s safety while in the vehicle. There are a variety of dangers that children can face while in the car with their parents, but luckily, a few proactive steps can easily mitigate these risks. 

Accident Statistics Involving Children

The chances of a parent and their child being involved in an accident increases with the amount of time spent on the road, so when traveling on even short vacations or road trips, a child faces an increased danger not usually experienced by those who are simply riding along on errand runs. This is important to note once a parent realizes that, in 2011 alone, over 650 children under the age of 12 died in auto accidents; and even more alarming is the fact that 148,000 children in this age range were injured in accidents.

It’s an unfortunate truth that these incidents are often linked to parents’ neglectfulness. A study actually found that around 40 percent of children riding with parents who didn’t use seat belts were also not seated in proper child safety seats. Unfortunately, children are also sometimes put at risk when their parents think they’re doing everything right.

Safety Seat Importance

The importance of child safety seats cannot be overstated. The use of car seats lessens the risk of an infant dying in an accident by 71 percent.  For toddlers, this number is 54 percent. Even the use of booster seats, as opposed to regular seat belts alone, reduces a young child’s chances of experiencing a serious injury by a full 45 percent.

Sadly, the use of these seats doesn’t guarantee safety. This because around 72 percent of all child safety seats aren’t properly installed. A recent tragic example shows just how important proper safety seat installation is. An accident in Missouri ended in the deaths of all passengers except an infant who was seated in a properly installed safety seat. The proper installation of this seat is likely what saved the child’s life.

In the disheartening example listed above, the surviving family members will likely be able to recover financial compensation due to wrongful death, and their chances of doing this increases if they have an experienced car wreck attorney. As Cofman Townsley, car wreck attorneys in Independence MO, state “A car accident can happen so fast, there is no time to think. It can leave you traumatized and devastated over personal loss.”

Thankfully, this will not be due to any serious harm to the young infant, and for those who are worried that their child’s safety seat may not be properly installed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a search engine for car seat inspection centers around the country.

Other Tips on Keeping Children Safe

There are also other safety steps besides proper safety seat installation that can keep children safe on the road. One safety tip, still related to car seats, is to replace a seat that’s been involved in a moderate to serious accident. They begin to lose their effectiveness after this. Additionally, it’s smart to place one’s purse or other vital belonging in the back seat’s floorboard. This will ensure that, after a long journey that may have been mind numbing, a parent will not mistakenly forget their child in the back seat.

Another safety tip, though it may cost a few extra dollars, is to invest in a portable DVD player. This will keep children preoccupied, and since this will reduce the likelihood of them misbehaving and demanding a parent’s attention, it will also reduce the chances of an accident occurring due to distraction.

The numbers related to childhood injuries and deaths on America’s streets are undoubtedly disheartening, but these statistics also tell the story of children who could’ve survived had a few protective measures been taken. Sadly, with negligent drivers on America’s highways, not even the safest of parents can ensure that their children won’t be involved in an accident. Fortunately, the appropriate safety measures followed up by the right legal help can ensure that a child remains safe while not breaking the parent’s bank. 

As a mother to 4 Lisa Coleman understands the importance of proper car seat installation and safety, especially when an accident occurs. She recently viewed online how Cofman Townsley, car wreck attorneys in Independence MO, can legally help a client who has been a victim in a car accident due to negligent driving.

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5 Ways To Battle A Winter Storm In Your Car


5 Ways To Battle A Winter Storm In Your Car

If recent events that took place in Atlanta during the recent snow storm taught us anything, it is to be prepared. While this type of weather is not common in the South, it does still happen on occasion. Luckily, modern weather forecasting gives most people a chance to prepare for this type of weather a few days in advance.

All motorists should take the time and prepare their cars for battling a winter storm. This applies to all areas of the country, not just the South, which is not. Simple preparations can make a difference in surviving a storm or becoming a victim. Below are 5 must haves to battle a winter storm in your car:

1. Pack Blankets. If you know that you are going to be out driving in winter weather, it is always a good idea to have a few blankets packed in your trunk in case you find yourself stranded.

You will not be able to run your car heater for extended periods of time, and it is also dangerous to sit in an idling car for too long because of the carbon monoxide. Blankets will keep you warm while the car is off.

2. Keep a Book in the Car. While this may seem like a very strange thing to help you survive a winter storm, it is very practical. It would not be advisable to leave your car running for too long or in auxiliary power for extended amounts of time while you are stranded because it will run down the battery. This will limit your ability to listen to the radio.

Additionally, you do not want to use all of your cell phone battery posting updates. This leaves you with a lot of quiet time. Having a book to read will keep your mind off of the cold and give you something to concentrate on while you wait.

3. Charge Your Cell Phone. Make sure that before you leave, your cell phone is fully charged. All-too-often people forget about charging their phone until the reminder beeps on the device. Having a charged phone will allow you to call for help if you become immobile in the weather.

4. Have Emergency Kit in the Trunk. While you should always carry things like water, snacks, jumper cables and a jack in your trunk, you should also have road flares. A road flare will allow other motorists and rescue vehicles to find your car in a heavy snow or in the dark. It is very important, however, that you know how to use these flares and that you only use them in the event of an emergency. Take the time to read the instructions before catastrophe arrives.

This will go a long way in preventing a crash. to which there were countless occurrences in Georgia this January. In addition to the above mentioned items, storing insurance information, registration, a digital camera and the telephone number to your selected accident attorney in the glove compartment are also vital emergency tools. Undoubtedly, countless stranded motorist have already contacted their own car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA. after their traumatic ordeal.

5. Have a Gallon of Washer Fluid in Your Trunk. Windshield washer fluid is one of the most important things your car can have during the winter. This fluid keeps windows clean and reduces or eliminates ice buildup.

Snow can quickly become dirty and slushy and when it is thrown up from the road by the tires of other cars, it can blind the driver. Having a full reservoir before you go anywhere and keeping extra washer fluid in your car can make the difference in arriving at your destination safely.

Of course, other simple things like making sure your tank is full and the radiator has antifreeze in it before you go out in a storm is also very important. Staying prepared will protect you and may even help others that are also stranded.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and Georgia native. She watched, along with the rest of the country, as innumerable motorist found themselves immobilized on frozen Atlanta roadways. She was inspired to contribute this article as a way to encourage drivers to always be prepared. She believes the listed must haves and  inclusion of a car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA as a new emergency item, will make Georgia drivers a little bit wiser and more prepared than before the storm.

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Which Economy Cars Failed Safety Tests And Why?


A recent crash-test that was conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) has revealed shocking information about the safety of economy cars. In fact, 10 of the 11 vehicles that were involved in this test failed, and six of them received the lowest possible score. Due to this, it is a good idea to consider the Chevrolet Spark if you are looking for a new economy class car, as it was the only vehicle to receive an acceptable rating. Keep in mind that such a rating is not what you should be looking for, especially when you factor in the importance of keeping your family safe during an accident.

The Six Worst Rated Economy Vehicles

Six 2014 vehicles were ranked as “poor”, and this is even worse than the findings that were reported by the IIHS in 2013. The test that was given to determine how safe these vehicles are included simulating an accident at 40 mph that caused 25 percent of the driver’s side front end to strike a five foot tall barrier. As you can imagine, this could lead to serious injuries or even fatalities without the proper safety precautions in place as shown by the Today Show. If you were driving any of these vehicles in New York, and a pedestrian was struck by you and killed, a New York wrongful death lawyer could take serious action against you for driving a faulty car.

Sadly, the Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Fit, Toyota Prius C, Nissan Versa, Fiat 500 and Hyundai Accent all failed this test miserably. In fact, the Honda Fit did so poorly in this test that Consumer Reports made the decision to pull their recommendation for this vehicle. Additionally, the crash test dummy that was used while testing the Honda Fit, Fiat 500 and Hyundai Accent indicated injuries to the hips, upper legs and lower legs. The dummies in the other vehicles that received a poor grade showed damage to the lower legs only.

Four Economy Vehicles that Received a Marginal Score

If you care about safety, it is important to steer clear of purchasing a vehicle that has received a poor designation. However, a marginal score is not much better. During this test, the IIHS determined that the Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio all performed just well enough to receive a marginal rating. This is bad news for consumers who place safety at the top of their wish list. The test dummies in the Mazda 2 and Kia Rio sustained lower leg injuries, and the dummies in the Toyota Yaris had marginal damage to its lower legs. Fortunately, all of these vehicles did provide an acceptable or good level of protection for a driver’s head, neck, chest, hips and thighs. However, the structural integrity of each vehicle on this list received a marginal score, and this can easily lead to additional injuries.

As you can see, it is definitely important to review safety information before you make a purchasing decision. In the economy grade class, the Chevrolet Spark is the only economy car that prevented its testing dummy from receiving any injuries, earning it IIHS’s 2014 Top Safety Pick award.  However, even if you select the safest car available, it is still possible for you to be injured in an accident. Therefore, you should always remain alert at all times while you on the road.

Domonique Powell has always read consumer magazines to get advice on the best purchases for her family, especially cars. While researching this article, information provided by a New York wrongful death lawyer proved most helpful in understanding the process of claims made in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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5 Tips to compare roadside service packages

roadsideYou can never predict when you will require a roadside assistance program. You can never predict when an emergency will happen. However, by enrolling in such programs, you can protect yourself.

Here’s what you should know about getting roadside assistance for your own car.


One of the best ways to choose companies is to look at the type of assistance they provide. This is important, as you need to check if the coverage provided meets your needs or not.

Under the coverage provided, there are two options available. The first option only provides coverage to the person driving the vehicle and the second option provides coverage to the vehicle itself. How is this different, you may ask.

Under the first option, if you are driving a friend’s vehicle, which is not covered under any roadside service, you will get assistance even if the car breaks down. Such plans are also beneficial if you own more than one vehicle.

Under the second option, let us assume that you loan your car to a friend or a relative who is not insured. In this case, the service provider will still attend to the emergency as the vehicle falls under the emergency plan.

Taking add-on services is always a good idea. Most plans provide coverage only up to a certain distance. By adding additional distance to the plan, you ensure that you are always covered irrespective of the distance travelled.

Cost Implications

When you avail of a roadside service, you have to be aware of the cost being incurred per month or per year. Also, you need to be aware of certain things about your plan. For example, you should check if the provider has a clause on the number of times the service can be used and if there is a penalty attached when you exceed the limit.

You should also check if there is any additional cost for adding a second vehicle to your plan or the cost of availing of services in a different city.


You may get added benefits from your roadside service program. You can get discounts on a number of services like travel, lodging etc. These additional benefits can help you save a lot on your travels.


You never know when and where your vehicle may break down and require assistance. Hence, before selecting your company, you must ensure that they operate on a 24/7 basis all 365 days of the year. Make sure that they will be available when you are in need.

Services Offered

Some of the services offered by the assistance programs are changing flat tires, jump starting batteries, providing fuel and opening car locks. It is important that you decide what kind of service you may require. You should ensure that you get a good number of services for the amount you pay.

Once you have compared and decided on a plan, make sure that each person covered in the plan has the number saved into his or her cell phone or written down in their wallet to make it easily accessible during an emergency.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to roadside service?

 Author Bio:

This article is written by Mark Neyton. Mark is a freelance writer with more than 4 years experience and he is mostly interested in writing about cars and car safety. For even more useful tips and information or if you want to check out offers for roadside assistance go here:

New Car Not Right? When To Report A Safety Concern


The short answer to this question is as soon as possible, but it may not be that simple. Buying a new car is normally a diligent process because the expense is a serious financial consideration. Most individuals assume their new vehicle is operating properly and all equipment is compliant with all safety standards and regulations, but vehicles often come with both individual and general mechanical safety problems. It is never worth the risk of waiting for a perceptive safety problem to manifest into an accident or other calamity in a moment’s notice.

Reporting the problem immediately is important. But, where should you report? This situation can become a problem when all parties want to deflect a claim. If the dealer is not willing to take responsibility and correct the issue or direct you to the manufacturer for a resolution, you may have to consult an attorney.

The website of Howell and Christmas, states, “Proving these cases is often difficult and expensive, and large corporations have experienced legal teams that will protect their interest. Working with an experienced lawyer on your side, you can ensure you collect the benefits you are entitled to.”

Reporting to the Dealer

The first reporting should be done to the automobile dealership. Depending on the severity of the safety problem, do not expect more than an inspection by a designated employee mechanic. Having the vehicle evaluated by a third-party professional mechanic before reporting to the dealer is a good decision in many cases.

A dealer may want to avoid the potential complaint and hope nothing results from the problem. Do not stop there. It is important for all negligence claims regarding defective vehicles to be reported and recorded by both the court system and the federal government. All large recall movements begin with a mass of basic individual safety concerns, so it is very important for each and every safety issue to be reported due to the high number of owners for any particular vehicle model.

Reporting to the Government

Reporting safety problems with a new or lightly-used vehicle should also include a filing with the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency. In addition, the government agency may also have valuable information that can help the owner of a defective vehicle with legal claims and documentation validating the claim. Safety issues with a contemporary vehicle can be experienced by all owners of the particular model, especially those involved in accidents that occur in a similar manner. Reporting defective vehicle claims is important to all drivers, not just the owners of the designated vehicle.

Retaining An Attorney

Getting your documentation in order for an attorney to review your case is the next step if the dealership is not receptive. Lemon laws exist in every state, as well as federally, and filing claims against defective auto dealerships over neglected safety concerns is a common practice. At a minimum, consulting with an attorney can potentially provide advice to strengthen any legal claim, including investigating for other negligence court filings regarding similar safety problems. Attorneys often have access to information concerning trending lawsuits that the novice vehicle owner may not enjoy.

The sad truth about safety malfunctions is that they sometimes result in death before they are addressed. The current issue involving potential fire in the all-electric Tesla vehicle is good example. New technology can be approved before all potential safety bugs can be solved, especially when the technology can impact economics specifics. Serious concerns over a dangerous vehicle condition should always be addressed immediately because waiting to report a safety issue on a personal vehicle can easily result in anguish for many when a contributory accident occurs.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who once bought a “lemon” car that couldn’t be turned into lemonade. During her product liability research, she was surprised to discover that cases cover a broad range of issues from defective auto parts to decaffeinated coffee that contains small traces of caffeine. The bottom line is that individuals who have suffered any harm due to a defective product are entitled to compensation to cover their losses.

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OUI:The Driving Offense You May Not Know


OUI:The Driving Offense You May Not Know

In most areas of America, owning an automobile is an absolute necessity. Those who do have a car try their best to ensure that it stays safe, but this still doesn’t prevent the 1.4 million drunk driving arrests every single year.
While many people have never heard of it, operating under the influence (OUI) is a drunk driving related charge that exists in three states: Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. Due to the serious nature of this law, it’s imperative for those within these states to understand what penalties they could face if they’re operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

OUI Distinction

Most people are knowledgeable about DUI charges, and many in certain states even understand the distinction between DUIs and DWIs (driving while intoxicated). Throughout America, however, the term OUI isn’t well known. As mentioned, this charge only exists in a few states, so it’s no surprise that not as many people are familiar with it. An OUI charge is very similar to DUI charges, but there is at least one big difference.

For a person to be charged with DUI in many states, a driver must physically be driving their vehicle while under the influence. In states that have OUI charges, however, a person can sometimes be charged simply for being behind the wheel while intoxicated. In fact, the vehicle doesn’t necessarily even have to be turned on for the state to bring forth these charges. Due to the severity of this offense, it is a good idea to seek the advice of attorneys, like Jack Diamond and other legal professionals, who are well versed in its nuances.

OUI Penalties

Those who don’t live in areas with OUI laws on the books will likely be astounded after they learn of the potential penalties for this conviction. In Massachusetts, for instance, a first time OUI offender can actually face up to 30 months behind bars. In addition, fines can range all the way up to $5,000, and a minimum fine of $500 will be imposed. Even more of a burden, Bay Staters will also face a yearlong license suspension and $65 per month probation fines.

States increase DUI and OUI penalties if a person is considered a habitual offender, and many areas will look back at a person’s record for five to ten years to consider whether or not they’ve been previously convicted. In the OUI state of Massachusetts, however, courts will look back a full 30 years. Since a second DUI conviction in the state can bring a 30 month jail sentence and fines of up to $10,000, this can be especially detrimental.

What Drivers Should Know

Many people feel as if a failed Breathalyzer test constitutes an automatic conviction in a drunk driving case, but those who live in OUI states simply cannot afford to make this mistake. The potential consequences of a guilty plea or verdict are quite literally life changing. This is why anyone facing OUI charges should immediately seek out a DUI lawyer.

Legal professionals are adept at all OUI defenses. Some defenses include no probable cause for a traffic stop or Breathalyzer issues which could’ve caused invalid results. There are a variety of defenses to this charge, so it’s imperative for a person to sit down with their attorney and figure out the best game plan. It could literally save a person years of their life.

Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea, but there’s no doubt that some states’ laws pertaining to this crime are relatively severe compared to other states. This is why it’s so essential for an individual to fight OUI charges as vigilantly as possible. A conviction could land a person in jail for years in some situations, so there’s no doubt that seeking out legal help is an incredibly good investment.

Jamica Bell is a writer and blogger. She contributes this article to highlight the distinction between OUIs and DUIs. Her research of lawyers well-versed on the topic, like Jack Diamond , has been very enlightening. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one driving offense you will need to know about, especially if you are visiting the few states that recognize this infraction.

Trolley Tripping: How to Ride Safely

5920163098_781993862b_n(1)Trolley Tripping: How to Ride Safely

Whether you’re out on vacation or a regular user, trolleys are a easy and fun way to get around a city. Hopping on and off allows you to be able to jump off when spot something interesting, and can even ensure you arrive even closer to your destination.
Though a great mode of transportation, trolleys also have their problems. From tripping while boarding or departing to even falling out of your seat, it’s important to keep safety top of mind while using them.

Be A Trolley Dolly: Staying Safe

Trolleys have been used as a method of getting around cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina for generations. Energy efficient and full of charm, both tourists and natives use them regularly as an efficient way to get around. However, even the most seasoned users can forget basic safety when riding the trolleys. Here’s some top tips to staying safe.

1) Be Careful When Hopping On and Off – Trolleys evoke a sense of whimsy and fun, so it’s easy to forget to watch where you’re going. Hold on to the rails provided when boarding or exiting, and be sure to watch where you’re going. Though some might be in a rush, don’t be afraid to take your time. A twisted ankle or broken leg will take more time out of your day than taking the time to be careful.

2) Wait Until the Trolley Stops - If you’re looking to either board or exit a trolley, your safest bet is to wait until it has come to a complete stop before you do. Though it’s tempting to hop on or off wherever you like, and people often do, this can be dangerous. It’s better to be patient and wait.

3) Watch Out for Other Traffic – Trolleys share the road with cars, tourist buses and even horse-drawn buggies in some tourist spots. While the conductor will do everything to ensure you have a safe exit, it’s important you look both ways before exiting to ensure you’re not putting yourself in harm’s way. Be especially vigilant in heavy tourist areas, where distractions can be high.

4) Hang On While Riding – Though trolleys are a fairly reliable and safe mode of transportation, accidents still happen. A trolley crash in Asheville, NC resulted when the brakes failed. As there were only six people riding at the time, no one was injured. In a situation such as this, failure to hold on could easily result in a fall.

What Do if the Worst Happens

Injuries on trolleys aren’t terribly common, but they do happen. If you find yourself hurt after a trolley ride from falls or an accident, it’s important to know what to do. Firstly, get a copy of your injury report from the hospital or your doctor. You will need this for any insurance claims, as well as if you wish to visit an accident attorney to discuss possible legal action.Write down your experience in full detail in a narrative style as well, so you don’t forget any important details. Additionally, be sure you make a note of any ongoing pain or suffering you may be experiencing.

Should you wish to consult an injury attorney, going local is a smart move, particularly if you’re a tourist. While you may have your own attorney at home, a local injury lawyer will be able to advise on recent cases in the city, and will also have a better knowledge of the laws. Try to find an attorney that specializes in your type of injury. For instance, in the aforementioned accident in Asheville NC, the trolley riders might have contacted a personal injury attorney Raleigh or Greenville law professional to ensure the case is handled accordingly.

Taking the trolley is something many people look forward to while on vacation, and many locals enjoy using daily. However, like any mode of transportation, there are always risks involved. By educating yourself before you even hop on, you’re going to be in for a fun – and safe – ride.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and avid traveler. She enjoys visiting North Carolina and is happy to know that if a Personal Injury Attorney Raleigh firm is needed while she is vacationing, she can be well prepared to resolve the issue as effectively as possible.

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Growing Truck Industry: Greater Danger to Highways?

The United States economy is slowly recuperating after a decade of sluggishness and that means business activity will continually rising. In addition, the manufacturing segment of the economy is seeing a significant increase in new start ups and existing sector growth, which then fuels growth in the shipping industry with respect to parts delivery and shipment of final goods.


The fact that the railroad industry has also experienced an uptick suggests that the trucking industry will be the primary benefactor of increased production, as trucks are absolutely vital to their economic operations. Increasing the number of large commercial trucks on the highway will naturally have an impact on national highway safety.

Big Trucks vs. Small Cars

There is a definite movement in the United States regarding fuel efficiency in passenger cars. However, this has not necessarily applied to the trucking industry, as most commercial trucks still run on diesel fuel. A vital component in increasing fuel efficiency is reducing the size of passenger vehicles, along with utilizing lighter manufacturing materials and improved horsepower. This means that trucks will always have a size advantage in negotiating traffic, but it also increases the possibility for tragic accidents.

All trucks have blind spots in the mirror configuration and smaller cars are more difficult to view. The increase in the number of big trucks versus the continuing downsizing of vehicles will naturally make the existing situation worse.

Fatal Trucking Accident Rates

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided supporting statistics on the increase in just the past two years, as the rate was up just over 3% in 2011 and nearly 9% in 2012. Additionally, the increase in fatal trucking accidents on U.S. highways has increased over 20% from the 2010 statistics. This is clearly a trend that cannot be continued, which may also be providing much of the impetus for increased safety technology installed in all new passenger vehicles.

The National Transportation Safety Board has also recommended that all states lower the blood-alcohol content level necessary for an impaired driving conviction to .05 for drivers of passenger cars, which is the current reckless driving conviction level. All other industrialized nations with a high concentration of big trucks on the highway use the .05 standard.

Trucking Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving big trucks and other commercial vehicles are always complicated and often involve multiple vehicles. These accidents are also complicated in legal proceeding with respect to determination of negligent parties. An experienced and effective truck accident attorney is always necessary to make sure that a victim’s claim is presented for maximum award from all negligent respondents.


Many times punitive damage awards are also appropriate, giving the attorney a stronger negotiation position when finalizing a settlement. Additionally, all trucking companies and their insurance providers have network attorneys who are focusing on as much claim payout reduction as possible.

A novice injured plaintiff is no match for professional negotiators. And, of course, a wrongful death victim will need an attorney to negotiate a proper payoff for the decedent estate and family members. As the increase in trucking traffic rises, the increase in highway accidents involving big trucks will rise also. And, so will the need for a solid truck accident attorney for anyone involved in one of these often terrible accidents. Anyone involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle should always retain an attorney quickly who is knowledgeable in evaluation and settlement of these legal claims.


Molly Pearce is a freelance author, artist, and lover of the open road who often writes on the topics of automobiles and the law. She reviewed the webpage of to learn more about trucking accidents and their legal ramifications.

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How to Find the Right Driving School for You to Succeed

Choosing the right driving school is one of the most important decisions a new driver can make. The right driving school can offer safe driving techniques that not only protect new drivers but protect other motorists. These invaluable lessons offered by a driving school can save lives, and new drivers may also use this time to satisfy their state’s requirements for in-car instruction time. Making the correct driving school choice could be the difference between safety and injury.

Locating the Best Driving School

Why is choosing a driving school important? There are a lot of reasons, but the primary concern is that a prospective driver learn driving techniques that are easy to implement. For drivers concerned with their safety behind the wheel, a driving school offers a safe and relaxed environment to learn and hone these invaluable driving skills. If you are looking for a driving school in Santa Monica, there are a lot of options available. Websites such as give detailed information, but it’s important to consider the following factors before making a final decision.

What to Look For In Driving School Instructors

Driving School is devoted to helping new drivers practice safety in an environment conducive to learning. Being a new driver can be nerve-racking for some, and it’s important that those teaching you safety are as passionate about protecting you as you are about getting on the road. Driving schools want you to succeed and become the safest driver possible. Make sure you look for schools that make it their mission to provide the best service to their learners.

Long-term Benefits of Choosing the Right School

As a new driver, one of the most important things to learn is safety on the road. In an age of cell phones and other distractions, the decision to choose a driving school could be one of the most important choices a new driver makes. Driving schools are passionate about this, and model their lessons around communication and a relaxed learning environment. A new driver may be nervous, but driving instructors make the process easier with clear communication and a devoted attitude to making you the safest driver possible.

Value in Making the Right Choice

In California, six hours of training is required in order to take your driver’s test. For most new drivers, this isn’t enough to fully learn and grasp the required skills to be a safe driver. Most driving schools offer several different packages and choices so that you can make sure you are getting the most for your money.


Being safe behind the wheel is the most important aspect of driving. If you’re a new driver seeking the freedom of the driver’s license, driving schools not only offer comprehensive, one-on-one instruction, but these invaluable lessons are affordable for everyone.