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Should You Buy a Used Car?

It really is the age old question- should you get a used car or get a brand new one? While the allure of a new car is undeniable, with its extended warranty and the intoxicating new car smell, it is not very financially practical. A used car in good condition will offer the same level of service but without costing you a small fortune. Times are dire, and if getting a car with a five digit odometer reading means saving you a significant sum, you should be amendable to the idea of buying used.

Why a Used Car Makes Sense

There are more used cars Scunthorpe than you can count. This abundance will spoil you for choice. A new car that would have otherwise been outside your reach becomes more affordable when it’s used thanks to the factor that is depreciation. A new car, once driven off the dealership loses a significant percentage of its value. This could be thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds depending on model, resale value notwithstanding. Still not convinced that you should buy used? Well, consider that:

Cars Today Are Built To Last

A two or three year model will still be in a great running condition. Manufacturing standards are steadily increasing, and even a four year old car will still have many years ahead of it. If you are careful enough to buy a well maintained car, the running costs won’t be vastly different from someone who bought a new one.

You’ll be sheltered from the depreciation

The worst of the depreciation will have been suffered by the original car owner. The car will still lose value once it is in your possession, but minimally. If the car has a great resale value, you’ll hardly be affected by its depreciation when you finally decide to sell it.

You can still get warranty cover

A three year old car might still be covered in the original warranty once you buy it. If it is transferrable, you’ll get a cover that will afford you some peace of mind. This will mitigate your running costs, as most of the maintenance costs will be covered.

It will cost you less to insure

A used car typically costs less to insure, regardless of whether it’s a luxury model or not. Its depreciation will be reflected in the insurance cover. Your premiums will be cheaper. In the bigger picture, this means that the ownership costs will be more manageable.

It will be easier to get financing

Used car financing deals are more abundant. This is especially important for buyers with a less than perfect credit rating. Since it costs less to buy this car, many financiers will be more willing to stand by you, since the risk is somewhat smaller. If you can put up a sizeable deposit, financing for used cars Scunthorpe is almost guaranteed.

So in response to the titular question, the answer is yes, you should buy a used car. If you don’t care about owning the latest model, you’ll be contented because the benefits of buying used greatly outweigh the risks.

5 Reasons Why Caravan Sales Are Only Going To Increase Over The Next Decade

Over the past few years caravan sales have almost doubled both in the United States and in Australia. Sales have grown despite the slow economy which lasted well over five years, the effects of which are still being felt by many in the US. Many local caravan manufacturers especially in countries like Australia have reported an increase in sales not just of used but also new caravans. That said there is no one reason why sales are increasing, as a matter of fact there are five solid reasons among many others for the increase in sales around the world.

Reason no. 1: People are going to have a lot more options

The number of different types of caravans available have increased two folds over the past decade and they are expected to increase even further. Today, there are an array of different caravans many of which also have a number of high tech options included in them too. This trend of comfort and technology merging to provide the perfect experience is what is driving caravan sales in many countries around the world. People always want options and both international brands as well as local manufacturers are answering this demand for options which is pushing people to buy caravans.

Reason no. 2: Caravans have become cheaper

One big reason why people have been opting to purchase caravans is because it has become increasingly cheaper to buy one. Caravan sales especially skyrocket when manufacturers and dealers offer special discounts which is proof of the fact that price is certainly driving demand. In countries like Australia price has mainly be driven down by high end local manufacturers like The comparatively lower price and the fact that spares are easily available is one of the leading reasons why many people are considering a caravan purchase.

Reason no. 3: Many banks are offering people loans to buy caravans

In the past if you wanted to buy a caravan you’d have to save up to buy one banks would rarely sanction a loan to just buy a caravan. Today an increasing number of banks are including caravans as part of their automobile loan policy. This is another reason why we expect that caravan sales will grow tremendously over the next few decades. There are also an increasing number of low income families who are substituting their mortgage for a caravan which they can live in for an extended period of time. Some experts belive that bank loans are going to become increasingly easier to get and cheaper, probably as low as what is changed for an automobile. So, those who already don’t own a caravan may soon own one because things are only getting easier.

Reason no. 4: Caravan maintenance has become cheaper and will continue to become cheaper

A decade or so ago maintaining a caravan especially in a country like Australia was considered expensive. Many people opted not to buy a caravan especially because they couldn’t afford its maintenance. Caravans were considered an investment for someone who had a fortune to throw around. Today thanks to locally manufactured caravans finding replacement parts and getting it repaired has become cheaper that what it was before. This has also made using caravans more reliable because regardless of where you travel in Australia there is a good chance that if something breaks or becomes undone you can find a replacement part without much hard work and not at a premium. Over the next few decades new technology will make replacement parts cheaper and the overhead associated with having them imported from countries like China will be reduced.

Reason no. 5: Great resale value

The resale of caravans have also improved. In Australia the improved resale is partly fueled by growing demand for caravans and the people’s love for the great outdoors. However, on closer inspection it seems as though the resale for locally built caravans is significantly better. Caravans built by high end manufacturers like JB Caravans fetch a much better price in the second hand market than imported caravans. This trend is only going to grow as more local businesses start to setup shop in the country to manufacture high end caravans.

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