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Here Comes the Best Opportunity for People Looking for Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

Are you suffering quiet a bit because of being physically disabled? Wish you have owned a vehicle in which a wheelchair is installed. In such cases, you can surely come up to opt for wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is surely the best option for people who are looking for a convenient vehicle which can help them in moving from here to there despite being physically challenged.

Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

This amazing opportunity of hiring a wheelchair vehicle is now open for all those who are in need of becoming independent and dont want to rely upon their relatives, family and friends to take them in their car for their local outing. These amazing wheelchair cars are available at a very reasonable price for people who are disabled and not able to manage few things in life. Read More…

Four Factors to Notice while on the Lookout for Used Caravans for Sale

Holidaying in a caravan is certainly exciting. Away from all worldly worries, it offers one enough time to spend time amidst nature. While, this is the fun part, it is also a worry that a caravan is costly. In fact, not many people will relish the idea of buying a brand new caravan. It is bound to create a bit of financial crisis. However, one must not lose heart, as there is always the alternative of used caravans for sale. As, it is a second hand caravan, the quote is certainly a lot cheaper. 


There are firms who are always on the lookout for used caravans for sale from people keen to dispose off their second hand caravan. They will buy it out and do a bit of repair work. Once the repair work is over, they then look to sell it off at a neat profit. While the buyer can buy cheap, the firm offering refurbished caravans also earn some profit. However, the surprise package is that, such a system also benefits the seller of the used caravan. He will certainly get something more than the mere junk value, which he would have got. Hence, this is certainly an all win situation for all concerned. However, before buying something there are a few issues, which need a bit of pondering. Read More…

What You Need To Know As A Beginner Caravanner

Being new to anything can be a bit of a drag at first – you want to feel experienced, you want to prove to people that you are skilled enough to handle yourself. Nevertheless, experience can only come with time and the same goes for caravanning. It can be both exciting and a little frustrating to be a beginner caravanner. A lot of the people that you’ll meet will have owned their current caravan for a long time or they’ll have owned several caravans over the years. 


It’s important to be humble when it comes to learning any new skill. Allowing your ego or your pride to obscure valuable advice is ill advised and this is even more true when it comes to owning a caravan. Caravans may be big but they’re also rather delicate – one false move and you could be looking at a nasty accident. Beginner caravanners should count themselves lucky – there’s a country wide network of experts out there just waiting to pass on their skills and advice for caravan owners. Here are some of the things that they might be keen to tell you. Read More…

4 Aspects to be considered before Deciding on a Second Hand Caravan

Second hand caravans for sale is an incredible decision for fulfilling demands when budget is economic. This option is being especially suitable for those searching for modest and simple occasions, or for families who anticipate always that the caravan is liable to a certain measure of harming and receiving wear and tear. Utilized caravans can additionally be purchased on the spot, taking out the holding up times connected with pricing details for a specified vehicle or and assembling other recreational vehicle. Picking a second hand caravan, nevertheless, requires a little additional thought than whimsically obtaining a new one. Utilized caravans might be purchased from other merchants or from private vendors. A second hand band merchant will normally offer a guarantee with the second hand caravan, ensuring that the vehicle is in the exceptional working condition. Individual second hand caravans for sale will often typically be inexpensive, yet won’t fulfill the same assurances. If you purchase from a merchant or a private dealer, it is important to check the second hand caravan for usual deformities before acquiring.

The point when evaluating a second hand caravan for sale the dealer’s depiction of the vehicle needs to be checked against the real nature of the caravan. Urgent components, for example, brakes, way lights and apparatuses all need to be checked before making any decision if the vehicle is roadworthy or not. Second hand caravans may as well additionally be checked for sodden, which might be especially harming to the inside of a caravan, and costly to settle. if you are taking a glance at purchasing a second hand caravan more than a couple of years old it is significant to watch that all parts of the Caravans are sound and in working condition, in light of the fact that a few parts might be troublesome and unmanageable to source. When you have made a full appraisal of the utilized band, you can begin anticipating your next occasion. Read More…

Car Sales Reached Records in November [Summary]

The auto industry was hit pretty hard by the recession, and today, more than 5 years after it started, it is still struggling to get out of it, but there are signs that it is on the road to a complete recovery. Car sales have been going strong over the past couple of months, with the strongest figures recorded in November, when many car makers reported that sales have exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. Enticing discounts and promotions over the holiday weekend, along with plenty of new models, as well as a good labor market, are among the most significant factors that made November an excellent month for almost all car makers.

This past month, car sales were so strong, that they led to a 16.5 million annualized selling rate, which is much higher than last year’s rate of 15.3 million, and the fastest rate since February 2007, when it got to 16.8 million. This was the best November in history, when it comes to monthly car sales in the U.S. Virtually all major manufacturers reported substantial gains in November, with General Motors and Chrysler leading the way.

GM saw a 14% increase compared to the same month last year, with 212,060 vehicles sold, resulting in the best November for the company in six years. Cadillac and Buick were its best-selling brands, with 16,172 and 15,072 units sold, respectively. Chrysler sold 16% more cars than last year’s November, or exactly 142,275 vehicles, with Jeep and Ram as the brands that were demanded the most. GM redesigned some of its more in-demand models, improving their efficiency and updating their exterior, which was a major factor that helped boost sales.

Although Ford had the best November in 9 years, it didn’t stop its market share from dropping 0.3 percent, unlike the other two major American car makers, whose market share improved significantly. Be that as it may, Ford’s sales were up, as well, with a 7% increase. They were able to sell 190,449 vehicles, with the majority of them being F-Series trucks, whose sales rose 16 percent. As far as projections for next year are concerned, Ford plans to build almost 15,000 less units than 2013, due to decreased demand.

Japanese giant Toyota also reported favorable November sales numbers, albeit not as good as the American Big Three. They saw a 10% increase, with the Avalon and RAV4 as the biggest gainers. In total, Toyota sold 178,044 vehicles, 19,477 of which were RAV4, which is a 56% improvement over November 2012. Their Japanese counterparts, Honda, on the other hand, were not as successful, and were one of the few companies that didn’t post such significant gains. Their sales were down 0.1% over last year’s November, which was their best November ever.

If you take into account that the average price for a new car grew when compared to the same period last year, these highly favorable sales numbers are a bit of surprise, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you add the generous incentives car makers offered for Black Friday, reduced unemployment rates, somewhat stable gas prices, and the fact that auto loans have become more affordable, with significantly lower interest rates.

Jordan Perch is an automotive fanatic and “safe sales” specialist. He is a regular contributor to, a collaborative community designed to help US drivers.

Help For Australians Drinking Behind the Wheel


According to the Australian Medical Association, 1 in 10 Australians drink alcohol at such volume that it is considered a high risk to their health. Australians are also starting to drink at a much younger age. With alcohol becoming a major problem, the government has instituted many campaigns to raise awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol consumption. 

While realizing that you have a drinking problem is tough, admitting it to yourself and others is one of the hardest things anybody can ever do. According to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. But where does a person go from there?

Steps To Recovery

• Make A Commitment to Stop Drinking

It’s easy to say you’re going to stop drinking one day, and then go out and have a few beers with your friends the next. If you are ready to stop drinking, then make a full commitment to it. Don’t waffle or sit on the fence.

• Create A Pros & Cons List  

Make a list for yourself that has the benefits of drinking as you perceive them on one side, and the benefits of quitting on the other side. Try to find an opposite point for each side. Add to this list as you go on to remind yourself of the reasons you should quit.

• Join A Group 

It may seem like the very last thing you want to do, but joining a support group and hearing others talk about their difficulties when it comes to their addiction to drink and how they overcome these can have a huge impact on helping you to maintain sobriety. Groups like AA offer fellow alcoholics a chance to talk about their problems and find encouragement. AA also offers online meetings should you not be able to attend one in person.

• See Your Doctor  

This may not seem like an important step, but quitting alcohol after a long period of abuse can take its toll on your body. Your doctor can advise you on what to expect and how to handle some of the more unpleasant side effects of going sober. If needed, he or she can also prescribe medication to help you cope with the first few days of your detox.

• Get A Coach 

If a group meeting doesn’t feel like enough to help push you down the right path, sometimes one-on-one help can give you a road map to success. A life coach Melbourne-based can assist with that. A mentor can go through tactics and strategies to help you make positive changes in your life and to set goals which are attainable.

• Wake Up From the Nightmare 

The facts are sobering. Four people under the age of 25 die each week because of alcohol. Most of the time, drinkers regret their actions when they have sobered up. And one out of every 4 who are hospitalized in our country are in hospital because of drink. To prevent ruining your future, learn to curb your alcohol intake.

• Stop the Harm 

Drinking in excess not only has negative impacts on your body and your performance at work or at school. There are legal and social implications as well. Your family might be embarrassed by your public drunken behavior. The tendency to have unprotected sex is great in inebriated people, putting you at risk for STDs or unwanted pregnancies. It’s also been shown that excessive alcohol use in Australia leads to violence and assault.

• Grow Up

When you are under the influence, making wise decisions is difficult. Providing alcohol to a minor will get you fined. Thinking that you are able to drive poses a huge threat to yourself and others. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated can alter your life. All of these infractions could lead to heavy fines, a revoked license, a criminal record, and incarceration. These are all things that will hang over your head for quite some time, essentially putting your personal and professional life in jeopardy.

Breaking the cycle of alcoholism is extremely difficult, and you may occasionally have a relapse. You might find yourself craving alcohol and feel badly about it, or even beat yourself up about your past actions when you were drunk. Realize that you are a human being who makes mistakes, and that you are now trying to fix that. Forgive yourself and complement yourself on your present efforts.

Once you’ve made the commitment to yourself to quit drinking, you will find that your life will dramatically change. Be prepared for that change and embrace it. By following the steps above, you can achieve your goal to quit.

Debbie Nguyen is a freelance designer and blogger. She had to give up alcohol for health reasons over twenty years ago. If you live in Australia and could use some help quitting drinking, search life coach Melbourne online, for some direction on how to meet your goal.

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Funny Moving Stories from the Eyes of the Removalist

While moving homes can be a stressful time for all, have you ever thought about how it seems from the point of view of the removalist? After all, they’re doing this job day in and day out so it surely must be tiring! However, once you do something for so long, you eventually come across situations that are quite humorous later on.


Attack of the Cursing Nun

One story comes from a mover hired by an old lady to transport her things. After turning up at her house, he finds out there’s no truck. She tells him it’s stuck in traffic so he brings her furniture outside to be ready when the moving truck arrives. An hour passes and still there’s no truck. After this, he gets suspicious and again questions the old lady and her friends. It turns out she hadn’t even hired a moving vehicle at all!

So naturally he asks her what they’re going to load all the furniture in. At this point, her sweet personality suddenly changes and she starts swearing and attacking the man! His assistants had to break up a fight between this little old lady and the big, burly mover.

One of her friends comes up, calls her sister, and tells her to calm down. So the swearing lady was a nun as well. She refuses to release the payment (this guy had been there for several hours by now) and so he calls the police. This would be true of any team of professional removalists in Sydney or elsewhere as they deserve to be paid for their services. The cops come and say that he can press charges against her if he wishes. After this, she grudgingly accepts she needs to pay.

So he gets into his car and is about to leave when she asks if he’ll move her furniture back inside. He says no. She goes nuts again and moves her car to block the way out of her place. The police have to go and arrest her before he can leave. To top it off, at that moment a big black cloud appears, drenching her furniture in a rare, karmic display.

You’ve Packed My Daughter!

Our second story involves a crew of six movers helping a single, middle-aged woman move house. Everything was going fine and the truck was almost ready to go. Suddenly, one of his assistants runs down the stairs from her apartment and says she’s freaking out. He goes upstairs to find her frantic. “You have my daughter!” she screams and runs down to the removals vehicle.

Now the mover is sure they haven’t packed anyone in the back of the truck. His crew had been loading up boxes and furniture into the moving vehicle and there was no sign of anyone else there. After calming her down though, they find out that in fact her daughter’s ashes had been in the living room and they’d been inadvertently packed with the rest of her belongings.

Understandably, the woman was afraid that the ashes would spill out while in transit. Even though the removalist reassured her that they’d be fine, he still took the time and effort to search through the packed items and retrieve the wooden box. As promised, it was still locked and intact so this is a story that ends up better than the one above.

How about you? Do you have any funny or weird moving stories that you have to tell about your past experience as a mover? While this job can be stressful, sometimes it brings about interesting stories which we would love to hear below.

Things to Look Out For When Buying a New Van

Buying a new van like any other new vehicle can at times be a bit daunting for many people. There are buying options, different models and a whole other host of things to think about.

Citroen van

One of the best things to do before you commit to buying a new van is to sit down and carefully think about what you actually need it for. Once you have your main requirements clear, you can then research new vans to see which models have the best specs to suit your needs.

The next step is, of course, checking the prices and thinking about the terms of your payment. There are some great instalment plans available but if you buy for cash, you can get some great discounts.

So, once you have figured out your requirements and have a good idea on how much you have to spend, you can start to look through some model specifications. For a good idea of what a van can do for you, there are just a few things to look out for.

1. Cubic Load Capacity

The cubic load capacity is measured in meters squared. This does not reflect the weight capacity, merely the actual size of the load carrying area. So, if your business moves large products that are very light in weight, you should carefully check the load capacity space. A lighter vehicle will be more fuel-efficient than a heavier stronger vehicle.

2. Load weight

The load weight of the van determines the actual weight of the cargo it can carry. The heavier the cargo the heavier the van needs to be which will in turn increases fuel consumption. If you don’t intend on carrying heavy loads, a lighter vehicle would be much more fuel efficient and cheaper the run. It is always worth thinking about the weight capacities to get the right van for your haulage needs.

3. Van engine Size

Engine size is another important factor that needs to be carefully considered before you make your final decision. Large capacity Citroen vans and other similar makes are great for long distances and for heavy loads but not so good for small short deliveries in towns. So, if you are delivering sandwiches in a local city, you don’t really need a powerful large engine capacity vehicle. This can make a lot of difference with fuel as well as with your insurance costs.

4. The Luxuries

We all, of course, love to drive vehicles that have some luxuries like air conditioning, blue tooth connectivity and electric windows. However, if you are just using your van for some light occasional duties, you can probably live without them. If on the other hand you intend to use the vehicle for long distances on a regular basis, it would probably be worth investing in a vehicle with some mod cons. The extras will add quite a bit to the price tag, so think carefully about your needs.

5. Van Quality

Like any vehicle, vans have quite a considerable choice when it comes to overall quality. This will be reflected in the price, but like anything in life, you get what you pay for. So, you need to think about your pocket and your requirements. Do you need the very latest braking technology and race tech engines or would just a more regular van be a better choice?

These specifications are some of the most basic things that you should think about before investing in a new van. However, at the end of the day, the final choice is up to you and your personal tastes do count.

How Did The Federal Shutdown Affect State DMVs?

The Government shut-down became effective on October 1st  and the consequences of it were felt by just about anyone, such as federal workers, who weren’t able to receive their pay-checks in time, veterans and people with disabilities didn’t receive their benefits, as well as small business owners, who didn’t have access to financing provided by the Government. Various national museums and national parks were closed, and passport and gun permit applications were delayed. State DMVs were also affected by the shut-down, which closed for a certain period of time, or operated with delays, at the very least.

Each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles is a state-level government agency, and they are mainly funded by taxes, such as road, gas, and income taxes, and fees, including license plate, registration, and title transfer fees. Due to the fact that DMVs are operated at a state level, instead of a federal level, the Government shutdown shouldn’t affect their funding and operating hours, but there will be some exceptions. For example, the District of Columbia DMV is run by the city, and it closed on October 1st, which coincidently, was a Tuesday, the busiest day of the week for the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles.

This means that all services this DMV provides weren’t available, so you couldn’t be able to apply for a driver’s license, or renew your current one, register your vehicle, request a driving record, or apply for a title transfer. When the shutdown finally ended, the DMV were in a bit of a chaos situation, since all the people who couldn’t get their service during the shutdown, overwhelmed local offices when they opened. This resulted in incredibly long lines at all DMVs and people had to wait for hours to receive their license plates or get their driver’s licenses renewed.

However, the federal shutdown also had a few effects that people were probably happy about. For one thing, law enforcement were impacted, and drivers didn’t get as much tickets as they used to. Parking enforcement officers were not going to work, so no matter if you were double-parked, or parked in a restricted place, you couldn’t be cited for it. But, this had a negative effect in the long run, as the city gets a large portion of its funding through fines and fees, so it had less resources for further investments in the infrastructure and it might not be able to meet certain budget obligations.

Unlike the District of Columbia DMV, other DMVs across the country were open, and people were able to go to their local DMV office and do whatever it is you need to do there. They operated as usual, which was certainly a huge relief for every car owner. Fortunately, the shutdown lasted until 17th October, so both the public and the government sector were not hugely affected, and consequently, the general public, as well.

4 Cool Car Accessories You Can Use To Market Your Company

5 Exciting Accessories to Stamp Your Business Logo OnWhen thinking of automobile accessories that you can use to market your company, you must consider view potential and subliminal penetration ability. In other words, you want to choose the accessories that your potential customers will see the most as well as the accessories that speak to their minds the loudest. The following are four cool car accessories you can use to market your company:


4. Visor Clips


Visor clips are small devices that prospective patrons can attach to the visors in their car. They can use such clips to hang their glasses or other items of importance. A person who uses a visor clip with the company logo on it will view the company logo every time he or she reaches for the glasses. A clip with a neon or bright color will make an impression on the person’s eyes and mind, to do business with your company.


3. Car Chargers


Small nugget car chargers also make a great promotional item for your company. Almost all drivers use smartphones, which need constant charging. Every time a prospective customer goes to connect his or her cell phone to your branded charger, that person will think of your company as the source of energy for the device. Such could prompt future business dealings.


2. License Plate Frames


License plate frames work well as promotional items, because they go wherever your customer’s automobile goes. Every person who looks at your prospective customer’s car will see your company’s information on it. Therefore, you are reaching a broader spectrum of potential customers by selecting license plate frames as a way to market your company.


1. Key Rings


Key rings are the number one cool car accessory you can use to market your company. The average consumer keeps the same key ring for approximately five years. In fact, the only reason a person will switch key rings is if he or she loses the entire set of keys. Therefore, by choosing to view keyrings as a marketing option, you are making a smart choice. Each person you hand one of your branded keyrings will serve as a personal promoter everywhere he or she goes. Additionally, that individual will constantly be reminded to give your company a call the next time he or she needs nay type of services.


By selecting one or all of these amazing and cost effective marketing items, you could grow your business quickly without hurting your company’s finances. Bestowing these products upon your customers will also increase consumer loyalty.