Caution! Apply Brakes to Cars, Lupus and Alcohol


Caution! Apply Brakes to Cars, Lupus and Alcohol

With more than 1.5 million Lupus sufferers in this country alone, it is imperative for people who suffer from this autoimmune disease, as well as those closest to them, understand the risks of mixing alcohol with Lupus medication. With upcoming holiday festivities, it’s important to remember not to over imbibe.

Lupus is a condition where your immune system gets confused and instead of attacking foreign substances in your body, it goes after your healthy cells and tissues, leading to damage to your joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, and blood vessels to name a few critical things.

Symptoms of Lupus vary in people but can include fatigue, fever, joint swelling and pain, memory loss, and chest pains. Inflammation can stress your major organs. Since there is no cure for Lupus, most treatments are centered around treating the symptoms and preventing flare ups, such as reducing pain and swelling, and balancing your hormones.

Reactions From Alcohol

Many Lupus sufferers have reactions to the sulfates in wine. Others have a reaction to the gluten in beer. Symptoms include chills, diarrhea, and fevers. And alcohol also stresses the liver in Lupus patients.

Any medication, whether it be one that can be purchased over-the-counter or one that is prescribed to a patient, comes with risks that could make drinking alcohol ill advised. However, this risk could be increased substantially when the person consuming alcoholic beverages has Lupus.

Before a person thinks about consuming a beer or enjoying a glass of wine at a celebration, she would do well to understand the negative reaction that her medications could have once they are mixed with alcohol.

Pronounced Inebriation

A person who is perfectly healthy can sometimes consume alcohol and still remain somewhat in charge of her faculties. However, a person who has Lupus may not be so lucky. Because she often takes medications that contain aspirin, corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatory agents, she could suffer more pronounced inebriation, if not total incapacitation.

A Lupus patient who makes the unfortunate choice to drive after consuming alcohol also could suffer additional legal punishment if she is found to be under the influence of both medications and alcohol. The police will not give any credence to her being sick with Lupus or having to be on medication. According to one Orlando DUI lawyer, “that person will face legal punishment to the fullest extent of the law.”

Medication Rendered Ineffective

When a person with Lupus drinks alcohol, she may not realize that she could be rendering her prescribed medications useless. Alcohol could be impeding the medications’ intended effects, leaving she at risk of flare-ups and pain. If a patient wants her medications to work properly, it is vital that she avoid consuming alcohol and making it difficult for her medicines to carry out their intended duties. Once a person avoids alcohol, this Lupus patient could enjoy being free from flare-ups and pain that are commonly associated with this condition.

Along with avoiding alcohol, a Lupus sufferer could also choose simpler and more natural treatments for her conditions. Along with taking her medications, she may be advised to get plenty of rest and stay well hydrated. Resting and proper hydration can help her body avoid the pain and inflammation that are associated with her condition. Likewise, doctors urge Lupus patients to work out every day, but avoid overdoing their routines. A simple walk around the block or a short session of lifting weights could help her body heal itself from the discomfort associated with Lupus.

While more than one million people in this country suffer from Lupus, this disease does not have to control people’s lives. They can find relief from the pain, flare-ups, and swelling that make so many patients miserable by following some simple steps. Using alcohol while taking Lupus medications could lead to legal and physical disaster for these patients.

Lupus sufferers can still enjoy their holiday get togethers by avoiding alcohol. Concentrate on family and friends and camaraderie. Get into the spirit of joy by celebrating with loved ones in activities that don’t involve drinking and ring in the New Year with a substitute for the bubbly by toasting with sparkling juice.

Debbie Nguyen has many friends who have Lupus. She encourages them to keep a healthy lifestyle and abstain from alcohol. Search Orlando DUI lawyer online for information and tips on how to keep your driving record healthy.

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