Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

The drivers who find it incredibly difficult to find cheap car insurance are bad drivers. The bad drivers’ category usually comprises those people who have a less than stellar driving record, and some insurance companies will refuse to even consider insuring these drivers. But rest assured because it’s still possible for these drivers to find low insurance premiums.


What is a Bad Driver?

A bad driver, as viewed by the insurance firms, is a driver who has a history of traffic offenses and who has shown no signs of improvement in the past. In other words, they are basically like nuclear waste to insurance companies. A bad driver may have one of the following issues:

A number of unpaid traffic fines.

Has caused one or more serious accidents in the last few months.

Has had a history of fines from traffic violations; including parking and speeding tickets.

What Can a Bad Driver Do?

A bad driver has a number of options available to them, but the best options are just to lower the premiums by making changes to themselves and their driving habits. The following factors are major influences when it comes to the size of auto insurance premiums: 

Change the car.

Install security measures.

Take a course.

Compare and contrast

Change the Car

If a driver has a history of serious accidents and they choose to drive a $100,000 car then the chances of finding cheap auto insurance are slim to nothing. But if they decide to drive a car worth about $1,000 then the insurance company will consider providing a policy to be of a lesser risk to the insurance firm’s coffers. In response, they will certainly provide a policy with a lower premium.

Install Security Measures

Security measures are defined as devices and gadgets which improve the personal safety of the driver and reduce the chances of the car being stolen or damaged.

When it comes to the personal safety of the driver there are a number of common safety devices including: airbags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seat belts. Remember, if a crash occurs and the driver is saved by an airbag then the insurance company won’t have to pay out as much in costs.

The safety of the car is all about simply protecting it from harm. This can be done by storing the car in a secure location like a garage or using curb scrapers to protect the paintwork of the car. A car alarm will also be a worthy addition to any car. 

Take a Course

One way of reducing the premiums is to communicate a message to the insurance firm that the driver in question is attempting to change their bad habits. This can be done by passing a safety course which will refresh all of the main driving techniques. And this is sure to reduce the premiums on any auto insurance policy.

Compare and Contrast

Even if all of the above measures are used, sometimes it’s just not possible to get the best price. But there is a way around this. If the price isn’t right then simply use another insurance company. Other insurance companies and their prices can be compared by using an online comparison site.

To use an online comparison site simply

1. Open up one’s internet browser and navigate to Google.

2. Perform a Google search to bring up a number of available comparison sites.

3. Follow the specific instructions for each individual comparison site, but remember to use multiple comparison sites because this way the individual can obtain the most accurate results.

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