Owning a car is a huge investment. Many people would prefer to buy a used car because it’s cheaper, pay less for insurance than a new car. You can find and compare the used car at franchised dealers, non-franchised garage, actions, private ads or online.
It is not obvious that a second hand car is always in best conditions. Therefore, there are few things you need to know and check before making a decision to buy that used car. There are:

1. Tyres
Tyre is the best indicator of worn out suspension, suspension bushing, tire rod and misalignment. This can be indicated by uneven wearing out of the tyre at the edges. When you steer the wheel, they should bend at the required angle without making excessive bending that cause wear and tear.

2. Exhaust
Exhaust gas can be observed so that you can judge the condition of the engine. Exhaust gas has colours that indicate the condition of the engine that is black, blue and white smoke. Black smoke is an indication of incomplete combustion due to insufficient air, excessive fuel or worn out nozzle. Blue smoke is an indicator of combustion of the oil lubricant. White smoke may appear when the engine is too cold but it should disappear immediately after the engine become hot. If the white smoke persist when engine is hot, it indicate that the engine has worn out valves thus there is low compression or the water is leaking to the combustion chamber.

3. Oil
Every vehicle has a dipstick for checking the oil level and quality. Although the modern cars has an oil quality sensor that indicate to the driver that the oil should be changed soon. These prevent the excessive wear and tear of the engine. Search for such a car to prevent unexpected engine breakdown. Otherwise, it is a bit tricky to judge the oil lubricant condition by your sight. Avoid buying cars with sludge oil because it shows that they are poorly maintained.

4. Bodywork
A car which has been repainted and has dented or signs of panel biting is an indicator of crashed car. It’s very easy to know a car that had accident due variation in paint and dent on the body.

5. Identity
It is important to confirm the car identity from the DVLA contact number. The number should be the same with the number on the engine.

There are things you should not do when buying a car. There are:-

1.) Do not buy a used car from a dealer during special sales event because they are sold by contracted specialist who is trained to convince customer till they buy what the dealer has.

2.) If the car you are buying is very reliable, do not buy for extended warrant as it will cost more money.

3.) You should only drive the car home after the financial paper work is complete.

Most of the used car identification information can be found on the DVLA contact number. It will help you in verification of the car so that you don’t fall into problems.

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