Fishing the Best Luxury -Audi, BMW or Mercedes

German cars clearly stand out when it comes to quality and precision engineering. Over the decades German cars have held the top spots for being among the best motor vehicles on road, this include Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Choosing a Mercedes, BMW or Audi can prove to be quite a challenge even to the most adept car enthusiast; factors to consider when shopping for a BMW, Audi or Mercedes include the following:

Engine performance

Every year sees more refinement both in the body styling as well as under the hood, the engine performance will highly determine the driving experience one is expected to experience. To match cars in similar classes, the engine should be torque enough to be able to pull swiftly through hilly situations and towing objects. The car should also have sufficient supply of horsepower for a spirited performance and quick take off. A model that comes with high torque and horsepower at low revolutions and within a wide power range will be suitable for all rounded driving experience.

Car Safety features

Fast performance without proper safety is a death wish; the car should have a variety of reliable safety features to cater for an incident or accident. Availability of air bags all around the car from the sides, front, rear, dash board and steering will reduce the chances of injuries during an accident. The car’s interior should also be made from shock absorbent padding and not cheap plastic, crash bars, side impact beams built inside the doors or side frames also increase the chances of survival during a crash. Satellite tracking, biometric key and voice recognition are also built in safety features that come as standard features in the high end cars.

Road handling

The ideal car should come in the highest specs in regard to how well the car handles the surface, proper shock absorber system, pressure sensitive sensors, electronic brake distribution (EBD), traction control, hill descent, anti-roll back, terrain sensitive shock absorbers and a suitable chassis ensure that the car will remain safe during driving since the car will be more responsive to the drivers manoeuvre as well as to the terrain.

Braking Efficiency

A car’s braking system plays a very crucial role, it enable as a driver avoid catastrophes which might lead to death. Modern cars come with highly advanced braking systems that are responsive to the driver, the road condition and also have a degree of corrective mechanism. The car comes with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and computer assisted braking among other features.

In Car Entertainment

Modern cars come with the latest state of the art technology, this include surround system speakers all-round the car, blue tooth , infra-red remote, compatibility to mobile apps, speed sensitive stereo, blue ray disk, USB ports and a docking station for a lap top or mobile.

A good way of finding out more about the suitability of an Audi, BMW or Mercedes is through viewing the report or statistics on registration on each model. Getting the registration report of a car is as easy as that when you contact dvla contact , the reports are available online from different sites of different people who carry out this.

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