Good Driving Instructors Help Keep Roads Safe

LePeople rely on cars. Whether it is a weekly trip to the out-of-town supermarket to load up or getting to work from rural areas into towns and cities, cars seem likely to remain everyone’s preference for moving around. The important thing is that each driver is taught well, understands basics, and is aware of those around, whether in other vehicles or on foot.

There are a number of myths about roads and the impact that road transport has upon the UK environment. Traffic Technology Today suggests that pollution is actually on the wane due to better vehicle technology, even though the number of vehicles on the road is still increasing. In fact, there are estimates that 92% of the population rely on the roads for their mobility, and 70% rely on their cars.

Busy Roads

The growth in road traffic has been relentless. Governments are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of travel; there is clear recognition that the increase will continue in the years to come. It is a nationwide phenomenon, but it is not necessarily led by the South East, which leads the way in so many things. Areas like Humberside and Yorkshire have increasing volumes of traffic and investment plans for more roads to cater to the demand. Humberside and Merseyside are linked by the M62, and the number of cars travelling that route each day is an indication of how important motorway skills are to ordinary people. Cleethorpes, Grimsby, and Hull through Yorkshire to Manchester and Liverpool is a well-worn path for commercial and private vehicles alike.


This preference for cars does not mean that there is poor public transport. It is simply that the convenience and affordability of a car make it the first choice of many. The question of people handling more exacting road conditions is another issue. It has never been so important to be taught good habits on the roads. There are motorways where everything moves at speed and busy towns where it is a matter of being fully alert, both of other vehicles and of pedestrians.

Start With Expert Tuition

The ability to drive these roads safely is something that requires good tuition, no complacency, and experience. The starting point has to be an experienced school providing everything a potential driver needs to negotiate today’s roads. Driving lessons in Cleethorpes start at at the very beginning if your current driving experience is negligible or none at all.

Companies such as this typically also provide refresher courses, driving specifically on motorways and ensuring that a driver has the skill to recognise potential problems on the road and react appropriately and safely.

There is a great deal to take in, and one of the skills of a highly trained instructor is to be able to pass on their skill and knowledge to each learner. That requires flexibility as well as training. There are different levels of ability even amongst drivers, and each pupil may be different. Each will progress at their own rate, and that is something that needs to be tailored into a series of lessons that will help pupils not only pass their tests but also be totally competent in future years.

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