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How to Sell Your Used Car Online

Sold Lexus

Where do you start?

What you will need:

1. A mobile phone that can take photo’s and videos or a digital camera that can do the same.

What to do once you have this equipment?.

  1. Ensure that your car is clean inside and out before taking any photo’s and videos. If this is not something you want to do or not capable of doing properly. Then get some prices from car detailers to get a professional car detail done on the inside and outside of you car.
  2. Take at least 12 photos of you car including:a. Engine bay.b. Dash including the speedometer

    c. Inside front and rear seats.


    e. any special features such as two bar, alloy wheels etc.

    f. Shots showing all around the vehicle on the outside from various horizontal angles.

  3. Take a video of you car to upload to youtube, this can usually be done with a mobile phone or digital camera.

Do the video highlighting the features and benefits of the car:

For example

a. a Feature may be a Tow bar.

b.The Benefits of having a tow bar are you can tow a trailer.

You don’t have to pay money for a tow bar to be fitted yourself.

To do the video:

1. Start at the front of the car open the hood and film inside the engine

bay and F.A.B(Feature and Benefits)

      1. Then move to the passenger side open passenger side doors and F.A.B.
      2. Move to the rear of the car, open boot and F.A.B
      3. Move to the drivers side, and open drivers side doors and F.A.B
      4. Move into the drivers seat and F.AB.

Points to remember when doing this is you may want to use a notepad and pen and do a walk around on your car noting the Feature and Benefits. So that when you do you video you don’t have to rely on memory. Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube

put the link to you cars advertisement in the info section below the video. See the snap shot below:

Car Sales YouTube Video

To get a FREE Standard Advertisement to sell your car go to

Car Window Tint Film prices and quality

BMW Car with Tinted Windows

Car Window Tint Film prices and quality

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Let us help you put your mind to ease when making a choice about getting window film on your car.

There are several manufacturers of window tint films, all with different brands and names affiliated with each of their products… so how do you know if the film you are going to have put on your car is going to be good?

Where do I start?

Well, when you are choosing a window tint film we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions. In doing so you it should make your window tint selection process a far easier one and choose a film that actually suits your needs.

What window film look are you after?

1. Advise the tinting business provider what type of film look you would like on your car?
You can choose from either:
a) Charcoal
b) Black
c) High Reflective, which provides a very metallic silver finish from most angles.
d) Low Reflective
e) Coloured look

How do I know what the film quality is like?

2. Once you have advised the window tint provider on what film look you are after, they will be able to narrow your film selection to a couple of film options.

To determine if it’s a good quality film, you will need to ask how long a particular film will last on the car and if the tinting business provider or manufacturer provides a warranty with this product?

Lets use a typical tint selection scenario to help you understand what you are getting for the money you are spending…

Scenario: you have advised the tinting business that you are after a Charcoal looking film, they present you with 2 options:

Option A: Charcoal look for $250 with a life span of 2 – 3 years with no warranty or
Option B: Charcoal look for $350 with a lifetime warranty

From this you can deduce that Option A is a cheaper film that doesn’t have a very long life span and that Option B is the better quality film but it does cost more. Continue Reading at….


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Drive Your Car or Fly to Your Next Holiday Destination, which is cheaper?

In this weeks episode we discuss, should you Drive Your Car or Fly to Your Next Holiday Destination, which is cheaper?. With Auto Show Host Darren Osborne Click Here to Hear this Weeks Episode..

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Is Hands on Garage The New Way to get your car fixed?

Hands On Garage

Is Hands on Garage The New Way to get your car fixed? Hands on Garage is a new American business that according to thier web site offers customers:

(See Small Business Fleet Services)

  • Everyday low pricing!
  • Parts counter working for you
  • Low hourly rate due to multiple revenue sources
  • Daily Deal facebook specials!
  • Air Conditioner diagnosis and repair
  • FREE engine light check

Let us know your thoughts?

Self-Taught Inventor Devises Car Mobile Anti-Theft Device- BY SANDY FITZGERALD

Mercedes Benz Sedan

A self-taught inventor in Africa devised a mobile phone-based anti-theft device for cars, combining technology from some of past projects to stop car thieves in their tracks.

Morris Mbetsa, an 18-year-old in Mombasa, Kenya, with no formal electronics training, is seeking inventors to help him commercially develop the “Block and Track,” a mobile phone-based anti-theft device and tracking system.

Mbetsa’s invention uses voice, DTMC and SMS text messages over a wireless service to carry codes and messages to control a vehicle’s electrical systems. The system can manage vehicle activation and disable the car in real time, so if the car is stolen, the car owner can send a message to immediately stop the car. Mbetsa’s invention also has a tracking device that will locate the car on a map.

The system also features the ability to call the car’s owner for permission to start the car, and allows the owner to listen in on conversations in the vehicle.

Mbetsa said he got the idea for the device a few years ago, when someone carjacked his friend’s car.

The invention may go over well with people who wish to add car security to their vehicles without subscribing to satellite services such as Continue Reading…

Palestinian inventor builds Gaza’s first electric car

Gaza Electric Car

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories, Sept 15, 2012 (AFP) — The boxy little white and blue vehicle draws plenty of curious stares as it chugs down the street. But this is no golf cart — it’s Gaza’s first hand-built electric car.

It is the latest creation of Munther al-Qassas, a 32-year-old taxi driver from Gaza City who was looking for a novel way to get around as the tiny Palestinian enclave goes through its worst fuel crisis yet.

“I thought about making a car which would suit our circumstances in Gaza, especially with the fuel crisis that forces people to stand in line for hours outside petrol stations or pay a huge amount of money” on the black market, he told AFP.

Not only is it environmentally sound but the tiny white vehicle, which has no doors and can carry two passengers at the back, has been entirely crafted out of recycled materials. Continue Reading…

D.I.Y( Do It Yourself) Car / Auto Repairs

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