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What You Need to Know About Driving in Southern California

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The Los Angeles area has a terrible reputation with drivers because of the amount of traffic that is present. If you are visiting Southern California for the first time, you might be too intimidated to attempt to drive, but you should know that it is manageable if you are smart about it. Just like driving anywhere else, you can make it through Southern California’s traffic if you are aware of your surroundings and follow the rules of the road.

Be Prepared

Before leaving your hotel in the morning, prepare yourself for the absolute worst. This does not necessarily mean that traffic will be horrible for your entire stay, but leaving early and being aware that you might end up stuck in traffic can help to limit your frustration. Do not rush to get anywhere and enjoy the scenery along the way to maximize your experience in this beautiful part of the world. You can further prepare yourself by listening to a news radio station before leaving your hotel. That way, you will be aware of any road closures or accidents that might slow you down.

Plan Your Journey

It is very difficult to avoid traffic completely, but you can avoid traffic during less busy times of the day. For example, some will say that Los Angeles rush hour last between 4 AM and 8 PM, but there are breaks during the day that will allow you to travel more freely. For example, traffic tends to die down between 10 a.m. and noon, making this a good window in which to drive. Make sure that you have a GPS on board, so that you do not waste time trying to figure out which turns to make as you attempt to beat the traffic.

Choose a Lane

Your lane selection can make your trip much easier. Many of the freeways in Southern California are between six and eight lanes, so you will want to begin changing lanes well before your exit. You should also know that there are a number of exit only lanes on the right hand side of these freeways and that people drive extremely fast in the left hand lanes. Therefore, it is best to stick to the middle lanes until you need to get off the freeway, at which time you can begin moving over in your desired direction.

Be Ready to Brake

Traffic can stop at any moment, so do not get too comfortable with the speed that you are going. A traffic jam or an accident could occur miles ahead of you and the chain reaction could lead to you having to slam on your brakes at a moment’s notice. Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you and give yourself plenty of time to stop if the flow of traffic comes to a rapid halt. This is especially true if it starts to rain, as you are much more likely to end up in a gridlock when it is wet outside.

Public Transportation

Southern California is very spread out so use of public transportation depends on your destination. You can take the subway between downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood or take the bus out to Santa Monica, which provides you with a break from the traffic and allows you to relax with your vision stardust clearomizer. If you want to visit some of the theme parks that are found in Anaheim or head to Long Beach for some seafood, public transportation is not your best option. In this situation, you are better off driving because it will save you time and money while you visit all of the region’s attractions.

The Best Used Midsize Luxury SUV’s for Your Money.

With the economy recovering it is a great time to buy a car. Many are buying new but many are also buying used. With that in mind we continue our ground breaking series on the best used cars for your money. Today we look at the best used luxury midsized SUV under 30k.

Used 2010 Lexus RX 350

Little changed when this car underwent a redesign in 2010 and critics everywhere agree it is one of the best luxury SUV crossover’s you can find. This SUV has smooth, car like handling and offers a comfortable ride. It interior is one posh and considered some of the best in its class. It has amazing reliability rating and gets great gas mileage. Even better, it is available as a hybrid as well.  Whether hauling the family around town or spending a weekend off-road, you simply can’t go wrong with this car.  The only complaint was a minor one in that some critics said it wasn’t fun to drive. Options include leather seating, a sport package, navigation and dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system. It has a 3.5 liter V6 with 275hp and gets 18/25mpg.

Used 2010 Lincoln MKT

Used auto dealers have trouble keeping this one in the lot. Its elegant cabin, powerful engine and interior tech make it a top choice as well. Built upon the Ford Flex frame, this SUV also has a great reliability and safety scores.  Despite its powerful engine it offers up a smooth and comfortable ride with confident handling.  It has a long list of standard features that include power liftgate, adjustable pedals, tri-zone automatic climate control. Options include a refrigerated console in the second row, power folding third row, and heated and cooled seats.  The headroom on the third row is somewhat limited and some feel the Flex is a better deal for your money. Still this is a great SUV. While it has a turbocharged option the standard engine I s a 3.7 liter V6 with 270hp and 17/23mpg.

Used 2010 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is a great used car deal. The year 2010 saw some major updates that make it a great SUV. It has a great mix of sporty style and handling with a comfortable, luxurious interior. It has great safety ratings and is generally considered one of the most fun to drive in its class. It does have a somewhat low gas mileage and the third row legroom is tight but otherwise this SUV will serve you well. Nice standard features include tri-zone climate control, leathery upholstery, heated eight-way power adjusted front seats and speed sensitive volume control.  It has a strong 3.7 liter V6 with 300hp and has 16/21mpg.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Suothern California. He writes about cars and education. Jazel Auto can help promote your business today.