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Everything you Need to Know About Private Registration Plates

While new car sales activity appears to have slowed in Europe, the UK continues to buck this trend by showcasing signs of roust growth. After a staggering 18 consecutive months of growth, the British market shows no sign of depreciating any time soon.

This is also triggering rising levels of activity in the car accessories market, including those for your vehicle interior and even private registration plates. You must remember that you have legal obligations as when purchasing the latter, however, while you must also choose from a vast array of options.

3 Things you Should Know About Private Registration Plates

With this in mind, what should you bear in mind when sourcing and purchasing private registration plates for your car? Consider the following: -

Cost Implications and your Budget

Not all private registration plates are created equal, which means that there are products available within a wide price range. Resources such as Plate Hunter provide consumers with access to more than 30 million DVLA number plates, for example, which range from cheap options to extremely costly private products. It is therefore important to start by establishing a budget and attempting to identify the exact type of plate that you would like, so that you can strike a balance between these two considerations.

The Type of Registration Plates on the Market

There are also numerous different types of private registration plates on the market, each of which offer something different to consumers. While contemporary style registrations consist of two letters, a two figure age identifier and three further letters, for example, prefix plates include the year of the vehicle at the beginning. You can also select from prefix, suffix and dateless registration plates, with the latter particularly popular as they do not include an age identifier and can feature a personalised combination of letters and numbers.

The Legal Implications

If you are committed to buying an expensive personalised plate that reflects an inherent passion or a loved one’s initials, it is easy to lose sight of your legal obligations as a vehicle owner. Without vehicle registration, your car is not eligible to be driven on the road, as this guarantees that it has met crucial engineering and quality control standards. On an additional note, remember that the plate that you purchase must be the same age or older than your vehicle, as otherwise you risk incurring a big fine or financial penalty.

There a huge number of DVLA registration plates available to private consumers, and while some are relatively affordable others are more costly personalised products. The choice that you make should be influenced by your existing budget and personal tastes, while it also important to remain focused on your legal obligations as a vehicle owner.