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The Different Factors Involved Under MOT Testing Harrow

MOT tests are usually conduced once in a year and the vehicle owners are issued the relevant certificates that enable them to run the vehicle in terms of worthiness of the automobiles. Anyone can go in for the said test before twenty eight days of the expiry of the present certificate by presenting the same. In that condition, the vehicle owner is issued the MOT certificate that would be valid for thirteen months. Following factors need to be considered deeply during these tests including MOT Test Harrow. 

VIN / Registration plates – The Vehicle Identification Number is a must for all automobiles and it should be clear, consistent and displayed on regular basis. Same is true with the registration plats that should be secure, fresh, see-through and bear clearly written letters.   


Steering wheel – All the features related to the steering wheel must be examined in a critical manner. It includes the overall condition, steering column, its proper attachment to the shaft that should present a normal end-float, inspection of upper bearings and security of the clamping bolts. Same way, the steering should be examined in terms of Free Play and locking & split nuts apart from universal joints & flexible couplings etc.

Horn This important part of the vehicle needs to be examined carefully and it should be loud enough to warn others. The tone should be the standard one as per the traffic rules. 

Under vehicle / bonnet examination- The steering joints, power steering systems steering box/steering rack, movement of the wheels and other major aspects should be examined strictly. Split pins, rubber bushes, retaining devices, rear wheel steering etc should also be checked during the MOT, e.g. MOT Test Harrow. Likewise, a thorough check of the play in the steering & swivel joints is a must. 

Lighting system – Everything related to the lighting of the automobile, i.e. security, operation and condition must be examined. Their dipping and colour should also be as per the traffic rules. The stop lights should not conflict with each other and the indicators should also work in an even manner. The rear-fog-lamps must work under all conditions and they must be dark red in colour. The rear reflectors and the number plate lamps should be apt. 

Doors – All the doors including the front ones should be in working condition and able to be opened and locked from inside and outside. 

Boot lids & tailgates etc – All these parts of the automobile must be operative and work properly before the vehicle is delivered to the owner after the test, e.g. the MOT Test Harrow

Other factors related to the MOT Test include overall examination of the whole body of the automobile. It includes checking and rectification of bonnet clutch, impact of corrosion that damages the working of different parts of the car, truck or other vehicle. The seat belts, all brakes, windscreen, mirrors, emission, fuel & exhaust system, tyres and wheels etc should also be examined carefully. The requisite official stickers should also be displayed by the owners.  

Saving Money through Car Maintenance: How to Make Financial Savings

While consumer spending took an unexpected nose-dive during August, the fact remains that it has risen steeply since the turn of the year. This reflects rising levels of confidence in the British economy, while it also suggests that individuals are willing to spend more on small and big ticket purchases.

This can be a double edged sword, however, primarily because increasing your household spending can leave you exposed to a sudden job loss or unexpected bill. As a result of this, it is important to seek out financial savings at every opportunity.

Saving Money through Car Maintenance: 3 Tips for Frugal Living

One of the best ways in which you can save money is cutting the cost of car maintenance. It is important to do this without compromising the performance or safety of your vehicle, however, so there are several tips that you should bear in mind. Consider the following: -

  • Learn the Art of Basic Car Maintenance: Car maintenance features both basic and complex processes, each of which must be careful consideration by vehicle owners. The most simple tasks involve changing your car’s oil and tyres, and you can save considerable sums of money by learning how to complete these by yourself and on an independent basis. It is important to identify the tasks that are within your skill range, however, so that you can save money while also maintaining the integrity of your vehicle.
  • Partner with a Reputable and Affordable Mechanic: For the tasks that are more complex and require a trained hard, your choice of mechanic will also have an influence on the amount that you spend. It is therefore important to partner with a reputable firm that has a fair and transparent pricing policy, so that you can strike the ideal balance between cost and quality. It is also important to identify whether or not your chosen service provider has access to high quality equipment, such as items from the Scot Air Compressor Range which play an integral role in performing complex auto repairs.
  • Be Proactive when Monitoring your Cars Performance: One of the most important facets of car maintenance is identifying faults at an early stage, as this has the potential to save you huge amounts of money. If faults are allowed to develop they can become far more problematic, which in turn can trigger more substantial issues and escalating costs. By being proactive and establishing a regular routine whereby you evaluate your vehicle’s performance, you can spot problems at an early stage and solicit professional assistance while it is still viable.

The Last Word

Maintaining your vehicle is an important and costly feature of everyday life, but it also provides an ideal opportunity for you to make vital savings. Simply by making a commitment to learn the basic features of car maintenance and shopping around for the best possible service providers, it is possible to save money without compromising on the performance or safety of your car.

How to Save Money on Car Repairs

Cars break down. It is inevitable, a fact that applies to every single make and model of a long enough period of time. The better quality automobiles hold out for longer than the rest, provided that they are maintained properly. But at some stage something will go wrong.

These machines are not designed to go on forever, but you can obviously keep yours going as long as possible by looking after it and having it repaired when something does fail. The problem with getting your car repaired is the cost this incurs. Motor repairs can be costly because your garage will buy any parts that you need, and then add their labour time on top, often resulting in significant bills.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of car repairs, and that is what we are going to look at in this post. So, read on, enjoy and save some money!

Do the repairs yourself

For generations now handy guys and girls have been taking on the challenge of their own car repairs. Of course success depends on having a clue as to what you are doing, but if you do or if you are a quick learner, this is a very effective way to save cash. It is now easier than ever to find out how to carry out your own repairs thanks to the internet. The web is full of blogs and videos explaining in detail how an air filter can be replaced or how to change engine oil. So, a bit of self-tutoring could be a great way to save money on your auto repairs.

Ask a friend or relative

If you have tried and failed at doing your own repairs and you are basically a bit useless, don’t be too proud to ask for help. If you have friends and family with a natural gift for car repairs then ask them for their assistance, perhaps in return for a nice meal or a bottle of wine. You get your car fixed cheaply or free and your mechanic gets a treat too – everyone’s a winner!

Find car parts at reduced prices

Whether you need new brake pads, clutch parts, filters or electrical components, by searching extensively you can save money. There are numerous parts companies based all over the world and also online stores which offer reductions as they have lower overheads than physical shops.

How to Successfully Maintain your Car: Tips for Budget Conscious Motorists

While it is common knowledge that you must book your car in for an annual MOT, motorists are generally loathe to invest in taking their car to the garage. This is largely a financial issue, as while the new car market in the UK has experienced 18 months of uninterrupted growth, consumers are still being forced to budget carefully when it comes to everyday expenditure. One way in which motorists could reduce their costs is to learn the fundamental principles of car maintenance, so that they can minimise the number of trips that they make to a professional garage without compromising their safety while out on the road.

How to Successfully Maintain your Car

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to successfully maintain your vehicle and cut the cost of car ownership? Consider the following: –

  1. Learn the Basic Arts of Car Maintenance: While car maintenance is a diverse and often complex art, there are basic tasks that remain well within the grasp of motorists. When you consider changing a tyre or the oil in your car, for example, these are relatively simple tasks that a large number of drivers are unable to perform. In addition to this, there are also evening and part time educational courses available that teach drivers how to carry out these tasks safely and without damaging their vehicle. During this process you can also learn about your car’s engine, and develop the capacity to perform basic diagnostics in the event of a breakdown.
  2. Understand your Limitations as an Amateur Mechanic: Depending on how quickly and effectively you manage to learn these basic tasks, you may well want to consider more complex faults and failures. This can be a false economy, however, as there are some car maintenance tasks that should be handled by qualified professionals due to their complexity and the impact that they have on driver safety. It is therefore important to understand your limitations as an amateur mechanic, and avoid performing any repair work that may undermine the performance of your car and cost considerable amounts to rectify.
  3. Invest in Professional Tools and Equipment: Once you have a basic understanding of specific car maintenance tasks, you can begin to carry these out on a regular basis. It is important that you invest in good quality tools and equipment, however, as otherwise you may undermine any repair work that you carry out. Suppliers such as SGS Engineering are an excellent source of professional grade tools and storage solutions, which will enable you to perform simple tasks effectively and further reduce the need for professional workmanship. While this may require an upfront investment, it delivers excellent value in terms of maintaining the look and performance of your vehicle.



Cutting the Cost of Car Maintenance: The Importance of a Proactive Market

As the British car industry basks in its 17th consecutive month of gains, it appears as though the market is more buoyant than it has ever been. This masks the financial issues that continue to blight UK residents, however, who remain cautious and are unable to spend significantly on small or large scale purchases. With frugality now a prominent feature of everyday life in the UK, car owners in particular are being forced to think creatively in the quest to identify viable cost cutting measures.

How to Cut the Long Term Cost of Car Maintenance: 3 Tips for a Frugal Society

While the cost of car ownership can be prohibitive, it also provides individuals with opportunities to drastically reduce their financial liability. This is especially true with regards to automotive maintenance, which is an Omni-present aspect of car ownership and something that can trigger considerable short and long term costs. Consider the following tips in the on-going drive to save your hard earned money: -

  • Understand the Basics of Car Maintenance and its Affiliated Costs: When looking to retain money on the maintenance of your car, it is important to focus on long term savings. This may require you to spend a little more initially, as you invest in educational programs that teach you the basics of car maintenance and the costs involved. The knowledge that you gain through learning will prove invaluable, however, as it will enable you to undertake work independently and reduce the amount that you spend throughout your time as a car owner.

  • Identify Simple Car Maintenance Tasks: Using your newly acquired knowledge, the next step is to identify the most fundamental car maintenance tasks and commit to undertaking these independently. The changing of tyres and the oil in your car are both relevant examples of simple car maintenance exercises, which must be completed regularly to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. It is also important to manage your expectations, however, as you must also avoid attempting more complex maintenance routines that are beyond your existing skill-set.

  • Identify and Repair Faults Quickly: You can also apply your knowledge in different ways, such as the diagnosis of faults that hinder the smooth running of your car. Identifying problems quickly and before they become unmanageable is crucial if you are to make long term financial savings, as you can rectify them promptly without incurring additional charges from garage owners and mechanics. A fundamental understanding of the problem in hand will also give you an idea of the potential repair costs, which in turn will help you to compare prices and choose the best possible deal.

The Final Say

On a final note, it is also important to access affordable and functional parts if you to execute basic car maintenance at home. With this in mind, you should consider partnering with reputable online suppliers such as, whether you intend to build an inventory of useful parts or purchase items as they are required.