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How to Make Your Car Last Longer


Our cars are one of the most expensive things that we own. We rely on them to get us to where we need to go and depend on them to keep us safe. Even though you can’t control ownership costs like gas, repairs and insurance rates, one thing that you can do is make your vehicle last longer. Use the tips below to make your car last longer, and help keep your ride in good condition.

Oil Change and Air Filter

One of the first things that your mom or dad taught you after getting your license was probably how to change your car’s oil and oil filter. Unlike the complex and long process of drilling for oil, which requires wire line wipers, changing your vehicles oil and oil filter should take less than a half an hour. All you need is a socket wrench, new oil filter and a quart of oil.

You know when you need to get oil changes, but do you know when you need to change your air filter? If your air filter is clogged, your engine will not be performing properly, and this will negatively affect your car’s fuel economy. To be safe, check your air filter regularly to make sure it is not clogged with debris.


Another way to take care of your car and make it last longer is to maintain your coolant system. Make sure your car has the proper amount of coolant. By doing so regularly, you will avoid having to get your radiator repaired, which could cost you a nice chunk of change.

Under Pressure

Tires are one of the most neglected parts of the car. As a driver myself, I can say that I do not pay my tires much attention. Yet, it is very important to keep your tires at the right inflation pressure. It’s not only just a safety issue; when your tires are not inflated properly it will hurt your vehicles fuel economy.

Keep It Clean

You want to make sure that you take care of the exterior of your car. By regularly washing and waxing your vehicle, you will keep it looking good longer. This goes for the interior as well. Clean up stains and messes immediately, because the longer you wait the harder they are to remove. Use a vacuum to clean your floor mats and the carpet of your car. Consider using some car care products to help with your clean-up efforts.

Drive Safer and Smarter

If you didn’t know already, the way you drive also has an effect on your car. How you drive affects your gas mileage, and the wear and tear that your vehicle gains.  So, stop speeding up to stop signs/stop lights and slamming on your brakes. By driving smarter and safer, your vehicle and engine will last longer.

Complete Regular Checkups

One of the easiest ways to make your vehicle last longer is by taking it to get serviced regularly. Find a repair shop and mechanic that you trust, and let that repair shop service your vehicle all the time. Think of it as you going to see your doctor for your yearly checkups. When you get sick, you don’t go to different doctors each time, and your car shouldn’t either. By doing so, your mechanic will get to know your vehicle and be able to service it properly each time you bring it in.

The tips above are some of the easiest ways to keep your car running longer and safely. By checking your vehicle regularly, you will be more likely to avoid large repair costs. Think of it as a balance. You depend on your car to get you from point A to point B, and it depends on you to maintain it and keep it in good shape in order to run smoothly•

DIY Car Servicing: Not as Difficult as You Might Think

Driving safely is much more than not drinking and driving. It also means that you should keep your car in top running condition. The best way to do this is to put your vehicle through a regular maintenance routine. How about servicing your car on your own? You don’t need to be an experienced mechanic to be able to maintain your car at peak performance. All you need is to know what to check for and how to fix basic problems. Yes, you should leave the more complex issues to the professionals. Here’s a look at some things that you can do to service your car, keep it in peak condition and save some money in the process.

How to Service Your Car:


There are some basic checks that you should perform on your car at regular intervals. Here is a list of things you can do yourself:

  1. Radiator Flush: Driving around in the heat of summer can take its toll on your car unless you ensure that your radiator is working perfectly and you’ve topped up on coolant. The problem is that the radiator tends to wear down and corrode with use. This can affect its ability to keep the engine cool. The best way to prevent radiator problems is to flush your radiator once a year. All you need for this is a screwdriver or pliers, radiator flushing solution, some rags, coolant and a funnel to pour liquids through. However, before you begin, you should make sure your car is completely cool. First, remove the drain plug on the radiator, and drain out all the existing coolant. Make sure you put something to collect the used coolant so that it can be disposed off safely. Now put in the flush solution and top up with water. Turn on the car and let it run till the car reaches its usual operating temperature. Now turn on your air conditioner and let it run for about 10 minutes. Turn off the car and when the engine has cooled completely, drain out the fluid in the radiator and fill in fresh coolant.
  2. Oil & Oil Filter: Most car experts say that the oil should be changed every 6,000 kms. However, check what the optimal time to change oil is for the make and model of your car. Again, the oil should be changed only when the engine is completely cool. For this you will need to use a jack to raise the car. If you don’t have a good jack, check out the Autosun 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack. This high quality, powerful device can lift up your car with ease. Once the car is raised to a comfortable height for you to slip under it, locate and loosen the oil pan. Let all the used oil drain out. Now remove close the drain plug and remove the oil filter. Make sure you lubricate the rubber gasket before you fit in the new filter and oil. Use your dip-stick to ensure you’ve filled in the right amount of oil.
  3. Brakes & Brake Pads: This is one thing that can save your life in a crunch! Experts recommend that the brakes and brake pads should be checked at least every six months. And don’t forget to check your brake fluid too. Once again, you will need to raise your car with a jack. You will also need to remove the car tires to be able to reach the brakes, so don’t forget to loosen the lugs before you jack up the car. You will need a screwdriver to open out the brake caliper and remove the brake pads. Make sure you don’t move the brake line in any way while doing all this. All you need to do then is to replace the brake pads.
  4. Cleaning the Interiors: Since this is where you spend most of your time with your car, it always helps to keep it clean. A portable vacuum cleaner is just right for this job. If you don’t own one, consider the Autofurnish Wet and Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner. This small and easy to use device makes cleaning your car a breeze. You will also need a clothes brush or a new shoe polish brush and a clean cloth. Use the brushes to loosen all the dirt from the upholstery and floor carpeting before using the vacuum cleaner. Give all other surface a good cleaning with a cloth once you have vacuumed. Air Wick makes great gel air freshners to give your car the final touch.

It is a good idea to check your air filter and tyres as well, while you’re at it. A good car repair kit, like the Emergency Kit for Car Repair by Global Gift India, is also a great idea to keep within easy reach.

What You Need to Know About Driving in Southern California

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The Los Angeles area has a terrible reputation with drivers because of the amount of traffic that is present. If you are visiting Southern California for the first time, you might be too intimidated to attempt to drive, but you should know that it is manageable if you are smart about it. Just like driving anywhere else, you can make it through Southern California’s traffic if you are aware of your surroundings and follow the rules of the road.

Be Prepared

Before leaving your hotel in the morning, prepare yourself for the absolute worst. This does not necessarily mean that traffic will be horrible for your entire stay, but leaving early and being aware that you might end up stuck in traffic can help to limit your frustration. Do not rush to get anywhere and enjoy the scenery along the way to maximize your experience in this beautiful part of the world. You can further prepare yourself by listening to a news radio station before leaving your hotel. That way, you will be aware of any road closures or accidents that might slow you down.

Plan Your Journey

It is very difficult to avoid traffic completely, but you can avoid traffic during less busy times of the day. For example, some will say that Los Angeles rush hour last between 4 AM and 8 PM, but there are breaks during the day that will allow you to travel more freely. For example, traffic tends to die down between 10 a.m. and noon, making this a good window in which to drive. Make sure that you have a GPS on board, so that you do not waste time trying to figure out which turns to make as you attempt to beat the traffic.

Choose a Lane

Your lane selection can make your trip much easier. Many of the freeways in Southern California are between six and eight lanes, so you will want to begin changing lanes well before your exit. You should also know that there are a number of exit only lanes on the right hand side of these freeways and that people drive extremely fast in the left hand lanes. Therefore, it is best to stick to the middle lanes until you need to get off the freeway, at which time you can begin moving over in your desired direction.

Be Ready to Brake

Traffic can stop at any moment, so do not get too comfortable with the speed that you are going. A traffic jam or an accident could occur miles ahead of you and the chain reaction could lead to you having to slam on your brakes at a moment’s notice. Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you and give yourself plenty of time to stop if the flow of traffic comes to a rapid halt. This is especially true if it starts to rain, as you are much more likely to end up in a gridlock when it is wet outside.

Public Transportation

Southern California is very spread out so use of public transportation depends on your destination. You can take the subway between downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood or take the bus out to Santa Monica, which provides you with a break from the traffic and allows you to relax with your vision stardust clearomizer. If you want to visit some of the theme parks that are found in Anaheim or head to Long Beach for some seafood, public transportation is not your best option. In this situation, you are better off driving because it will save you time and money while you visit all of the region’s attractions.

Three Ways to Scrap Your Car for the Best Value

Three Ways to Scrap Your Car for the Best ValueThere are a number of reasons you may want to get rid of your car. If it is not running, many people believe their cars to be junk and essentially worthless. This is untrue, however, as even if a car is not running and is considered junk, it is still worth something as scrap. Scrap yards buy junk cars all the time to either sell for scrap themselves or break the parts down and sell those to auto part stores and those looking for hard to find, or cheaper parts for a new build. There are a number of ways you can prepare your car for getting it scrapped, but a few things can increase the value of your car. Here are three ways regarding how to scrap your car and get the best value .

Part Your Car Out 

Selling a car to a scrap or salvage yard means you will be given money based on the weight and value of the metal. That does not include everything inside of the car. One of the best ways to get the most money for your effort is to part your car out and sell the metal to the scrap yard. This may not be possible for cars that are beyond repair, but for those that do not have too much wrong with them or still run, make sure to strip everything down to the bare metal. This will ensure that you have all of the parts you are going to sell to other people. The value of each part can increase the amount of money you make from one car tremendously. You need to make sure you are careful when taking the engine out, the wiring of the car, the stereo system, and everything else.

Use the Internet 

There are a number of different websites that offer competitive rates for the car you wish to scrap. If you want to know how to scrap your car and get the best value, this method may be best because of the simple fact that there are many offers for scrapped cars that can be compared at once.  You can find them simply by looking them up through a major search engine. Websites such as National Scrap Car allow you to get a quote almost instantly. You will find it is as easy as entering a few details about your car and then obtaining a quote. For many of these types of websites you will be able to get the quote and arrange to have it picked up and get paid very quickly. The best part about using this type of method is you will find the best price for your car you wish to sell for scrap. It is important to know that some of the higher quality companies will offer to pick your car up for you that way you do not have to take as much time out of your day.


This may sound counterproductive or unprofitable, but giving the car to charity can actually help you get a bit of extra money. This comes as a tax write off when you give your car away. You will be able to help someone else and get paid when your refund comes. It is very important to understand that while this is not an immediate profit the benefit is twofold, as helping someone else can be very rewarding and you still get paid through the government. Many people may find this method attractive for those reasons.

Automotive Trends for 2014


With 2013 behind us, it is the perfect time to look ahead at what the year of 2014 has in store for the automobile industry. As modern vehicles continue to evolve every year, there are imminent changes on the horizon for companies, vehicles and even individual features. On both the large and small scales, 2014 will usher in new additions, as well as the demise of some things in the automotive world.

In With the New

Each and every year, the automotive audience waits eagerly for the newest vehicles and news. First of all, the upcoming year will see the resurgence of diesel-powered vehicles and producers beginning to focus on rolling them out. With a stronger performance than its more common counterparts, diesel engines will have drivers thinking that their vehicles could double as power systems once again.

Another major addition in 2014 will be an entire manufacturer to the forefront—Qoros. Although it is based in China, Qoros is an international producer that appears ready to break into the market with a sedan and crossover model. One more large-scale trend in 2014 will be collaboration between manufacturers. With Hyundai and Kia already set to build another plant together, we may also see joint efforts from GM and Ford, Toyota and Subaru, as well as others.

On a slightly smaller scale, the new year will see even more smart cars. It will be difficult to find a new car that doesn’t talk to you, or at you, either with actual words, like Siri reading your messages, or with noises, like that annoying beep when you get too close to an object. Even more advanced are the semi-autonomous vehicles that can perform some functions on their own, such as blind-spot detection and emergency breaking.

Out With the Old

Just as new things will be introduced on the macro and micro scale, so will some old things be on the decline. For instance, 2014 will witness the exodus of Mitsubishi as it follows the trend of manufacturers leaving the US market. Additionally, Toyota will be abandoning the Scion in the upcoming year as the manufacturer is giving dealers the option to not sell Scion products, as well as revealing that there will be no new Scion models coming in the near future. Another major trend of 2014 will be the loss of support for ethanol as fuel. Along with the rise of domestic oil production, the potential negative consequences on farming and food supply are encouraging a drop-off in the popularity of ethanol.

Some smaller trends, such as the fallout of several regular vehicle features, will also come in 2014. First of all, the CD player will begin to die out this year. Although it will be some time before we see the CD player become completely extinct, the popularity of XM radio and the ability to connect smartphones with personal music to vehicles are certainly making CD players a thing of the past. Manual hand brakes will also fade away in 2014; with the introduction and increase of the electronic emergency brake, manufacturers are beginning to leave out the old-fashioned hand brake.

Thanks to the emergence of advanced automatic gearboxes, manual transmissions will no longer be the preferred method for better fuel economy. Since carrying just one transmission option will be cheaper for manufacturers, the manual transmission will be trending downward in the upcoming year as it is supplanted by its automatic counterpart. Finally, and perhaps most disturbing, the trend of vehicles that consumers cannot work on themselves will be at large in this new year. Due to the fact that dealers and manufacturers don’t want people doing their own maintenance on vehicles, items like plastic panels are becoming more prevalent in new models to make it hard for anyone but the automakers to get to certain components, such as the engine.

5 Tools All Drivers Should Know How To Use

Jacking up Scion Xb. Removing flat front tire. Putting on donut. Heading to GoodYear to get a set of new tires.
Being stuck on the side of the highway can be a frustrating experience. The inconvenience is bad enough, but this situation can also create a dangerous scenario if the vehicle is stopped in close proximity to the main traffic flow. Malfunctions which are as simple as a flat tire can create an issue. There are a few devices available that make good auto repair tools in an emergency and any licensed driver should be knowledgeable of how to use these tools.

It’s a great idea to be equipped with the right tools while you are driving. Small issues like maintaining proper tire pressure are very important when you consider that most rollover accidents are caused by your tires hitting something in the road or going up on a curb. One new safety feature called stability control technology lessens the likelihood of a vehicle flipping while traveling on a flat surface. However some drivers may not use the technology correctly and can over correct causing the vehicle to flip over.

The website of car accident attorney Raleigh based Auger & Auger states that “…while accidents involving a rollover account for only 3% of auto accidents, one-third of all traffic accident fatalities arise from a collision in which a vehicle has rolled…When a vehicle flips, there is a high likelihood of being ejected from the vehicle. In the event a victim survives a rollover accident, they are often left with life-changing medical or financial circumstances. Prolonged medical treatment and rehabilitation are not uncommon, nor is the loss of the ability to work, following a rollover accident.”

A vehicle equipped with newer safety features and the right tools will keep you safe on the road and limit the seriousness of any injuries that may occur. Here are some examples of handy items to have when caught in a bad transportation predicament.

1.Good Tire Tool

No driver should be caught without a tire tool, and hopefully it is a four-way lug wrench. Everyone should be familiar with this emergency item. Using a four-way jack gives the tire changer better leverage to turn the lug in most cases. An angled bar will work with some vehicles, but bigger vehicles will surely need a tool with sufficient torque capacity. Simple tire gauges are also good to have handy. They are easy to use and enable you to measure your tire pressure before it becomes completely flat.

2.Strong Car Jack

A sufficient tire jack should always be in the vehicle. Scissor jacks will work in many situations, but the stability of the vehicle while it is in the air is crucial for proper repair and safety purposes. Bumper jacks are better in many situations, but an unstable bumper jack can easily be problematic. The most effective car jack is an appropriate hydraulic jack, but make sure it will elevate high enough and is strong enough to support the vehicle.

3.Socket Set

This is a tool that most people know how to use from working on other items. Socket sets can be crucial when anything needs a security adjustment. Many times a vehicle malfunction can be fixed simply with a standard tool set. It is important to get familiar with the locking mechanism on the swivel-end of the stem.

4. Jumper Cables

Electrical technology may not be a strong suit, but drivers should be familiar with the basics of jumping a vehicle battery. Just having the cables on hand can help greatly, as many people are knowledgeable in the jump-start process. Knowing what should be done may be the only resort in some cases.

5. Powered Tire Pump

There are many economical tire inflation devices available at any automotive store that can restore a slow leaking tire to its proper inflation level. These air suppliers can be very handy, but can also be dangerous with over-inflation. Review the process of using the cigarette lighter as an auxiliary power source and attaching the cord to the tire valve while making sure all connections are stable.

 Many newer vehicle models come with equipment that is suggested to make vehicle operation knowledge unnecessary, such as stability control systems. These systems are found on many commercial vehicles already, but there are also cases where the technology creates more problems than it is designed to prevent. These systems are based on automatic action concerning braking and engine throttles. The devices can practically take the vehicle out of driver control. Anyone who is a victim of an accident involving stability control systems should retain a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in processing legal claims when the at-fault driver is operating a vehicle with ineffective stability control systems.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who spends a lot of time on the road. She has discovered that keeping the car maintained and being prepared with the proper tools has saved from being stranded on the road. She was able to use online searches like car accident attorney Raleigh and car safety features to research this article.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Why Porsche Macan is considered a bestseller?

The well-known car manufacturer Porsche claims that it will sell 200,000 cars per year. With the imminent release of the 2014 Macan SUV, the company is on the edge of meeting its goals ahead of time, says Automotive News. Analysts predict that the company will increase in popularity now that it’s part of the acclaimed Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, rumor has it that Porsche will manage to sell around 63,000 Macan cars in 2014. This will mean that the model will become a company bestseller.

In 2013, Porsche sold about 143,000 cars, and with the additional forecast on the 2014 Macan, the sales will certainly surpass the alleged figure of 200,000. The production already started in December, and the target unit number is part of a bigger strategy plan that belongs to the Volkswagen Group. The ultimate goal is to reach 10 million vehicle sales by 2018 in all models. Can Porsche hope to attain that objective? Absolutely; as long as they keep releasing models such as the Macan they have great chances of staying on top of the pyramid.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan – affordable yet revolutionary

Although the Macan won’t be able to produce low-cost versions, its starting price is affordable enough. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about Porsche, a luxury car manufacturer. That being said, media reports state that the Macan will be available at a starting price of $59,000 in Germany. Believe it or not, it will be the company cheapest car ever made dipping under the Boxter, a two-seat sports car estimated at $65,000. In Germany, the acclaimed Porsche Cayenne costs around $80,000 so it goes without saying that a lot of people are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the newest Macan model.

Thanks to a competitive price range, the VW Group has high hopes for the Macan. The car shares some characteristics of the 911 but it looks much like its older brother, Porsche Cayenne. The company doesn’t seem to back down and it will certainly want prove that its latest jewel is worth every penny.

Porsche Macan2

Porsche – a high-end company worth billions

The operating profit of Porsche was $1.73 billion in sales, and about 78,000 vehicles sold. Consequently, Volkswagen reported a net profit of $2 billion in vehicle sales, while Audi’s profit exceeded $3.5 billion and over 692,000 sold units. As far as the Porsche Macan is concerned, experts have predicted that the model will become a company bestseller, and although it will be mass-produced, Porsche will not lose exclusivity. By 2018, the company hopes to reach its target sales of 200,000, and thus far the numbers look promising.

Porsche is luxurious car that doesn’t have massive sales because of a rather high price. Not everyone has $50,000 to buy a Cayenne, yet that’s exactly what makes the manufacturer so acclaimed – its exclusiveness. The Volkswagen Group managed to sell vehicle worth almost $8 million in 2013. About 1.6 % of all vehicles sold were Porsche cars. At the start of 2013, the company accounted for about 22% of the VW group’s net profit.

Porsche Macan1

A closer look at the Macan

The beautiful Macan SUV will be available in various packages. Its V6 twin-turbo engine, dual-clutch transmission, and 340 horsepower will certainly exceed the expectations of many. On the inside, Porsche Macan will be covered in leather; it will also include adaptive cruise control features, a departure warning and an intriguing all-wheel-driving system. The Macan’s off-road capacities will be perfectly optimized to provide traction in dirt and snow. Innovative upgrades such as the Chrono package, lane departure warning, and a carbon fiber trim will also be at the disposal of the buyer.

Unlike Porsche’s other car models, the Macan generated a lot of noise and not just because of its fairly convenient price. The advanced technology behind the vehicle is truly pioneering as well, not to mention that buyers will be able to choose between various available packages. The starting price might be around $50,000, but a full-option car might greatly elevate that price. Bottom line, for the wealthy individual it’s definitely not a fortune to spend $10,000 extra to benefit from an exquisite car model. The company is planning to break record sales, so there’s no doubt that the future looks pretty awesome for Porsche.

The Extremes – How to Maintain Your Car in Both Severe Heat and Cold

The Extremes - How to Maintain Your Car in Both Severe Heat and ColdExtreme temperatures can cause undue stress on your vehicle. Keeping your car in a garage or covered space is a number one defense to protect it but that isn’t always possible. As an owner there are several other steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is maintained so you have a dependable means of transportation even in the most severe of weather conditions.

Oil Changes

Schedule your oil changes and keep that appointment! It can’t be stressed enough how important clean and recommended oil levels are for your car’s engine. Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your car’s engine and oil is a first offense to safeguarding it. In severe cold make sure you start your car and leave it running for 3 – 4 minutes before driving it. Warming the engine also warms the oil for smooth engine lubrication and brings the oil level to an acceptable standard.

Tire Pressure

High heat and sub-zero temperatures cause the pressure in your tires to fluctuate. Too much or too little pressure can cause tires to go flat. The recommended pressure is written on the side of your tires as PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch. Your local technician can do this for you or you can invest in a tire gauge to track the pressure yourself. Check all four tires and stay within the recommended PSI for optimum performance.

Windshield and Windows

If ice has formed on the windshield or it is covered with heavy snow, don’t use your wipers to try and scrape it off. Not only will the wipers become damaged, you could damage the motor that runs the wipers. The same with your side windows; electronic windows are controlled by tiny motors that can become damaged if you try to put them down when they are frozen shut or snow covered. Replacing a motor can be costly and inconvenient. Technology has made huge improvements in auto glass but it is still susceptible to stress caused by heat and cold. Chips and cracks are more apt to occur during extreme temperatures. Drive a safe distance from other vehicles that could toss stones or other debris at your car.


Batteries that are 4 – 5 years old could leave you stranded in both hot or cold whether. According to professional mechanics that work on Subaru Tribeca parts, newer model cars have many electronic components that draw the charge even when the car isn’t running. The heat can be very harsh on the car battery. Extremely high temperatures will cause your battery to corrode faster, and can even evaporate your battery fluid. If there’s any question about the battery, it is best to change your battery before you have no choice.

While you may not be able to avoid driving in severe weather, it is important to know the facts about how these extreme temperatures can damage your car. Most importantly, if you are leaving your car somewhere for a long period of time, try to make sure it is in favorable temperatures. Letting your car sit out in the cold for three weeks while you are on vacation, or putting it out in the hot driveway for a few days is not a good idea. If possible, find optimal storage space for your car in order to protect it from harsh temperatures, and you’ll save yourself a big headache as well as money in the future.

Foul Weather Trucks: Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Old man winter is settling in, bringing the bitter cold, and mounting snows for the duration of the season. When you head out, bundled up to your eyebrows, you want to know that your truck is going to get you anywhere. Your vehicle should be your first priority in winter. Pay close attention to five, foul weather trucks that can handle the snow or any kind of weather.

Foul Weather Trucks Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Nothing Runs Like a Chevy

The Chevy Silverado is built to plow through those high snow drifts, and whether you opt for the 1500 or 2500HD, you’ll have a powerhouse. Features include coil-over-shock suspension, high lateral-rate body mounts, and impressive rear axles that are up to snuff. Choose a V8 or V6 engine to get the job done. Check out Rocky Ridge Chevy Trucks for sale to find the right ride.


Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ford

Ford lovers agree that nothing runs like a F-150. This full-size beast has an advantage over cars thanks to four-wheel drive, and enough weight to hold steady. You’re less likely to see America’s top seller slipping and sliding with an excellent payload. You can opt for a V6 or V8 and choose your preference in transmission to weather any storm.


You Know It’s Ram Tough

Head to the Dodge dealer when you’re looking for something to tough out icy roads and whiteout conditions. With a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain, and the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500, you get to choose how much muscle you need when the weather outside is frightful. Look under the hood at a V6 or a Hemi V8 and have confidence on the road.


Plow Through with a Toyota

Toyota offers you the Tacoma and the Tundra, two respectable vehicles that will ride out winter’s storms. You’ll be backed by a V6 in the Tacoma or a V8 in the Tundra. It’s tire pressure monitor system and Star Safety system are more advantages to keep you safe when the elements are against you.


Finish the Journey in a Hummer

You won’t find a new hummer, but there are plenty of the used variety. These vehicles are like a tank, built to endure anything, and will take on snow without a problem.


As you gear up for the blast of icy air and heaps of white stuff, choose wisely when it comes to a vehicle. Make sure you invest in the ride that is all about performance.

Rites of Adulthood: Buying a Car

In life, there are passages of adulthood that everyone observes – certain rites, if you will. Among them that can be commonly counted include one’s first kiss, graduation from education, or even moving out from your parents’ house to your own. And though we may not have to hunt a lion as the Maasai choose to, a definitive adult moment that most of us agree upon is the complicated process of buying your own car.

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