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Tata Zest – the new edge of compact series!!

Tata Motors is one of the most prestigious names of automobile industry. Despite of being such an established brand, it has witnessed a high dip in sales figures. Considering this unexpected downfall, Tata motors has decided to renovate its vehicle-line up. With an aim to regain its repo & fame, the company has launched a brand new refreshing version of F5 compact sedan which is named as Tata Zest.

Mileage –The new Tata zest is a sub-4-meter vehicle which is available with a 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel. It is also available with an advanced 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine with 4-cylinders and 16-valves which is equipped with an intercooled turbocharging unit along with a multi-point fuel injection system to develop a maximum power of about 83.83Bhp, and generate a peak torque output of about 140Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm. The diesel powered Tata Zest is estimated to give a mileage in the range of 23 to 25 Kmpl, while the petrol version can deliver 18 to 19 Kmpl. It comes with a 44-litre fuel storage capacity along with 425 Kg of payload capacity. It is coupled with a highly advanced 5-speed automated manual transmission gearbox that enables the engine to deliver a flawless performance.


Exterior – the new Zest Compact sedan is worth compliment. This sub-4-meter Tata sedan comes with an appealing look unlike any of the Tata car models revealed till now. The most vibrant aspect is its dazzlingly designed headlight cluster with turn indicators and projector lamps. Radiator grille design is quite different from other models. The front bumper, integrated with LED daytime & fog lights, goes well with cleverly designed air dam. The side profile includes door handles and the ORVM caps. The trendy 16 inch alloy wheels enhance its elegance. The rear profile is also quite stylish, with a neat and glossy finish. The taillight cluster features LED light pattern and is complimented by the chrome inserts. The wheelbase of is claimed to be at 2470mm.

Interior – This trendy Tata Zest has an elegantly designed cabin with great leg, shoulder and headroom space. Provided with a dual tone look, it is complimented by chrome inserts. The design of the dashboard with a lot of chrome treatment gives it a premium look. It is equipped with AC unit, music system. The seats are well cushioned, pretty wide and have been covered with quality upholstery. This vehicle provides seating for a total of 5-passengers.

Interior Comfort –beside the common features such as ac unit with heater, an advanced instrumentation panel, power steering, power windows; Tata motors has decided to charm their customer with a 5-inch touchscreen display that helps the occupants to stay connected, an advanced audio acoustic system with Mapmyindia system for advanced navigation system. It also offer other utility based common features such as accessory power sockets, cup/bottle holders, storage compartment, glove box unit is spacious and provides a great leg space for the passengers in the front and rear cabin.

Braking & Handling – This is one of the most significant aspects of any vehicle. The new Tata Zest is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and features new advanced ABS system for improved braking efficiency. Beside this, it also offers a confronting stability feature, which makes the handling easy on sharp curves. Tata Zest equipped with an electronic power assisted steering system with “Active Return” function and speed related function.

Safety and Security – this compact sedan comes with a robust suspension system that improves the driving. Front axle has a dual path Independent McPherson strut system with Anti-roll bars, while the rear axle is integrated with an Independent 3-link McPherson Strut system with anti-roll bars. It also features an engine immobilizer system, key less entry function , seat belts and dual horn, side impact protection ,ABS with cornering stability feature, dual front air bags central locking system and many more.

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My Personal Experience with a Flat Tire (and How I Mended It All By Myself)

Just like anyone else, I also love taking my family for outing on the weekends. At times, I need to drive a little longer distance because of work as well. I must tell you that I love my car and that’s why I take very good care of it. I get it serviced regularly, keep an eye on oil levels and keep the air pressure in the tires at the correct level. Still, there is one thing that is not in my control, and that is the flat tire issue. Roads are full of sharp objects. They are spread all over and you never know which piece is going to love your tire and stick to it. Boom… and you have a flat tire on your hands.

We were once very excited as the whole family was going out for a weekend trip. Kids were having fun in the car and they were having the weekend fever. As we got out of the city and had driven a few kilometers, a nail stuck in a tire and didn’t leave it. It went flat. I can’t tell you how we felt. The kids were so angry. They were just killing me. I just kept myself calm and opened the boot of the car. I pulled out my magic kit from there, a tire puncture repair kit. I said to my wife, “Don’t worry, honey, we’re going to enjoy the weekend. A flat tire couldn’t spoil it. I’ll repair this for you”. Everyone started smiling. So, a puncture repair kit consists of a spiral tool, an inserting tool, a few puncture seals, a rubber adhesive and a blade. I also keep a tire inflator pump in my car. Here is how I repaired the puncture and enjoyed the weekend.

1. I inflated the tire with the air pump to fill enough air in the tire, and then looked over the tire for the puncture spot. It was easy to spot as air was leaking from the tire with a sound and my hand could experience the blow as I put it on the puncture. I marked the location.

2. Then I removed the nail. I did it very carefully so that I wouldn’t hurt my hand.

3. I picked the spiral tool now and inserted it into the puncture. It was hard to insert it deep enough in the tire. It was necessary to insert the puncture seal in the tire.

4. I left the spiral tool inserted into the puncture and got a puncture seal off the strip. I inserted this puncture seal into the inserting tool hole, just as we insert thread into a needle hole. I applied the rubber adhesive on the seal evenly.

5. Then I pulled out the spiral tool from the tire and inserted the puncture seal with the inserting tool. I inserted it deep enough such that the plastic handle touched the tire. Then pulled it out. It came out, leaving the puncture seal in to repair the puncture. With the help of the blade, I cut the extra rubber length of the puncture seal for an even road contact surface.

6. Then I inflated the tire with the air pump and our car was ready to move on. The flat tire was dealt with that easily.

I would suggest that you share this info with all your friends who are car owners. The more we educate ourselves, the less we will pay the mechanic.

For even more useful tips and information about repairing a flat tire and car maintenance check out this web page:

5 Tips to compare roadside service packages

roadsideYou can never predict when you will require a roadside assistance program. You can never predict when an emergency will happen. However, by enrolling in such programs, you can protect yourself.

Here’s what you should know about getting roadside assistance for your own car.


One of the best ways to choose companies is to look at the type of assistance they provide. This is important, as you need to check if the coverage provided meets your needs or not.

Under the coverage provided, there are two options available. The first option only provides coverage to the person driving the vehicle and the second option provides coverage to the vehicle itself. How is this different, you may ask.

Under the first option, if you are driving a friend’s vehicle, which is not covered under any roadside service, you will get assistance even if the car breaks down. Such plans are also beneficial if you own more than one vehicle.

Under the second option, let us assume that you loan your car to a friend or a relative who is not insured. In this case, the service provider will still attend to the emergency as the vehicle falls under the emergency plan.

Taking add-on services is always a good idea. Most plans provide coverage only up to a certain distance. By adding additional distance to the plan, you ensure that you are always covered irrespective of the distance travelled.

Cost Implications

When you avail of a roadside service, you have to be aware of the cost being incurred per month or per year. Also, you need to be aware of certain things about your plan. For example, you should check if the provider has a clause on the number of times the service can be used and if there is a penalty attached when you exceed the limit.

You should also check if there is any additional cost for adding a second vehicle to your plan or the cost of availing of services in a different city.


You may get added benefits from your roadside service program. You can get discounts on a number of services like travel, lodging etc. These additional benefits can help you save a lot on your travels.


You never know when and where your vehicle may break down and require assistance. Hence, before selecting your company, you must ensure that they operate on a 24/7 basis all 365 days of the year. Make sure that they will be available when you are in need.

Services Offered

Some of the services offered by the assistance programs are changing flat tires, jump starting batteries, providing fuel and opening car locks. It is important that you decide what kind of service you may require. You should ensure that you get a good number of services for the amount you pay.

Once you have compared and decided on a plan, make sure that each person covered in the plan has the number saved into his or her cell phone or written down in their wallet to make it easily accessible during an emergency.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to roadside service?

 Author Bio:

This article is written by Mark Neyton. Mark is a freelance writer with more than 4 years experience and he is mostly interested in writing about cars and car safety. For even more useful tips and information or if you want to check out offers for roadside assistance go here:

4 Essential Steps to Storing Your Car in the Winter


Some cars are just not meant for the rigor and abuse a harsh winter can deliver, so it’s into the garage for your baby. Whether you’re in possession of a classy BMW, an iconic ’69 Corvette Stingray, or you just don’t want to drive that Audi convertible through the salt-laden ice and snow, there are a few steps that you should take in order to stash your ride for a few months.

Winter can wreak havoc on a vehicle, even if it isn’t being driven. Just because you aren’t trampling over the dirt, grime, salt, rocks, moisture and dust doesn’t mean that your baby isn’t going to come into contact with these nasties. It is important that you keep this in mind, because there is a delivery method for winter problems: the wind.

When the wind whips up, it carries those particles, and they begin to accumulate on car surfaces. Also, critters are another concern, because your vehicle looks like a lovely home for them. There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced this before: the month of April arrives, you gleefully skip over to your pride and joy, remove the cover and find patches of rust and other cosmetic evils! How can this be?

Let’s avoid such a tragedy this year.

1. Store a Clean Car

Before your Chevy hibernates for the winter months, you need to clean her. No, we don’t simply mean just a quick scrub — we mean a thorough, total, elbow-grease-driven kind of clean.

Be sure to remove any problem areas that already show dirt, as this will attract and hold moisture like a sponge. Also, don’t allow any rust spots to persist, as these will only worsen over time, and especially over the winter. Similar to how that lovely-smelling ocean salt spray can damage your car’s paint job, the wind-blown salt from the roads will do even worse. That kind of salt is actually more damaging and will likely accelerate rust corrosion.

Next, protect your ride with a good, dirt-rust-moisture-repelling wax. If there are any exposed metallic surfaces, then be sure to hit those with a protective polish. Even WD-40 will do a fantastic job at keeping the evil grime-monster at bay.

Last, clean out the inside of your vehicle. Not only will it be nice to come back to a spic and span beautiful car, but leaving that old Twinkie rapper and bag of curly fries in the back seat could cause more than just a stench problem. It could toss up a flag that says, “Please live in me! I have food!”

2. Critter Proof

Now that we’ve gotten the hardest part out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about that other issue of winter storage: critters. Tiny rodent creatures will find just about any crack or crevice to turn into a lovely winter home. This might be convenient for them, but it could be very bad for you.

First, you will want to shove a sock in the tail pipe. This makes sure that nothing will live, or die, in there. The implications of a critter living in your tailpipe should be somewhat obvious.

Unfortunately, mice are also a major issue, but the biggest problem with them is their size. These guys can climb into just about anything. It’s said that dryer sheets and mothballs might do the trick of keeping them away. However, there really is no foolproof way of keeping them out. The key is to make it less inviting and a little bit harder to access.

3. Car Cover

This step is arguably the most important. You need to get yourself a car cover that will fit your particular vehicle and not leave any surface material exposed. The car cover will not only keep out the rain, ice and snow, but it will also make it just that much more difficult for a critter to find a home in your baby.

There are plenty of nifty custom car covers that will fit snuggly over your vehicle. The best part about them is that they give your ’72 Corvette a snazzy place to hibernate for the winter.

Unfortunately, car covers will not block out the wind, which means they won’t be able to keep all moisture out, but it is certainly better than exposing your car to the elements.

Tips To Prevent Accidents during Auto Towing

Whenever your vehicle breaks down, you would always prefer a towing service. A towing service ensures that your car is moved to an auto repair yard, where the problem can be fixed. Throughout the world, millions of cars are towed every day. However, along with towing comes the danger of possible accidents. On an average, seven people are killed every day around the world due to towing-related accidents. Therefore, it is always important that you take care to prevent any sort of accident from taking place.

For ensuring complete safety during auto towing, you should follow certain precautionary rules. These rules are placed in such a way that they take into account every possible manner in which accidents can happen and hence help you prevent them.

Here is what you can do for preventing any accident from taking place.

The first safety measure comes when you attach the coupler. Whenever you are attaching the coupler, ensure that you are applying some grease on the tow ball, which helps it in smooth rotation. In addition, also ensure that the electrical plugs and the safety chains are secured properly. Even though this is the responsibility of the towing company, you should always ensure that the towing company is utilizing trucks that are appropriate to the towed vehicle capacity. If you feel that the truck is incapable, you should ask them to send a new one.

Also, ensure that the towing company stays in the prescribed limits of the Gross Combination Weight Rating, which is a standard specified for towing trucks. This helps in ensuring safety while the vehicle is being ferried to the auto garage. Following the instructions in the towing trucks instruction manual can also greatly help in preventing accidents while auto towing.

On the part of the towing company, it is important they don’t let inexperienced workers tow the vehicle. This has become very necessary for towing a vehicle safely. If an inexperienced person is towing a vehicle, this can lead to accidents. Hence, there should be no compromise on safety during auto towing.

The fourth and most important consideration is attention. Drivers should always pay attention when they are ferrying light and medium vehicles. Attention should not be compromised at any cost in order to prevent an accident. The driver should use both their hands while handling the steering wheel of the truck. This ensures total control of the vehicle. In addition, the driver should remember that whenever the truck is to be turned around, it needs a lot of space. Therefore, in the event of any roadblock or any accident in the front, the driver should keep enough space open to take a reverse turn.

The above-given safety tips apply to both the person whose vehicle is to be towed and the towing company, especially the latter. The towing company is in charge of the vehicle; hence, it becomes very important for them to ensure that no accident takes place during auto towing.

 For even more useful information or if you want to check out what are the prices for auto towing from Falck Roadside (or as the Danes say priser på autobugsering fra Falck Roadside ) visit this resourceful website.

Winter Driving Conditions: 6 Driving Techniques To Keep You Safe

With the winter months upon us, snow will become a part of daily life for Americans across the country. If you plan on driving outside of your city to visit family or friends, following a few helpful tips will keep you safe until spring comes along. Whether you are an experienced snow driver or have just recently moved into a colder climate, staying alert and driving slowly will greatly reduce the risk of causing an accident.

Get Rid of Condensation

Cold weather brings window condensation which can hamper your ability to see.


It is recommended that all consumers use their car’s air conditioners to get rid of window condensation. Make sure the air conditioner is pointed towards the window and turned on high until you can see clearly again.


Stay Away From Black Ice

Black ice is famous for causing thousands of accidents every year around the world, and you should do everything you can to avoid it.


Black ice often looks transparent and can be easy to spot, if you know what to look for. Make sure to drive slower during snow storms and always be on the lookout for shiny areas on the road. If you think there is a patch of black ice ahead and you can’t avoid it, turn the steering wheel slightly in either direction and slowly apply the brakes.


Don’t Over Correct When You Steer

The most common reaction to loosing control over an icy part of the road is to over correct with the steering wheel. Doing this will only make the situation worse.


To help you avoid an accident as much as possible, tap the brakes slowly. While you may accidentally hit something when you lose control, you’ll minimize the damage by keeping a cool head.


Practice Braking

Braking when driving in snow is much different than braking during normal conditions.


Properly using anti-lock brakes requires the driver to do three things: Push hard on the brakes, keep your feet down, and steer the car appropriately to avoid trouble. These three things will also help during snowy conditions.


One of the key factors to successful braking is winter tires. Many brands offer tire rebates during the winter months, so be sure to purchase winter tires before the first heavy snow arrives.


Memorize the Roads

If you’ve been down the same road numerous times, make sure you know the route like the back of your hand. This will help tremendously when the snow comes because you’ll be more prepared for any hazardous conditions that you may encounter along the way.


Use Anti-Icing Fluid

Replace the standard washer fluid in your car with anti-icing fluid will help keep your windows free of ice during the night and will save you from having to remove the ice from your windshield in the morning.


Regardless of what you do to stay safe on the road during the winter season, remaining calm and staying alert is essential at all times.

Street Racing – Miami’s Underground Entertainment


Campionatul European de Drift King of Europe

Despite unsanctioned street racing being illegal throughout the Miami-Dade area, enthusiasts still find a way to break out their souped-up cars every weekend. Even though the city sponsors official street competitions regularly throughout the year, the underground street races continue to take place, often without significant legal consequences.

The mandated fine is upwards of $5000 per offense. Because law enforcement in Miami is often slow to catch on to these races, let alone punish racers, people who live in popular street racing areas and willing spectators should take special note for their safety while enjoying these fast-paced events. People who live close to the city’s regional track, the U.S. 27 strip in the Pembroke Pines area, and numerous other places throughout Miami should use these precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while witnessing these races.

Stay Out of the Road

As sunset reaches the city, the time also approaches for you and your loved ones to abandon the city’s streets. Once the sun has set and the city-sponsored races at the regional track have ended, novice racers will take to the strip to begin their own fast-paced fun. As they roar up and down the roads, the drivers of these cars often do not take notice of pedestrians or even children at play.

Case in point, a 12 year-old boy was recently killed by street racers as he ran into the street to retrieve a ball. The driver who hit him never stopped, thus indicating that the drivers of these illegal races are more interested in speed than safety. If you or a loved one has been the unfortunate victim of such an event, while you explore your insurance options, you should also contact legal professionals. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, a legal firm whose practice includes Miami, recommends speaking with an attorney to determine if you need legal representation.

If you are in the vicinity of these races or make the trip to watch them in person, it is vital that you keep your children and yourself out of the roads before and during the races.

Prepare to Move Quickly

Because these races are not sanctioned by the city, street racers often have few, if any rules that they follow while they compete. With the lack of restrictions, safety may be put on the back burner as racers try to outdo each other in these contests. If a driver feels slighted by an opponent, that person could act out with anger, putting others in the vicinity at risk. If a fight breaks out among the drivers, it is imperative that you move yourself and your loved ones to safety. Getting out of the way while the racers fight out their differences can keep you safe during these races.

Keep Safety Gear Nearby

When street racers take to the roads, they may give little attention to whether or not their cars are kicking up debris. If you are watching a race, you could be hit by flying rocks, gravel and metallic shards that are strewn about by the car’s tires. Rather than risk losing an eye or losing your ability to hear because of the cars loud rumblings, you should consider bringing and wearing safety goggle and ear plugs. It may not look cool but as you may have to duck and dodge flying debris, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Miami officially outlawed unsanctioned street races more than two years ago. Nonetheless, racing enthusiasts take to the roads every weekend to battle it out with competitors in these wildly popular street races. If you are witness to these events, you can stay safe by taking these precautions to heart. If despite all good precautions an incident does occur, Steinger, Iscoe & Greene says: “Our accomplished auto accident attorneys in Miami are dedicated to handling cases for individuals who have been injured or lost loved ones as a result of the reckless actions of another driver.

Freelance writer Teresa Stewart appreciates fast cars but also understands the need for safety so encourages these precautionary tips for spectators.

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A Guide for Buying the New Mondeo by Ford

The Ford Mondeo price range is £15,995 – £30,065, so it’s worth considering various factors before buying it. Mondeo has been successful in securing a five-star protection rating by the European New Car Assessment Programme, out of five starts possible. So, it is really safe in case, god forbid, you meet with an accident. Ford has worked on CO2 emissions as well while developing the new Mondeo. Its base models have very good CO2 emission levels; however, higher variants have above average CO2 emissions. Ford has credited Mondeo as its most important European car.

The Mondeo has been on the roads since 1993 and Ford has sold around four million pieces until now. In its long journey, the model has undergone a few facelifts, design changes, interior upgrades to keep it trendy and attractive. Ford has also worked on improving the security and safety features.

The front has a large and lower grille similar to Ford’s S-MAX and C-MAX, as they are produced using the same components. The upper part of the grille gives the distinction to the new, backswept light cluster. In fact, the upper grille design helps to identify the various Mondeo models viz. Edge, Zetec, Ghia and Titanium X. Ford has given the new models bigger headlamps equipped with an Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS). It has a higher shoulder line as well. While the rear panel is different for all models, all have a two-piece rear light cluster. Ford gave the model a “sacrifice panel”, made of body-colored plastic situated in the lower part. Ford wanted this area cheaper to repair.

The new Mondeo has an improved interior as well. The driver and passengers have more legroom and higher shoulder room. The seat squabs have been elongated to offer comfort to taller passengers. This brings more convenience with higher gearshift and more steering adjustments.

The Mondeo validates Ford’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) in two areas. The two toggle switches on the steering wheel and the aforementioned display panel in the instrument cluster. The model has three radio/CD players available, two of which are Sony units with MP3 compatibility. One of these has a single CD and the other comes with a 6 CD auto-changer.

Rear passengers have also been provided spacious legroom. Ford worked on rear seats with a split to the backrest and seats. This helps increase the boot capacity from 528 to 1448 liters when you have plenty of load to carry.

The Durateq petrol engine comes with four options, 1.6I, 2.0I, 2.3I and 2.5i. The new Mondeo has two Duratorq TDCi diesel engines, 1.8 with 100PS and 125PS output and 2.0 with 130PS and 140PS output. The car offers a solid, smooth and agile look making driving easy with the power and torque it offers with flexible gearing during the ride.

It has become wider and stable loaded with active safety systems like ABS with EBD and improved ESP system including Electronic Brake Assist (EBA). It also has six airbags to keep passengers safe. The Mondeo has a “stroking” steering column that moves away from the driver if the car meets with an accident.

The new Mondeo has beautiful looks, powerful engines, advanced security features that make it worth putting money into. You will have a long-lasting pleasant driving experience with your hands on a Mondeo wheel.

 For even more useful information or if you want to read more about the features of the new Mondeo from Ford (or as the Danes say ny mondeo fra Ford) check out this web page.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover it All?

A flyover, a red car, and a plane

Many of us fail to read the small print or dozens of pages laying out what your car insurance will and will not cover. This leaves many of us with a false sense of safety that when something happens to our cars, we will be taken care of. But what exactly will your insurance cover? Or better yet, what won’t it cover? Here are some situations where you may not be able to depend on your car insurance:

1.The Big Pay Off

And if it gets stolen, taken for a joy ride, and crashed by the thieves, we would like to believe we are covered. This may not always be true. If you don’t have gap coverage, you may be buying your new car yourself. And if it is your fault it was stolen, like leaving your keys in it, don’t expect your insurance company to pay you off.

2.You’re a Bad Driver

If your year yielded more accidents than you ever had, you may want to be very careful, if you are found to be at fault, you can expect your car insurance company to cut you off. Tallying more than 4 accidents makes you a bad driver and the 5th accident may be the straw that breaks your insurance’s back.

3.You Were Drunk

If you were involved in an accident and convicted DUI, expect your insurance company to drop you. Many insurance companies have a 0 tolerance policy for those driving while under the influence, as they should. It is not only a danger for you, it is a danger for everyone on the road.

4.You Forgot to Pay

Either you can pay month to month or take advantage of their discounts and pay your entire policy upfront. Either way, you never want to forget to pay. Driving with lapsed insurance won’t cover any accidents that occur while uninsured. Be sure your insurance company has your updated contact information and keep track of when your policy ends.

5.Moving Violations

It’s unusual to find people that have received at least one speeding ticket in their lifetime. If, however, you have a lead foot and lack the good sense to avoid speed traps, your insurance company may drop you. Once you’re dropped, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for someone else to pick you up. While you don’t have to worry about being dropped for a single speeding ticket, earning more than three in a year may see your rates increased. Even more and you may be completely dropped from your carrier.

6.No License

If your license does get suspended, even after you have gotten coverage, don’t get in an accident. Not only will the police fine you, but your insurance company won’t pay for repairs if you were not allowed behind the wheel. Many people who get caught are the ones who think they won’t. If your license is suspended, just don’t drive. Contact the courts to find out what you need to do in order to get it back.

7.Dragging Your Feet

If you wait too long, your insurance company may deny your claim. If you are injured, have someone contact your insurance company for you. Your insurance agent can help you get through the accident and explain the step by step process. However, your insurance company won’t pay out every claim. The best thing that you can do is to practice safe driving and find out what your insurance really covers.

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Master Your Car Remodel: How to Finance New Repairs

When your car starts making a funny noise, you can only avoid it for so long. After meeting with a mechanic, you’ll likely find yourself raising your eyebrows at the estimate that you receive. Even the most basic of repair bills can rise to $1,000 or more, but you can find a few ways to cut those costs or finance the job.

Master Your Car Remodel How to Finance New Repairs

Use a Short-Term Loan

A short-term loan is a loan that you pay back within one year or less. Most banks and credit unions won’t finance loans with shorter terms because the lenders won’t make back much money on that loan. You can take out an auto title loan, or a payday loan to pay for the repair bill, or you can use a peer to peer loan. Peer to peer lenders are available online, but you can also borrow money from family or friends. Some mechanics also offer payment plans and in-house financing.


Compare Costs

Never settle for the first price you receive from a mechanic. You wouldn’t hire the first person who offered to repair your roof, and you shouldn’t hire the first person who looks at your car either. After the mechanic gives you a price, take the job to other technicians. If you ask five different mechanics for the cost of repairing a small problem, you’ll receive five different answers.


Ask for an Estimate

Always ask for a written estimate that includes the cost of any materials needed, and the labor involved in that job. You can find a number of websites that tell you the average cost of various jobs. These websites show you how much the parts cost, how much labor should cost on the job, and what other mechanics charge per labor hour. Use that information to determine if your mechanic offers the best rates.


Opt for Used Parts

Buying used parts is the secret to turning a big estimate into an affordable job. Whether you need SS Monte Carlo parts, or parts for a vintage automobile, used car parts often cost half or less than new parts do. Talk to your mechanic about lowering the cost of your repair bill with a few used parts. Used parts typically come with the same guarantee that you would receive on new parts.


Not everyone can afford to pay a high repair bill, but you can lower your price with used parts. Don’t forget to compare rates from other mechanics and look at financing options available to you.