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Review of the New Golf by VW

Today, we will take a look at the new golf launched by Volkswagen. This vehicle is the latest entrant in the golf series by Volkswagen. Today, we will take an in-depth look at this vehicle and give you our thoughts on the same. During this review, we will cover the performance as well as the features of the car.

Our aim is to provide you with a well-rounded view.

Let us start with how the new golf performs. This series comes with turbocharged engines. Volkswagen offers a number of choices when it comes to engines. You can choose from a 1.2-liter petrol engine that gives you a choice between 84 hp and 103 hp. The other option is a 1.4-liter petrol engine that offers either 120 hp or 138 hp. As a matter of fact the choice does not end here. The 1.6-liter diesel range offers 133 hp and the 2-liter engine offers 148 hp.

This vehicle maintains the amazing reliability of its predecessors. Both the steering and the suspension are extremely solid. This makes the ride comfortable and enjoyable. You never lose control of the vehicle. In addition to that we can also say that the car is extremely quiet. You will not hear the gears shifting or the suspension working hard. The ride maintains its smoothness, irrespective of the engines used. We did not feel any change when switching from the petrol model to the diesel model.

The new golf does not skimp on any safety features. The features included are:

- An anti-locking brake system for all four wheels;

- Airbags for the head both in the front and rear seats;

- An immobilizer system for the engine;

- An anchor for a child seat;

- Disc brakes in the front and the back;

- Traction and Stability control;

- Daytime running lights

These are only some of the features included in the vehicle. The care can seat five passengers. It has two versions – two doors and four doors. The floor of the vehicle can be adjusted to accommodate your luggage. The vehicle can easily seat driver and passenger who are six feet tall.

The standard features included in the vehicle are as follows:

- A cruise control system;

- An air-conditioning system;

- A driver’s seat which adjusts to your height;

- Adjustable armrest and lumbar;

- A navigation computer;

- Sound system with eight speakers, a CD player and an audio jack;

- Fifteen in wheels;

- A keyless entry system;

- Heated mirrors;

- Adjustable steering wheels

The luxury features in the new golf are as follows:

- Heated front seats;

- A Bluetooth interface;

- Option to plug in an iPod or a USB media player;

- Touch screen audio interface;

- Seventeen in wheels;

- Fog lights;

- Ambient cabin lighting system;

- Sunroof;

- LED running lights;

- Premium audio system;

Overall, the new golf from Volkswagen (I read very interesting things about it at the danish Volkswagen ny billig golf website) lives up to its expectations. What do you think? Take it out for a test drive and tell us how you feel about it.

The TATA Car, Fun, Small & Cheap

The Tata Nano is a cute little car that makes perfect sense for big city drivers.  This efficient car addresses all; congested traffic, insufficient parking space, and ridiculous fuel prices.  Most compelling of all though, may be the fun factor.  It is really just a step up from a motorcycle, but it is still a big step at an incredibly low price.

Tata Motors is the world’s 18th largest motor vehicle manufacturer.  They started out building locomotives back in 1945 and didn’t start producing passenger vehicles until 1991 when it launched the Tata Sierra.  Their Nano was launched in 2009, and is still in production.  It initially got a mixed response from buyers who thought that it was too cheap, and perhaps even unsafe, after several reports of car fires.

A Makeover

Last year, Tata Motors worked hard to improve the Nano’s image, and this resulted in an 18% increase in sales.  The interior and exterior were designed at the Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering in Italy.  The Nano is 8% smaller, yet it has 23% more interior space than it’s most popular competitor, the Suzuki Maruti 800.  They introduced new colors, and a more powerful 800cc, 3 cylinder engine.  Their new LX model comes with air conditioning, tinted power windows, a digital trip-meter, central locking, and matching colored bumpers.  The Nano is now among the top ten highest selling cars in India.  The company is successfully appealing to a young female consumer.  Roughly 20 percent of owners are women, and 42 percent of buyers are under the age of 35.  It is still the lowest priced car in India.

Gas, Diesel, Electric

The company is rumored to be at work developing a two cylinder, 800cc turbocharged, fuel injected diesel version of the car to address the huge disparity between the price of gas and diesel.  It is estimated that the diesel Nano will increase mileage by 30% over their gas powered car.  The diesel Nano will be the cheapest diesel passenger car ever produced.  The company has developed a prototype for an electric Nano which it displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, but they haven’t begun producing one yet.  Their electric car is reputed to have a range of 80 miles and run on lithium ion batteries.

Coming To America

There is also talk of introducing an upmarket version of the Nano in the American market.  The price will undoubtedly be higher, because it will need a more powerful engine, power steering, airbags, and many more features not offered on the version sold in India.  Insiders speculate that since Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover, they will piggyback on those dealerships to market the car in the United States.

There is definitely a need for more inexpensive, fuel efficient cars in the United States.  The love affair with enormous SUV’s has come to an end with the skyrocketing price of fuel.  If Tata Motors manages to get a toe in the door with their gas fueled Nano, I’m sure they will have the opportunity to swiftly take over the electric car market in America.

Carlos Arana is a mechanical engineer from Mexico city. Before moving to India to learn Kannada and work for a car manufacturer he led a team of designers at VW Mexico.

The Benefits of Airport Parking

Trying to catch a flight on time can be a very stressful experience, particularly if you’re flying overseas. Making all the necessary arrangements to get there on time and with everything you need can lead to one big headache, and attempting to negotiate public transport or talk a friend into driving you there can only add to your troubles. Driving yourself there and leaving your car in an airport parking lot can help alleviate your worries, and here are a few reasons why:

You don’t have to rely on public transport.

This is probably the most compelling reason to drive yourself, because public transport can be unreliable and often arrives late. Not to mention the fact that public transport can take twice as long, due to the long-winded routes and all the stopping and starting along the way. You also have to manoeuvre your luggage on and off and keep an eye on it during the journey.

You don’t have to inconvenience friends or family.

Friends and family are usually willing and able to help out with trips to the airport and back, but it can be an awful lot of pressure to place on them. It can be a particularly big ask if your flight is late at night or early in the morning, or worse – in the middle of the night! – and not something you’d want to ask of your loved ones.

You’ll get there faster.

No matter what the other options, driving yourself is almost certainly going to be the quickest way to get you to the airport. You can leave your home as soon as you are ready, without having to wait around for another person or any public transport, and you can choose the route that will get you there the fastest.

You can go back if you forget something.

Getting to the airport only to realise you’ve forgotten something essential can be a huge pain, especially if you’ve just forked out a lot of cash for a taxi, or inconvenienced a friend of yours who may not wish to take you home and back to the airport again. By driving yourself, you can literally turn around and go back as soon as you remember, or – if you’re already at the airport – simply jump back in your car and make the return trip.

You don’t have to wait around when you touchdown again.

The last thing you want when you’re jetlagged and sleep-deprived is to have to wait around an airport for a bus to come, or for your unpunctual friend to arrive. If your car’s already parked at the airport, you can just get in and drive away, without giving the journey home any further thought.

You car will be secure while you’re away.

You don’t want to spend your time worrying about the safety of your car while you’re away trying to enjoy yourself, but if your car has been left on the street in plain view of everyone, people are likely to notice it hasn’t been used for a while and so deduce that its owner isn’t around. By parking it in an airport parking lot it will be secure the whole time you’re away.

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Kane Summers is the writer of this article. He is an employee at the Jetport Security Parking. They provide their customers with one of the cheapest airport parking in Melbourne.

Motor Racing on The Cheap


Almost everyone that’s ever sat behind the wheel of a car has wondered how fast they could go.  Motor racing is a thrilling experience, and let’s face it, playing racing video games doesn’t quite have the same feeling, does it?  There was a time when motor racing was reserved for only the richest of car owners, but today it’s possible to put together a trackday toy on a budget; especially if you’re handy with a box of tools, and don’t mind investing some time in making your vehicle safe.

Let’s take a look at some of the cheaper, but still surprisingly exhilarating, racing options:

Mini Racing

To join the Mighty Mini racing championship, all you need is a single-point injection Mini Cooper that was built between 1991 and 1996.  The playing field is pretty level, since only a couple of performance modifications are allowed (and they’re affordable enough, so everyone has them), and the cars are simple to drive, so anyone can try their hand at racing.  The cars are road legal too, so if you fancied making a mini your daily driver, you could use it on and off the track.

Formula Vee

If you’d prefer to drive a purpose-built single seater on the track, rather than a traditional road car, then Formula Vee is a nice starting point.  It’s more affordable than Fomula Ford, faster and more exciting than Karting, and popular enough to give drivers of all abilities a chance at being competitive.  Formula Vee is not for the faint of heart, however.  Open wheel cars and large grids mean that accidents do happen, so you’ll need to take safety seriously.  At the end of the season, you can sell your car back to recoup your entry costs if you decide to take a break.

Beach Racing

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach area with an active car club, then beach racing could be an option.  The Jersey motorcycle and Light Car Club has regular beach racing meets, where enthusiasts take stripped-down old light cars, and use them in sand-racing championships.  The cars used for beach racing are old, stripped down ones worth barely a few hundred pounds.  If you’re a dab hand with basic tools you could probably pick up a doer-upper from the classifieds section of your local newspaper, strip out the interior, fit a safety harness to the driver’s seat, and be ready to go in a weekend.  Be warned, however, driving on sand is surprisingly challenging.

Lawnmower Racing

Lawnmower racing might sound like a joke, but it’s a serious sport, with regular meets, leagues, and prize money.  Lawn mower racing is probably the cheapest motorsport there is.  The vehicles are inexpensive, and the entry fees are far lower than the ones you’d find in track sports. In most leagues, the mowers are restricted to just 18hp, and full safety gear is worn, so lawnmower racing is a great sport for beginners looking for the excitement of competitive racing, but in a relatively safe and controlled environment.

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This post was written by motor sport enthusiast James Harper for Tool Orders who supply tools to professional and ameteur racing teams.