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Citroen DS5 Purified

This lovely complete hybrid diesel, integrates the efficiency of an HDi diesel motor together with the ability of an electrical motor unit. That equals 200 b-h-p, 4 wheel drive, electrical setting for town motoring and a speed enhancer, for the ecosystem this means decreased CO2 pollution levels. Citroen has reached the entire hybrid system by incorporating an HDi 160 combustion motor along with a 2nd gen. Start – Stop setup and an electrical motor unit and power-train control unit. Hybrid4 technologies let you move the way we wish.


Select from automatic, ZEV, 4 Wheel Drive or Sport setting and Hybrid4 technologies manages all the rest. For decreased fuel usage select automatic setting, for even better eco friendly motoring select the Zero Emission Vehicle setting, Sport setting boosts the acceleration and speed ability and sensitivity providing you a crisper drive and last for anyone daring select the 4 Wheel Drive choice. Read More…