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Why travel by motorcycle in Vietnam?

Whether in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, here everyone moves on two wheels. Traveling on a motorcycle in Vietnam, it is above all get the rhythm of Vietnamese life and there is no better way to capture the reality of a country to follow his tempo.

If you are in love with the bike and it is a perfect means of transport that you can choose as soon as you want to explore many off beaten track itinerairies in northern Vietnam. Before going in adventure, check out what kind of bikes are used for these tours .You can choose for you a rustique and famous way to travel in Vietnamese road when using Minsk , but also new japanese solid and trustable ones


minsk motorcycle

For lovers of retro –style- motorcycles , this Belarusian 2-stroke motorcycle inspired by a German model of the Second World War , is an icon of Vietnam. The country was a major importer in the 90s .

Simple mechanical , without battery, rugged , beautiful 125cc is still quite unpredictable , it will surely make you a few short stops for minor repairs and daily maintenance is required. Comfortable Suspensions , well-padded right saddle , you will not feel the miles unfold whether on the road or trail. Former queen of ultra popular mountains, it can blend in with the rural landscape. But her figure is increasingly rare because the locals prefer it the new, more reliable and less expensive from China factories

If the majority of garages in the country still know how to do with broken part, the repair parts are also less frequent and it is prudent to go with the alternative . Either way, your also an expert in mechanical guide will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the beautiful . Ride a Minsk is already an adventure!

Japanese 250cc dirtbike Moto

Motorcycles for the big guys! The suspensions are high to fly over the potholes and also to travel with another tourist on the same motorcycle confortably.

These bikes are ideal for the course with a lot of track, but be careful, don’t try to make enduro because in Vietnam there are not a lot of New dirt bikes and those you can rent are usually quite old ( 2000 – 2005) , just nice leisurely strolls see a little technical for something different and think outside the box!
However, the reliability of Honda engines is confirmed and the materials are solid.Goodbye to blue smoke that your friend behind you finally breathe the fresh air of the countryside and mountains. No fear also grill the clutch when starting going up hill road as Minsk

The 250cc dirtbike Moto eliminates much of the hassle and takes full advantage of discoveries and chance of meeting. Easy to ride over bad road du to large and solid tires, the bike is very confortable , and make you feel at home anywhere in the city, on the road or difficult trail.It allows you to calmly face any situation!

You can go any where with moto but the North of Vietnam , Hightland in center are the best place. Take your time, ride your bike in a few days, through various typical landscapes of North Vietnam, lowland rice, the high mountains through the hills tea plantations, and in contact with several ethnic cultures, including sleeping in their houses. This is a real adventure, a real encounter with the people, with all the freedom that a motorcycle traveling on the roads and most beautiful trails and more enjoyable than any kind of tour. If you want to organise this special tour, don’t forget to contact a vietnam travel agency for more informations about moto rental , travel insurance, moto guide and others technical requirements during the tour