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What You Need to Know About Teaching Your Teen to Drive


Young drivers have some of the highest crash rates globally, but parents can take the necessary steps to minimize these incidents. Generally speaking, this crash rate is high because teens lack the experience to get themselves out of dangerous situations while driving. They are also more likely to drive while distracted. If parents take the time to teach their teens how to drive before allowing them to drive on their own, many accidents can be prevented.

Start in the Parking Lot

Before permitting your teen to drive on the road, have them practice extensively in a parking lot. Make sure they can drive in a straight line both forwards and backwards before moving into more advanced techniques. Starting and stopping are also important skills to learn, as your teen should be able to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. The parking lot is also a great place to practice turning, as the teen should not cut corners or go too fast. Try to limit your parking lot sessions to about 20 minutes, then extend them as the teen becomes more comfortable.

Leaving the Parking Lot

Eventually, you can take your teen out of the parking lot and let them drive on the road. This is always a scary time for parents, but it is part of the driving process. To minimize the stress on you and your teen, determine the route that you will travel before you depart.

Stay away from busy parts of town. This allows your teen to slowly integrate into traffic. As they get more comfortable driving on the street in residential areas, you can begin taking them to business areas of town that have more traffic. Be careful that you do not overwhelm your teenager with this scenario and keep the route relatively short.

Bad Weather

If you live in an area with extreme weather, you might want to prevent your teen from driving in these conditions at first. Snow and ice are particularly dangerous; even experienced drivers can struggle when the road is slippery. This is another scenario where you should start in the parking lot and then slowly allow them to drive on the road. Taking your teen to the parking lot to get used to how the car handles snow gives them a good base from which to learn. It can also encourage them to be extra careful during these conditions.

Create Rules

As with anything else involving your teen’s behavior, it is important that you set boundaries. Begin by having rules that determine where your teen is allowed to drive and how late they are allowed to stay out. You might also want to restrict the number of passengers that your teen is allowed to carry.

More passengers increase the chances that your teen will become distracted while driving. Have a set list of punishments to be implemented if your teen breaks any of these rules. That way, they know what the consequences will be if they choose to ignore the guidelines that you have created.

Distracted Driving

In addition to driving with too many passengers, many teens now use their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. This is an escalating problem that causes numerous accidents every year. It does not matter if the driver is making a phone call, sending a text message or surfing the internet from behind a global VPN. Using a phone while driving is dangerous.

In fact, the FCC reported that over 400,000 vehicle-related injuries in 2010 were the direct result of driving while distracted. Also, 11 percent of all accidents involving drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 occurred, because one of the drivers was texting. By setting a good example when you drive, you can hopefully prevent your teen from exhibiting any of this dangerous behavior.

Auto mechanic education and its associated career

A brief

students are opting for their careers as auto mechanic in USA as they are interested in car
repairing and detecting any sort of problem with car. Most of the time a
mechanic has to quote prices before starting the work of a client. You will
find that mechanics make use of electronic devices to gather data, repair
specific parts of cars and also to replace different parts.

USA – hub of auto mechanic education

if you are staying in USA
you must be lucky enough to opt for a great career as auto mechanic. It is
because you will get different programs as well as schools that offer training to
interested candidates in the field of auto mechanic. You can learn about
repairing of the various parts, analysis of the problems, emissions, suspension
and lots other technicalities from these schools. Various certificate programs
are offered in USA
under diverse categories including auto body, alternative fuels, automotive, etc.


Undertaking ASE

order to work as a proficient mechanic, you can undertake ASE certification which
is a consistent technique of examining your skills and knowledge. Though it is
not mandatory by law to get the certification, several companies only recruit
those employees who have qualified ASE examination.

Updating skills
with new technologies

it is also important for a mechanic to be updated with the new-fangled
technologies in the market. He must be aware of the new changes and implement
them in his work. Moreover you need to stay updated with the new car launches as
well as with the leading car companies. You have to constantly study on novel
technology of the engines along with their systems of work. Until and unless
you are gaining knowledge on the new updates, you won’t be able to take the
challenge of your work and execute your operations in a confident way.

Gathering mental
strength to face the odds

a mechanic also requires working in extreme temperatures and lifting weighty
objects. Even at times they have to work for an extensive period of time in
uncomfortable positions. So you should have the mental strength to overcome any
odd situation before seeking career in this profession.

Associated careers

take into consideration the associated careers of a mechanic. You can work as a
trainer of automotive trade course.  Many
other trade qualifications are available so that you can work on motor
vehicles. These qualifications encompass the work of body builder, panel
beater, motorcycle mechanics, etc. If you are involved in repairing the body parts
of cars, you have to work less with greasy vehicle parts but have to remain
exposed to dust and toxic chemical fumes.

Pit crews for motor

this point let’s discuss about pit crews for motor racing. It is a special work
form undertaken by mechanics. You can view the operation of pit crew in
televisions and it is treated to be a prestigious work in automotive industry. However
if you work in pit crew in proficient racing course, it can be sometimes unsafe
and stressful though the payment is fairly high. You need to gain expert skills
as the work is quite difficult.

Bottom line

Take training from the best auto mechanic
schools and make a successful career as an expert Edmonton mechanic.


Miguel has been writing on car shops, car servicing and repair and used car for
many online publications. He often attends car shows and auto exhibitions so as
to collect information on latest car models and their user’s reviews. You can
read about Edmonton mechanic career and Edmonton auto
repair shops
from his recent articles.

The Best Used Midsize Luxury SUV’s for Your Money.

With the economy recovering it is a great time to buy a car. Many are buying new but many are also buying used. With that in mind we continue our ground breaking series on the best used cars for your money. Today we look at the best used luxury midsized SUV under 30k.

Used 2010 Lexus RX 350

Little changed when this car underwent a redesign in 2010 and critics everywhere agree it is one of the best luxury SUV crossover’s you can find. This SUV has smooth, car like handling and offers a comfortable ride. It interior is one posh and considered some of the best in its class. It has amazing reliability rating and gets great gas mileage. Even better, it is available as a hybrid as well.  Whether hauling the family around town or spending a weekend off-road, you simply can’t go wrong with this car.  The only complaint was a minor one in that some critics said it wasn’t fun to drive. Options include leather seating, a sport package, navigation and dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system. It has a 3.5 liter V6 with 275hp and gets 18/25mpg.

Used 2010 Lincoln MKT

Used auto dealers have trouble keeping this one in the lot. Its elegant cabin, powerful engine and interior tech make it a top choice as well. Built upon the Ford Flex frame, this SUV also has a great reliability and safety scores.  Despite its powerful engine it offers up a smooth and comfortable ride with confident handling.  It has a long list of standard features that include power liftgate, adjustable pedals, tri-zone automatic climate control. Options include a refrigerated console in the second row, power folding third row, and heated and cooled seats.  The headroom on the third row is somewhat limited and some feel the Flex is a better deal for your money. Still this is a great SUV. While it has a turbocharged option the standard engine I s a 3.7 liter V6 with 270hp and 17/23mpg.

Used 2010 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is a great used car deal. The year 2010 saw some major updates that make it a great SUV. It has a great mix of sporty style and handling with a comfortable, luxurious interior. It has great safety ratings and is generally considered one of the most fun to drive in its class. It does have a somewhat low gas mileage and the third row legroom is tight but otherwise this SUV will serve you well. Nice standard features include tri-zone climate control, leathery upholstery, heated eight-way power adjusted front seats and speed sensitive volume control.  It has a strong 3.7 liter V6 with 300hp and has 16/21mpg.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Suothern California. He writes about cars and education. Jazel Auto can help promote your business today.