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The Miracle of Xenon and LED Bulbs

The entry of xenon and LED bulbs is really a miracle – a revolution in the world of lighting. Xenon, a chemical compound is colourless and odourless. This noble gas is heavy. Its symbol is XE and its atomic number is 54. Among the noble gases it is the first that has been synthesized. Xenon is now being widely used in devices that emit light. Atlantis the space shuttle was bathed with xenon lights. In sodium lamps of high pressure xenon functions as a starter-gas. The use of xenon and LED bulbs has been a watershed in the history of lighting. The bulbs last longer and rarely need to be replaced. The vision from these bulbs is clearer as compared with that from halogen bulbs; the wattage use is the same.

These bulbs can project any of the rainbow colours and are being used in practically all the latest gadgets. It has started to edge out incandescent bulbs as well as the fluorescent variety of lamps. In function together with aesthetics xenon and LED bulbs have brought about a revolution. The road is now leading further to new innovations using these bulbs as helping hands. The LED bulbs of today can be programmed from before and an easy light touch can change the setting.

These are best used in mobile phone chargers. When the bulbs are coated with filters the light gets scattered and is soft. The effect will be like that of the incandescent bulbs. Research is going on in full swing. In the near future the bulbs will become considerably cheaper. These bulbs are ideal as brake indicators for motor vehicles. Quick signals are relayed to the drivers. This means the driver reacts faster and the roads become safer. The bulbs are used now in television sets – LCD models. They are also ideal for fast growing of indoor plants. Voltage consumption is low and the bulbs do not emit much heat. Xenon and LED bulbs improves night vision as the light that is emitted is like daylight; this relieves the driver from fatigue associated with driving in the darkness. The spreading out of the light to embrace the entire stretch of the road ahead reduces accident chances. The focus of the driver is improved as it alleviates stress on the eyes. These bulbs are narrower in focus and brighter than the CFL bulbs. Xenon bulbs are ideal as sidelight bulbs and for film projectors.

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Revolutionary LED and Xenon Bulbs!

Today we cannot move a step without electricity. In the field of lighting the two greatest advances in technology has been introduction of xenon and LED bulbs. Compared with other lamps these consume less energy; they are longer lasting and hardly are replacement required. The revolution started with application of xenon gas in electronic gadgets; this came to be extended to be used in bulbs. The light emanating from LED and xenon bulbs are brighter and better when compared with halogen bulbs; the wattage usage is the same.

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LED lighting is a watershed in lighting industry. Since the sixties LED bulbs (red) have been in use for scientific calculators. Since then many miles have been covered. Today LED bulbs produce all the colours of our rainbow and are included in nearly all the gadgets we use. LED light is stealing the limelight as it seems that soon it will overtake advantages of CFL or fluorescent bulbs as well as incandescent bulbs. The transformation is from two angles – function and aesthetics. It seems these can be used for myriad other applications. The LED bulbs of today if required can be programmed ahead and changes made just by a touch.

Compared with CFL bulbs, the LED bulbs are more focused, are brighter and as such are suitable for indicating lights in mobile phone chargers. If coated filter cover the LED bulbs then the light can be scattered and softened. Intense research is being carried on about these silicon based LED bulbs, and there are positive indications that the bulbs will become considerably cheaper. These bulbs are friendly to the environment since consumption of energy is reduced. These bulbs unlike the CFLs do not have mercury. They light up and reach peak brightness instantly and as us are ideal for indicators of car brakes; the drivers get quick indications and thus they react faster; it makes the roads safer. This LED lighting can be seen in LCD televisions. They are used to grow indoor plants. The bulbs radiate negligible heat.  The light produced by the bulbs is whiter and more spread out than the typical halogen bulbs. This improves night time vision as the light spreads out to cover the entire road. The light emanated by these bulbs during night is the same as daylight and thus it reduces night related fatigue of drivers. The light is aesthetically pleasing. Xenon gas is also used to operate film projectors as well as long arc-lamps. The new bulbs hardly have any drawbacks. So start clicking and happy marketing.