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Top 5 Hybrid cars of 2014

No one ever imagined that we would have hybrid vehicles operating this year, but top car manufactures have ensured that this has come to pass. We can now witness an amazing technology whereby a vehicle uses two power sources in order to move. These automotives incorporates two combined engines, one operating on electric power while the other using an internal combustion engine. Let us now look at top 5 hybrid cars of 2014 that has left everyone buzzing.

 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

This is a fast moving machine with a sport touch that makes it worth considering for any spirited driver out there. It incorporates a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor that provides it with ample power when in motion. Test drivers agree that this automotive has nimble handling, drives at an amazing speed and has precise steering. Other notable features include:

• Seamless shifts

• Has the ability to out the fuel line and automatically unlock doors in case of a collision

• Du zone automatic climate control

• 6-speaker audio system with touch screen display

 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

This vehicle offers an impressive list of standard features such as high-quality interior and decent acceleration. It also incorporates a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor with 6-speed automatic transmission. It is able to transition seamlessly between the gas and electric power. Other important features in this automotive include:

• High-quality interior cabin materials

• Well placed and intuitive interior controls

• Heated front seats

• Dual-zone automatic climate control

• Bluetooth

• Satellite radio

2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

This vehicle will surely be uploaded not only for its comfort but also its capability to offer great fuel economy. Also with a 4-cylinder engine and an eclectic motor, the Toyota Avalon offers an adequate acceleration. It rides smooth and offers a touch of class and elegance. It also incorporates features such as

• Supportive and comfortable front and back seats

• Huge trunk space

• Easy to use climate controls

• Rear-view camera

• Audio system with a 6.1 inch touch-screen display

• Bluetooth phone and audio streaming

• Satellite radio

2014 Honda Accord hybrid

Honda Accord offers extraordinary fuel economy, upscale interior and a strong and impressive performance. It has a 4-cylinder engine and also incorporates an electric motor that provides it with ample power. It comes with a seamless start-stop feature and a flawless transition between gas and electric power. Other notable features are:

• Plenty of passenger space

• Bluetooth

• Rear-view camera

• An 8-inch infotainment screen

• Honda-link smartphone app integration

• 7 speaker premium audio system

• Satellite radio

2014 Ford Fusion hybrid

This is a great midsize hybrid vehicle that offers exceptional fuel economy and a quiet powertrain. It has an electric motor and 4-cylinder gas engine that provides it with plenty of power when in motion. It has an undetectable power transmission and 8 standard airbags. Other features include:

• Post-crash alarm system

• Inflatable rear seatbelts

• 6-speaker CD audio system with a Ford’s voice-controlled sync

• Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity

• Rear-view camera

• Adaptive cruise control

• Satellite radio

This year will see the debut of various hybrid automotives that will blow away every driver. These top 5 hybrid cars offers impressive features that perhaps we never imagined could be incorporated in a vehicle. They come with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine for high power and performance. If you want to become a competent driver who understands every aspect of driving, all you need to do is get book driving test and become among top drivers out there.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

When thinking about eco-conscious car manufacturers, Porsche probably wouldn’t be the first name to spring to mind. However, they have form with the S Hybrid version of their popular four-door saloon, the Panamera. And now they’re going one step further with the plug-in Panamera S E-hybrid. But can Porsche retain their legendary style, while embracing a hint of green?

Let’s start with S E-hybrid’s green credentials. It’ll do 91 miles to the gallon and pump out just 71g/km of CO2, which is really rather impressive for a four-door. That’s also a significant performance boost on the S E’s predecessor, the S Hybrid, which only managed 22mpg and 159g/km of CO2. The difference is, of course, partly down to the S E being a plug-in – but it’s also in no small measure due to the new Panamera’s use of lithium-ion batteries, replacing the S’s nickel-metal hydride cells. This adds up to an electric portion of the drivetrain that’s more than double the capacity of the old unit, achieving an impressive 94bhp compared to the S Hybrid’s 46bhp.

Those snazzy new batteries will take just under four hours to charge from flat and, when full, give you an all-electric range of up to 22 miles and a top speed of 84mph. The S E-Hybrid offers four driving modes, Hybrid, E-Mode, E-Charge and Sport. Hybrid is the super economical mode that will switch you onto all-electric power at every available opportunity, automatically coasting when travelling at speed and only switching to the petrol engine when it absolutely must. E-mode gifts the accelerator with an artificial step, encourage a light-footed approach while still giving surprising quick performance. E-charge is the power-recovery mode, which uses every available opportunity to recharge those lithium-ion batteries for later. Finally, Sport pretty much does what it says on the tin, offering optimal performance for those times when economy isn’t your top priority.

The one downside to the S E-Hybrid is its performance. Bearing in mind that this is a Porsche, it’s not quite as nippy as one might hope, with the additional weight compared to the standard S-Hybrid making a noticeable difference. The brakes are another problem area, being disappointingly slow to respond compared to the sort of precision performance that the name Porsche usually implies. Finally, the 8-speed automatic gear box is rather temperamental and often struggles to find the right gear, which is a little concerning.

On the plus side, the S E-Hybrid has had a number of tweaks to its appearance, making this as close to sexy as anything in the four-door coupe range is likely to come. As well as new lights, the car rear has been subtly restyled, rendering this a more understated Panamera than its predecessors, but that’s all to the good. Introducing a strategic crease at the bottom of the car’s side panels adds a sense of dynamism, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the rear end is just a bit too long for true elegance. Although if you’re opting for a four-door then that’s probably always a compromise you’re going to have to make.

If you’re looking for a practical family car that still has a Porsche badge and enough style to ease the passage into comfortable middle-age, while neatly allowing you to skip out on that pesky vehicle excise duty, then the Panamera S E-Hybrid should be a godsend. It’s not the sexiest Porsche out there and it’s certainly not the speediest, or the most fun to drive, but it is a Porsche. And that still counts for something, right?

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Release: Available now
Price: £88,967
Engine: 2,995cc V6 and a 71kW electric motor
Top speed: 84mph (all-electric) 167mph (combined)
Acceleration: 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds
Electric range: 20 miles
Fuel economy: 91mpg
CO2 emissions: 71g/km.
VED band: A (£0 for first year and £0 thereafter)

Top 10 best used hybrid cars

Car manufacturers have responded to the fuel economy dilemma with verve, and are now producing cars ever-more fuel efficient. Today’s modern cars are capable of doing over 80mpg. Good fuel economy naturally goes hand-in-hand with low CO2 emissions which boils down to a double bonus. Investing in an economical car means cheaper road tax and a company car tax which is based on just how much CO2 a vehicle emits – the lower this is the lower the tax you pay.

If you’ve been mulling over the advantages of driving a hybrid car but can’t quite decide which one is for you, below is a list of the top 10 best used hybrid cars around today which might help you make up your mind before you start browsing hybrid cars on the Cardeck website.

Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt boasts the accolade of being voted European Car of the Year. A clever combination of electric-drive and a petrol-powered electricity generator offers drivers unlimited range. When the 40-mile electric mode range is exhausted, this ingenious system gives limitless EV motoring. The combined fuel economy is impressive, being a healthy 235.4mpg which is why the Volt has made such an impact on the motoring world. CO2 emissions are pretty low, standing at 109g/km.

Toyota Prius Plug-in

The Toyota Priuss Plug-in is just what it claims to be – a standard Toyota Prius which boasts extra batteries. These can be charged up by “plugging them in” to a mains power supply. The range is a nominal 15 miles after which the petrol engine kicks in. The official combined fuel consumption is therefore boosted to 134.5mpg making it a good choice if annual mileage is high. CO2 emissions are a very healthy 49g/km .

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is another ingeniously combined 1.5-litre engine and electric motor drive-train of a Prius and Auris HSD paired with the compact design of a Yaris. The result is a lighter car than its larger siblings and this naturally means more fuel-efficient. The car averages up to 81mpg and emits a mere 79g/km CO2 making a great choice if a lot of the driving you do is around town.

Citroen DS5 Hybrid

A good looking vehicle that feels good to sit and drive around it, the Citroen DS5 hybrid boasts a diesel engine under the bonnet and an electric motor powering its rear wheels. When it comes to fuel economy, the DS5 Hybrid offers a respectable 74.3mpg with respectably low CO2 emissions of 91g/km. It’s a nice looking car that does exactly what it claims to do and is a good choice of a used hybrid car.

Honda Civic Hybrid – Hybrid 1.4 IMA ES

Boasting an electric and a 1.4-litre petrol motor with the petrol engine shutting down when the car coasts at around 20mph, the Hybrid 1.4 IMAES can run in electric mode independently of the petrol engine. When it comes to fuel efficiency, this hybrid is capable of doing 54.3mpg and CO2 emissions of CO2 of 94 g/km. Honda have maintained a solid reputation for producing desirable hybrids and this one is well worth considering if you’re looking for a used hybrid.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

For the driver who prefers an SUV, Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid has become one of the best selling models to date. The 2012 Highlander Hybrid boasts a 3.5-litre V6 diesel engine paired cleverly with three electric motors offering a healthy 280 HP. When it comes to fuel efficiency, the hybrid can manage 28mpg. The SUV looks good, can tow a trailer up to 3,500 lbs and still give a respectable mileage per gallon considering the size of the engine.

2012 Honda CR-Z

The 2012 Honda CR-Z is a front wheel drive car powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine paired to an electric motor. As you’d expect from Honda, this is yet another of the car manufacturers’ hybrids that sells well in the used car market. Fuel efficient, comfortable and well equipped, the CR-Z manages a 57mpg with CO2 emissions of 117g/km.

2012 Kia Optima Hybrid

The 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid boasts a 2.4-litre four-cylinder diesel engine under the bonnet combined with an electric motor and boasts being able to do a respectable 39pmg. This make it one of the more popular choices when it comes to used hybrid cars. The six-speed automatic transmission makes a great car to drive around town. CO2 emissions are pretty low too, being 125g/km.

Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4

For a 4×4 crossover SUV, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 can manage a healthy 74mpg. Under the bonnet there’s a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine paired to a powerful rear-mounted electric motor that produces a combined 200 HP. It’s an affordable used car to invest in boasting low CO2 emissions of 99g/km.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

If you’re looking for a more upmarket hybrid, Porsche’s Cayenne Hybrid may be worth looking at. Under the bonnet there’s a V6 petrol engine paired with a powerful electric motor and either can provide power for this hybrid independently of each other. In electric mode, the Cayenne can manage a respectable 37mph. However, when it comes to fuel economy and CO2 emissions although the car looks the part, these are relatively bad with the Cayenne managing a 34.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 193g/km.


If you’re looking for a used hybrid car, the best place to start looking is on the Internet using the tools available on automotive websites like Cardeck. If you do your homework it allows you to make an informed decision. However, your search should have been made easier an easier task with the list of top 10 best used hybrid cars listed above to guide you in your quest.