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A Closer Look At The Mercedes Benz C Class – A Review

Mercedes last updated the C Class in 2011 – giving it a thorough facelift and really pushing it to the compact executive fore. Even though we expect to see a new version of the car later on this year, the current model still is going head to head with the A4 and 3 Series. So, let’s take a look at how it fares and whether there’s still some bite in the soon to be replaced motor.


One of the big things that came about with the Merc’s midlife refresh was the revised styling. The car got some new headlamps to bring it in line with newer models and also its bumpers, running lamps and other areas got a refresh.

However, the C Class still struggles to look as sporty as the BMW and is quite restrained in comparison. The AMG body kits do tend to spice things up somewhat with their larger wheels and bi xenon headlamps. The cabin is more subtle, though quality is very good and there’s plenty of tech too including Bluetooth and dual climate control.

The Drive

The Mercedes is a competent performer and it’s not just as sporty as the BMW or even the Audi for instance, however even its most basic engines are decent power plants. From the turbocharged C180’s 1.6l to the C63AMG’s 6.2l V8 – each has a purpose and each is more than fit for that purpose.

The most popular choice is the 201bhp C250CDI’s engine which has plenty of power mid-range and though the gearing is a little clunky is a good car. There is a 7 speed that’s fantastic but you pay a princely sum for it.

Ride and handling are well…..Mercedes like – which is a good thing. It’s not as sharp as the BMW, but it’s a very comfortable ride that offers a lot.


The Mercedes is well equipped in safety terms and in fact leads its class. The addition of 7 airbags, electronic stability control and a number of other additions is great. There’s a number of other great optional extras too. Buyers can opt for the Driver Assistance package, which includes lane assist, blind spot monitoring and a number of other smart features.

The car is well built and reliable too and a lot better than some of its recent predecessors and a hark back to the days of old. Servicing costs aren’t cheap however.

Is it Practical?

The Mercedes C Class is a sensible family car and there’s plenty of room for two adults and more than a couple of children. The 475l of boot space is almost as large as the BMW’s and there’s plenty of other room in the door pocket, glove box and other little hidden areas. The only downside is the lack of split rear seats – which both the Audi and BMW provide.


Economy and CO2 emissions are massively slashed on this model of Mercedes – no surprise as it will often be used as a company car. The C220 CDi’s Blue EFFICIENCY engine is the best of the bunch and manages a CO2 figure of 109g/KM and almost 69mpg. However, the C63 unsurprisingly is a different kettle of fish and produces 280g/km of CO2 and returns 23mpg – however, it’s hardly as surprise.

The car’s resale values are quite decent and you can expect to receive 40% of the value of the car after 3 years – quite like an Audi or a BMW. However, unlike the Audi and BMW there’s no fixed price service. However, the chance of having to pay for Mercedes repairs is low as the car is a massive improvement in quality on generations previous to this C Class.

The C Class is right up there and considering it’s at the end of its life is a good auto with a lot going for it.

My advice on finding winter tyres and wheels for a Mercedes C-Class

When it comes to choosing winter tyres and wheels for my Mercedes C-Class, I count myself as a bit of an expert. Over the years I’ve tried out all sorts, so I thought I’d share with you guys a few hints and tips about what I have learnt so that you can find the correct tyres for your Mercedes.

Although my car is a pleasure to drive during the summer months, it becomes pretty challenging in snowy, wintry conditions (thanks, rear wheel set up!). I’ve had pals in the past that have dismissed the idea of having different tyres for the summer and winter, but you’d be surprised the impact that it makes and you really can’t compromise safety.

There are some great combinations of winter wheels and tyres to help improve winter performance and make your vehicle easier to drive in harsher conditions – they work really well at minimizing your breaking distances!

A very common tyre size for a Mercedes C-Class is 205/55R16 – it’s incredibly easy to change from summer tyres to winter tyres for this size. You’ll find that the tyres on a Mercedes C-Class are in fact quite narrow – this is great for driving in winter weather conditions as narrow tyres perform far better at that time of year.

You can select from various different brands of tyres – I’ve discovered that the best type of winter tyres for my car needs to be either the Vredestein Snowtrac 3 or the new Continental TS830 P. I recommend that if you’re looking to keep costs down, mid-range options provided by brands such as Hankook or Uniroyal will still help out towards improving your vehicle’s overall performance during winter.

It’s well worth keeping in mind that not all Mercedes C-Class’ cars will have the same size wheels as mine – a few might have 17” or 18” wheels so it’s worth taking your car to be looked at at your local garage before buying. A lot of people will often go for packages which include both winter tyres and wheels this makes kitting your car out with the right gear that little bit simpler!

Once you’ve got to grip with your vehicle’s tyre measurements and start to recognise how differently branded tyres perform, it’s easier to just head online and start shopping around to find the best tyres for your car.
As a final note, I always recommend taking great care of your tyres – stay on top of checking the pressure and tread depth and be sure to store your summer/winter tyres away correctly if you’ve swapped them out for the season.

Jamie Doutt is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything to do with cars. He has a particular passion for road and tyre safety. The products reviewed in this post can be found here.

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