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Mobility Scheme- Driving Without Worrying!

Driving has always been one of the most empowering and amazing experiences for people across the planet. Some people, however, are hindered by a disability that affects their ability to control a vehicle.

But with technological development, specialised cars have been manufactured for those individuals.

Apart from that the Mobility Scheme has even enabled disabled drivers to lease cars in exchange of their mobility allowances funded by the Government. The same norm is applicable in Essex and there are even dealers giving options to choose from a wide variety of cars.

Deciding the car

Now that you have decided to go for the mobility scheme, it is important to decide the car that’s right for you. It becomes essential to take into regard each and every aspect before you go for the lease, for instance, how often do you need a car, how far do you travel, do you need to carry a wheelchair and so on.

Other than these, you may need to take into account the number of people in your family and how many of them would be traveling with you on regular basis. If you live in a big city, a small car can meet your needs, but if you have a big family, you need to have a larger one. Moreover, you also have to think about the height, space, seat positioning and many other factors because your car would be very different from the regular ones.

Finding the dealer

There are a larger number of dealers of Mobility in Essex. So, after you have decided the type of car you want, look for the right dealer. It would be better for you to opt for a local dealer and discuss your requirement with the Mobility Scheme specialist. Most of the customers prefer to go for lease over buying as it includes car insurance, servicing as well as maintenance facilities. Test drives are mandatory and also look for any other facilities that can make your journey comfortable. If you have any confusion regarding the scheme, clear your queries and drive without worrying.

Using the scheme

The scheme is applicable to those who receive-

  • Higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Mobility Supplement for War Pensioners
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • It is even applicable for parent or care taker of a child over three years of age

Even if you are unable to drive, you can still apply for the scheme and nominate two friends and family member for driving the car. But they need to have a clean license, without convictions or disqualifications for the last five years and have to live within five miles of your residence. There are restrictions on provisional driving licenses and only one driver below the age of 21 is allowed, who needs to stay at your address.

The scheme is intended to keep individuals on the move and overcome all the obstacles that they face on road. At the end of the lease, you need to pay only for the damages, whereas small wear and tear can be ignored.

It is not a prerequisite for the person always to be in the car; as per the clause, the one who is driving should be the nominated individual in the scheme. If you are eligible, get the car of your choice and drive away. Check: