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Routine Services to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

There’s no question that car owners are always trying to get as much out of their vehicles as they can. Traditionally, it wasn’t uncommon for someone faced with damages to just purchase a new car, rather than shell out $1,000 for a repair. But nowadays, more and more people are willing to spend that $1,000 — and they’re willing to make their vehicle last as long as possible, too.

With that in mind, in order to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape for an optimal amount of time, it’s critical that you conduct certain routine services. Regularly carrying out the services below will allow your vehicle to continue running like new for many years to come.

Oil Change

            We all know that oil changes are important for keeping your engine running smoothly and without friction. However, some people tend to wait until their oil light comes on (and a even little longer after than — we’ve all been there!), but this is certainly not recommended. Instead, you should consult your owner’s manual to determine when your vehicle is recommended to have its oil changed. With today’s technological advancements, the maximum range of miles between oil changes is typically somewhere between 3,000 to 15,000 miles — a huge margin, so there is no longer a general rule of thumb. Also, don’t forget that vehicle is different; knowing your specific car’s needs is essential for keeping it running great for longer.


            Naturally, tires can leak due to usual wear and tear, so it’s important to check them routinely. Under inflated tires result in more gasoline since as the engine overcompensates, which is something that everyone should avoid. Tires that aren’t at optimum pressure also wear out sooner, which has the potential to put you in danger if an emergency comes up. As a general rule of thumb, it’s suggested that car owners check their tire inflation at least twice per year.

            No less, it’s also a good idea for people to get their tires rotated routinely. Doing this will both extend the life of your tires and keep your car’s alignment on track. Also, front and rear tires tend to wear down at different rates, and rotation can even out that difference. For more information you should check your owner’s manual to get tire rotation and pressure suggestions that are specific to your vehicle.

Air Filters

            Clean air filters are essential to keeping your engine running properly for as long as possible — they serve to trap dirt, dust, and grimeand they keep them from harming your engine, too. Where you live and how often you use your car can help determine how often you should get your air filters changed.  For instance, if your car drives through dirt and dust all the time or experiences frequent stop-and-go traffic, your filter will probably need to be changed twice as often as other vehicles. As states before though, it’s recommended that you check out your vehicle’s owner’s manual to get a more specific picture of how often your air filter should be changed.

Although changing your car’s oil, servicing its tires and cleaning out its air filters are arguably the most important routine services one should undertake, there are still myriad other things that could also stand to be checked on at least a yearly basis. In any case, it’s no question that by thoroughly reading your owner’s manual and getting routine maintenance at a trusted auto care shop, you can keep your car running great for years to come.

Written by the staff of Custom Complete Automotive. Custom Complete is your go to solution for car repair, car inspections and an oil change Columbia MO has to offer.