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Foul Weather Trucks: Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Old man winter is settling in, bringing the bitter cold, and mounting snows for the duration of the season. When you head out, bundled up to your eyebrows, you want to know that your truck is going to get you anywhere. Your vehicle should be your first priority in winter. Pay close attention to five, foul weather trucks that can handle the snow or any kind of weather.

Foul Weather Trucks Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Nothing Runs Like a Chevy

The Chevy Silverado is built to plow through those high snow drifts, and whether you opt for the 1500 or 2500HD, you’ll have a powerhouse. Features include coil-over-shock suspension, high lateral-rate body mounts, and impressive rear axles that are up to snuff. Choose a V8 or V6 engine to get the job done. Check out Rocky Ridge Chevy Trucks for sale to find the right ride.


Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ford

Ford lovers agree that nothing runs like a F-150. This full-size beast has an advantage over cars thanks to four-wheel drive, and enough weight to hold steady. You’re less likely to see America’s top seller slipping and sliding with an excellent payload. You can opt for a V6 or V8 and choose your preference in transmission to weather any storm.


You Know It’s Ram Tough

Head to the Dodge dealer when you’re looking for something to tough out icy roads and whiteout conditions. With a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain, and the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500, you get to choose how much muscle you need when the weather outside is frightful. Look under the hood at a V6 or a Hemi V8 and have confidence on the road.


Plow Through with a Toyota

Toyota offers you the Tacoma and the Tundra, two respectable vehicles that will ride out winter’s storms. You’ll be backed by a V6 in the Tacoma or a V8 in the Tundra. It’s tire pressure monitor system and Star Safety system are more advantages to keep you safe when the elements are against you.


Finish the Journey in a Hummer

You won’t find a new hummer, but there are plenty of the used variety. These vehicles are like a tank, built to endure anything, and will take on snow without a problem.


As you gear up for the blast of icy air and heaps of white stuff, choose wisely when it comes to a vehicle. Make sure you invest in the ride that is all about performance.

Watch The Law: Winter And Snow Tires In The EU

Many countries in the European Union have mandated the use of winter tires during winter months. This is due to normal, or summer, tires being inadequate for snowy driving conditions where traction is easily lost and loss of control of the vehicle is common. Thus, even when not it isn’t compulsory, it’s a good idea to fit winter tires when driving in winter in Europe, or in any other snowy and wintery conditions. The EU has not formally written legislation for the entire union, and regulations vary from country to country.

What exactly are “winter tires”?

Winter tires are different from summer tires mainly in the tread pattern used as well as being made from a special rubber compound containing silica that keeps its flexibility even at low temperatures. This allows the tire to keep traction and allow for good breaking performance even on snow or ice covered roads. These tires are marked with a symbol, either representing a snowflake or snow-topped mountains.

A compromise between winter and summer tires are all-season tires that use the same rubber compound as winter tires, but have a different tread patter that offers improved wear and less noise than winter tires. These tires are marked with a snowflake/snow-topped mountain as well as a sun. These are ideal if you live in the EU and want to comply with legal requirements, but don’t want to replace your tires every six months.

Some countries also allow you to drive with tires fitted with spikes or studs, but again, it’s up to the driver to comply with relevant regulations in each country, and ensure that they are following the law. Below is a short description of a few European countries and their laws regarding snow tires.

France and Italy

Both France and Italy do not legally mandate the use of snow tires, but will have signs up indicating where snow chains are necessary. Drivers can put use spikes from November to March and have to limit their speed to 50km/h in residential areas and 90km/h elsewhere. Even though winter tires are not compulsory, they are recommended when travelling through the Alps, regardless of season.


Germany recently updated its laws with regarding to winter tires, and it is now mandatory for all cars and motorbikes to be fitted with winter tires under icy conditions. The recommended time period for this fitting is between October and Easter of any year. This law also applies to vehicles from outside Germany, so make sure you’re prepared if you are travelling. If the motorist doesn’t have winter tires fitted and is involved in an accident or disrupts traffic, the driver is fined heavily.


Norway recommends having appropriate tires for appropriate conditions, and drivers must fit winter tires during the winter months. However, unlike in Germany, this requirement is not extended to cars registered outside of the country. The same is true for Sweden, while Finland, Latvia and Estonia require all vehicles to have winter tires fitted during the winter months, though the time-frame varies per country. This applies both to cars registered in the country as well as foreign vehicles.

The rest of the EU

The UK, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic do not require the fitting of winter tires, and studs or spikes are forbidden.

As there is no overarching legislation for the entirety of the EU, it’s important that if you’re planning on driving through Europe, that you make adequate arrangements if you plan on driving through snowy and icy conditions and that you’re aware of the laws of each country that you travel through.

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